Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-14

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BbS1 CHANCE IN CAITIAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS ANALYSTMidall Midall Midall Midall Midall Midall Midall Midall 30 245 PM Valnor MidallCrystal Crystal Torch MidallCrystal Crystal Torch Valnor MidallCrystal Crystal Torch MidallCrystal Crystal Torch Crystal Torch 9 9JValnor Crystal Torch Liberty Flik Valnor Liberty Flik FlikDairyman Flo Bratten Valnor JValnor 6 i iDairyman Dairyman Dairyman Dairyman Dairyman Dairyman Dairyman Dairyman 30 315 PM Charnock Charnock Charnock Charnock Charnock Charnock Charnock 12 CharnockGushing CharnockAccurate Dabiton Gushing Accurate s JDabiton Accurate Gushing Dabiton 2 Tip Your Hat Fortress Tip Your Hat FORTRESS FORTRESS Fortress Fortress 27 345 PM Fishers Pet Mr Infinity Mr Infinity Mr Infinity Tip Your Hat Mr Infinity Tip Your Hat 14 14Mr Fortress Tin Your Hat Fortress JDld Union MrInfinitv Tip Your Hat Mr Infinity 9 Rangle Darby Dallas DallasMistletoe Rangle Alley Rangle Rangle Rangle 22 415 PM Alley Mistletoe Darby Dallas Rangle RangleBlossom Blossom Queen Alley RangleAlley Alley 10 Blossom Queen Alley MistletoeAlley Mistletoe Darby Dallas Darby Dallas AlleyMistletoe Mistletoe Darbyjpallas 9 HYCAP HYCAP Sweeping Ahead HyCap HyCap HYTAP HYCAP 31 I 445 PM Sweeping Ahead Sweeping Ahead Caotain Eddie Sweeping Ahead HyCapSweeping Sweeping Ahead Sweeping Ahead Sweeping Ahead 15 Reklaw Captain Eddie Reklaw Harv Aethel Phalanger Captain Eddie Cap tain Eddie 5 Remote Control Remote Control REMTE CONTRTj Mordecai Displayer DisplayerR Remote Control Remote Control 24 6 51 5 PM Tripaway Hi Gold Tripaway Hi Gold GoldDisplaver DisplayerHi R Hi Gold 8 Hi Gold Havaheart Havaheart Displaver Hi Gold Displayer Displayer 7 DisplaverSweetStory Praetorian Sauaw Jane JaneAxelson Axelson SweetStoryAxelson SweetStory Hadatime HadatimeAxelson Praetorian Axelson 13 545 PM Epiget PraetorianEpiget Axelson Hadatime Axelson AxelsonPraetorian Axelson AxelsonPraetorian Hadatime PraetorianHadatime Praetorian 12 HadatimeAxelson EpigetAxelson AxelsonHadatime Axelson Hadatime Epiget Praetorian Praetorian Axelson Hadatime 10 PraetorianNeddies Kings Error Neddies Hero Very True Neddies Hero HeroKings Kings Error Manila Bay Neddies Hero 16 61 5 PM Spanish Belle Manila Bay Neddies Hero Kings Error ErrorjGavHour Neddies Hero Kings Error Kings Error 15 Neddies Hero Kings Error Gav Hour jGavHour Ga Hour Neddies Hero Manila Bay 7 Canfield Canfield Hasty Star StarCanfield Hasty Star StarCanfield Hasty Star StarCanfield Hasty Star StarCanfield Hasty Star 24 Hasty Star Hasty Star Canfield Canfield Canfield Canfield Canfield 18 CanfieldRoadmaster CanfieldPescaderp CanfieldRradmaster CanfieldPescadero Mountkala Town Lace Roadmaster Pescaderp Rradmaster Pescadero Psscadero 2 Trackman DS Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Monks Memo FLYING DOUBLE DOUBLEMonks Gingall Flying Double DoubleLady Monks Memo Old Smokey Monks Memo 15 15Flying 200 P M Gingall Monks Memo Jo Ann AnnMonks Lady Duane Flying Double DoubleJBrown Monks Memo Flying Double 14 Just for Fun Old Smokey Monks Memo Gingall JBrown Carse Just for Fun Gingall 8 RustyGold SidoniaKathy Sidonia LIMITATION Rusty Gold GoldLimitation Rusty Gold RUSTY GOLD GOLDLimitation Rusty Gold 26 26Limitation 230 P M Limitation