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Clocker Leslie Blair THE BELL Two-Horse Wire Last-Minute Information One Horse Daily Direct Track Connections PRICE, DAILY NOT ON SALE AT NEWSSTANDS— ONLY DIRECT FROM OFFICE SATURDAYS BEL.L, INVESTMENT WON SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: | || J /ft 1 / F/ I1T PAYINU BETTER THAN 0 FOR Wt I I|A|i[a/I Sk I IS / U lilZ/TlVl Again conclusively proving the worth of REAL. TRACK INFORMATION. OU Vllai KOy $ LJ* I Oy If Ull ELEVEN WINNERS OUT OF FIFTEEN RELEASES A flat bet of 0, to win and place, on the last fifteen releases has netted our clients Current, 2.40, .20, 2nd * *~ ""] " ,240 .85 ~ A flat bet of $." 0. to win and place, on last weeks five releases wen FRIDAYS TWO HORSES: $ 3 1 0.50 OcillOt OFUSii, tpDaOO, W Oil NOTICE: All last weeks clients, please remit 15, due us on last Open Go Shut, .06, .94, 2nd week s proposi - r 7 v v MONDAYS BELL INVESTMENT We have word on a profitable investment, which should win easily. This horse has THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: been prepared secretly and his worth is only known to those intimately associated with T* ww i gfo jm f g~% ■■ w this event. We urge our clients not to miss this one, as we have more than a personal i lgeonHole, Jb4.oo. Won interest in the winning:s of this re,ease- _ . Subscribe Personally at Office, or by Telegraph Padona, 5.12, .90, 2nd 5 daily 25 weekly Tut1 nrf ¥ 10 North Clark Street Suite 1102 ~~~~~~~I!I!Z!!!!!!!r!rr!rrr!!!!r « II1J-I 1 fr"""f W* UL.L.L4 ■»■* I I Telephone: RANdolph ;,fis CHICAGO, ILL. WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: H te* j WfMKWSS — — ■— — — — _____ _ __ "Greatest Racing and Financial Weekly in America" Na R f ?f r A M A tC ft *! 145 WeSt 45lh Street Bryant 2761 New York City hcw iiuic jjiarnns ifionoay ""-ad if any fourth yeari fourth year! fourth year! * Now Sixteen-Page Illustrated "Coming Winners" — All Stands. 15 Cents. imrurUVIM INFORMATION I IKJI* IHU NOT I UW ON QAI OftLL P H AT I WtW55 MPUUQQTAMnQ I AiiD£ . Contains the famous Law ton Ratings, supreme for 22 years. Biggest success ever scored by • racing week]y. Xhe i.ress is a sell-out in the big cities of the United States and Canada. WIRE TO THIS OFFIOF deal with a refutable organization m—*mmmmmmimm*am**mmimm—mmm—mmm—mmmmm—mmmm CHICAGO OFFICE— SPECIAL .NOTICE— CHICAGO OFFICE For the convenience of our western friends, we liuve established a branch FT- ; ■. lIAlin 1 XT9n nPlI7/ IIAnnrn .— --~— t office In Chicago, 111. Address— .No. 123 West Madison St., 4th Floor. Readers If 4G1 IVlilrtllSuV I VwSI HllLSk iTft- il of ,he western Form can wire their subscriptions lo »ur Chicaco branch. J— wi ITlUllI/fll iJ 1 II U llUIlUlJlJ W-l If in the neighborhood, call at office. Telephone, STAte llt 3. Two probable long shot winners will he released Monday. These horses have been reserved for just the sort of going that will prevail at L*tonia Mondav. and connections UTmuun split vt s are shooting high enough to assure a price. The public doesnt know anything about the ° " form of these horses, and I expect plenty of odds. IT 1 1 /ft / f WT WI am at the track personally clocking horses every morning and I never send out mv j j £ f% £ 8 VL jL* J; M aA/ fW% releases until 1 have th final O. K. of my c nne. tions. And I am in t uch with my friends W S|S.|JB TlBl "I / WW Sill among the jockeys and trainers at all time. This information is of the highest type, no I l/ivvlt *Sj Xf •%£ Imdl If VPandl handicapping and no guesswork, just the inside stuff, which race fans have been waiting J I 7 for. Mr Rush immediately by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Chicago clients, call at our offices. Straight from the old feed box! Thats where the New York Tress Racing Service dope comes froml . *° guessing. No sticking hat pins in entries. No smokin em up in darl.roomed, ill-smelling speak- Doi-.-krt.- __L. HIBH .-.«+ *»« «* j pn i i- •., rf WF KememDer, nOt On Sale at neWSStandS. Deal direct With Office. easies. The New York lress R=.inK Service gives you two horses a day for the small sum of 0 WEEKLY. CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY These are "hot" horses. Boy. you said it! They sure are hot horses! Why not change your luck? Exclusive Agents for Clocker Leslie Blair Give tne Kew *ork rre,,s Racing Service a one weeks trial and see how happy you will be at the end . _ ° sx days. 180 West lAftiii Washington Street r* ChicaffO III UmmtmOttr, two horses a day— never more; and all for 0 weekly. Service begins immediately upon Phones: STAte 3182-S183 * receipt of ■*■ ■!■"■■■ OFFICE HOURS: 9 . M. TO 4 P. M. Following is the true and genuine record of recent racing service releases: Fridays Special. June 8th: Fridays Specials, June 1: MARTINIQUE $ 9.82, WON GINESTRA 0.04, WON SAN J IAN. .... . * !.G2, WON Thursdays Spr-cial, June 7th: «?