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i n Brighton Beach Racing Association office: race course: 215 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, N. Y. Supplementary List of Stakes to Close Saturday, June 1, 1907. Entries to the Following Stakes to Be Run at the Midsummer and Autumn Meetings, 1907, Will Close on Saturday, June 1, 1907: RUN AT THE MIDSUMMER MEETING, JULY 10 TO RUN AT THE AUTUMN MEETING, SEPTEMBER 30 AUGUST 3, INCLUSIVE. TO OCTOBER 5, INCLUSIVE. For Three-Year-Olds and Upward. For Two-Year-Olds. THE SEASHORE HANDICAP— For three-year-olds THE TRIUMPH STAKES— With ,000 and the and upward. Bj aabsrrtpttaai of *-,i» rarti. mi paj Historic Pharsalia Plate of the Value of ,000 neiit n| 890 ea.-Ii in;iv l e .le.-lareil ..in l, 2 uclocs Added for two-year-olds By ranaeriptiaai B* ;"1- ■ll1 f ,If,i • Wit*. 85,000 mill the bistort? of Hie da* l.ehii-e 11 inrniintwl tnr 1. Ill iv " " " " ,|,,. p -,, L L , .V1 Pharsalia Plat* of taw value of ,000 added. The race; with 82000 added, at v.l,:.i, 8300 to the see riaie beeosaea the property of the owner winning oad si : :« i 8800 to Hie third. Wetrhta to be an- : II twice, not necessarily coasecntirely. The aeeond noaneed three days before the race. Winners aft * : " reeelre :o and the Hiini 8800 ont of the added iiu aaaoaacemenl of weights, 5 lbs. extra One """"V- Ooita to carry 11 poinsds; lillies sad jreM- Mile and a Quarter. "-s W. P"nn««- Wi.,ii.;rs of 810.000 5 pounds extra. Koa-wuraera of .fi.iHKi allowed 5 pounds For Two-Year-Olds. One mile. ror All Aces THE SUNSHINE STAKES— For two-year old?. TTflvnTo*t Bj aabscription of 825 each. 810 rorfelt: with " TTTF THE MERCURY ■_. HANDICAP— For two-year-olda i.l.l.,!. of whirl, 8250 I., the second and ItfiO to the and ,up7"f; 5 s,!l,s,r1ii,"| "1 * *» each, on pay-third. Winners of 85.000 or of two races of 82.000 "",! °L,i 0:V1 ,"1: v I****"16* "ut 1,v -- l ek each, 5 lbs. extra; of 810.000. 7 lbs. extra. Non " SfJSS 1,,,k", ?** JlfZ 2E8?tated. for """ winners ol ,500 allowed T lbs,; of ,000, 10 lbs ; -i1 V, !u£? °U" "I1 ?"r to "1P *9m"il ■ ■■: 8H00, 15 lbs. Five and a Half Furlongs. 1"1 *J2* •" Uo t:irL gf" to bor ■naoqaced three days before the race. Winners after the an- °* "" W,"1,rs 5 I0,"",s extra- Six THE UNDERGRADUATE STAKES SELLING— f"ws For two-year-olds. Maidens at the time of entry. s a. , , By aabscription of 825 each, *lo forfeit: with .si..- imi , Steeplechase. added, ol which 50 to the aeeond and 50 to the THE CHANTILLY STEEPLECHASE— A handi-tl in! Ihe winner to be sold at auction tor ..0 i i. | cap Steeplechase for four-year-olds and upward lull tor leas, 1 lb. allowed for each 00 down to Bubecriptioa of 5 each, n payment of 0 earn ,000. Then 1 lb. for each SUM! down to ,000. | may be declared our by 2 oclock p m of the day lii. selling price to he staled throagb the entry box before the day appointed for the race- with "mki by 8 oclock p. ra. of the day before the day ap added, of which .*L50 to the second and 50 to"the pointed for the race, or to be sold for ,000. Five , third. Weights to bo announced rw day a before and a Half Fuilongs. the 1 i.e. The Short Course, about two miles. The rules ,,! radii- adopted by The Jockey Unh an. I The National Steeplechase and Iliml Association u.ivi-in all races run ander the auspices of the Brighton Bmco Racing Aaaoclathr. C. J. FITZGERALD, President. JOHN BODEN, Racing Secretary. the = Boserrlan, 9-1, 2nd MDST D £ DO OX!- D i W,1S "! 0CCASI0NAL WIRE Saturday. T ilv I U nr n liU SI I lii s/onals w".:s "* - - occa- lis followers week the foi- L M l T V C | 111 fy n lowiis horses, wlibh were :.-p.ri.-,l in No. * « 1 1 « I 1-1 ■« I I I I 127-8 as beias on edge ami ready to win: laall ■ W I I I W M ffff Ull EDWIN T. FRYER. •May.18th.: 25-1 WON uZTir tTET ""r °CCASI0NALS ALETHEUO . . 3-1 WON "" J or n,xt win lle- ll,v W,U •veiae LADY BALDUR . . 30-1 2d about 2 or 3 beta a week. Sanaa .88 for fi wires— SARACINESCA 5-1 3d .00 per wire. OCEAN SHORE 2 1-2-1 2d ~ . . , _. .. _ __ __ _ Saturdays Da.ly 3-Horse Wire Gave: Monday. May 20th: jack atkin i-i won R. .. RAW DWl BcslRp! DCl * 2-1 Vtnn VVOn TONEY B0NER0 4-1 WON ~1 BARBARY BELLE 5-1 3d 1 LA .««.