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i I 1 B a i ;: MISS ALERT, Advertised Special, 81, 3rd Wired toy BatrOaa for a plunge t ct straight and show and positively the only horse wired away br me lav 1Mb. Subscribers to ihN Special v. ill fd one weeks wires Free as pal ai;r.-ein.nt. THE E. J. M. SYSTEM A BIG SUCCESS! tf C 4HA fill From Nov-26 to May 17 tbe SYSTEM shows a net profit of CC AfiA fifi P J, ll/TaUU ON MY HANDICAPPING. «PJ« lU loUlF This System is not given away free. It Is for sale and anyone who has a legitimate money-maker is not giving it away free. I have had 25 years experience as jockey, owner and trainer and honest advertising is my success in this biisiness. This is no fake, but a legitimate money-maker. 00 Capital is needed at the start to protect von in case of a run of losers, which I very seldom have, as my numerous patrons can testify to. Also my past records, which I keep at my office open for inspection. I will publish in this paper each week the results of each weeks play to convince ion that this is n fake. The only way to win playing live ot i lacs each day at one track is to syst.iiiize your l cttin;-. 1 have perfected I System that can be operated "ii racetrack, in poolroom or handbook. Turtites. this Syjtem is a sure winner and it will he to your interest to investigate. My terms are 25 Dollars for the Eystem and I will -ive a Guarantee Of 88 days with it. If you can show roe where you lose in 88 days ilaybm my handicapping I will refund your 25 Dollars and give you the System free. .No doubling up or procreastaa in this system. THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT THE RACES PLAYING SIX RACES EACH DAY. LOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE SPECIAL ONE-HORSE WIRE FROM MY MAN AT THE TRACK. ONE A DAY NO MORE. .00 FOR SIX RACING DAYS. All Specials Wired in Code. Upon receipt of root aabocrtpttasi for wires I will send Code by return EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL, t? ROOM H10 56 FIFTH AVKNUK CIIICAUO, ILL. TEL MAIN 1SI93. m # H I CANNOT MAKE A MISTAKE IN SUBSCRIBING THIS WEEK. fl Wl send out three or four horses, which 1 am positive ■T M I i H I 1 will win at fairly long- odds. We will equal the past two w %_J 9saat weeks" record for money-fretting Rush your subscription, as Monday will start the ball. ____—»—-_ Hoys. I am in stronger than ever, so trail along with me. | | 85.QO for Six Wires. OHP 1 1 taP 84, »9 La Saile St.. Chicago. the Standard Turf Guides First Occasional Wire will be sent out nct Tti-silav. This one looka CXCOptloaaUj good Bad oagM to win at a fair price. II con.liions are not just rigln he might not start until Wedaeodajr, as he is out to win bis next race aiel will be hel.l until a soft siiot is found. Beaaerobet that all our occasional wires are l.i-siii u| on l y C. A. Whitman, who has baniU.-.l such ;;.hm1 ones in his dajra as Tranby. The Elector. Moses and McChesney, before being sent out, so as not to |iass anvlhinir to oat patroao but the ran best Y sf of our first si- wires is $."..00. EACH GUARANTEED TO RUN ONE-TWO OR NEXT WIRE FREE. Subs.rihe at on.-e so as not to miss this .hm| thfag Taewlar. i ur occaaioaal « Ire win average abwrt iwo or three bets a week. Monday* Special— May Plum 77-74-15-16-45-14-32-11-14-21-70. THE STANDARD TURF GUIDE, ROOM 212 59 DEARBORN STREET :: CHICAGO IIICT h KW E,la °M W Won JUdE M iLlf SUFFRAGE. Scratched I were tlio two horses wo sent tint Saturday. THAT RAN 1-2 IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS THAT WERE REPORTED IN TONY BONERO 7"5 WON THE TURF REPORTER Kings Daughter Lost YELLOW COVKR were tne two we wjrej onr clients Friday. BARBARY BELLE 5-1 WON ■ . —.-. , _lt ...**■. SllisSS-0 ..:::::::::::::::.:: ti £» T LEING . . 4- WON TOMMY WADDELL 8-1 WON . . 