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W J. J. DESMOND -* WORLDS LEADING TURF INFORMANT BV LEADS IN WINNERS, SERVICE AND QUALITY "7M |JF" ui Years Active Experience "%H B" oldest Advertisement Appearing1 in These Columns "B ASK A DESMOND SUBSCRIBER! I am back in New York with plenty up my sleeve. FOLLOW ME NEXT WEEK! ! Deri AM GODfG TO RUIN BOOKMAKERS "IB No! ice, old clients: Kenew vour subscription, for I expect to pive out at least BfTFOUR PROBABLE LIMIT PARLAYS NEXT WEEK "VB IT FOR A WINNING DAY— ~W Or Your Subscription Continues. SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: DW ACIREMA 3.26. WON ~M £»T DINNER DANCE 1.42, WON H For my past performance ask a Desmond subscriber or look up files of this publication. They speak volumes ! ! ! ! DO NOT MISS NEXT WEEKS RELEASES ! ! ! MONDAY— S100- PROBABLE LIMIT PARLAY— MONDAY BV* REPRESENTATION AT ALL MAJOR TRACKS -*0 The two horses that you receive are the horses that are advertised— win or lose. If you are seeking bona fide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One days trial will convince you. Once a client, always a client. Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money la received. No waiting for my service. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED EVERYBODY LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK | Wire daily via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised i two horses immediately. Service, six days a week. j J. J. DESMOND. 1123 BROADWAY, SUITE 301, NEW YORK CITY ! RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED TURF KINO DAILY PARLAY— SATURDAY, MY CLIENTS HAD ANOTHER WINNER OH MAMMA! ANOTHER CLUB WINNER! MAKING 12 WINNERS— 2 LOSERS OUT OF 14 RELEASES SATURDAYS 500 CLUB WINNER: REDCLIFFE 10-1, WON Last Week Won ,371.82 BIG BUSINESS MEN— LAST OPPORTUNITY MONDAY wmr join 500 club m Enrollment of the 00 men was put over until Monday. Many of my daily 00 men asked me to wait until they collect on Saturdays winner. Terms — 00 daily. No propo sitions. ANDY, 6 Varick St., Suite 1004, New York, N. Y. JUST A WIN PARLAY DAILY That is all we require you to play the first week, and our terms for the first week are one-half »f your wininngs over 0. We are making this concession in order to enlarge our following. When the first six days are up and you have been prompt in remitting our part of the winnings, we will continue. Beginning the second week, you are to play a win parlay each day and remit half the winnings over 00 at the end of each six days. The information we give you is not cheap would-be information. It comes direct from some Terr clever people who have made fortunes. You can play with utmost confidence. Needless to say, it costs us a great deal to get in on these things, but look what it means. The following are the horses we released last week : Monday: SHOWERY $ 5.95, Won GOLDBEATER Lost Tuesday: STROLLING PLAYER 9-2, Won DEVIL KIN 18-5, Won Wednesday: GREY MARCH 2.90, Won GOLDEN WANDERER. .1 5.66, Won Thursday: SETHS HOPE 7.55. Won FAMINE 5.92, Won Friday: BRUSH 4-1, Won OLD KID 0.70, Won Saturday: DRAWING BOARD $ 9.85, "Won SANTA SWEEP .60, Won, For this kind of information we can well afford to pay big money, because we are heavy specula- tors ourselves. If our proposition Is satisfactory, wire your name and address, with for incidental expenses we require this expense money each week in addition to our part of winnings, and we will wire you immediately. Two horses a day for six days wired you nt I a. m. each da v. if jn citv eall OLD CLIENTS, TAKE NOTICE This special offer applies to new clients only. Remember, you all had the same offer when yon first subscribed. Another thing, we know that all layers throughout the country will pay 30 to 1 or better on limit parlays. We have been very lenient about this in the past, but, from Monday on, we want yon to figure our share of the winnings on a 30 to 1 basis for limit parlays. Letters notifying those of the winnings on limit parlays, figured at less than 30 to 1, were mailed last Wednesday about the new rule. You must live up to conditions or we dont want vonr business. INTERSTATE PUB. CO., 134 West 32nd St., Room 604, New York City I 1 111*1 aVJflLlii II I iW A B affir 4 8t ill Internationally Known As Parlay Ring- »*»"««" mm ■maaaMMfl TW0 Horses Daily WEEKLY ROOK. 35 Cents At Newsstandt. _ _ .. TODAYS FREE CODES: „.. 1142 Broadway Suite 806 „.. ««»«■■— -,. r . ARLINGTON PARK— _r _.„ Dunkirk- Fold-Hedge-Htdgs-Intent. Again I Walloped the Layers! Mluh tIlp best of this fipld- Also AI Cf,rn Ben*B „ „ rAr.LJYS ■ . TOW., Jin/ p„„ /-nj- Yesterdays Transactions: «P 1 JJ 1 FCC VUCtt? DINNER DANCE.S11 .42, Won LATONIA— Buf t alo-Fold-Hedgc-Mount-Lament. Sharp colt that will WAEE UP to i;iv and should CREDO 0.48, Won . Thursdays Transactions: A £IV O" X lH lViUlU6lS PRESIDENT KELLY 1.96. Won n ., f .. , .... _ .. . CLUTTER 0.86, Won all ,,, vJf™. newsstands, only C°. 3.i v~S cents. °nf W°°k 7 f°r "a,C rt Wednesdays Transactions: GRIERDILDA 1.56. Won Iinreri»=sl=!*s3SSSPS==553a--g GRASS MAID 5.68, Won S f B ¥« 3 H g lS|f V? gj I 1 fiU «1 Tuesljy"s Transactions: j| A 1 i m if i f 1 H !a I W « S S; E i ADVENTURESS 1.52, Won IU« J 1 T I M a*-J ■ ft 8 1 k" •if IORCHER $ 8.92, Won f*-!*~-*-*i-M — UJ B ■ B ", It,!* Jjg| Mondays Transactions: Sale At All Newsstands. MAGIC LIGHT 1.24. Won WON AGAIN SWEETSTAKES 1.38, Won YESTERDAY WE GAVE: §HJ-Do Not Miss Mondays D y , d» | iO 11/ Transactions I Fort Harlem, .4z, Won JPT" 00- ""§£ A,s0 t!,c *10 FREE SPECIAL WON AGAIN. If out of town, wire daily, via Western 1 JA,. "*■■•• SJ *»A A A « * Union or Postal Telegraph. Please include g 3111/11/ llflP ilPI correct name, address and phone number. H VUllJ O vll V Wul Immediate service upon receipt of money , • transfer. No waiting for information. has shown extreme speed in private and theyre going to bet again today. == ATTENTION DONT GAMBLE ON THE RACES JSSSsrrsztfftLS: arts . ... „.r.r.„„ . . . . ,, HtItSK is the selection. Also, BEAD NEW IN- horses that FIGURE to Accurate hand Play win. - STiri.TioNs on todays sheet. A*k your new«- cappin? Is simple when you know how. there Is aimUi for the no excuse for any one not knowing how to handicap. Full particulars FREE — no strings attache!. Secure 11 m _ W _ • your free copy of "Pick Your Own Winners." I.earn IVi r5 iflf* IxTlrlTiOC to handicap, and be a winner. Write TODAY. HlUOlVI A%V«.l.andAlgO -At All Newsstands. 10407 Clifton Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio For Results Advertise in Daily Racing Form

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