Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1944-06-06

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND SECONDONE ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman J P Gruber Lincoln Fields at HaWthorne Selections Made for Fast Track TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS I doeFlight Orchard Run Orchard Run Garden Pot Itabo ItaboOrchard Orchard Run Orchard Run 20 Military Sand Mismark Garden Pot Orchard Run Orchard Run Garden Pot Garden Pot 10 Orchard Run Field dOr CloeFlight Itabo CloeFlight Itabo CloeFlight Bonsweep Uncle Bud RexAvis Greville RexAvis Free Miss MissGreville Free Miss Free Miss RexAvis Free Miss Uncle Bud Free Miss GrevilleRexAvis Greville RexAvis Formal Dress Free Miss Greville RexAvis Greville RexAvis Greville 9 1 Grays Bay Up Front Up Front FrontGolden Up Front Valdale ValdaleGolden Up Front Up Front Golden Harvest Valdale Golden Harvest Golden Harvest Golden Harvest Valdale Golden Hvest 10 Up Front Golden Harvest Valdale Valdale UP Front Golden Harvest Valdale 10 Sales Talk Timocracy Sales Talk Sales Talk Sales Talk Sales Talk Sales Talk 2 Hishthorne TimocracyHighthorne Highthorne Anthem Timocracy Timocracy Timocracy Timocracy 1 Stitch Again Anthem HighthorneAnthem Timocracy Anthem Flying King Anthem Anthem Limestone Joes Choice Witchbrew Valdina Streak Valdina Streak Witchbrew Joes Choice 1 LimestoneJoes Joes Choice Valdina Streak Joes Choice Limestone Joes Choice Joes Choice Witchbrew 1 Fox Rime Witchbrew Jesting Fox Joes Choice Witchbrew Last Salute Valdina Strek 121 Port Harmony Quarterback Lost Gold Whose WhosePort Whose Whose Whose 13 13Port Eugene Port Harmony Bolo Fancy Port Harmony Winter Rules Quarterback Port Harmony 11 Winter Rules Whose Port Harmony Quarterback Quarterback Port Harmony Quarterback f Happy Choice Miss Tipper Air Raider Happy Choice Red Tet Miss Tipper Miss Tipper 14 Free Style Red Tet Grenouille Red Tet Grenouille Happy Choice Happy Choice 13 Red Tet Happy Choice Miss Tipper Grenouille Miss Tipper Grenouille Red Tet 10 My Crest Air Watch South Bound Air Watch South Bound South Bound South Bound 17 Pennsburec Three Sands Three Sands Dr Bones Three Sands Three Sands Air Watch 11 Sweet Helen South Bound Pennsburg South Bound Air Watch Dr Bones Three Sands 8 Trackman C H Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Anita Chiauita Display er All True Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita ChiauitaExtend Anita Chiauita Anita Chiaita 24 i Junior Easton Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita Betrothed Extend ExtendDisplayer Displayer Displayer 8 8All Betrothed All True Betrothed Junior Easton Displayer Junior Easton All True fi Sea Victory Fourth Estate Sea Victory Sea Victory Sea Victory Sea Victory Sea Victory Shinemup Shinemup Stonewall Shinemup Fourth Estate Stonewall Fourth Estate 8 Stonewall Teddys Flame Teddys Flame Fourth Estate Dixie Dell Shinemup Shinemup 7 Arisdisical Aridisical AridisicalBuena Aridisical Aridisical Aridisical Aridisical Aridisical i Buena Ventura Duty First Buena Ventura Sky Soldier Buena Ventura AridisicalCall Call to Colors Buena Ventura 7 Easy Jack Buena Ventura Duty First Call to Colors Call to Colors Moonlite Bobby Call to Colors 4 Alabama Boy Alabama Boy June Dear Alabama Boy Valdina Singer June Dear Alabama Boy 19 4 Valdina Singer Little Moose Alabama Boy June Dear Little Moose Alabama Boy June Dear 14 June Dear Valdina Singer Little Moose Valdina Singer June Dear Valdina Singer Valdina Singr 10 Bold Lucy Bold Lucy LucyRusty Bit o Brown Bold Lucy Bold Lucy Bold Lucy Bold Lucy 1 Bit o Brown Rusty Gold Marcella K Rusty Gold Bit o Brown Bit o Brown Bi to Brown Speedway Shasta Man Bold Lucy Shasta Man Rusty Gold Rusty Gold Rusty Gold 6 Cooling Spring SpringKirwin Cooling Spring SpringStarway Cooling Spring Starway Cooling Spring Kirwin C901ingSprg 23 Kirwin Starway In the Rough Cooling Spring Good Daughter Velvet Heels Kirwin 1 1Starwav StarwayKirwin KirwinStarway Starway Kirwin Kirwin Kirwin Kirwin Cooling Spring Starwav i Boom On Boom On Afghanistan Afghanistan AfghanistanToyQuay Boom On Afghanistan Afghanistan 20 Afghanistan Flashalong Hard Lu ToyQuay Gallahue Boom On Boom On ir irHard Flashalong Hard Lu Dina Flag Boom On Afghanistan Hard Lu Hard Lu Day Dodger Day Dodger Biscayne Blue Caumsett Day Dodger DodgerBiscayne Biscayne Blue Day Dodger Biscayne Blue Biscayne Blue Day Dodger Biscayne Blue Biscayne Blue Day Dodger Biscayne Blue 18 Valdina Gadget Pete Jr Valdina Gadget Day Dodger