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i ———————— ————— ——————— — ————• — — — — — . ———• 1— — — ■ nil, i — — — — — — — — j HarVe ? Ames, Inc. j /TiflDiTrr 1674 BROADWAY, CORNER 52ND ST. NEW YORK CITY | mJ liU |l ||/lj V 5? WON— OUS 4 tO 1 DAILY DAILY YESTERDAYS "HARVEY TRANSACTION," AND THE ONLY HORSE ADVISED. I ! WON EASILY AT ODDS OF 4 TO 1. , SATURDAYS TWO RELEASES : j PROVED A DISAPPOINTMENT mmm We do not specialize in 20 to 1 shots, but we do produce winners. Average odds, 3 1-2 and j to 1. Fridays Two Releases: : ! Both Failed to Win IT _ r|"_ _i* __ lk JE 1 ! Thursdays Two Releases: Wednesdays Two Releases : , riar vev 1 ransacnon _ IVIondav ball gee 0-Ia won dreana e . . .8.32, won * **** W * * *********• ***" J ATAVrAMXAWjr j FLATTERY $ 7.30, Won IRISH PAL 0.42, Won Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph Or in person. » Th* kincl °r info that T am handing out to my clients these days does not grow J I on trees. It costs money, and plenty of it. but Im not the boy to stop at spending j ! plenty when there is hot stuff on the market. The above fee may seem excessive to some but will be appreciated by those who know j ! --— -—-— -—-m— -____-____ -____ : the strength of our connections and that everything that money, coupled with ability, can * do Is being done to assure the success of "Harvey Transactions." Tk fT fl ■ — w. , j Mondays two Horses I Jelcphone Numbers: Columbus 2415,2422, 2428, 5455, 0995, 6760 j __ j i come from the same sources that gave me Wednesdays two releases. I have positive I I word that these two cant miss. These animals are placed in spots that couldnt suit j | them any better. I expect the limit. If you want to make plenty, just get in on this J II _m stuff that I am releasing to my clients Monday. I G %Z k,»0 - J WIN WITH BATES TERMS— DAILY— TWO-HORSE PARLAY DAILY Win, Win, and Again We Won, IS the Daily Cry Of My Followers j Wire me for Mondays hot horses at once. If in city, call at my office. SATURDAYS BARRY PARLAY: j ..pi/ DATCC ACIREMA 3.26, WON f .w.*.v, ivwn | ,m„ Office liours: , 9 a. m. , to . 4 p. m. CREDO 0.48, WON jj 123 west madison street, room 1120 cnicAco, ill. I PARLAYS made at Fair Grounds last winter. My connections are making turf history and I in return * am making fortunes for my followers. Why lose ~mmmmmmmmmm—wmm **" *~" mmmmu mmmm -—-—-—-—--—-—-—-—-—-—■ — — ■ your good money when I, CEO RGB BARRY, can mmm — gjMi — — make you a BIG WINNER. I spare no expense in getting the best information obtainable and I would " " not be surprised if these people break my record of FIFTEEN WIN PARLAYS shortly. If you are W. __ . "« W -t W V ■ ■ * W wn« M ai _-_, •mart, you will subscribe to my service immediately. K BH ■ ■f _t n| j B Jr gL* B M m m «k g __ W Fridays Barry Parlay: Wednesdays Barry Parlav: W-W . -W JL LT __J H J _ _ ■ - B _ _ jkf Ll_ L mW ~ ■ ■ ▼ ■ ■ O JANE RINEH4HT 0.00, Won CANDY LEE 8.90, Won BAMAROX .......... ..... 0.86, Won HOXIE WEIDEL $ 9.42, Won It is possible for a horse that has run a number of losing races to suddenly "come to PI.T nnrn ii-on Tue: da 8 15a"y Parlay: life" and romp down in front of the same kind of horses that have been consistently w tt,t » r, amnar ViVrC iv?H liZlti-S:-- 8.46, Won beating him. If you are a close observer of racing you must certainly know that it is jiujm.andi ; 2.01, Hon BROADMOOR $ 7.58, Won continually being done. If, for any reason, you do not believe it. then you shall have -rrrA/ . abumlant proof. One of these kind of horse? that doesnt win every day or every week, but turn »a ■■■■■■ r- * ■-. i ■ w -m-*m* », , TODAY 0- WIN PARLAY TODAY does win occasionally, and always at a price, will probably do this very thing My connections advise both horses are in spots made to order and each and every angle has been Tl~ _3 f 1 i *.