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NEW MEMPHIS JOCKEY CLUB S. Ft. MONTGOMERY. President. :: :: :: M. N. MACFARLAN, Secretary. Office: 2 Cotlon Exchange Building. ]S40N TGOJMER Y PARK MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. Stakes to be Run at the Spring Meeting, 1907. To Close on Monday. Jan. 28. 1907. . NO PURSE LESS THAN 00.00. If there are enough horses to justify, three jumping races each week will be offered. ,000 Added, foals of 1905. Gaston Hotel Stakes; subscribed to by Gastons Hotel. ,500 Added. The Montgomery Handicap. A swee|. -takes for taro-jcar-slda, c.iis and peWinga. Sin to acrurapaay tac aoatlaattoa and 0 addl- A aaadlcap Bweepstakes for threp-jrear-oWa ami apward. .11 Is atcoeapaaj 1 In- aonalaatloa aad ttaaal Is -tart. ,0M added, t arbicta 00 to aeeoad and |jlO0 i third, foortb to amre atartias moaey. additional to start. ,500 added, of aralcn • .;i«i t ercond aad 56 t - third, the faarta t.» save starting Four Fmlonss. money. In addition In the Stakes the winner will receive I valuable piece of silver donated bv the tliib. ,000 Added. Poals of 1905. Tlie Ardelle Stakes. SJS*! i" " ?n«TJSn* 1 Ui!"yo u :1 ";; L 1 !■" "n" "., M *- ,TI" r1""11, , c :l rV ,,,ll,r tha" "!!in" w i the raise ol ,000, or two races other tlian selling of any value alter tin- weights are announced to A sweepstakes for two-j-ear-old tillies. sin to accompany the nomination and 0 additional to start. any :. lbs, penalty. One Mile and One-sixteenth. ,000 added at which 00 i" second aad 00 to third, fourth Is Bare starting; naaaey. Four Furlongs. _. __. . . _ .„„_ T. .. . . c. , $«.000 Added. Tlie Peabody Hotel Handicap; subscribed to by the Peabody Hotel. ,250 Added. r Foals of i905. The Memphis Stakes. „,;„.,,,„.,„,„,„,, „„,M„.,,. 11|MIIVV .,„,% ,., A |i.;:„|j,.:iii _M.„Mal_ „„. slll „„. llllMlihilI, „ ,,„„. A sweepatakea for two-year-old*. Sin to accompany the nomination and 0 additional to start. ,250 lional to start. ,000 added, of which 00 to second, Sino to third, the foarth to ave starting m y. added, of which 50 to secoad and 50 to third, foarth to save starring money :; lbs. hems the scale. Weights to be announced two days before the race. One Mile and One-eishth. The winner of two races other than selling of the value of ,000 each to cany :: lbs. | iity. Nob win sera of a race other than aeiiisg of the raise of 00, sr two rases otter than atMae; of any Tame allowed Ss.000 Added. The Tennessee Brewing Company Stakes; subscribed to by the a ii.-. ataieea. allowed lo lbs. Five Furlongs. Tennessee Brewing Company. ,000 Added. Foals Of 1904. The Tennessee Derby. a semsg sweepstake* for three-year-olds and upward. Sin to neeostpaay the nomination and *: o ■ddlUonalto start. ,000 added, of whlcfa 00 to second and 00 t, fosrw to save startiag A swco-i.ikc- for thre. rear-olsa foals of W0l . 0 to at naay the aomiw a, 00 addlthmal third, t„ sun 000 added of which 00 to se id 50 to third foarth to sare tUrUng money. 5 lbs. ■**• ilu »""l»" " «• *oM »1 auction for *::.r.nn- it for less. :: lbs. allowed for eacn ■: * to Si.r.no; below the scale. The winner ol a three fear-old race of Hie raise of s-..nnn to carry 5 lbs. penalty. then 1 lb. far each 00 less to 00. Starters and selling price to be named through the entry bra :tt tlie -Maidens allowed 7 lis. One and One-eighth Miles. • "al n"M " Mssssj fOI PUS day ■ raetag, and those so nanied arc liable lor startiag ice. Seven Furlongc. ,000 Added. Foals of 1904. The Tennessee Oaks. ,000 Added. Cotton Steeplechase Stakes— A Steeplechase Handicap. J A sweepstakes for three rear-old lilies foals at 1904. sin each to arenas paaj the nomination, sr.ti A sweepstakes for foai year-olds sad apward. 0 each to aeeoaspasy aoaaiaatlona, *: m addJUsaol ta additional to -tan. ,000 added, of whlcfa 00 to second, 00 to third, tesrtfa to tare starting money. start ,000 added, of which 00 to second. 00 to third, fourth to Bare starting money. Weights to be s/lhs. below the scab. The winner of a three-year-old race at the value of SL.nnn to cany b lbs. penalty. announced two days before the race, roar or more horses of entirely differenl Intercsl to start, at the Maiden- allowed 7 lbs. One Mile. ■"*• lll:i ,M declared Off. Starters to be named Ihrosgh the entry box at the usual time of rtoshsg tl; « day before the race, and thSM so naiied arc liable for Starting fee. About I.vo Miles. ,000 Added. Foals of 1904. The Hotel Gayoso Stakes; subscribed to by the Hotel GayOSO. tOr|TC~,F, 1 Entries are made with following condition: That all disputes, claims and objec- A swii-take- for three resr-oMs foato "f MM. 0 to sccoaspaay aoaalaarJaB and $~.n additional to Al V J. lvti « tions arisiDg out of the racing, or with respect to the interpretations of the start. The club to add Sl.hon. of which 00 lo second and 00 to third, foarth to save starting my. conditions of any race, shall be decided by a majority of the Executive Committee present, or those Weights, 5 lbs. below the scale I colts 117. geldings ill. tillies 113. The winner of a three-year-old rue whom they may appoint, and their decisions upjn all points shall be final. of the value of ,000 lo cany .". ii,-. penalty. Non-winners of a three-year old race other this selling of The Club reserves the right to refuse the entries of any person, or the transfer of any entry, the value of itM. if nun winners of S race other than selling of the value of SI.imhi In 1008 or 1mi7. and without notice. allowed .". lb-.: if non winners in 1906 or 11X7 of a race other than selling of the value of 00 allowed 10 This management reserves the right, if they deem it necessary, to return entrance money and lbs. Maidens allowed 17 lbs. One Mile, declare any or all stakes off. Address All Communications to M. N. MACFARLAN, Secretary. I

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