Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-29

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO EOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP JDICKWELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS JDICKWELLESTicky 245 PM Ticky Otis OtisTrim Lady RomeryQuick Romery Ticky Otis Trim Stepper Dr Bones Dr Bones BonesAnopheles Dr Bones 13 Trim Stepper StepperLady Quick Tool Dr Bones AnophelesDr Anopheles Lady Romery Anopheles Trim Stepper 9 Lady Romery Anopheles JTrim Stepper Dr Bones Quick Tool JTrim Stepper Lady Romery 8 315 PM Valnor ValnorFortress Fortress FortressElcinap Fortress Fortress Fortress Fortress Fortress 27 Fortress Elcinap Valnor Elcinap ElcinapStage FortressElcinap Elcinap FortressElcinap Elcinap Elcinap 8 8Valnor7 ValnorFealty Stage Door DoorSammy Colors Up UpVALDINA Fealty j Stage Door High ElcinapHigh Hat JFealty Valnor7 345 PM Sammy Angott AngottOHurry VALDINA CLOWN Albuldo Valdina Clown Albuldo Valdina Clown ClownSammy Valdina Clown 17 OHurry Sammy Angott Sammy Ansott Sammy Angott AlbuldoSammy Sammy Angott AngottOHurry Sammy Angott AngottGay Sammy Angott 15 15Albuldo Albuldo Gay Orphan Gay Orphan OHurry OHurry Gay Orphan OrphanSHINY Albuldo 11 415 PM Dr Rush Shiny Penny PennyKins Swiv Shiny Penny The Native NativeSwiv SHINY PENNY PENNYSwiv Shiny Penny 18 KanopolisAlacyon Kanopolis Kins LeRoy Dr Rush RushReal Alacyon AlacyonReal Swiv Swiv Dr Rush 9 Alacyon Dr Rush Real Sad Real Sad SwivShiny Shiny Penny PennyBURNT Dr Rush Sviv 9 445 PM Burnt Cork CorkEnded Wishbone WishboneEnded ENDED ENDED BURNT CORK CORKEnded Ended Ended 25 EndedWishbone Ended Ended Wishbone Yar YarWishbone Ended Burnt EndedBurnt Cork CorkCherry Burnt Cork 14 14Wishbone Wishbone Yar Yar Wishbone JWishbone Cherry Trifle Wishbone 10 515 PM Civil Liberty LibertyAlorter Civil Liberty LibertyValdina Civil Liberty Civil Liberty CivifLiberty CivifLibertyHarriet Civil Liberty LibertyAlorter CIVIL LIBERTY 30 Alorter Valdina Cooky Chancevive Alorter AlorterMr Harriet Sue Alorter Alorter 7 JMr Rabbit RabbitALDRIDGE Mr Rabbit Leayenworth Mr Rabbit Alorter Valdina Cooky CookyAldridge Valdina Cooky 3 545 PM ALDRIDGE ALDRIDGEFirst Aldridste AldridsteFirst Woodsman Pittistraw He Man ManAldridge Aldridge Aldridge 23 First Draftee DrafteePittistraw First Draftee Aldridge Aldridge AldridgeKntehtfors Aldridge First AldridgeFirst Draftee DrafteePittistraw First Draftee 8 Pittistraw Knightfors JTirst AldridgeJTirst Draftee Kntehtfors First AldridgeFirst Draftee DrafteeChattnan Pittistraw Pittistraw 6 61 5 PM EscolarNeddies Escolar ChattnanNeddies Chattnan Chattnan Chattnan Chattnan Chattnan Chattnan 25 Neddies Hero HeroKaiHi Neddies Hero HeroDancinc Escolar Dancing Light Neddies ChattnanNeddies Hero HeroDancing Neddies ChattnanNeddies Hero HeroKaiHi Neddies Hero 10 KaiHi Dancinc Light Neddies Hero Neddies Hero Dancing Light KaiHi Escolar 7 Trackman D S Fair DETRO T Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 115 PM Appointee Extremus Purple Wrack Chief Bud Extremus Bull Whip Extremus 14 Dissension Sir Chief Bud Must Go Extremus Bull Whip Dissension Sir Bull Whip 9 Purple Wrack Bull Whip Extremus Bull Whin Dissension Sir Extremus Chief Bud 7 1 45 P M OCEAN BOUND Ocean Bound BoundRodia