¥*_* taken cure of. ISoth these horses should step down in the easiest manner. Why, if I was in a position I tllirSCl3.V- «JlHl£ 14- fit LfiXOnirl to mention names of the people behind this parlay you would be willing to pay any amount for this ***** «v«**j • %* "" * J ***■ limiWIUn INFO and I an. only charging for this parlay Here is horse that could . a you hardiy pIay on form other horses in the race may Wire fo at once by Western Lnion or Postal Telegraph for TODAYS WIN PARLAY. appear to have a much better chance. But throw the dope book awav. It doesnt mean CEORPiF RARRV a thing in this race. All that is necessary is to know when to bet "on this horse, and _-- _ , i_vrvv«i_ onnn i THURSDAY is the day. The difference between knowing and not knowing when to play is /Sfy D roadway New York tne difference between guesswork and knowledge. When you guess you are more than apt to be wrong. g,. . mi li;rri,. .. WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT tafcj | I B BT_ B _* /lB./BSv ML* I MAI §4 F* SC M W you can bet with confidence. Would youJike to know what I know about this horse going I -J T lMEl7|?|iMTM4ary Tjk W*l VW l lv B 8 a M at Latonia THURSDAY? It will l»e worth hundreds of dollars to vou if you only take mSrZWSSJwLiS BEandjb J ~m m,.m m advantage of it. but it isnt going to cost you one cent of your own monev. I am so sure |B| WWi** jBKiSSfca — A *-*mm. of tnis h,"s" winning THURSDAY at good odds that all I ask is a part of your winnings. k o. *•*. mm mfwmwm. — SlWLamhmmmWSmTmmmmWiSSi fj A gMlkl M* /* I / I II P Wil1 you a°ree to sPHt the winnings of a 5 wager that is, a straight bet of 2.50 for KB „ r_-TV STiS f» Zfi ■ f IVff « ■ . ■ Iff MWi mel and telegraph me the proceeds after the horse has won? I am making this proposition KB r 7c ,t Will **•-«* V/JI f VJ 1 It J If li a to honest men and good sportsmen, on whose word I can rely as implicitly as they can on = i r u ,o m * MMmvm* U ei15le „Co,py 35.C,T« We?ks- *3- K;g what x say To such men j want to say that this jg an unusual opportunity t form a ■m For Sale at All .Newsstands. Heft connection that will prove very pleasant and exceedingly profitable to them. NFW . KIIF filIT WORLDS GREATEST RACING WEEKLY Remember. THURSDAY, JUNE 14, is the day. Write or telegraph me at once. You iai_»¥ -_joui_ uu I -will never regret it. MONDAYS 00 TREE CODE: — — _. _._ _ _. _ _ _ _— _ _ LATONiA-AUg..2i-9.i9-2i. TW0 GREAT FREE INFORMA- JOHN L. BUFORD We want each and CTCry reader of this advertise- ** " • * ~ ■ ■• M- * r J**- S U-neS TuT toeo tor TION SERVICES 27 West Seventh Street Cincinnati, Ohio cipher code, and you will have one of the surest PAimiAr"« rrmi? nnnsuo In order to protect our price at the track no information on this horse will be given out winners of the meeting in your lily white hand; as taiiaat » iuu*. llUKSJiS m Cincinnati or vicinity. tor the price, it will he plenty. *!„.