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Reliable Turf Syndicate J. H. COLLINS. President 0. W. TAYLOR. Vice-President H. 0. TOMKINS, Treasuser 0 PAYS FOB TEN WINNING DATS— STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY I, James N. Collins, do hereby guarantee each and every person subscribing to receive ten winning day* far their 0. We do not raise oar rates as our inferior competitors have done, oar terms will always remain the same. By special arrangement with the telegraph companies, all western subscribers receive the advertised parlay thirty minutes after their money transfer arrives by fast rash telegrams. Oar policy is honest advertising, immediate service and a square deal to everybody. Signed JAMBS N. COLLINS. WEDNESDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSE PARLAY: Peggy 0., 4.40, Won Maimonides, 0.20, Won Tuesdays Strictly Two-Horse Tarlay: Mondays Strictly Two-Horse Parlay: The Abbot 2.20, Won Aleto 2.40, Won Wildrake 0.40, Won Lannie 1.80, Won Today — Thursday — 0 to Win Parlay Released to Everybody Roth horses starting today have been prepped by two of the shrewdest men in the country. Every obstacle lias been cleared. Two crack jockeys have been engaged to ride and both horses should gallop home easy winners at limit odds. Go the very limit and dont stop betting on both these horses today in a win parlay to win only. Subscribe to the RELIABLE TURF SYNDICATE and receive an honest, square deal. This syndicate is registered by the county clerk of New York City. Twenty years in the same place, same name. Out «f town subscribers — go to your nearest Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and wire 0 for ten days service. Your service starts immediately, no waiting, do delay. Office open from 9 a. m. to ." p. m. RELIABLE TURF SYNDICATE 10 PARK ROW. SUITE 326, 3S7. 328 NEW YORK CITY HARVEY AMES, Inc. EARLE DIDO. BROADWAY AT 2d ST. KEW YORK CITY WON ODDS BETTER THAN 2y2 TO 1 The last "Harvey Transaction," and the only horse advised, won easily and paid odds of better than 2/2 to 1. "HARVEY TRAJeACnON" TODAY Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. "Harvey Transactions" are not always an everyday occurrence. Todays "Harvey Transaction" comes from what we consider an infallible source and the result should never be in doubt after the rise of the barrier. Telephones: CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593, 5749, 1434, 1435 DAILY RACING GUIDE Coming: The Class Handicap The newest in racing information. Never before attempted by any racing publication. No personal prejudice in the Class Handicap. The class of the race handicapped regardless of form. Class and Past Performances the deciding factor. Watch for it. The greatest advance in racing information of the century. Daily Racing Guide 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Price Ten Cents — per month by first class mail JACK FIELDl 35e Weekly Book— ALSO SI and "SPECIALS" ■afBOOKIES" GETTING "TRIM M K I -"«■ JACK FIELDS array of followers are simply "■ORDERING" the ENEMY Hookies • ARE YOU ONE OF EM?" IF NOT, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO KE ONE. ■VOIR SS WEEKLY BOOK A "RIOT"-*! SOME OF OUR "LONG SHOT" WINNERS: BASRA 5.80, Won WORTH M A X fis.CO. Won J. FRED A 9.00, Won "MANY MORE" TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. aWTODAYS "OCCASIONAL"**! ■comes from Fame folks who put over our last $."■ OCCASIONAL, which. OF COURSE. "WON." We are making a RIG "BARGAIN OFFER" -will semi YOU "C WINNERS" ou our fci OCCASIONAL for ONLY 0 Telegraph jour 0 at once. TODAYS "FREE" COKES AURORA: Dance-Facial-Garter Hat-Ankie. HAVRE: Operm-Love-Puf f -Lace-S..*. LEXINGTON Studio-Blonde-Hair-Kne* Facial. 6 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION We will mail you WEEKLY for fi MONTHS our Weekly Book if you SUBSCRIBE 0 for "G WINNERS" on our OCCASIONAL. GO TO YOUR NEWSDEALER "TODAY" AND CKT JACK FIELD and 1 "SPECIAL." "PARLAY" BOTH HORSES TODAY— 30-1 If the j dont WIN. vend them back to me, und I will mail you BOTH for 6 dam. CHICAGO PLAYERS "FREE" AURORA Big special today at AURORA "FREE Call at my office today, 8 a. m. to 4 p. no. Jack Field Room 1927.sh0. 96 W. Randolph CHICAGO Weekly Book. 35 cents at all newsstands DAILY SPECIALS, — OCCASIONALS, HURRAH! AGAIN SPECIAL WOH! Yesterdays Special: Dingo, .00, Won Wandering Minstrel, .70, Won MONDAYS SPECIAL NorEaster, .60, Won Pillotta, .30, Won TODAYS Special— 3rd Race Lexington WILL WAKE UP And should win in a canter in tins spot today. Irimed and ALL SET for I his race. So under no consideration whatever miss this one; hut rush right now to jour newsdealer and ask for the Daily Master Clocker AT ALL NEWSSTANDS HO COHNECTICH WITH AST OHE IK THIS LIRE. WE HAVE MARY IMITATORS J. J. EVERETT and CO. 0 Pays For 6 Days Service — Strictly Two Horses Daily OUR GUARANTEE AND PLEDGE TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS YOU RECEIVE SIX CONSECUTIVE DAYS* SERVICE FOR TEN DOLLARS— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY. You positively receive the advertised two horses six days a week not one or two days a week. We send telegrams to everybody at 9 a. m. daily eastern daylight navinc time, which means 7 a. m. western standard time. We release no other horses except the two which are advertised] each day. We do not discontinue your service. We do not hold up your service. We do not increase our rates. 