Opening Day at Havana: Long Winter Meeting at Oriental Park Begins This Afternoon, Daily Racing Form, 1919-11-27


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OPENING DAY AT HAVANA Long Winter Meeting at Oriental Park Begins This Afternoon. r. Good Program Provided, with Inaugural Handicap as the Main Feature, i HAVANA. Cuba, November 25. The eve of llic opening of tlie racing season at Oriental Park tomorrow finds "Cuban followers of the sport evincing more interest mid enthusiasm in what everyone is predicting will be tlie greatest meeting in the history of tlie Mnrianao course than turfmen and turf followers from the States. A large at tendance will welcome the return of the thoroughbred and it is expected that President Menoeal and liis official family will be included among the guests of the day. All preparations have been completed for the inauguration of the sport tomorrow. No detiiil has been overlooked. Oriental larl: never looked more beautiful, with many more and costly improvements adding to its charm. The track is in splendid condition and some exceptionally fast time should lie recorded when the better grade of horses here get into action. Kacing secretary Martin Nathansou has arranged an attractive program for the opening day and, while tlie fields are not large, the contestants in tlie different races are well matched and should provide interesting racing. The Inaugural Handicap is offered as the principal attraction and Senor Dins Tracery colt Orestes has been assigned top wight in it. Buford, Hank ODny, Grundy, Cromwell, Freemnntle and Hubbub will be Orestes op-p6nonts and are. counted on with their weight con--ssioiM to make the Dins representative extend himself. Tlie racing officials are all on the scene and, together with tlie horsemen, jockeys and others connected witli the sport, are anxiously awaiting the bugla call that will start tlie long winter meeting which will continue for 300 or more days. The list of the horses registered here is a large one and will be considerably augmented when tlie Howie meeting in Maryland closes next Saturday. At present the principal owners and the horses they will race here are included in the following: 3Ir,. C. K. .Moore Grundy. Monomoy, Zinnia, Jack I.eary, Hnilhird, Marion Hollius. 31. .1. Hart Ierseus. Margaret Ellen. .1. L. Donahay Cromwell. 11. I!. Dal!ey Ambassador III., Trophy. J. .1. Hertz Trackstar. Kilkenny. It. J. Karris Director James, Will Jolmsan. G. K. Allen Leoma. P. Hector I thick Prince. 11. Baldwin Lackrose. Will Soon. Lucky Pearl. Mrs. A. C. Niehaus Driffield, Assign. 11. S. Lippmnu Capt. Abe. A. W. llamel Perfect Lady, lionnie P.ird, Lady Alice, First Pullet. C. St. Clair Herself, Native Soil. W. De Long Daymon. J. If. Moody Hegreso. Theodore Pair. Harlock, Jellison. P.. Mock Bevelry James, Bunice, Quin, Pront Hoynl. Old Hylcrs, Top Hung. King K. d. M. Cooper May Maulsby, Claude Walker. Gnllaher Itros. Mauokiu. Amonia Stable Lackawanna. Blazeaway, Grey Hump. Ford, Walnut Hall, Poniard, Hiverside. Lady Jane Grey. Ued, Violet. To:n Tit. Magic Memory, Slippery Silver, Apollo. Mess Kit. Delhi Wilfer. H. Linuell Dig Smoke. P.Ianelie Doualtou. H. P. Pritchard Magnet Land. W. C. Westmoreland Prince Donero, Scotch Kiss, Tranby. . Heed Monocncy. Galaway, Grasmere. J. 1ockwood Miss Eileen. O. K. Van Winkle May Craig. H. A. Cotton Naomi V,alto!i. W. L. and L. II. Lewis Kiku. Crystal Day. J. J. OMaliey Diversion. Major Bradley. J. J. Holtman Hameau, Fly Home, Baludiu, Lu-belski. A. S. Lillard Sentry, Col. Lillard. Sport Feeiiey. W. J. Hughes Flash of Steel, Acclamation. II. C. Smith Prince Direct. J. . Doggess Golden Hed. II. L. Hntciiinson