/%*%%**-r» mVT FORMER JOCKEY HONE ....««.«, WON aKUK.::::.M;, ■ ■• • -; - ■;•••• PEAI|I.lKMl $.2.0C, WON STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY- DAILY ;E° Z—; 2N1 ™*£lA£and *: w« WAS I RIGHT? LOOK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF fSwmm"""V::::and won SSandandV SK ° CE agatIylrk,Sot plenty n.oN,,,:,;;: Fairyman, 2.74, Won What a sensation my service has created throughout the turf world. Five out of six W "B «and or A « m JB j% j***. winners last week; and not a losing day the previous week. Is there little wonder that E and |« ffU *m. I ■ ■ %3 f » clients are clamoring for my service daily? I am making fortunes for all my clients. In- B T B Ht *% 8 «./! /f Jr. 1 TJ STr""% L"W S . formation of this caliber has nsver in the history of racing been oil, red to turf followi rs m]§ I II 3q I fiwill J**1 B ? s S .8 « »-■ M / » ■ ■ at such a nominal fee. You must be in the know to beat the "SPORT OF KINGS." I. »»Jfc» A ▼ JmkJL JO. and S. JL 2L JS. _l_i V. Jockey Stirling, in my twenty years as a money rider, have made friends, and they will — — do anything in their power to produce for me. How can vou go wrong following . _ I this kind of information? That is the reason of my PHENOMENAL SUCCESS in pro- * f/-wi_ DAILY i STRICT s?iriisii_T I Y TWO I VVU nUKOCO HDR5 MILY Hfill V ducing winner after winner for my follow, rs. j READ EM AND WEEP— IF YOU WERE NOT WITH ME Fridays Stirling Release: Thursdays Stirling Release: E REI.FASE STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAT TO AI.I. ODR CI1EMS TIIEE ACCOKEEK 7.65, Won SETHS HOPE 7.75, Won ISuAut inSTnSu ™ TUIS I,LmiCArioN- W1N 0K "»* " «■«. Wednesdays -Stirling Release : Tuesdays Stirling Release : IRISH PAL 0.42, Won VERA C 8.46, Won W Do Not Miss Mondays Big Probable Limit Parlay -g All horses listed in this advertisement were filed hours in advance of the race and n released to all clients immediately upon receipt of subscription. k "T v"""~ ""l:? . "vo "ven ,s s,",1 stron- w,,Tii «n Mondnvs two hcrses that we maU this bona f,de "ffpr: Mt MA S 1-ARI.AV MIST WIN, OTHERWISE AI.I. SUBSCMBBBM WILL, OFFICE OPEN TODAY SUNDAY 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. RECEIVE TUESDAYS PARLAY. ""J* Clients subscribing today Sunday, whether by telegraph or calling at the office, will SATURDAYS TWO nomi receive immediate service. The same implies to all clients subscribing the day of the race — Monday. Immediate service is given to all clients, whether you subscribe Sunday or "V « ,. Monday. Again I must request all clients to the utmost secrecy and make their play as J * M fit f A £ V T[ T late as possible in order to protect the price. I JP/lfnf 1 I I 1 XB 3*rx lf /«* I, JOCKEY STIRLING, PERSONALLY INTERVIEW ALL CLIENTS V-1 - V*, *P ■■» V.tOj YV Ull MONDAYS RELEASE SHOULD PAY WOO FOR 0 IN THE MI TUELS A long shot special, that has been working out by lamp-light, and his undercover breezes A * #ft #" f f% 17 have been as fast as greased lightning. Nobody but my connections and the boy who £.» i**l ld*1 O Tfe I # W%. ff " * rides knows how fast this trick can step. Today it will be just a matter of laying your iandVland and ii fl. JL O, • %£f Jg. ftjFaandiVj* % IT fBIp dough on the line and collecting plenty, as the result appears like a foregone conclusion. 7 i 7 »» Remember, we anticipate the limit in price. In fact, I was never so sure of any horse stepping down an easy winner as this one today. I stake my reputation on the outcome «?L£££t£? J.b*cribe to * *K tlm»t« concern, wfcere y«« reeerrc HOMST TIRF IMOUMA- of this release and. when I do that, you can bet your last bottom dollar that I am going to m,x- tion, slus rill io Jo:i. McALI.iffe and CO. A fair and square deal to evkkvkudy. release a probable limit winner today, Monday. Subscribe immediately and make yourself " M0NDAY-Bi2 Probable "«* Parlay-MONDAY ~»« W*T TELEPHONES: BRYANT 1526-1527 Wire Vo immediately. City clients, call. Make all remittances direct to BMStSffiS" bSLDOSI miss TI.lW two SandJSand T"*" N° CON" JOCKEY D. STIRLING ~Z _ No -altinfr for our service. No delay whatsoever. W.re |r, and receive the .dvertised two- 160 West 45th mmm. Street Suite 38 New York City horst par,ay »■■-•«* . Rnbserihe to a legitimate concern. Honest turf information. An honest, fuir and square deal " ls assured to ::ll our clients. Everybody is treated alike. No partiulilv — no diserii.nniition I "ona flde- -""ae turf informati.,n-no nuesswork or ■— IffiHg. nvmt CDCT *1 rk/r CVCTm/l _-.___-_______ _______ via Western rKLL ,UUU OlOlIlIVl 5£ai?fijMJIikll3WlfgWKlglg» l r""n Iostal lelesraph and receive the advertised two horses within an hour. IRA M. ROWELL KETTSHKH 5 J0HN M-AULIFFE and CO., 200 Broadway, New York City BOX 195, NEWEUHGH, K. Y. I latonia; Heart-13-22. Fairmount: Ace-24-20. ___ I

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