Washington Park Form Chart., Daily Racing Form, 1898-07-22


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WASHINGTON PARK FORM CHART CHARTClICAGO Catcalling ClICAGO Chicago ILL July 31 Twentythird Twenty day Washington Park Club Summer Meeting Weather clear track fast Presiding Judge C H Pettingill Petting Starter Richard Dwyor Dwyer Racins Rains starts at230p m Burses Bourses Wt St 4 J Str Star Fin Jockeys Owners O H Ii C o2 YUBA DAM 10i 4 SN 3i 88 Z H Conley Coney E Brown 8 5 2i 852 58587i 8 S1DON1AN 105 SNK SANK 23 14 lli Elli IHK SIKH 2 T Burns Simms Sims Lowry Lowery 5858 7i WINSLOVv Winslow 114 H 6 6 525 SSK SASK 34 Barrett Barrette T E Barrett Barrette 10 30 10 30 8 DOUBLE DUMMY 1W 5 55 5 4 44 4ij Clerico Cleric F FrUbie Rubies Co 8 15 8 15 VINAR VILNA D L RIO 89s 1 4H 2 2 5 525 Clawson Lawson PT Kelly 1 1 45 45 16 JOHNNY WILL1AMS92 6 12 4 K 6 6 6 McCann Mecca W J Smith Co 15 25 15 25 25Time Time 24 49 1 15 1 41i 1 48i LimoPost Limpest Winner B g 4 by Leonatus Lents Princess Limo Post 5 minutes Start good Won driving second and third driving even harder Yuba DPOJ PO ran an improved race It was a bad lot though and this accounts for it Sidonian Sideman gal lpeJ lope under a pull nearly all the way He looked a sure winner on the stretch turn but weak et d badly when pinched He bore in on Yuba Dam too through the stretch Winslow v S sharpl sharply cut off on the first turn and dropped far out of it down the back stretch but came vith itch a sensational rush through the stretch and would have been second in another stride Joimny Jimmy Williams showed speed but it was just a dash Pinar Pindaric del Rio ran disappointingly She i of little or no account though and was a false favorite Scratched Croesus Cress 102 Overweights Overweighs Pinar Pindaric del Rio 2i pounds Yuba Dam 3 TfcQO SECOND KACB AB The AVoocllaAvii Course 5 14 Furlongs 3yearolds and t iOO CIO upward Allowances 100 added net value to winner 360 15 entrance 75 75to to second 25 to third id Horses Wt St k K StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C T3iMARY BLACK 103 3 15 13 12 l J Roiff Riff E Wishard Wished 852 852 2074iT 7 mADY mAY ELLERSLIE WELLESLEY 103 24 2 24 23 26 Barrett Barrette T Licalzi Laical 15 20 15 20 74iT CALLATINE COLLATION 108 I 320 350 325 325 Clawson Lawson S C Hildreth Children 35351212 70i2CYCLONE II Ill 4 4444 Everett James Smith 50 60 50 60 60Time 164Winner Time 12 23i 47i 1 CO 1 124 1 164 Winner B f 3 by Islington Wilmington songstress songsters Post songstressPost songsters 7 minutes Start good Won in a long hard drive of two third eased at the end after n early drive Mary Black ran a corking good race but it was a scratch that she won Lady Illerslio Fillers should iave ave beaten her Mary Black stumbled below the sixteenth pole and lost con ¬ siderable sidereal ground by it Barrett Barrette seeing this thought he had the race won and took matters en ¬ tirely tiredly too easy on Lady Ellerslie Wellesley The finish was a very pretty one and brought forth loud ap ¬ plause pause Little Reiff Riff is popular and the way he handled Mary Black after she stumbled caught the crowd St Callatinas Collations speed seemed to have dullnd dulled since her last race She could never get within hailing cistance distance of Mary Black and hardly ran her race Cyclone II far outclassed ran whore he belonged 7OO S THIRD RACE 34 Mile 2yearolds Allowances Hyde Park Stakes 2000 i O Oc c added net value to winner 2600 60entrance 130 to second 150 to third nd Horses Wt St M Yz StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C 7261TOLUCA r 110 12J II 11 13 INK Clawson Lawson S C Hildreth Children 4 4 4 4 71IG4 JOLLY ROGER 113 4 4K K 51 43 4 21 W Martin J A Vetter Fetter 10 15 10 12 7139 W OVERTON OVERTONE 121 54 44 4J 3 SNK SANK 31 32 T Burns J W Schorr Scorer Son 4 5 65 45 6 5 7204SFORMERO 113 6 6 52 53 42 Conley Coney W B Sink Jr 10 10 10 10 7139 KENTUCKY COL COLE 113 3i S 22i 2i 53 N Turner E O Pepper 4 4 33 6984 K BARLEYCORN 116 2 t 22 6 6 6 Thorpe E O Pepper 4 4 3 3i 14iWinner Cpupled Coupled 3iCpupled in betting Time 12i 21 37 491 1 014 1 14i Winner SweetPost Sweeps Ch f by Nomad Sweet Post 8 minutes Start poor Won hand ridden and cut to the last ounce second driving and coming strong The others were doing their best Tolucas Toucans win was extremely lucky She was away with a flying start and needed it to win As the race was run Jolly Roger was the best at the weights He was all tangled up at the start and never really had clear sailing until the stretch was reached When straightened away he finished with a rush and was catching Toluca Toucan at every jump He is certainly a good colt W Overton Overtone could hardly give the weight away He was off none too well