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A. Chester Winley ONE HORSE— 0 DAILY Tuesdays Winley Horse: Cherokee Lee, 1.66, .84, Second Released to my private clients and filed with this paper. MY OFFICE WILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS THURSDAY, MAY 3. The Winley Horse for today looks like one of the best prospects that it has ever been my privilege to handle. I saw this horse in a workout Tuesday morning that demonstrated his fitness beyond the shadow of a doubt. A spot has been selected for him that makes him conform with all of the requirements for safety and odds. The Winley Horse is not an experiment but an established institution. This information is not second-hand. It is not relayed to me by any dockers or contract men. I am personally on the ground to make sure that my connections know when conditions are right. My Chicago office, which opens Thursday, will be in personal charge of Mr. Walter Foster, who. will give my clients among the racing public the same careful, courteous attention that has characterized Winley Service to a private clientele from its inception. A. CHESTER WINLEY. J. J. DESMOND J DAILY— TWO HORSES DAILY I You Have Subscribed to the Rest — Now Subscribe FOR THE BEST! ! "DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE ON THE SQUARE" RACING PUBLIC BEWAHE— IMITATORS I HAVE PLENTY. BUT COMPETITORS NONE YESTERDAYS TRANSACTIONS: BURNING GLASS LOST VENDEUSE LOST MONDAYS TRANSACTIONS: WEDNESDAYS TRANSACTIONS: GRAND BEY .40, WON CLITTER 8.20, WON SEAGRAVE LOST PROtXE $ 8.30, WON TIHRSDAVS TRANSACTIONS: MONDAYS TRANSACTIONS: HONEY CO $ K.70, AVON THE ROLL CALL 4.60. WON ALBORAK $ 6.60, WON .MASTER SWEEP 0.08, W ON TODAY— PARLAY— 50-1 TODAY W REPRESENTATION AT ALL MAJOR TRACKS R The two horses that you receive are tiie horses that are advertised — win or lose. If you are seekiug l ona fide, legitimate turf in forma tion. subscribe. One days trial will convince you. Once a client, always a client. Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money is received. No waiting for my service. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED EVERYBODY LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK Wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses Immediately. Service six days ■ week. J. J. DESMOND, 1123 BROADWAY, SLITE 301, NEAV YORK CITY The Jockeys Made No Mistakes Yesterday Instead of two -lions? daily parlay, we sent out but one. We couldnt wait for the other horse, which wire w;is delayed by storm. YESTERDAYS ONE HORSE RELEASE: GREENOCK 6.20, WON YESTERDAYS ADVERTISED rADDOCK SPECIAL: STONEAGE 0.50, WON Clients please notice: Both telegraph companies have notified us that a storm is raging in the West and South. Please wire remittances early to avoid delay. Also please send your addresses. BID TOU BEAD ABOUT MONDAYS PARLAY! MONEAGUE .9.96, .78, 2nd GRAND BEY .50, Won If you read the chart, you would soon realize the kind of information we get. The chart reads: Moneague was close up nil the way and would have won with a better ride. Why, the parlay even paid 8-1 for place. Did any so-called turf information or any so-called turf bureau give MONEAGUE a chance? You ■will wake up eventually and become a steady prosperous client. Do you know we have clients who have not missed a day? What is the reason? If you play horses, you know why. A RECORD FOR THE WORLD TO SHOOT AT! THIS SEASON— 46 WINNERS, 1 SECOND, 1 THIRD. THATS ALL. IT TODAY-BIG CELEBRATION— PARLAY" BOTH HORSES B CONNECTIONS SAY: PARLAY TIIE PADDOCK SPECIAL AND DAILY. THEY ARE IN. Terms: Daily, Including Paddock Special, 0. Wire Earl. FINAL WORD SERVICE, 200 Hudson Street, New York WEEKLY RACING GUIDE Daifyeode "Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly" NEW— BIGGER— BETTER Two Great Free Information Services Carmacs Kelease for Wednesday: PIMLICO: Five-Feed-Hand. CARMACS TLESDAYS RELEASE: The Begum II., Scratched FIVE WINNERS IN A ROW FOR CARMACI CARMACS SATURDAY RELEASE: DIGNUS .00, Won CARMACS FRIDAY RELEASE: SUNSARD .50, Won CARMACS THURSDAY RELEASE: BUN .58, Won CARMACS WEDNESDAY RELEASE: MOLLIE ELIZABETH. .80, Won CARMACS TUESDAY RELEASE: SUNSARD .70, Won FOR CODE BIY ISSUE OF APRIL 88 Weekly Racing Guide 25 Cents— AH Newsstands. *0« S. WABASH AYE. CHICAGO JACK WILSON Internationally Known as Parlay Kins — TWO HORSES DAILY— 1142 Broadway, Suite 806, New York Oity TUESDAYS SPECIAL TRANSACTION: VENDEUSE Lost MONDAYS TRANSACTIONS: GRAND BEY .40, Won WILLIE K 3rd SATURDAY S TWO HORSES: MIAMI TRIAD 5.66, Won FIRE OPAL $ 8.90, Woii FRIDAYS TWO HOUSES: MID S.OO, Won QLEEN OF SHEBA $ 8.76, Won THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: HONEYCO % 8.70, Won PEGUY 9.62, Won WEDNESDAYS TWO HOUSES: KNAPSACK $ 9.20, Won THUNDER CALL % 7.50, Won TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: LITTLE TORCH .88, .22, 2nd ARCTURIJS Lost SATURDAYS TWO HOUSES: LP SHE JOES 1.42, Won KNAPSACK 1.10, Won DONT MISS TODAYS TRANSACTIONS — EXPECT 0-. If out of town, wire $. daily, via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Please include coi-eot name, address and plione number. Immediate service. No waiting. Telegrams sent out immediately. pCIA/ADri -Mail this ad and 4c post-nuVVHnU age and you will be rewarded with a free copy of "THE SECRET OF REATINU TIIE RACES." a 16-page booklet of real inside information. No charge. No obligation. J.K.WILLIS "aS-,1?"- DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS THE BELL One Horse Daily Direct Track Connections YESTERDAYS BELL INVESTMENT RAN THIRD We have no excuses to offer for yesterdays failure. We did everything to make this one a safe investment, but the horse was not good enough. Todays Bell Investment will more than make up for yesterdays failure. The chief himself is at the Lexington race track today personally supervising todays investment. Over long distance telephone, he advised the Chicago office that he had completed arrangements for a safe investment, and all Bell followers are advised to be with The Bell today. EARLY SUBSCRIPTION IS ADVISED. Subscribe Personally at Office, or by Telegraph. 5 DAILY 25 WEEKLY rpijp D¥7f I 10 Nortn Clark Street Suite 1102 1 H W* Wr I 1 Telephones: RANdolpb «e2S and i229 1 1 ILu iiLiLil CHICAGO. ILL. John McAulifte and Co. DAILY— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY WE RELEASE STRICTLY TWO IIORSES EACH DAT TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. THESE TWO HOUSES AUE ADVERTISED IN THIS PUBLICATION. WIN OR LOSE. UOKBBT. LEGITIMATE TURF INFORMATION. TWO BIG PROBABLE LEXINGTON WINNERS— SUBSCRIBE TODAY Subscribe today and receive these two big-priced probable winners at Lexington. Direct information. YESTERDAYS STRICTLY TWO nORSES: KULAMAN 5.40, Won SANDSTORM . . 6.20, Won If you want to subscribe to I legitimate concern, where you receive HONEST TIRK INFOR-MATION, SUBSCRIBE TO JOHN McALLIFFE and COMTANY. A FAIR AND SVIlARE DEAL ASSURED. lTWO BIG PROBABLE WINNERS TODAY— 0- ~W DO NOT HISS TODAYS BIG LEXINGTON PROBABLE WIN PARLAY We have a special department to handle out-of-town subscriptions exclusively to insure immediate service. Under no consideration should you miss our information. It makes no difference how small or how big a bettor you may do, you cannot afford to miss our two-horse parlays. SUBSCRIBE TO A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. HONEST TURF INFORMATION. AN HONEST, FAIR AND SQIARE DEAL IS ASSURED TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. EVERYBODY IS TREATED ALIKE. NO PARTIALITY— NO DISCRIMINATION. BONA FIDE. LEGITIMATE TURF INFORMATION— NO GUESS WOHK OR HANDICAPPING. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses ■within an hour. JOHN McAULIFFE and CO., 200 Broadway, New York City Quin Chin, .80, Won AGAIN "RINEY" MAKES GOOD Quin Chin again rewarded my clients handsomely, as did Queenston, L.ouis Rubenstein, Mollie Elizabeth, Bun. Blackamoor, Parchesie and several others too numerous to metion The purveying of KNOWLEDGE, not "tips," is my business. RESULTS, JiuT ILLUSIONS. TODAY-8 to 1 Im going to repeat again today. Again I urge everyone to get this transaction, as this horse comes to me stronger than any I have released in the past three weeks. Here is one babv that will convince the most skeptical that RINEY HAS THE GOOL»S. By all means, get this one today and wager with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. Terms: Daily Out-of-town clients, WIRE. Ohicagoans : Call at my office and meet RTNET. who must make you a winner to continue in business. Subscription includes any ;tnd all SPECIALS during the period of a subscription. CHICAGOANS: DONT GO TO TIIE TRACK BEFORE TOU GET MY LAM-MIM TE SPECIAL. This is a business mans service. FOR MEN WHO KNOW. WIRE 1 HOES JOCKEY/ AND CONDITIONS. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. Start with a winner. "THE ORIGINAL" GEORGE W. RINEY All Phones DEArborn 2«S3— 2684 . Suite 404, Garrick Theatre Bldg. Chicago, III. TERMS— ONE-HALF OF WINNINGS OVER 00 FELLOWS — We cant make any money unless we make money for you. We pay big money every day to get reliable information. You can depend upon the information we send you because we never wire our clients any information or play it ourselves unless we get the information from a source we know is absolutely dependable. We never listen to some of those fellows around the race track who are so sere that their horse ia going to win the race and. after the race is over, their horse is nowhere. We have been doing business for the past couple of years with a certain group who really know something, and n;re have shown results. This is the kind of informntion we will wire you every day. Two horses a day. .lut play a win parlay each, day and, at the end of six days, telegraph us one-half of what you have won over 00. We have a very large clientele, therefore we can afford to make our terms small. No, give us a square break when settling with us each week. We know you get M to 1 on limit parlays because we do on our own play all over the country. One thing more, until we become better acquainted, when settling with us after six days please wire us our share so we get it on time. We dont want you to miss a single days parhiy by not sending the money to us on time. After a couple of weeks, when we know each other better, you can mail us your check the same as most of our old clients are now doing. To prove you mean business, wire us now, to help pay the expense, and we will liegin right away. New Yorkers may call. YESTERDAYS INVESTMENT WON- GREENOCK 6.20, Won STONEAGE 0.50, Won FOR YOUR INFORMATION— LAST WEEKS HOUSES: Saturday: Thursday: Tuesday WATSON 1.60, Won PRETTY MICHELLE7.50. Won RODRIGO ..34 Won CYRANO 8-1, Won BUN $ 4.58, Won BRAHMAN 0.20, Won Friday: Wednesday: Monday: MUD 3.00, Won AFTON 0.10, Won SCAT 5-1 Won TORO .50. 2nd SUNBRIGHT 8-1, Won TALL GRASS 2.20, Won THE SUMMIT PRESS, 16 E. 23rd St., First Floor, New York City TODAYS rr.EB CODES: Pimlico: Spade-22-17. Lexington: Flus.h-16-4. CL0CKER Nc ROGERS TODAYS FREE COOES: LEXINGTON: France-Robber-Corn. PIMLICO: Toledo-Lead Spice.

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