Ocean Bound Ocean Bound Ocean Bound OCEAN BOUND OCEAN BOUND 34 34Rodia Rodia Rodia RodiaBeau Rodia Rodia Rodia Rodia Rodia 12 12Shirlev Shirley G Beau Catcher Shirlev G Shirley G War Wise Royal RodiaRoyal Martha Shirlev G 3 21 5 PM Anytime Anytime Bygones Double Back BackAnytime Paircais Anytime Anytime 19 Double Back BackJPaircais Paircais Double Back Anytime AnytimePaircais Anytime Double Back Double Back 13 JPaircais Double Back Paircais Paircais Double Back Paircais Paircais 11 245 PM Jo Bonner G9od Going Good Going Darby Delilah Miss Valor Good Going Good Going 19 19Miss Good Going Miss Valor Jo Bonner Good Going Flying Julia Miss Valor Miss Valor 10 10Jo Darby Delilah Jo Bonner Vegas Mary Miss Valor Darby Delilah Flvine Julia Jo Bonner 8 315 PM No Wrinkles WrinklesBold No Wrinkles MABE MONDAY No Wrinkles WrinklesNippy No Wrinkles WrinklesNippy No Wrinkles WrinklesNippy No Wrinkles 25 Bold Captain Little Wizard Bold Caotain Nippy Nippy Nippy Mabe Monday 12 Mabe Monday Mabe Monday Little Wizard Mabe NippyMabe Mondav Mabe NippyMabe Monday Mabe NippyMabe Monday Nippy 6 345 PM Valdina Paul PaulBv FlorizanlBeauBonnie FlorizanlBeau FlorizanBeau FLORIZAN BEAU BY CONSCRIPT Florizan Beau FlorizanBeau 25 Bv Conscript Bonnie Andrew By Conscript By Conscript FlorizanBeau By Conscript By Conscript 13 13Valdina Florizan Beau BeauBebeja Sweep Swinger SwingerEXPLODED Columbus Day Bonnie Andrew Sweep Swinger Bonnie Andrew Valdina Paul jj 41 5 PM BebejaBurning Bebeja EXPLODEDBurning EXPLODED Burning Stick Burning Stick StickExploded Exploded Exploded Exploded 21 Burning Stick Burning Stick Traumelus Exploded Burning Stick Burning Stick Burning Stick 18 Explgded Traumelus Exploded Bebeja ExplodedBebeja Bebeja Bebeia Bebeja 8 445 PM Dream Boat BoatSidout Dream Boat BoatAircraft Aircraft Sidout Sidout Sidout Sidout 19 SidoutMistucky Sidout AircraftSidout Aircraft MistuckvSidout AircraftMistuckv Mistuckv Dream Boat Dream Boat MistuckyAlagnes SidoutMistucky Mistucky Dream Boat 14 Mistucky Sidout Sidout Alagnes Alagnes Alagnes Aircraft 7 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM Stir UP UPFlary Fleettown Fleettown Fleettown Stir UP UPFleettown Fleettown Fleettown 23 Flary FlaryFleettown Flary Sunnip Stir UP Fleettown Stir UP Stir Up 16 Fleettown Stir UP Stir UP Home Flight Flarv FleettownFlarv Home Flight Flary 5 100 PM Blazing Glory Son Islam Ballotant Blazing Glory Blazing Heat Son Islam Son Islam 14 Prima Donna Miss Mary Jane Son Islam Son Islam Cortege Miss Marv Jane Blazing Glory 10 Ballotant Blazing Heat Snonks Winters Blazing Heat Studv Period Cortege Blazing Heat 7 130 PM Frederic II IIAdLib Frederic H Frederic TJ TJCorrigan Frederic II Corrigan Frederic II IIAdLib Frederic H 27 AdLib AdLibOssabaw Ad Lib CorriganNaruna Corrigan Corrigan Frederic TJ AdLib Corrigan 10 Ossabaw Cprrisan Naruna Ad Lib Naruna AdLibOssabaw Ossabaw AdLib 7 200 PM Bit of Nerve Joe Burger Water Pearl Joe Burger Joe Burger BIT OF NERVE Bit of Nerve 19 Flak Bit of Nerve Joe Burger Bit of Nerve Bit of Nerve Water Pearl Joe Burger 17 Clicketv Clack Stickv Kittv Bit of Nerve Water Pearl Water Pearl Flak Water Pearl 9 230 PM MarKell WITH REGARDS REGARDSDoublrrb With Regards With Regards Doublrab With Regards