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LEE HANLEY "noc» Alexander SPECIAL TERMS!— NOTICE!— SPECIAL TERMS! M J * mUAdllUVl M"MM""MM""""~1 "Popular Known Veterinary on Major Tracks Past 20 Years" I~~ 5.00 FOR 15 PARLAYS Tg | gr "RACING INFORMATION THAT DOES NOT MAKE THE Room SIC, 117 Korth bearbor. Strwt Chicago, 111. INTELLIGENT HORSE PLAYER BLUSH" SATURDAY * S PARLAY * HEARTACHE 0.20, Won SAAR 2.40, Won 000 DA,LY PRESCRIPTION FEE— 50.00 WEEKLY FEE _____ __ -m. F°r 4* Pa*t 20 ye,lrs * "*Te bn B»Bdlin«r work for some of the biggest IN THE COUNTRY. _ . .__________________««™«.«- _ Tn?i people that I have worked for hare been winning big bets. They are what newspaper Telegrams sent all eat of town clients at 9 a. m. City clients receive the two writers call "slickers." that is to say. they wait until they see a spot; then SOUSE IN IT. horse parlay when they call. We have a big staff of clerks to handle out of town I believe it is a safe estimate to say that they have won 00 000.00 since the first of the year. clients m that there is no delay to sending wires. I My first ,,,, „,, of cou„e u _ , fn — -|- , throngh *—-«————————___________________________—_—————————— — with their business I am free. I am fully authorized to do business on my own hook using their information. I riTCHFOKK irt HK1RK $ c,l ai w-nr, VRArv« YlfTinMA VICTORIA I * K -0t, 00 Won » on v .Therefore. I am taking this means of getting in touch with some small horse players. THURSDAYS PARLAY btulness and profes,ional men WD,haTO w for som, genuine tmt hm .SLICKER" inforniation. CHICK IP 4.20. Won SIK HKRRY 0.60, Won TAKE NOTICE. PATIENTS. Y0U WHO HAVE BEEN MISLED BY PARASITES AND WHOSE WEDNESDAYS PARLAY: BANK ROLLS ARE LEAN: GIVE HE A TRIAL AND I WILL PTJLL YOTJ OUT OF THE FLORIDA GOLD 4.00, Won MrCULLOCII 5.40, Won BARREL. FOR YOTJR BENEFIT. THIS BEING MY 20TH ANNIVERSARY WEEK ON THE TUESDAYS PARLAY: TURF and to prove to you the superiority of my service information that will not make ROSETTA STONE $ 10.0, Won EUPHRASIA 0.00, Won you blush, I will give for this week Each and every one of the above horses are legitimate winners. , I 0-Special Fee Week. Week 0 TO WIN PARLAY MONDAY Anniversary ■ I of June 28-July 6. 15 Days Service — Two RELEASED TO OUT CF TOWN AND CITY SUBSCRIBERS HorseS Daily 0 Mondays limit parlay should not be mured by anyone. Two big winners. Remember. Mr. Horse ■ n ■*■■ BMnBnmBnM Player, that the two horses advertised by Lee Hanley each day are the horses released to each and every subscriber. Please do not miss Mondays limit win parlay under any consideration. You cannot rn PATICWTC I I tIM I O, D KtAD C" A n MY AM/ cnroiti SPECIAL A/MixnA/Ti CONTRACT! ! ! afford to miss these two winners. Subscribe today. "" " "* *** ~"~ . - ,At exPirat" n of fifteen days service you must receive at least 10 winning parlays which, if played according to instructions, should net you at least PARLAY RELEASED TO EVERYBODY »J,UUU.W, Maying .00 Win Parlay Subscribe to this office. Receive a fair and square deal. Fifteen dollars 5.00 pays for fifteen Daily parlays a losing parlay does not count. Prompt and courteous service to everybody. If in city, call in * . _ mmmmmm _______ person : if out of town, remit 5.00, via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Office open 9 a. m. to 4 P- «n- After pulling you out of the barrel and showing you the above profit I expect at least 25 LEE HASLET. Room 310. 117 Korth Dearborn Street, Chicago, III. per cent of " or »erTic* •• topped immediately. Chicago office open Sunday, 11 a. m. to 4 p. m. Information will reach you in form of Western Union night letter, day letter or fast message. All business transacted strictly via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. ——MMMMMM*M •"— " MI"MM Below I give record for the week. SSS my past Each release filed and wired to all patients. SATURDAYS PRESCRIPTION: Heartache 0.20, Won Ferrash $ 9.75, Won DEPENDABLE INFORMATION "•"" "SES 1/141 Ul 11/1 11/UU Ull V/ltlTIl 1 1 1VT11 Mack.s Baby 4.20, Won Caporal II 3-1, Won After you receive information on horses for a whole week like the horses we released to WEDNESDAYS PRESCRIPTION our you P*y *a00° * week for ** ■** °f information? Florida Gold tSfUSSfTSiSS . . . 