Rodimic Rodimic Caumsett 5 Trackman C J Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS I i Turn Plate Karen Q High Taps Karen Q Head Smart Turn Plate Karen Q 16 16Turn i Bobsis Head Smart Karen Q Head Smart Karen Q Karen Q Turn Plate 13 Cutalong Turn Plate Head Smart Turn Plate Turn Plate Head Smart Head Smart 11 Miss Mary Jane Miss Mary Jane JaneWiseasyou Faust II Wiseasyou Vali Vali Vali i iMiss j Magdala Wiseasyou The Chief Vali ValiMagdala Magdala MagdalaThe ValiWiseasyou Wiseasyou Miss My Jane 11 WiseasyouVali Saros Vali Wiseasyou The Chief The Killer Miss Mary Jane Wiseasyou 7 Fieldfare Royal Ruby II IIHimmel Rpyal Ruby II Rpyal Ruby II IIHimmel Hunmel R9val Ruby II IIHimmel Rpyal Ruby II 26 Royal FieldfareRoyal Ruby II Himmel HimmelArtistscope Himmel Himmel HimmelFieldfare Royal Ruby II HimmelFieldfare Himmel Himmel 13 13Fieldfare Flat Lance Artistscope Samuel D Fieldfare Fieldfare Fieldfare Fieldfare 8 Light Count Light Count Huntsman Light Count Top General Light Count Light Count Hindu Kush Top General Light Count Top General Light Count Hindu Kush Top General Talook Tennyson Talook Talook Talook Talook Huntsman 5 1 Shut Up Dustman Dustman Dustman Shut UP UPDustman Dustman Dustman 2 2Shut I Dustman Shut Up Shut Up Captains Aide Dustman Shut Up Shut Up 1 1Supper Supper Dance Supper Dance Supper Dance Shut Up Captains Aide Captains Aide Supper Dance Harvard Square Harvard Square Harvard Square SquareColchis Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare SauareColchis Harvard Sauare SauareColchis Harvd Square 36 1 Breezing Home Colchis ColchisBill Colchis Colchis ColchisBill Colchis ColchisBill Colchis Colchis 10 10Breezing Gold Shower Breezing Home Bill Sickle Gold Shower Bill Sickle Bill Sickle Breezing Home 3 King of Castle King of Castle Hutch King of Castle Topsy Sue SueHutch Topsy Sue SueHutch King of Castle 20 Hutch Hutch Play Dusty Topsy Sue Hutch HutchKing HutchKing Hutch Topsy Sue 1A Topsy HutchTopsy Sue Topsy Sue King of Castle Hutch King of Castle King of Castle Hutch 1 Jimmy John Chamonix Chamonix Jimmy John JohnAll Jimmy John Chamonix Jimmy John 22 Bold Wando Jimmy John Jimmy John All White Still Life All White Chamonix 15 Hampton Hall Oceanus All White Oceanus Oceanus Jimmy John All White 5 1 Trackman D S Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sorgho Depi Sorgho Depi Ladies First FirstSorgho Ladies First Sorgho 1 1Ladies Noahvale DepiMary Mary Alice Ladies First Sorgho SorghoMary Sorgho Mary Alice Ladies First la Caroline F Ladies First Mary Alice Valdina Secret Mary Alice Depi Depi V Jopier Jopier Jopier Jopier Jopier Jopier Jopier JopierWake JopierWakeRobin JopierFlying JopierCharacter Character Man La Scala WakeRobin La Scala Wake Robin Flying Ned Wake Robin o i iFlying Wake Robin WakeRobin WakeRobinFlyingNed FlyingNed Wake Robin Flying Ned Wake Robin Flying Ned 4 Aboyne Hoosier Hoosier Mixer Hoosier Aboyne Hoosier 2 2Aboyne Hoosier HoosierZacabrand ZacabrandAbovne Zacabrand HoosierSuntegra Suntegra MixerAboyne Aboyne AboyneHoosier Little HOOPS Hoosier Aboyne 1 1Mixer Adviser Abovne Zacabrand Hoosier Aboyne Suntegra Mixer I Hobbys First FirstRevive Crestfallen Walloon Walloon Walloon Walloon Walloon CrestfallenWalloon Revive Walloon Crestfallen Crestfallen Crestfallen Crestfallen Crestfallen ju ReviveWalloon Walloon Revive Hobbys First Hobbys First Hobbys First Hobbys First Hobbys First 9 1 Dark Cloud Canee Jean La Belle Canee Canee Big Rai Canee 1 Valdina Greedy Big Raid Dark Cloud Jean CaneeJean La Belle BelleBig CaneeValdina Valdina Greedy Canee Jean La Belle 10 CaneeJean Barnacle Jean La Belle Barnacle Big Raid Jean La Belle Jean La Belle Big Raid 8 White Time TimePaiturf TrothNellie Troth Happy Prince Paiturf White Time White Time White Time 1 Paiturf Nellie Mowlee MowleeNight White Time Night Bomber Happy Prince Paiturf Paiturf I IHappy Happy PaiturfHappy Prince Night Bomber Troth Troth Paiturf Night Bomber Happy Prince 8 1 Epaminondus Crab Apple AppleAsk One Tip One Tip Thalel One Tip One Tip 19 19Crab Thalel Ask Me MeOne Epaminondus Crab Apple One Tip Ask Me Crab Apple P One Tip One Tip Crab Apple Ask Me One Dollar Crab Apple Epaminondus Victory Drive Capt Caution Chance Yen Capt Caution CautionSeaward Capt Caution Capt Caution Capt Caution 27 Capt Caution Seaward Bound Seaward Bound Seaward Bound Seaward Bound Victory Drive Victory Drive 9 Sir War Victory Drive Capt Caution Sir War Victory Drive Hill Sun Seaward Bound 8

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