Kathy Rusty Gold Limitation Kathy Limitation Limitation 14 KathyLimitation Bit of Brown Rusty Gold Kathy Kathy Limitation LimitationKathy Kathy Kathy 7j Rockwood Boy Rockwood Boy BoyLas KBun KBunRockwood Rockwood Boy BoyFederal Rockwood Boy Rockwood Boy ROCKWOD BOY 27 27Federal 300 P M Doodle Bug Las Vegas Rockwood Bov Federal Tax TaxLas Federal Tax TaxDoodle Las Vegas Federal Ta 7 7Las Federal Tax JPederal Tax Las Vegas VegasBig Las Vegas Doodle Bug Federal Tax TaxClarksville Las Vegas 6 Sis Baker Big Meal Big Meal Some Man ManSis BIG MEAL Clarksville BigMeal 17 330 P M Dr Rush ClarksvilleDr Clarksville Some Man Sis Baker BakerClarksville Clarksville SJs Baker Clarksville 11 11Sis Clarksville Dr Rush Dr Rush Clarksville Dr Rush DrRush Sis Baker 9 Ponty Choppy Sea SeaPonty Ponty Ponty Yar Yar Ponty 18 400 P M Yar PontyYar Ponty Gold Teddy PontyCerberus Cerberus CerberusYar Cerberus YarCerberus Cerberus Yar 14 PontyCerberus CerberusPonfcv YarGold Gold Teddv Cerberus Yar Yar Gold Teddy Ponfcv Cerberus 7 ISAROMA Isaroma Crimson Tide TideGambit Isaroma Mdridge Crimson Tide TideIsaroma Isaroma 21 430 P M Gambit Gambit Gambit GambitAldridee Gambit Isaroma Isaroma IsaromaGambit Crimson Tide 11 Burning Stick Crimson Tide Aldridee Aldridge Red Gin Gambit Gambit 9 Active Active Lazy Tongs TongsShuckins LAZY TONGS Lazy Tongs TongsShuckins Lazy Tongs TongsActive Lazy Tongs 23 500 P M Nediana Shuckins Shuckins Shuckins Shuckins Active Active 17 17Shuckins ShuckinsActive ShuckinsNediana ActiveShuckins Shuckins Lazy Tongs Active Actiye ShuckinsActiye Nediana Shuckins Shuckins 10 His Highness Aya Delight Which Man Which Man Which Man Which Man Which MTU 22 530 PM Mistucky Mistucky Aya Delight Aya Delight Ava Delight Ava Delight Aya Delight 13 Which Man Which Man His Highness His Highness Mistucky mistuckv His Highness 7 Winning Chance ChanceCatalonia Winning Chance Winning Chance Late Dawn Winning Chance ChanceCatalonia Winning Chance Winning Cbnce 25 CataloniaEoistle Catalonia Epistle v vEven Late Dawn Catalonia Catalonia CataloniaPaias Late Dawn Late Dawn 9 Eoistle Even Tan Epistle Even Tan Paias Epistle Catalonia 6 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Free Dutch All Talk Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud 21 estFlight estFlightPersiflage Free Dutch DutchUncle AlLTalk AlLTalkResale All Talk Free Dutch Resale All Talk JO Persiflage Uncle Bud Resale Resale Donavatra AW Talk Free Dutch 9 Discmont Windward Isle Magdala Magdala Windward Isle Windward Isle Windward Isle 15 1255 PM Teta Maude Magdala Richard W Teta Maude Farsight Teta Maude Magdala 13 Junior Easton Bushel Basket Bushel Basket BushelBasket BushelBasketSir Magdala Bushel Basket Teta Mauds 6 Yankee Chance Sir Bluesteel Replica TJ Sir Bluesteel Equilibrium Sir Bluesteel Sir Bluesteel 16 120 PM Bisby Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium Replica n Equilibrium Equilibrium 13 13Replican Kennecott Replica n Yankee Chance ChanceTELL Replica n Sir Bluesteel Replica n Replican Ql Grand Parity Perfect Rhyme TELL ME MORE MOREOatmeal Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme Grand Party Tell Me More 15 145 PM Tell Me More Grand Party Oatmeal Tell Me More Tell Me More Jane Blenheim Perfect Rhyms 15 Jane Blenheim Tell Me More Sweepstaker Recognize Grand Party Tell Me More Grand Party 13 SweepstakerCamptown