„„«, -m SOPREJIK Always mi inner on a Flat ■ Play. ™ — — --— followers. FROM COAST TO —-__--___ ATOAST. ARE RAVING OVER SYSTEM HORSES. " " Irish Marine 8.40, Won °ne n°rse a D,y "Sir America8 Grcat" POI71VII170 DADI A VC Grass Maid 5.86, Won CARMAC, REIEASE F0U M0NDVY. ilalVlIIlir MrJ.l%.LmJ I Georgia Herget. . . .1.02, Won ARLI GT03f pAKK: one-Test-rccd. pay from your profits 50n Die90 Won Out of each 00 -86, For Code Buy l8Sue of June , you win, pay us 00. Crystal Domino 7-1, Won __ Saturdays noRSEs: The above are a few of last weeks system horses. CARMAC S REIEASE FOR SATURDAY- e_ CHARLES .UAnl m 0.78, Won MINT FRIARY $ 6.45, Won fhal "sTiPkuk n r*tr?LUSS Thc/e ale no stri,ngs attached to this offer. Every morning for ten days we will wire TOM ? Vfkkiy f iiOl Vkf lim LPP PnOnPr R 09 Wnn SS a two-horse parlay. A ten-day trial should prove an acid test of the superiority of N A sr uolsl l_CC UUUptJI g W0n this information. Our connections A*IUE? *im»i w We a..k o fV you? ■ l r . . O.a, assure you genuine bona fide information which will System horses appear on prove sensational. S!/e.hiX ill .SU1,IM:ME FI-AS» "nd they are yours Seven Winners in a Bow for Carmae We absolutely guarantee the correctness of all figures and data contained in this or tne askuiK. Jake our advice and see your advertisement Kl£57TtfE2 rtESS? *"*" ""• Last Weeks Profit, 82.40; Previous Weeks Profit, 60.62. I nClK I I rl/ I r George Burkes Phone Specials We know all those really alive will send in. and any neglect in fulfilling your re- LUUiX . L_UUr . quirements instantly severs further relations. East Weeks System IJorses ivailabie in Chicago, Cincinnati, New York and NOTICE — The Premier Parlay Publishing Company is a reputable financially resnon- * sible. permanently located A/nn , company. lnfrtki r»o « WUN OOy C..L New °rleans- You play a win parlay for ten days on the two horses we wire you each day When Previous 43 weeks system horses WON 1,182.05 tne ten days .re "•?• wire us 00 out of each 00 you have won, and we will continue. The on a 0 flat play. See Weekly Kaclne Guide for Telephone SJSSPS lnc,«ent:l1 to obtaining this information are enormous. In order to help with Convince yourself this week and get your share ,1 Tlllrte y°? t0 teleSraI,n *5 n°w. which amount may be deducted from our share of these winnings. Again I advise each and every Numbers and Code Words at lne ena ot ten da s- reader that on., you follow system horses, you will PREMIER PARLAYS PUBLISHING CO always make money. It will do you no good reading wwr * n . ** • * lie-, nnntnwiv t»o«„-*„„* »n« w. ;.r sr .2TS SKSr — ■ Tic """ s Weekly Racing Guide ,p ""•" - __Z ,000 COMMISSION HORSE GOES TODAY Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly ■ —TERMS, ; Patr Affov Yah Win LATONIA RACES , . On c Sale at AU An Newsstands m We tell you— opportunity awaits you Monday and 1 CIV /AILCi lUU Will AMI I I 4%ABIRMiHBimM ow advice to you is to positively subscribe immedi- j ricc. Twenty-Five ent:s i il1 I I 1 Q P U W L i fcl I D r5S«rw5IS%2 5oe s°- ****** ave- Chicago, ill. XXX """ Suuer Soecials XXX iliHi "*""1 *■ "■ »wnntlliLli Union or Postal telegraph. City clients, "call. _==__=____=__-_:__ k/Wp/t k/|fVaU£0 AMEKICA3 PBEMIER CLOCKEB ARLINGTON PARK t£andL experience as docker SUPRFMF P1IRI IQHINP. m CHICAGO. -S?