«„.. GLORIA 7 10 VV Oil cABLEGRAMruesday:.May.21st:. GO BETWEEM 2-i 2d .... Lost ROBIN HOOD 3-1 2d „ . . , AMPED0 7-1 WON * Fridays „ Best Bet on Our Daily 3-Horse LIVIUS 16-5 3d Wire was- SAINT M0DAN 6-1 2d Wednesday. May 22nd: BLANDY 6l WOll BATTLEAXE 20-1 3d THE MIST 20-1 3d Thursday We Cave: SEtSSi*.: :::::: it! T*°* masaniello . . . . g-i won ocean shore i4-5 won w...... AVALNTEER 7-5 Won Tnursday. May 23rd: — -— «.,_. masaniello 6i won WARER GRISWELL . 6 " 5 Won wwwn KING COBALT 20-1 2d PASADENA 6-5 WON Head what are have- to say in our book No. 8 atH.ul Friday. May 24th: ° tl,is DAILY 3 HORSE WIRE. A 898.00 straight SUGARMAID 6-1 2d bel aa ill horses we $»*« «■ this Dally wlw would SCALPLOCK 4-1 3d ! alone have won 28.08- for you last week. mJAtitjA 15-1 2d mIrTyngland BBhk: %: 111 JSS «M OUR FREE FORM SPECIALS Saturday. May 25th: are had only 1 outside the money all week. Our POLLY PRIM 5-2 WON reeord on these for the week is 3 Winners; 1 Sec- NIBLICK 5-2 WON ond; 1 Scratch and 1 Loser. PICAROON 11-5 WON . _ _ _ . T .„. .T - Is Th,s Not * Pretty Good Record? Do you think into like the above worth : 25 CtTNTS A WEEK I on-t vo" tllillk •*** on *• strength of it we are st Ml . nionthV If so the Report.*. TuYVX-tX. KSSThei. 1 V. only d. you set the above but our free „„. „„., ,„,. ,- ,,,,,, „ tnvl„.r am, gler J !" I horses, and on accooni of his connections, is able Monday Special: 4". ::7 " 7 0-.!l-4fi-40-21 -49-17. to secure the best informal ion obtainable for our Brrtry List: 108-104-100-115-117-123-130-138- sabscribers as above reeord shows. Book No. 2 containing code to ear daily free specials, appearing in this paper, oa sale now ar -.-n. 1 all siihs.viptions to office, newsstands or agents in 1". S. or ana.l.i. T. C. WOOD Sl CO., Pllb., Price, 25 Cents Per Copy; .00 Per Month. 1142-144. R. 312, 3rd Floor, 5.. Dearborn St., Chicago Mondays Special: Mlrcli-Peach-9-1 0-M 20-1 1-ESTABLISHED 1004. Sl-80. For sale at all news stands and cigar atorea in jjery large city in the United THE STANDARD TURF GLIDE, anada. Males or l *— uija»aBHBaaBjBtHBjBjB6BiB* 6J6HBB Room 212. 2nd Ploor. 59 Dearhnrn Street. CHICAGO. woods N0T * SINGLE LOSER! DAILY FORM LETTER For J!iv« °,ut J Six„ D- l Flrsl Week In the Business. See Figures Combined with Information. UUT Ad. In Ycstfrdavs 1 Races at NEW YORK, 2 at LOUISVILLE and! D.-i. r..- at Oakland. Kacing rorm. " .00 Dally :: .00 Weekly. . „., h° mmt of fV"ry M",se s,Mlt ollt h-v n?5 is ,,,,,,l PhnnP Pentral WJI L wilU ,:lilv I!a,i"- F "" " v,lilv ""• slaleiu.nts. , , . Room .„ lit : H a Dearborn n Streat i «k.- Ohloaia. Wo si:1]t;,1 1„ „„,. M.,„1|1 W1.k TlM1I.S1:ly witl, , Baser bur TrHmju wire is a winner so we are still _ rLsht :ln1 ■* 8* ;1,1 1 exl»-f"t to duplicate last weeks III 1 ft I 111 ■ RnUQI IfnP I / IVnn reear*. We have to send this out from St. baaaai ■ llUjfQI VUlIC, L If II Ull Friday night, so Saturdays results cannot lie in- e;fri*an 7-10t ??d SQUARE DEALIG IS OUR M0TTand. Polly Prim 3-1 Won , , 7 „ Our terms will .„ be 0 J t for six horses scratches- _ . _ nr t ■ lIUt,1,• ll,ir as !,n in.luceiu. nt for you to try f r 111 llQiritll nOlYIQ K * VA/nn l:s- "■ ui" ■***H »••» immediate subscriprion for Uallliy UalllC, U"J, WIUII the Bnt ab buses at half price *.-.. K». believing Tr. _ , _ , _ , ! that if you try us you will be glad to pay our price. Kismet Jr 10-1 2nd j We send about six horses a week. George P. McNear . 3-1 Won CHURCHILL and, CO., ■■BBjSJBBJBjBJBflBJBJBBjBJJBJSBJ 307 «l«lR. JOHNNIE BLAKE* WON marw. vmmm svsitm added starter. 0 MADE 16.00 IN 2 WEEKS This was our special Friday. Dont you think a cool, conservative method of plajin* the races, wherein this is inlorniationV We only give one horse a 81 4M1BSS 19 ASSl KEII. You are fully protected againrt day. and we get it direct from one of the liest -over-betting;". IT 18 SIMPLE, ES. Requires only trainers at WiKxlbine trai-k. a limited capital and no knowledge of horsee or handtcap- pinJf »™R1ant*f hat anyone can PLAY ANI» WIN I «« on mo cty xirTux-c .ou tvn. aiji. wiKLb. For particulars, address, F. LOUS and CO., Room 10, 78 La Salle St. D. W. Cornell, 533 Grant St., Pittsburg. Pa. Suite 2. SUBSCRIBE FOB DAILY RACING FOBX, SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORX.

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