Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-09

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP LAPIce CONSENSUS 245 PM Three Banes Three Banes Three Bangs Ice Water Ice Water Three Bangs BangsGummed Three Bangs 24 24Ice j Gummed Up Gummed Up UpMiss YouroffJMiss Youroff Three Bangs Three Bangs BangsMusical Gummed Up UpTorch Ice Water 10 Yquroff Miss Nutmeg JMiss Nutmeg Torch Gleam Musical Jack Torch Gleam Gummed Up 6 315 PM Harkim Tuscq Silk Yarn YarnTusco Harkim Silk YarrT Harkim Harkim 18 18Silk Silk Yarn Harkim TuscoHarkim Tusco Michigan Blue BlueSilk Count Mio HarkimSilk Silk Yarn Silk Yarn 15 Michigan Blue Michigan Blue BluePurple HarkimPURPLE Harkim Silk Yarn Tusco Bezique Tusco 8 345 PM Purple Heart HeartZaca Purple Heart PURPLE HEART HEARTTawny Purple Heart Purple Heart Purple Heart HeartTawny PURPLE HEART 32 32Tawny Zaca Man ManSundrum Tawny Lady Tawny Lady Tawny Lady LadyQuaker Tawny Lady Tawny Lady Tawny Lady 10 Sundrum Queen Kizzie New Frontier Quaker Zaca Man QueenKizzie ZacaMan3 415 PM K ROUNDER ROUNDERToujour Toujour Crimson Tide TideToujour Toujour K ROUNDER ROUNDERToujour K Rounder RounderCrimson K Rounder 20 20Touiour Toujour ToujourHuri Huri Horn rfari rfariK Toujour ToujourHuri Book Plate Toujour Crimson Tide Touiour 17 17Crimson Huri Horn Hari K Rounder Huri Horn Hari Huri HpnYHari JHuri Horn Hari HariMidall Toujour Crimson Tide 7 Midall MidallFag ST JOCK Midall Midall Midall Fag Midall 24 24Fag 445 PM MidallFag MidallHavaheart MidallSt FagMidall Fag FagHavaheart Midall Fag Havaheart St Jock JockFag Midall Fag 10 Havaheart Havaheart FagBurning Burning Sands JHopeful Reward Fag MidallHavaheart Havaheart St Jock j9 Valdina Cooky CookyPhalanger Albuldo Valdina Cooky Albuldo Albuldo Albuldo Albuldo 21 21Valdina 515 PM AlbuldoValdina Phalanger Valdina Cooky CookyValdina Valdina Andire Valdina Cooky AlbuldoValdina Valdina Cooky CookyPhalanger AlbuldoValdina Valdina Cooky Valdina Cooky 18 Albuldo Valdina Clown ClownBonamo Phalanger JValdina Clown Phalanger Valdina Clown ClownBonamo JPhalanger 6 545 PM Bonamo BonamoHigh Bonamo BonamoCamps Bonamo CAMPS FIRST FIRSTRight Camps First Bonamo Bonamo 24 24Camps High Hat HatFishers Camps First Right Carla CarlaCamps Right Carla CarlaFishers Bonamo BonamoRight Right Carla Camps First 16 Fishers Pet Right Carla CarlaKaiHi Camps First Fishers Pet BonamoFishers Fishers Pet High Hat JRight Carla m 615 PM Redrock CanyonPerplex Canyon KaiHi KaiHiEscolar KaiHi KaiHi KaiHi KaiHi KafiHi 26 KaiHiRedrock KaiHiRedrock KaiHiRedrock PerplexKaiHi Perplex EscolarPerplex Escolar Redrock Canyon Redrock Canyon Perplex Redrock Canyon CanyonPerplex Redrock Canyon 12 KaiHi Perplex Escolar Old Main Road Redrock Canyon Perplex Perplex 6 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Slow Track RAC E PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP JCKWELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 330 PM Akrontown Akrontown Akrontown Akrontown Akrontown AKRONTOWN Akrontown 32 32Mister Mister Big Mister Big Fast Work WorkFranco Franco Saxon Franco Saxon Mister Big Mister Big 6 Big Parade Franco Saxon Franco Saxon Dare Queen Echo Fast Work franco Saxon 6 400 PM Joss Stick Rodia Rodia Rodia Briar Sharp Rodia Rodia 23 Rodia Joss Stick Tower Maid MaidJoss RodiaTower Tower Maid Tower Maid