1 -. «. «, 9TWki»"::::::::::::: tj S SARAC NESCA 5-2 WON GAUZE 13-1 WON TTT . BYRONERDALE 4-1 WON were tue two good ones we put over „ Thursday. j NONIE LUCILLE 12-1 2d A CHARAY 12-5 WON lA Send in your subscriptions at once if yon GOSSIPER II 11-5 WON want to get aboard some of the best tilings of ! HUGH MGOWAN 8-1 WON 5 the year. Our terms will short be raised to DR. GARDNER 7-1 WON slo weekly. KINGS DAUGHTER 9-2 WON - KERRY 4-1 WON f Positively never more than two horses wired, ! rwEET.TRREEY ::::::::::■:::: Vi 3S2 « ™ cent, winners PRETENSION 12-1 2d since the opening of the New York tracks is our PAL ] 20-1 2d record. Selections mailed free of charge before i NAPPA 3-1 WON 12 m. to prospective clients to verify our ads. ! TERMS FOR WIRES: .00 WEEKLY. BABOO 2-1 WON JUGGLER 7-2 WON including betting system that earns from 0 L1DY ISABEL 5-2 WON to 00 weekly, with a small capital. i THE MIST .....".....■.■... 30-1 2d nti«ybua RFYNmnS ft c* TO t.w., ENTRE NOUS 10-1 WON FOLLIE L 8-1 WON Sheepshead Bay, N. Y. Formerly of Chicago ORPHAN LAD 12-1 2d One or Two Horwi. Wired Dally. ! DUTIFUL 11-5 WON governor davis i3-i won TORONTO BRANCH: 29 COLBORNE ST., EAST. i LISARO 4-1 WON J — i— — — — — — — — — — — — — • RALEIGH 2-1 WON SILVER SUE S-l WON ■gaaaaBMnaaamMBHHBniQmMnBMBaaaagpj F. NEUGENT 13-10 WON JOHN L. INGLIS 13-1 WON V7/r*/"V, CS BRAGGART 10-1 WON I II III EDUARDO 10-1 WON ww M" ■*£ MisNTWpCRiDE-::::::: ::::::: 1:1 wSI DAILY FORM LETTER HUSKY H-8 WON — — " ~., MAGRANE 7-2 WON Figures Combined with Information. SUPREME COURT 10-1 2d 2 Races at NEW YORK, 2 at LOUISVILLE end I TARP 5-1 WON t OAKLAND. WALTER MILLER M WON .00 Dally :: .00 Weekly. Phone Central 5825 Boys, do sou waoj any better informa- Roon Kt . j, Dearborn Street j Obicae. tion than the above: — . - rt„„ .... — Remember, the price is low-only .00 JvJffV , i w per moDth, 25 cents per copv. mailed in SfefeMiSw * , J plain, sealed envelope. Not only do you OK£ MIRv .... .-1 lost get the Torf Reporter, bnt one best bet THE ABBOT scratched daily in small ad. headed Turf Report. OBANJDE DAME U Von ere Special in thi paper, al=o in Mew HEADDVNOE B-l lost York Morning Telegraph. OCEAN SHORE 5-- -ind Record of these Specials for last 00 days: SiBBCamBStKmUmmM 22 Won, 17 Seconds, 4 Thirds, 6 Scratched i""ni#l_ "kTHkri"-iTIiillJ t.woodTcV, loqkj free as AIR! Room -i 12, 3rd Floor, 5;t Dearborn St. anj n0 strinp;s to It. We have completed arrange- Chicago. ments for thp very best information obtainable an.l ESTABLISHED 1904. invito all to take advantage of onr free trial offer. M We dont ask you to send us a cent or bet any- ■■■9H9HHHHB99M9MM9HBMHBHBIH9HB thin; for us. We have come to stay, and ouly _ _ ask for a chance to show you what we can do. A postal card, with your name and telegraphic ad- Turf Reporters SpeciaJ *-.-»«•«• JJ" "•*"* CHURCHILL and CO., Room 312, 3rd Floor, 59 Dearborn 8t„ Chicago. 307 Benotat Bldg. St. Louie. Mo. Mondays Special: 6-10-14-20-22-18-27. tTe-mViu7" ~ GENTLEMEN. m Entry List: !-»02-903-904-f12-»21-! 00-So2-S77. Send fiO cents wire guarantee anj receive wires direct from tiack at New York every morning on two or three _ selections based on form. Terms: Net winning" of 91-00 ■ «a*| #% Wm our other art for reenrri li OT IHE thl. «h«I» h winner remitted Friday*. „f «nooialt on ea sent, Iiw ■ IwC. of the above Specials. The crown Co.. oPeitk«. ai». "wonderful WINNING SYSTEM National Racing Review No. 255 Kooim 81, Tl OeArborn Rtreet, Chleaco. r*n.n. saawar t Mir* *t in * iinrci/o S30 MADE ? 4lO.UU IN £. WttlVo Yesterday « Special, Grande Dame. 3 5, won. L - - . — . One-horse wire. Waldorf Belle, lost. We have a sure one A cool, conservative i method of plajing the ra.es. wherein f Monday to make np for this 00 per week. l»l€rE8» 1» A88CKKD. ou are fully protected against ••over-bet ting". IT 19 SIMPLE, EASY. Requires only ■ ~ = a limited capital and no knowledgi of horses or handicap WHAT THE RUNNING HORSES DID IN 1906. piDg. I guarantee that anyone oan 1l.A.Y AM» WIN: A complete record of the performances and wiu- For particulars, address, 2ngs of all horses racing last year, lrlce . | D.W.Corn9ll, 533 Grant SU Pittsburg, Pa. Suita 2. /SaSjJ* PubU8Ui11* ° m WU*

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