Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-12

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fieldsat Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PIIAR LAP SWEEP COX SENSES , Havana Lad Havana Lad STARS AT NIGHT Stars at Night Rustv Gold Stars at Night Tb j Snow Apple Rustv Gold Rustv Gold Havana Lad Stars at Night Havana Lad 13 Alpine Light Stars at Nigh t Havana Lad Rusty Gold Mismark Rustv Gold 1 0 Billies Choice Billies Choice Sunwise Priscilla Prim Heesadate Billies Choice 1 1 2 Heesadate Priscilla Prim Heesadate Sunny Betty Rose Exhibit Heesadate 10 Sunwise Heesadate Priscilla Prim Billies Choice Priscilla Prim Priscilla Prim 9 j Liberty Crack Whippet Campion Hall Whippet Campion Hall Whippet 14 3 Whippet Pamphlet Gold Fancy Campion Hall Liberty Crack Campion Hall 12 j Gold Fancy Liberty Crack Whippet Liberty Crack Whippet Liberty Crack 9 I j - Marie Olympia Highthorne Marie Olvmpia Highthorne " HIGHTHORNE HIGHTHORNE 21 s I IX Highthorne Marie Olympia Highthorne Marie Olympia Marie Olvmpia Marie Olvmpia 1 6 x j Light Tack Say Nomore Say Nomore Light Tack Say Nomore Say Nomore 3 it j . ! r Gay Franka BOOK PLATE Fetchings Bar BOOK PLATE Book Plate Book Plate 1 9 i S Ever Flying Which Glint Ever Flying Ever Flying Super Gay Franka 7 Super Gay Franka Which Glint Gay Franka Fetchings Bar Ever Flying 6 j Argo Whyso Donna Brand Sibley Donna Brand Whyso 1 6 6Rockwood Whyso Sibley Glorious Star Whyso Whyso Donna Brand 1 0 j Needles Eye Needles Eve Sibley Needles Eve Rockwood Argo Sibley 7 j -. Rich Uncle PiDlad Rich Uncle Piplad Piplad Piplad 19 / Piplad Rich Uncle Piplad Broadhead Broadhead Rich Uncle 13 is s , Shasta Man Snappy Verse Broadhead Epizar Rich Uncle Broadhead 5 e 0 GIANT PRINCESS Idle Sun Nostradamus Idle Sun Miss Bobolink Idle Sun 14 t-! I A Nostradamus Teddy Kerry Idle Sun Nostradamus Big Brands Son Nostradamus 8 g ; Idle Sun Nostradamus Teddy Kerry Teddy Kerry Idle Sun Miss Bobolink 5 j J ■ Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Good Track jjf j RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PIIAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ; r , Elbsuna Bozie Lady Brilliant Talk Over Ladv Brilliant El Osuna 10 of ,f f Bozie El Osuna Talk Over El Osuna Talk Over Ladv Brilliant 10 Sir Jimmy Talk Over El Osuna Sir Jimmv Bozie Talk Over 10 e — — — Holt Its Her Kentucky Rose Its Her Holt 13 2Monighan Holt Monighan Holt Holt Holt Its Her 12 San Yet Its Her Kentucky Rose Its Her Monighan Monigh an 8 Goblin Journal Journal Goblin Journal Journal 18 3 Warf Goblin Goblin Journal Goblin Goblin 1 4 Journal Warf K. El Banco LEnfant Warf Wart 4 is ? m Neaaueen Neaaueen Neaaueen Chero-Kaid Neaoueen Neaaueen 11 II ex Drum Fire Chero-Kaid Robins Pet Income Tax Income Tax Chero-Kaid be e j Robins Pet Drum Fire Income Tax Neaaueen Drum Fire Income Tax 5 ie : _• Alaport Alaport Sunawana Alaport Alaport Alaport 21 * Sunawana Pene Tetramore Sunawana Sunawana Sunawana 12 ie Pene Sunawana Alaport Wee-Wee-Marie Wee-Wee-Mai ie Pene 3 h j , Zacapet