0 for six days service — strictly two horses daily — for everybody and for all times. YESTERDAYS TWO-HORSE PARLAY: Heed, .20, Won Dingo, .00, Won Onr operations are confined mainly to the western race tracks, Lexington, Aurora and Columbus. We do not handle any information on the eastern tracks. TUESDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: THE ABBOT 2.20, Won WILDRAKE 0.40, Won MONDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: VALENCE $ 9.00, Won ANGLEPLANE 8.00, Won SATURDAYS STRICTLY TWO nORSES: LADY PARAMOUR 9.00, Won DINGO 5.00, Won FRIDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: MONASTERY $ 8.00, Won REALIST 3.80, Won The Most Sensational Turf Information — We State Nothing But the Truth in All Our Advertisements Two big winners at Lexington today. Today— two bit Kentucky winners. Win parlay today should pay about 0 to . Both winners. Advertised parlay wired to you at 9 a. m. Early service. We occupy a suite of offices in one of the largest office buildings in New York City. We employ a staff of over fifteen clerks to take care of out of town subscriptions, Handling turf information is our business. We conduct our business on absolutely safe, sound and legitimate lines. No fly-by-night methods. We are legally and duly registered under the state laws of New York. You have the utmost protection when you subscribe to J. J. Everett A C*. All horses released by us are backed by the right people. 0 PAYS FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE DAYS SERVICE— STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY— GUARANTEED SERVICE EVERY DAY We state the truth and nothing but the truth in our advertisements. We fulfill and live up to each and every statement made herein. If you have ever bad unsatisfactory dealings with people in this ,l"*. *• ■*■ P"»» judgment on us until you become one of our subscribers. We know that you will be ■Mare than satisfied. Wire ten dollars, either by Western Union or by Postal Telegraph, for six consecutive days service — two horses each day. You receive our telegram the same day we receive your money. Our office open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. each day. J. J. EVERETT and COMPANY ROOKS 70S-701-703-703, 153 WEST 4IHD STREET HEW YORK CTTT AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 4SND STREET, TTH FLOOR HEW YORK CITY 0 FOR ENTIRE AURORA MEETING— ONE HORSE DAILY We are going to permit the small investor to take advantage of ear information. Ten dollars 0 pays for the entire Aurora meeting. Strictly one horse a day. ONE HORSE EVERY DAY FOR ENTIRE AURORA MEETING We wire the advertised horse to all out of town clients at 9 oclock each morning. YESTERDAYS ONE HORSE: Peggy O., 4.40, Won Dont Wait for Tomorrow. Subscribe Today THE DAY YOU MISS IS THE DAY YOU LOSE All western clients are advised to get in on our service. • The horse we advertise is the horse you and everybody else receives. Service each and every day to everybody. TODAY— 10 TO 1 AT AURORA— TODAY Positively wired all western clients early today. There will not be one minutes delay in wiring this 10 to 1 probable winner today to all these whose money order is received in our New York office. Our connections sent us the final O. K. on this horse, with the advice to bet the extreme limit— WIN ONLY. We want all our subscribers to go the absolute limit on todays horse at Aurora — WIN ONLY. BEWARE OF INFERIOR TURF INFORMATION. YOU ARE ASSURED OF RECEIVING SERVICE THE SAME DAY YOU SUBSCRIBE. CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organization, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. You will be more than satisfied. Go to your nearest Western Union or Postal Telegraph and wire ten dollars l0. which entitles you to strictly one horse each day for the entire Aurora meeting. Positive, guaranteed service every day. Aetna Turf Agency, 7th Floor, 147 West 42nd Street, New York City J. J. RICHARDS Room 408, 790 Seventh Avenue New York City "One Horse a Day; a Winner" THIS ONE MAKES IT THREE STRAIGHT! WHIZZING CLOUD 7.20, Won Each day, so far this week, has been a winning day. Mondav we all made moncv on VALLEY LIGHT, 1.40, Won; on Tuesday we grabbed our pile off of SKEDADDLE, 1.70, Won, and yesterday all my clients cashed in on the above big winner that paid better than 7 to 1. EACH DAY SHOWS UP THE WORTH OF MY CONNECTIONS MORE AND MORE THEIR VALUE HAS BEEN PROVED. FOLLOW ME. There is only one way to satisfy your clientele in this game and that is by giving them service and winners. As far as service is concerned, no one has shown the consistency of releasing daily as successfully as I have. In reference to the "winners MY RECORD IS OPEN TO YOU ALL— WINNERS GALORE DID YOU EVER ENJOY THE PROFITS OF A REAL LIMIT WINNER? WELL BOYS IVE GOT A REAL LIVE ONE TODAY. I AM CONFIDENT THAT HE WILL WIN YES, SIR, MEN, TODAYS MY DAY AND I DONT MEAN "MAYBE" I dont expect anything less than 10 to 1 for my money, either. Take the hint and act accordingly. Come on, all you skeptics, let me show you what real •info looks like. All my releases published daily, regardless of the outcome. I have no "specials* and I never ask for any "additional fee whatever. Get in with a man who shoots square. Try me out. 0 GIVES YOU SIX WINNERS My fee is made small enough to give the small player as much chance as the Mg oae. The sixe of my clientele enables me to make my fee astonishingly low. TAKE ADVANTAGE— SUBSCRIBE NOW Rush your fee and get iu on this big probable winner that I have for you all today. Its the best yet. Dont miss it. J. J. RICHARDS, Room 408, 790 Seventh Avenue New York City SUPREME FLASH TODAY S FREE CODES: Havre de Grace — Feh-14-21 2 8. Lexington — June-9-7-10-8. 1927.sh YEARS BEFORE THE PUBLIC. New book on sale now. 35c at all newsstands. Todays Code Special, No. 1 middle page. Book 1040. STANDARD TURF GUIDE

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