RodiaJossStick JossStick Joss Stick 11 Briar Sharp Tower Maid Joss Stick JossStick Rodia Briar Sharp Briar Sharp 7 430 PM Jo Betty BettyCall Call to Colors Call to Colors Lucias Sun Call to Colors Lucias Sun SunBums Call to Colors 19 19Lucias Call to Colors Bums Rush RushJo Lucias Sun SunBums Call to Colors Jo Betty Bums Rush Lucias Sun 12 Bumsjlush Jo Betty Bums Rush Jo Bettv Bums Rush Jo Betty JoBettyJ10 500 PM The Duck Viburnum Viburnum Bip Mattie Sue Viburnum Viburnum 19 19Bip Viburnum The Duck DuckBip Bip BipMattie Mattie Lou Bip Bip ViburnumBip Bip 14 JBip Bip BipJVfattie JVfattie Sue Viburnum Viburnum Mattie Sue MattieSue 9 530 PM Button Hole Mintlock Mintlock Button Hole Button Hole Button Hole HoleMintlock Button Hole 22 22Mintlock Mintlock Flying King KingButton Flying King Flying King Flying King Mintlock Mintlock 14 St Dismas DismasBLACK Button Hole Button Hole HoleBLACK Mintlock JSt Dismas Flving King Fly ing King 09 600 PM BLACK BADGE BADGEHiTy Black Badge BLACK BADGE BADGEL9ve BLACK BADGE BADGELove HiTy Black Ridge RidgeDiamond BLACK BADGE 32 32HiTy HiTy Diamond Dick L9ve Pact PactAir Love Pact PactJHiTy HiTyDiamond Diamond Dick Diamond Dick HiTy 9 JLovePact JLovePactGrasshopper HiTy Air Patrol JHiTy J Black Badge JLove Pact Love Pact 6 630 PM Grasshopper II IIRed Red Dock Black Raider Grasshopper II RED DOCK DOCKThree Red Dock DockGrasshopper Red Dock 22 22Grasshopper Red Dock Grasshopper LT Grasshopper LT Red Dock DockBlack Three Clovers CloversBlack Grasshopper LT Grasshopper n 16 Lady Rebecca Lady Rebecca Red Dock Black Raider Black Raider JLady Rebecca Black Raider 7 700 PM Fiddlers Bit BitAlagnes ALAGNESFiddlers ALAGNES Greenock Image Greenock Image ImageAlagnes Alagnes Trave Alagnes 18 18Fiddlers j Alagnes AlagnesTrave Fiddlers Bit Trave Alagnes Fiddlers Bit TraveFiddlers Fiddlers Bit Fiddlers Bit 111 111Greenock AlagnesTrave Trave DefenseMan Alagnes Trave Darby Donna Alagnes Greenock Image 10 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM True Barbara Belle Basaue Belle Basaue True Barbara True Barbara Belle Basaue True Barbara 21 21Belle Belle Basaue True Barbara True Barbara Belle Basaue Belle Basaue True Barbara Belle Basaue 21 21Grace High Legend Cousin Eva Grace Tamm Cousin Eva Grace Tamm Grace Tamm Grace Tamm 3 1 00 P M Richard W Richard W Stargoo StargooCumshaw Amble Tint TintStargoo Bayford Amble Tint Richard W 13 13Amble Lovely Delores Amble Tint CumshawMagdala Cumshaw StargooMacdala Stargoo Magdala Richard W Amble Tint 13 Amble Tint Magdala Magdala Macdala Richard W Stargoo Stargoo 8 130 PM Boojum n Booium II Brother Jones Brother Jones JonesInvader Iron Shot Brother Jones Brother Jones 20 20Boojum Brother Jones JonesCpttesmore Brother Jones Cottesmore Invader InvaderCottesmore Boojum IE Boojum LT Boojum n 14 Cpttesmore Invader Frederic II Cottesmore Brother Jones Invader JronShot 5 200 PM Jim joe joeAnibras DEVIE DevieBlenheim Devie Roman Glory Anibras Devie Devie 21 21Jimjoe AnibrasDevie Anibras Jimjoe Blenheim Lad Deyie AnibrasJimjoe Jimjoe Jimjoe Jimjoe 11 JimjoeDevie Devie Roman Glory Tracelette Anibras Devie Roman Glorv Anibras 8 230 PM Porters Cap Bull Reign First Fiddle Omission Bull Reign Omission Omission 17 17Porters Omission Omission Porters Cap Porters Cap Omission Porters Cap Porters Cap 12 12Bull First