4.60, Won Porridge 3.00, Won SATURDAY: TUESDAY8 PRESCRIPTION: DOWNSV,KW -M w%n,AYFKRRASI1 $ •* Won Rosetta Stone . . 9.60, Won Euphrasia 6.80, Won GABALDOX S1andJand, Won SMACKOVER $ 9.20, Won MONDAYS PRESCRIPTION- wn™8" hYijo No Regrets 5-1, Won imia fi».so, .«5, won Count Sprack ...8.20, Won WEDNESD A Y * FLORIDA COLD 4.00, WnATTICA 00, Won SPECIAL NOTICE, PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS EUPHRASIA 0.00, Won EBCFORD 2.30, Won MONDAY: If you are sore at yourself and tired of losing your good money, no matter what your past WAR TIDINGS 7.00, Won PICJEON WING II $ 0.40, Won experience has been, give me a trial before throwing up the sponge. I believe I can get you We get depsndable information every day. no matter how much we have to pay for it. Do IswLiiBi On™ 7 Ur **** ™ °Ut °f t0Wn ""* y°Ur subscriPtion of ten doUars for fifteen days you realize what it means to be in on these kind of winners! iAAT/n a ■ r- True. 1926.sh00.00 is a lot of money to pay for information, but, fellows, it is a cinch to pay DOCTOR ALEXANDER it out of big winnings. -«. __ _ In order for us to get really dependabls information it costs us thousands of dollars every *d* Wp *™»ty-first, «.*•♦«•* Suite is 11 Hew York City week. We are certainly willing to pay. because— look what it means. All We Want is a Chance to prove it tO you! mmmmmmmmmmmm~"——*—i—~immmmmmmmm*aiMmm We realise people want to see for themselves how gcod the information is before they pay 00.00 a week for it. « — — im We will wire you a two -horse parlay very early every morning for a week, provided you agree to pay us 00.00 a week after that. Start with a small play and increase it daily and it will mt|r/ w TAIsOPH V A TV T ** .a .»». a w. a w m be easy for you to pay 00.00 for the following week. I A/ I 1 HfJKSrS llAII Y *K I fl A If A Y Every week there are a few people, after winning plenty on our information, who do not * w ■ * ±A.KJm il.r mtWA MM A •!/ X J X~V Ufm. J. pay for the next waek. Even thongh they may have been small players, they could have easily _ _ paid 00.00 out of the winnings. W W T | W f* A W" W W | J J We will begin wiring you our parlay immadiately if you will help pay part of the expenses V I I ■ HL ■ #k H WtW II m ■ ll involved by telegraphing us .00 now. Citv people, call. ■ f LJ L •mm. + H m. IK aT. M. M. I mTW m. W I 1 virEAAAl Vf A 1 CONTINENTAL SERVICE CO. 36 West Thirty -fourth Street New York City -— —--——— ---——— ——— —————— «_«™« _________ _ The worlds premier turf information distributor. _______________________________________________ Turf information of supreme quality WHAT DID I TEtL YOU! DIDNT I SAY I WAS ON MY WINNING STRIDE! _l f* WW T TTf * k TT _%Tk THIS WAS 1CT TH1RD CONSECUTIVE WIN PARLAY /jl. f"l i jT § r|% 1 l_j# I I M SEE WHAT J GAVE T0 1 ** CLIENTS A A s — ™ * • e__i J L JU AND ALL THE sxrBSCRIBEES I HAD ON MY BOOKS SATURDAY 65 Wall Street New York City Saturdays Two Horse*: SAME NAME AND SAME ADDRESS LAST THREE YEARS "SCHIYLER IKYESTMENTS" ARE IS A CLASS BY THEMSELVES — | # ROfl / 117 *mm 8.50, Won Tilka,8.00, .20, 3rd Saar, 2.40, Won OTHER "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS THIS WEEK: This is only an example of the quality of my information. I havent really begun, for when I get SUE BERRY 0.60, Won KUM KALESSI . 0.50, Won UndW "*y WOC Unt° the BOOK-MAKERS, for I wiU have them on a steady run. I am prepared to release to race pUyers the kind of information that is going to create sensations such as never have CI ADIHA rni n *4A *Zf VAI CIIDCDCDAMIC C c on ai rLUKlUA UULU .IJ.OU, WOn OUrtKrKAIMN . . $ O.OU, WOn been eiperienced before in the history of turfdom. and to prove to all concerned that I know what I am PIGEON WING II W $ 9 40 Won talking about, I am going to release two horses MONDAY— MONDAY. Big action parlay MONDAY THAT SHOULD WIN AND PAY 100 TO 1. 