RegardsDoublrab With Regards 24 With Regards DoublrrbMarKell Doublrrb Doublrab Doublrab Slide Rule Doublrab Doublrab 13 Some Chance MarKell Slide Rule Slide Rule MarKell DoublrabMarKell MarKell MarKell 8 300 PM SLIDE RULE Slide Rule Slide Rule SLIDE RULE SLIDE RULE Slide Rule SLIDE RULE 36 RULEVincentive Strategic Vincentive Vincentive Vincentive Vincentive Vincentive Vincentive 10 Famous Victory Princeauillo Bankrupt Famous Victory Bankrupt VincentiveBankrupt Eve for Eve Famous Victory 2 330 PM Stefanita Stefanita Anthemion Stefanita Waygal Stefanita Stefanita 22 Anthemion Stefanita Yarrow Maid Bonnet Ann Anthemion Anthemion 10 Anthemion Bonnet Ann Yarrow Maid Moon Maiden Moon Maiden Yarrow Maid Waygal 5 400 PM Haile Haile HaileBelle SALFORD II Salf ord II IIHaile Haile Salf ord n nHaile Haile 21 Equinox Belle dAmour dAmourIs Haile Haile Belle HaileBelle dAmour dAmourEauinox Haile Salf ord II 19 Salf ord U Is I Is Spoon Bread Belle HaileBelle dAmour Eauinox Belle HaileBelle dAmour Belle dAmour 6 rnckmon R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 130 PM Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes FawkesArgos Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes 30 Hada Star StarLa Bright Acre Red Meadow Red Meadow Argos Hada Star Hada Star 5 La Reinette Hada Star Argos Argos Red ArgosRed Meadow Bright Acre Red Meadow 5 200 PM Rockaway Boy Grand Gay Bulwark Bulwark Bulwark Bulwark Bulwark 20 Hardship Copin Big Chance Big Chance Grand Gay Big Chance Grand Gay 7 Big Chance Rockaway Bov Maeline Petes Bet Brave Sir Brave Sir Big Chance 7 230 PM Jessie Gladys Jessie Gladys Recoatna Jessie Gladys La Scala ScalaJelwell Jessie Gladys Jessie Gladys 20 Recoa a Tattnall Star Noodles Noodles Jelwell La Scala La Scala 9 Noodles Noodles La Scala La Scala JelwellNoodles Noodles Noodles Noodles 8 300 P M Madigama Fair Call PAR AVION Fair Call Fair Call Time OWar Fair Call 15 Time OWar Time OWar Time OWar Par Avion Time OWar Par Avion Time OWar 13 Quakertown Par Avion Madigama Madigama Par Avion Madigama Par Avion 13 330 PM TAMIL Tamil TamilHornblende Hornblende A One TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL 30 HornblendeTamil TAMILAOne A One Hornblende HornblendeShortening Tamil Tamil AOne Hornblende Hornblende 11 TamilPharatheen AOneHornblende Pharatheen Shortening Pharatheen Hornblende Hornblende A One A One 10 400 P M Devalue Abbe Pierre PierreDevalue Devalue Devalue Devalue Devalue Devalue 27 Abbe Pierre Devalue DevalueFirebroom Abbe Pierre Abbe Pierre Spiral Pass Abbe Pierre Abbe Pierre 14 Firebroom Firebroom Gondalina Firebroom Abbe Pierre Gondalina Firebroom 3 430 PM Milk Route MILK ROUTE Cqlesboy Light Banset Colesbov ColesbovGrebe Milk Route Milk Route 17 Cplesbov Light Banset Midnight Ride Grebe a aMidnight Grebe Grebe Colesboy 12 Light Banset Midnight Ride Light Banset Midnight Ride GrebeImpregnable Impregnable Light Banset Light Banset 10 500 PM HOP Skip SkipRebbina Rebbina Speedy Josie JosieSquadron REBBINA Rebbina Rebbina Rebbina 25 RebbinaBroiler Rebbina HOP Skip SquadronRebbina Squadron Ida Rogers Ida Rogers HOP Skip HOP Skip 10 Broiler Ida Roberts Rebbina HOP Skip Squadron Ida Rogers Speedy Josie 5

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