Fiddle First Fiddle Omission Bull Reigh Porters Cap Bull Reigh Bull Reigh 12 300 PM FAMOUS VICTRYFamous Victory FAMOUS VICTRY Roval Nap BILL SICKLE Bill Sickle FAMOUS VICTY 25 25Royal Roval Nap NapJBill Roval Nap Rova Nap NapBill Bill Sickle Strategic Famous Victory Royal Nap 12 JBill Sickle Bill Sickle Bill Sickle Famous Victory RoyalNap Le Havre Bill Sickle 12 12PERFECT 330 PM Hubbub Discouraged Happy Guess Perfect Rhyme Happy Guess PERFECT RHYME Perfect Rhyme 17 17Discouraged Recognize Perfect Rhyme RhymeRecpgnize Perfect Rhyme Discouraged Blue Flight Discouraged Happy Guess 10 10Irish Bloodhound Recpgnize Recognize Tatu Perf ect Rhyme Irish Echo Discouraged 9 400 PM Wood Robin Manamaid Miss Discovery TatuWOOD WOOD ROBIN Wood Robin Wood Robin Wood Robin 22 22Manamaid Miss Discovery Miss Discovery Nebraska Nebraska Cortege Manamaid Miss Discovery 12 12Miss Manamaid Cortege Cortege Miss Discovery Miss Discovery Miss Discovery Manamaid 8 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES JHAR LAP CONSENSUS 130 PM Sir Kid KidSparrow Briar Play Catcall Catcall Sir Kid Briar Play Sir Kid 16 Sparrow Chirp Sir Kid Roman Hero Sir Kid Briar Play Sir Kid Briar Play 12 12Catcall John Hunnicutt Catcall Milkymoon Rpman Hero Sparrow Chirp Roman Hero Catcall 6 200 P M Ecommt Spare Room RoomTintitter Spare Room Cape May Tintitter Ecomint Spare Room 14 Tintitter Tintitter TintitterEcomint Buckle Down Ecomint Spare Room Spare Room Ecomint 13 13Tintitter Stop Harping Ecomint Turnabout Tintitter Buckle Down Tintitter Tintitter 11 230 P M Burgoo Miss Most Alert Most Alert AlertBurgoo Most Alert AlertFogoso Burgoo Miss Burgoo Miss Most Alert 21 Most Alert Burgoo Miss MissBlue Burgoo Miss Fogoso Most Alert Most Alert Burgoo Miss 19 Fogoso Blue Booties jFoKoso JBlueJBooties Fogpsp Blue Booties Fogoso 5 300 PM HIGH NAME NAMEBarbara Barbara Childs High Name NameBarbara Barbara Childs ChildsHigh Barbara Childs BARBRA CHILDS Barbara Childs 26 Barbara Childs High Name NameJRush Barbara Childs High Name High Name High Name High Name 20 RushAct JRush Act Rush Act Rush Act Rush Act Satin Cap Rush Act 5 330 PM Colleen M MAriel Betty Leon Colleen M MChance Collect Call CallAriel Betty Leon Bettv Leon Betty Leon 16 Ariel Beam Ariel Beam Chance Cross Ariel Beam BeamChance Colleen M Ariel Beam Colleen M 13 Sparker Chance Cross Betty Leon Chance Cross Signal Corps Colleen M Ariel Beam 8 400 P M Battle Jack JackQuakertown Battle Jack POMPECO Battle Jack JackUs Battle Jack JackUs Battle Jack Battle Jack 25 Quakertown Quakertown Ask Aunt Ada Us QuakertownAsk Us Quakertown Pompeco 7 Ask Aunt Ada Us Us UsPar Par Avion y UsAsk Ask Aunt Ada Us Us 7 Flange FLANGE Molasses Jo FLANGE FLANGE Flange FLANGE 31 430 PM CalvertMr Calvert Mr MacGurrin Mr MacGurrin Mr FLANGEMr MacGurrin MacGurrinCalyert Mr FLANGEMr MacGurrin MacGurrinMplasses Mr FlangeMr MacGurrin MacGurrinCalyeift Mr MacGurrin 11 Mr MacGurrin Precious Years Precious Years Calyert Mplasses Jo Calyeift MbIasses Jo 6 6Viscounty Star Chance Ships Bells Panther Creek Viscounty Viscounty Star Chance 500 P M Viscounty 14 Viscounty Star Chance Ranger n Ranger II Panther Creek Ships Bells Star Chance 12 Panther Creek Panther Creek Viecounty Panther Creek Ranger TJ Viscountv Panther Creek 09

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