40 WINNERS OUT OF THE LAST 55 ADVISED INVESTMENTS A cb*nt» °f 8 lifetin" is off»«d - •«- «ce player by me Monday. I advise every player to take v advantage of Mondays proposition and wager the limit to win, as a surer transaction my never .. ..ev, t Investments * .-..v take i — ~ j-j j xx. . . . ..... . _ . «-»■■■« came ™y The next three "Schuyler place Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday J at — Latonia — — ■ „ - ~ -. - „„„., „.„..,.,„ way. Do not be left behind. Subscribe for BUCK GARRISON S WONDERFUL WINNING INFORMATION. TERMS— 0 IN ADVANCE FOR THREE "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS* Fridays Two Horses: TELEGRAPH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT ONCE. THIS OFFICE GIVES SERVICE IMME- PITCHFORK 8 40 Won DIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. ,_ _ _ . lrN/, _,", * JOE RUDOLPH 6.20, Won •SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS " ARE LIKE "STERLING" ON SILVER— THE STAMP OF DISTINCTION Thursdays Two Horses: , | CHICK UP 4.10, Won MACKS BABY 4.20, Won If yon desire Mondays parlay, wire ten dollars to A tP mdT% ."V jTW A j r-rsT Tf sT~i T* ra W ■ - — A _ _ ASSOCIATED VAA* * M-i« TURF M. V1U AWlVl-ii-IW Rl JRF A I I BUCK GARRISON, U7 West Forty-second Street, New York City -•••-rsV-rV-r ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS BY WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL TELEGRAPH ONLY 0.00 WEEKLY— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY •-•..■. ■ ■ ■ ■ -. V-- Subscribe to a bureau that is composed of honest and reliable m;n. We release _ -- itricUy two hors to ill cut of toun and city subscribers. The same two *v* * fFFr 1%/I m / TI g* I l/D V grill . 7MfY? OOOO horses released to everybody These two l.orses advertised regardless of whether they till I VI ¥ J I p.| ¥ h W J II i f f ¥ f win or lase. Honest advertising. Prompt and courteous service. • • • • *■* A KS M M-UM.. M. k/AJl% ▼ AV/U • • • • ■™"™— " PAY AFTER YOU WIN Saturdays Strictly Two Horses: • If you appreciate winning information once or twice a week, get in touch with the Sffii-iAw"::::::::::::::::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MVQTFPV QFDVir1!? 9999 l,KHVFMASst,.TWHO.20. Won MAK.SThlMdHV .!?. £Kk Won * * * * Vl I O 1 HIV I DCJ V llt iiCi IIKI.I.K FAY ;.30. Won SIK BKRItl And after better I will let 0.«0, Wou we get acquainted you know who you are doing busiaeas with. Wednesdays Strictly Two Horses: Tuesday s Strictly Two Horses: I am in a position to produce winners, having the best of connections. I can rive vou real ■--"•"» MrCII.I.Otll »li.40, Won ROSETTA STOKE »l!l.6». Won information. Get ready, and wire me your correct name and address. Have one roinrt Tuesday J „! OAFFKEY *lh.00, Won Kl Ill KAMA 16.60, Won1 28. at Aqueduct, that has been propped for this particular race, and we expect a big price on this. Get 50. 1 BIG LIMIT WIN PARLAY MONDAY 50-1 "* at tlle ,t*rt- Dont wait until you see long priced winners advertised, A Limit Win Parlay will be released to all those who subscribe Monday. We state facts only. *T term* for Tue*"UJ*» hone: 0nly the winnings of ten dollars, wired day after race. Out of town subscribers receive the same prompt and courteous service as city subscribers. No mis- MYSTERY SERVICE leading statements. No guesswork. Subscribe to an honest and legitimate turf bureau. _ ,.„.,.. T Wr-iiT vnnw Remit ten dollars via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive promrt and courteous service. "*"* l- 1*£,w IUIlis- New York office open 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. m 1476 Broadwir corner MM Street. Room 502 Mew Yotk City FOLLOW DAILV RACING GUsDE— FIRST WITH THE LATEST

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