ZACAPET Topic ZACAPET ZACAPET ZACAPET 28 ;i. h Topic Topic Zacapet Topic Topic Topic 13 _ Bessie Vance Jesting Fox Jesting Fox Jesting Fox Jesting Fox Jesting Fox 4 S. S.GRIER S. S.Grier BIP S. S.Grier Bid S. S. Grier 21 7 Linger Along BiD S. S. Grier Bip S. S. Grier Bip 16 Caumsett Leorey Linger Along BottleKnight Linger Along Linger Along 4 n Langs Boy Langs Bov Victory Play Langs Boy Little Monarch Langs Boy 16 La 8 Easy Jack Little Monarch Little Monarch Victory Play Victory Play Little Monarch 10 Little Monarch Bright Reigh Langs Boy Bright Reigh Bright Reigh Victory Play 10 a • i- Trackman, 1 C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track d,! id RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PIIAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS -. Colony Boy Stargazer The Heir Colony Boy Colony Boy Colony Boy 35 he le J Pen Well Hadrian Stargazer Stargazer Pep Well Stargazer 16 the ie i The Heir Leeway Hadrian The Heir Stargazer The Heir 7 ° «% Lucky B. Terse Reaping Gem Terse TERSE Terse IS / Cousin Nan Rurales Terse Blue Serge Rurales Luckv B. b i- Blue Serge Bubbling Image Lucky B. Lucky B. Lucky B. Reaping Gem 5 ee - Sugar Ration PORTAGE TRAIL Sugar Ration Portage Trail Eauinox Portage Trail 18 .ir 3 Portage Trail Eauinox Portage Trail Eauinox Portage Trail Sugar Ration 1 3 j_ Eauinox Sugar Ration Eauinox Sugar Ration Sugar Ration Eauinox 1 1 s m Harvevs Pal Harveys Pal Harvevs Pal Harveys Pal Harveys Pal Harveys Pal 25 4 Darby Darius Darby Darius Grandpa Max Grandpa Max Grandpa Max Grandpa Max 7 Grandpa Max Islam Prince Islam Prince Darby Darius Islam Prince Darby Darius 5 will :j, Floating Isle Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge 17 5Mercator Elkridge Chesapeake Floating Isle Roval Archer Royal Archer Floating Isle 7 —■ I Royal Archer Royal Archer Chesapeake War Battle War Battle Royal Archer 6 Bright Scholar Buzf uz Bright Scholar Buzf uz Bright Scholar Bright Scholar 1 9 6 Buzfuz Bright Scholar He Got There Bright Scholar Buzfuz Buzfuz 35 Blenco G. I. Joe Buzfuz Antelope He Got There He Got There I Bill Hardev ALISON PETERS BILL HARDEY Bill Hardev BILL HARDEY 26 7BILLHARDEY Menotnow Alison Peters Bill Hardev Alison Peters Alison Peters Alison Peters 14 Alison Peters Johnsport Menotnow Johnsport Menotnow Menotnow 4 Brand Gallant Son Motie Brand Motie Brand Motie Brand Motie Brand 20 8Motie Wire Briar Madlyn K. MadlvnK. Wire Briar Insolate Gallant Son 7 I Insolate Insolate Insolate Gallant Son Gallant Son Insolate 5 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Saving Hot Night Hot Night Saving Saving Saving 3 8 1 Stormy Bill Saving Hill Fox Hot Night Hot Night Hot Night 15 Hot Night Tacaro Sunted Saving Stormy Bill Hill Fox Stormy Bill 3 Johnnie J. Rare La Reinette JOHNNIE J. JOHNNIE J. JOHNNIE J. 21 2 Rare Johnnie J. Tyrone Gay Brigadier Gay Brigadier Rare 9 the ne La Reinette Tyrone Gay Brigadier Rare Rare La Reinette 6 ns o Blue Dream Pd Piper Teton Blue Dream Under Cover Blue Dream 3 1 to to i Pied Piper Under Cover Redgie