though and was obliged to take the long route Ho is game and resp reps nded ended ely to Burns punishment Formero Former was running strong at the finish Kentucky Colonel had a lot of speed and seemed to hava have a winning chance on the far turn He is seemingly not game though and swerved from the center of tin track clear to the rail in the stretch King Barley ¬ corn retired early He runs best in mud Scratched mudScratched mustached Holland 113 Mr Johnson 108 Cathedral 116 7b O pT FOURTH RACE 1 18 Miles 3yearolrls and upward Handicap O ej 700 added net value to winner 620 20 entrance 125 to second 75 to third L Horses Wt St St H Vi 3 StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C JDK JED SHEPPARD107 2 12 li 11 12 u m H Martin Foster Bros Brows 2 2 8595 724 CANDLEBLACK100 1 24 2 21 22 2H 2 Clawson Lawson W A Pinkerton 2 2 8595 1 72 3AL FRESCO 104 4 4 4 3 3i 34 320 T Burns T Licalzi Laical 3 3 13513 ° byS9THREE BARS 110 3 3H 3i 4 4 4 4 Barreit Barrie W P Givens 8866 Time 8866Time 124 25 374 194 1 014 1 15i 1 274 1 40 1 53 VoltinoOff Evolution Winner 53Winner B c 4 by Buchanan Voltino Violin Off at first break to a good start Won whipped out It was a fierce drive for the place Dr Sheppard was hustled all the way He needs that kind of handling too The colt wanted to loaf some on the stretch turn but Martin went after him with the whip and he drew away from Candleblack Candlewick as though the latter was tied Dr Sheppard is good now and will take a lot of beating hereafter Candleblack Candlewick ran a good race He is a shitty shifty colt but about a mile is prob probe tbly bally his best race Ho was tiring badly at the finish Al Fresco skinned the rails in the stretch and was catching Candleblack Candlewick at every stride Three Bars was beaten off and eased up Scratched upScratched unscratched David Tenny Teeny 115 Fervor 112 Lt tt FIFTH RACE 58 Mile 2yearolds Allowances O AllowancesO Allowances 5400 added net value to winner J390 10 entrance 75 to second 25 to third Ind Indo Horses Wt St H 3s StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C 6806 JINKS 115 4i 2ii IB INK m Barrett Barrette W H May Son 6 12 6 10 7045 SURVIVOR 106 3 4 K 4 3 2 W Martin P Dunne 4545 7138 HOLLAND 106 6 5 5 5 32J Conley Coney J E Madden 7 15 7 15 72 29 SEVENS 107 2 IH 22 2U 41 Thorpe N S Hall Co 165 9101 6718 CATHEDRAL 110 I 3H 32 42 515 T Burns J W Schorr Scorer Son 4 422 LILLIE 422LILLIE MARK 103 5i 6 ti 6 6 Everett W M Rogers 60 60 60 60 Time 124 21 36i 49 1 014 Winner 014Winner B f by Albert Hoo Homo Doo Dodo DooPost Doorpost Post 5 minutes Start fair Won handily second and third driving to the limit Jinks ran a really good race Barrett Barrette had her well in hand all of the way This seems to be a shifty sort of a filly and can beat better ones Survivor finished strong Ho had some bad luck in the race but mot with nowhere near the amount of interference that Holland did The latter was off last and bumped and josted jostled at every turn This colt wants a distance of ground He was run ring great guns at the finish Sevrns Severn seems to have gone back She was well ridden and had no excuses at all Cathedral well up the first part of it ran as if short and stopped badly badlyScratched backscratcher Scratched Lucille Bramble 103 Rosa L 103 Tulane 106 T SIXTH RACE 1 11 G Sliles Lilies 4yearolds and upward Selling B SellingB Selling 400 added net value to winner S350 10 entrance 75 to second 25 to third thirdqT third qT H Hjrses Horses jrses jerseys Wt St Vt K StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L G ir CHARLY CHARY CHRISTY 114 1 2 K 2 2 t 24 li T Burns J W Schorr Scorer Son 8 5 95 8 5 9 5 i JOLIBERTINE JOLIET 111 2 Hi U 12i Hi 23i H Shields J G Brown Co 85851 1 185D mOE mode OLVRK OLIVER 107 4 4 4 3 32 3io W Martin W H May Son 2 1852 185 D a2 VALESOO VALES 102 3 31 3 4 4 4 Barrett Barrette A L Ferguson 10 15 10 15 Time 15Time 244 49i 1 15 1 41t 1 474 Winner 474Winner WPost Post B g 4 by WoodlandsJulia Woodlands W Post 2 minutes Start good Won driving mildly second under full sail third eased at the nd Libertine showed his dislike for a route Had the race been a mile he would have walked borne When straightened away he was apparently galloping and Shields was looking around at Burns At the sixteenth pole Libertine collapsed Christy getting to and passing him as though he were anchored Charley Christy was a good horse today He was pinched off on the fij Fiji fijt fit t turn by Libertine and was laboring to keep up on the far turn Burns rode a good race on iugeldirg uglier too Joe Clark ran his race Valesco Vales was swerving all over the stretch Scratched stretchScratched stretches Guose Guise Liver 105

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