Small Stone. N. K. Moody Babylonian. J. Garwood Al Hudson. T. CiieekLittle Buss. A. II . Diaz Don Thrush. Orestes. Zululund. Comfort. Suffrage, Fortunes Favor. Pretty P.aby. Hat Hack, Douglas Fairbanks, Sea Sea Prince, Hevensea, Dine Wrack, Grayssian, Aimrita, Just Fancy, Locnrack. II. rpmann Gilder. it. 18. Allen Chillum. F.l Coronel. H. Daxter Curydou, Candie Light. J. Gass Ned Mileybright. F. Del Itarrio Jose de Vales. Passion. Mrs. C. 11. Smith Flying Dart, Prank P.urke. . E. Wright Sureget, Polar Cub. J. C. Mayes King Worth, Peaceful Star. J. Conijo--Sun-of-u-!un, Kernan, Detterton. G. Warwick Timothy J. Hogan. 11. T. Bangs Himiltrude, Stiletto, Houiidel, Wild Tli.vme, Ciiansonnetie II. W. P. Cunningham Apple Jack. P. Stile Scylla, Steve. O. Tuggle Night Cap, Homam. T. Gargan Holiert L. Owen. W. Gargau P.lanchita. H. Coons Sister Susie. Miss Procter, Nepe. G. L. Fitzgerald Yorkville, Sirocco. O. Hice Hoyalty. L. F. OLoary Loftus. Duck Nail. Hyki. J. De Hstrampes Frank Keogh, Kgmont, Dryer, James ;.. Duke Hurr. Soldier. C. A. Stoueham Dally. Different Eyes. Curl Stable Orleans Girl. Fncle Tommie, San Marcus. Peasant. Inwise Child, Parable. Jamaica Stable St. Isidore. Little Nearer, Tom McTaggart, Fort. Chun-hill. Wynne wood. .1. P. Dawson -Loudon Girl. J. Ileiinessy Plaid Kilts. J. W. McClaiu Chokio. Miss Ii Hue. Dr. Meeks. J. M. St owe John Culliuaii. Heynohis. K. J. Hnmsey Terrible Miss. W. Dondas Duster Clark, Byrne, Marty Lou, Lund. M. M. Shields Presumption. AV. W. German-- Lillian :.. Snow Hill. W. Higgiuhotham Jutland. W. F. Poison- Horace l.cich. Exempted. IMdie Tranter. l-imji Post. War Tax. Dasil. Night Owl, Buford. JoJm Jr., Dlmitri, Dac. Vengliee. nM.-ara Bros. Circulate. Spectaciiiar Girl. I-:. II. Taylor, Jr. Col. Taylor. Continued on second page. , OPENING DAY AT HAVANA Continued from first page. J. T. . Ireland Dark Hill. Sherry, Clearing Up. Donatello, Ray AtkinY Shoddy. Mrs. E. J . Albright Magic Mirror. W. J. Press Iron Cross II., Hubbub, Hank ODay. Felicidad. Sea Beach, Coral. C. E. Bills Duke of Shelby. Williams Bros. Star Baby, Money. Lariat, Hasty Cora, Little Miirehmont II., Grace.. Lucinda. Lance, Eda Herrmann, Repton, Red , William, Allah, Rhymer: Triple Springs Farm Stable Miss K., Senator Crow. II. S. Kearney Our Maid. D. Raymond, Salvatelle. R. Dwyer -Gex J. T. Harris Anxiety, Dick Benson. J. CarvalloBianea, Hands Off. F. Shelkc Hops. W. Woodard Arthur Middleton. J. Umensetter J. J. Murdock, Ruby, Little Panchita. Vain Chick. Gold Stone, Guide Post, Nashville, Texas Special. P.- Mora n Miss Ivan. W. V. Thraves Hocnir, Capt. Tony, War Spirit, Mai-se John, Legal, Lady Sweep, Mile. Dazie, Miss Patty. Kay Spence Solid Rock, Froglegs, Wralter Mack, Unar, Doubting Thomas, Zoie, Elga, Shiro. Mineral, Foster Embry. Brer Fox, Count Boris, Whippoor-will, Sasenta, Blondel, High Gear, Redlita V., Woodtlirush. It. L. Tibanier Mud Sill. J. Allen Little Nephew. J. W. Fuller Premium, Tokalon March. "W. H.. Schwartz Laura L. C. Middleton Buekhorn II. J. T. Strite Phedoden. Hamilton A. J. F. Burdett Iron Boy. A. Lesama El Plaudit, Frascuelo, Delancy, Silver Sandale. W. J. Daly American, Beaucaire, Royat. H. Herron Bill Hunley. Sophie K. F. Boughsman Twenty Seven, Precious Jewel. T. Hughes Clip. L. Crist Key Ennis. C. L. Mackey Horn. A. Mitchell Fastep. . F. Tanner Frederick Miller. H. Bowen Surplice. BurlingAme, P.agdadine. C.J. Hurrah Misericorde. . Polk Artist. S. Polk Unos, Snow Queen. W. Raymond lies a Bear. J. H. Moore Half and Half, Tollyanna. J. OSullivan Duke of Wellington, Tho Battle Wing. Vad.1 Belle. J. Price Poacher, Dione,

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