*LJ ourKtivie. ruBLianiiMULU. „„„ - mVIT/« nnvrvmiT Y0U CAN employ me to work fob you 799 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY El Ji fl I Ml B 111 If II 111 want aU tl,ose readinS tllis advertisement to 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS f€ III iryS. B€ wA M I W l/ll "ir" "r "rH" me :,t °ncc f"r s, rvi " a Pr°8- You will find me to be just ten years B rji lll ll |if I Q j If l" ;iv "inner that will positively start ahead of the present-day people in my line. *m m m, v g-m - »»*»/»*«# AandJUi f 1U If lUrnMECn A V TITir IO Rush your ■■ «»»»!»* Dont fail to send your ■ nl I fAVATH - nevi,w We,kly is the SENSATIONAL ttfcUNfcWAl, JUNt lj .£££« BLKRASP -ySS «S£ 1 .fill I . TnPWtfiflr II "N ,S""tT FUEK, CODK PRODUCER. For your This horse has really been dropped into a soft »" vouch for my marvelous success at Kentucky Wl» **• V9 i/iV f V ill U "" " Mintage, ask any Racing Review Weekly spot-N now up to a winning race and I look for racks. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire lollower. a" easy win at a liUeTal Vice. My new connec- 01le or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph Uiu_ TBCTTir nn ■« PREMIER CLOCKER OF AMERICA . *■? **" J™ut x;°- lx tions have been produ-ing wonderful results and remittance or remit by express order in letter. * - a" f ""V." ,., v Tlil.enng i0 those wishing several worth-while plays weekly. Propositions not considered. Strictlv cash only. Gentlemen, I have, in my possession, some real MONDAY gr BBS CODIES: i feel confiu-ut you will be more than satisfied HOTEL GIBSOX CINCINNATI, OHIO valuable information that I will impart to a few J? fIS„i™T T7 oor8o"8 nilh Iny s,rviies- rAIRMOUNT-Jo = -9-26-S-2. 1 must produ.c winners to gentlemen of integrity, and extensive operators. 1 profit-meet your ohli- "T. .„. v|y pVi*«niTiTfir - v Result „ of Saturday s Free Code unknown at pres- gati.nis promptly and I will probably make you JSflUJUMJUS VORMOr . WIV nlAAIAl* POSJslBlLIl IES1 wont guarantee winners every day. but will say ent time. money. FREE! There are Men who FREEI two to five live releases weekly. My terms: Ten Thursdays Free Code: .v offer is surely a liberal one: Bet to win FffE! wlU tel1 you that tna FREEI FAMINE ....... 515.9G, Won «" me. wirirg mt tl .ewi ryou collect. REE Races canno.be beat FREEI 0 dollars weekly, strictly in advance. Se..d nninafte , T , . U ediic.dny s Free Code: W »re or write immediately for service. R/»»f fkxa MufiicJ- F„a„, r„ jnoney order nnd get the winning information. Send MANZAX.V .58 Won _ _ "col lne lVlUIUeiS HVery IJay correct adlress to Tuesdays Daily Special: f A 1? T C ? S5 A 15713 Iot Ine b1iow you wbat l have found — mail this ad r*rl l l fNTriAi.r,r, SMOLDERING 4.18, Won «J /iVil-lkJ «J# 0/.IV.lLIV fr quick information. Possibilities simply wonder- UUL. J. J. bTtWAKD UmmSmjn Free Cade Winers: ful t0 run a "sbocstring" into a ••roll." ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. COOK COUNTY ILL SWEEPSTAKES 1 11.31, Won ASTOK HOTEL, CHICAGO, ILL. TTDT 4„. /;•_ C. WOODS, "Gaston" HOtKAIlY $ 5.10, Won URBANA, ILL. De.pt. A. 885 " _ —————————— — ——-■—— ————— —-—————— —_——__, ————. ———mm. —— — —————— -—— _______ * | Rush to your nearest newsdealer and get a copv ————mm— —-— _—_, — — --_ ""™ " """" ~~ : !*"* ~~— DAILY RACING 6i!=D6 ____?. ■- HAS TNE W1HMFM *£and ?£*£? ™££ ?Z. * Dai|y Raci"S Guide-"the pink sheef-first on sale with the dope. nMO inc. yv i m in end liC7i Broadway new york city —- i--«-oJr-r«-JJrJ-JJJJJ rrr *_,_,

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