Under Cover Teton Under Cover 9 . Crossed Action Teton Bossiney Pied Piper Blue Dream Teton 8 for the i,p i m Reztios Reztips Alfios Reztips Reztips Reztips 21 4 Alfios Gremlin Ariel Flight Alfios Alfios Alfios 12 es i ! Ariel Flight Alfios Reztips Cushlamacree Cushlamacree Ariel Flight 3 ey. r Sheltie HIGH BOSS Sheltie Spartacus Sheltie Sheltie 16 m S High Boss Sheltie High Boss Sheltie High Boss High Boss 13 et, ; Trojan Fleet Director Statesman Trojan Fleet Troian Fleet Spartacus 5 *** , Mae Case Mae Case SIXTEEN CENTS Mae Case Mae Case Mae Case 20 V. V. I I f Milkwhite Sixteen Cents Petes Bet Elbasan Don Lin II. Sixteen Cents 1 1 sic I j Elbasan ■ Elbasan Elbasan Sixteen Cents Sixteen Cents Elbasan 5 Flying Junior Wiseshot Dudie Wiseshot Dudie 11 7Dudie Flying Junior Satin Cap Tack Room Sea Command Tack Room Wiseshot 10 en Sea Command Tack Room Flying Junior Tack Room Dudie Flying Junior 7 e- o MUGS GAME Son of Heels Air Power Mugs Game Mugs Game Mugs Game 17 the he O Mv Malcha My Malcha Guerrilla Mv Malcha My Malcha My Malcha , Grey Prince Justice Nap Grey Prince Son of Heels Son of Heels Son of Heels 7 the : *j Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track ins RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS a- - Air Brigade Air Brigade Air Brigade Jelwell Air Brigade Air Brigade 20 nose se Phanatam Jelwell Valetta H. Phanatam Valetta H. Jelwell 7 Celtics Valetta H. Phanatam Jes Lov Me Phanatam Phanatam 6 3n a a * Quality Jane Quality Jane Ship Jr. Val Victory Val Victory Quality Jane 14 / Two Down Miss Wolverine Quality Jane High East Quality Jane Val Victory 12 Miss Wolverine Val Victory Val Victory Treelynne Two Down Ship Jr. 8 fair ar j 0 Ballyrag Ballyrag Buck Thirteen Ballyrag Ballyrag Ballyrag 22 , Shasta Ko Buck Thirteen Ballyrag Teddy Lass Teddy Lass Buck Thirteen 9 who no ** Vites Teddy Lass Teddy Lass Buck Thirteen Buck Thirteen Teddy Lass 6 ne m Ships Captain Tascosa Tascosa Tascosa Grand Burgee Tascosa 19 n 4 Tascosa Shins Captain Grand Burgee Grand Burgee Tascosa Ships Captain 10 race ice Doctor D. Grand Burgee Ships Captain Ships Captain Ships Captain Grand Burgee 10 oldl I - Thor Barton Gay Gino Daisv Lee Thor Barton GAY GINO Gav Gino 18 ve-, K Gav Gino Thor Barton GavGino Gav Gino Thor Barton Thor Barton 14 eased sed Daisv Lee Penny Pincher Supai Penny Pincher Penny Pincher Daisy Lee 6 nte g TOOLMAKER Toolmaker Cloverland TOOLMAKER Toolmaker TOOLMAKER 26 she she ft Capt. Caution Cant. Caution Toolmaker Broke Even Capt. Caution Capt. Caution 6 3US v Broke Even Topsy Sue Might Be Topsy Sue Broke Even Cloverland 5 msl — Aldridge ALDRIDGE GROUND PLAY Madigama Aldridge Aldridge 19 at at i j / Ground Plav A. One A. One Aldridge A. One . Ground Play 12 j Kengar Ground Plav Kengar Ground Play Ground Plav A. One 6 two w0 Voucher Voucher Able Able Voucher Voucher 18 8 RovH.S. Pilates Miss Pilates Miss Voucher Pilates Miss Able 10 Bonnie Golos Bonnie Golos Voucher Decision Bonnie Golos Pilates Miss 6 I ie. ■ -

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