Supermont Our Page Camptown Our Page Our Page Our Page Our Page 20 210 PM Bulls Eye EyeJBaroQue Card Game GameJTrue Hickory Head HeadCardMGiame True Blue BlueCard Supermont True Blue Supermont 7 7CardGame JBaroQue JTrue Blue CardMGiame Card Game Card Game Card Game CardGame 6 MARKELL VAGRANCY Vagrancy VAGRANCY VAGRANCY MarKell VAGRANCY 28 235 PM Bonnet Ann Bonnet Ann MarKell MarKell MarKell Vagrancy MarKell 19 Opera Singer MarKell Ky Flash Bonnet MarKellBonnet Ann Bonnet Ann Bonnet Ann Bonnet Ann Cn Targe Haile Targe Haile Haile HAILE Haile 25 300 PM HAILETarge JDeseronto Targe Haile Targe Targe TargeIsTIs Targe Targe 18 TargeIs Haile JIsIIs TargeJIsIIs Is I Is Is I Is IsExemplify Is I Is IsTIs Is I Is 6 325 PM One Link Silver Rocket Bettys Bobby Exemplify Memory Book Exemplify Exemplify 13 Memory Book Exemplify Memory Book Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby 11 Exemplify Patrol Flight George Lamaze Memory Book Count Maurice Patrol Flight Memory Book 9 T Tnri nri man R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Orenco Rebbina RebbinaCatcall Catcall Catcall Rebbina Catcall Catcall 19 I 130 PM Rebbina Catcall CatcallOff Off Shore Off Shore ShoreArestinp Catcall Off Shore Rebbina 12 12OffShqre OffShore Off Shore Sir Kid Arestinp Off Shore Sir Kid OffShqre 9 SANTA ROSA ROSAVee SANTA ROSA ROSAVee Risanda RisandaSanta Santa Rosa RosaCooee Santa Rosa RosaVee Santa Rosa RosaVee SANTA ROSA 31 200 P M Vee Vee Santa Rosa Cooee Vee Vee Vee 9 VeeGloryland VeeCabanisi CooeeVee VeeRisanda VeeCabanisi Gloryland Cabanisi Copee Vee Risanda Cabanisi Risanda 6 Chuck Chuck Chuck CHUCK Chuck Susitna Chuck 28 ChuckJons ChuckSusitna SusitnaSunamit 230 PM Sunamit Sunamit Jons Sunamit Susitna Sunamit Susitna 10 SunamitJons SunamitSusitna JonsSusitna SusitnaSunamit SunamitChuck Jons Susitna Susitna Susitna Sunamit Chuck Sunamit 9 Lightfoot Lee Sparker Our Gladden GladdenMiss Flight Over Miss Folly Flight Over Miss Folly 13 300 P M Miss Folly Miss Folly FollyFlight Miss Folly FollyLightfqpt Lightfoot Lee Sparker Lightfoot Lee Flight Over 11 Our Gladden Flight Over Lightfqpt Lee Miss Folly Our Gladden Miss Follv Lightfoot Lee 10 Push His Banker His Banker BankerIlefetchit His Banker BankerIlefetchit Believe PushHis Push His Banker 20 330 PM His PushHis Banker BankerIlefetchif Believe Ilefetchit Ilefetchit Ilefetchit His Banker BankerBelieve Push 12 Ilefetchif Push BelievePush JSelieve IlefetchitPush Push His Banker Believe Believe 9 Wine Punch Pat OSee PAT OSEE OSEEAmple Ample Reward Baby Darling Ample Reward Ample Reward 18 400 P M Ample Reward RewardPatOSee Ample Reward Ample Reward RewardBaby Pat OSee Ample Reward Pat OSee PatOSee 18 PatOSee JWine Punch Baby Darling DarlingDodge Victory Drive Pat OSee Victory Drive Wine Punch 6 PatOSeeGondalina Gondalina Gondalina Dodge City Gondalina GONDALINA GONDALINA GONDALINATamil Gondalina30 430 PM Tamil GondalinaTamil Tamil Peep Show Tamil Tamil TamilFlag Tamil Tamil 10 TamilDodge Dodge City Flag Trumpeter Gondalina Yankee Party Yankee Party Flag Trumpeter Dodge City 6 Butcher Boy Star Boarder Ginoca Star Boarder Cash Boy Star Boarder Star Boarder 16 500 PM Ginoca Ginoca Butcher Boy Cash o Bov Eight Rolls Ginoca Ginoca 11 Star Boarder Butcher Boy White Hot Nopalosa Rojo Butcher Boy Halcyon Boy Butcher Boy 10

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