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One Best Bet Saturday: BALLOT a-1 WON One Best Bet Friday: PERSEVERANCE Scratched One Best Bet Thursday: GOLF BALL 7-5 WON One Best Bet Wednesday: INGHAM 5-2 WON One Best Bet Tuesday: WBSTBURY Lost One Best Bet Monday: TOM DOLAN Lot 50 Per Cent Winnin"- Specials This Week. Eleven winning .specials in 18 days over CO per cent. Barely do we go three days without a winner. A fortune to be made playing our one best bet in connection with our system. Why delay joining us? Dont be skeptical any longer. Call or write for particulars. Only a small capital required. Absolutely safe and sure. DO IT NOW. REYNOLDS" CO., 1009 Chicago Opera House Block. TERMS: .00 Daily; .00 Weekly FH0NE MAIN 188. NEXT MONDAY, Sk D.TD fiBslffl Brighton Beach, Sept. 30, g7 New York, we will have the exclusive information on one special Monday, September 9, at Shcepshead of the best things that ever was attempted Hay, which was to bo put over at this track, better by far than MEELICK 7-1 WON AEIMO, 5 to 1, WON, which was our last extra , , ., i .i, ,. T, .,,., ,.,, .,, . . This one comes from the same source and special at Brighton Beach, This trick has been Ie- Qnd lf tne lce ,g not 6 x or Detter prepped" for this particular race, and Mr. we wm Ktve you FREE one months subscrip- Wood, who is on the ground and will remain tion to The Turf Reporter vellow cover. The there in the Interest of our clients, advises us price for this one is .00. " Get vour subscript that the trick is in line form and working very tion in early as we will no doubt mail this, fast. So confident are we of this one winning Remit by express, telegraph or postal money that we will guarantee it to order. Saturdays Occasional Wire Was: Win and n Win mmim Only, t uncle 5-1 2nd Have word on one that goes Tuesday, Sep- or give all subscribers a .00 subscription to tember 24, in the Hindoo Stakes at Gravesend. our Occasional One Horse, Wire, or a two weeks Irice. ?1.00, and money back if not 1 2. subscription to our daily three horse wire. As Get in. nothing is to be bet at the track, but in the Mondays Special: 50-38-39-58-8-38-57-72.36- poolrooms throughout the country, the odds 82-Atlanta. should be long, better than on our last extra Entry last: 1-560. T. C. WOOD and CO., Room 312, 59 Dearborn Street, Chicago. ESTABLISHED 1904. WE NEVER MISREPRESENT. The Inks was our OCCASIONAL WIRE Saturday. All 1 these occasional guaranteed 1 2 or next H wirefree. Will have another one M Re sure you get It lis this one will get 3 all the money at a nice price. 1 Terms: .00 for Six Guaranteed Wires; I .00 Per Wire. I Special! Commencing Monday, September 23, we have made special arrangements at Latonia on our DAILY ONE HORSE WIRE. Our patrons will find this information as good or better than during the last Latonia meeting, which everybody will remember was a record breaker. DO NOT FAIL TO SEND IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS, COMMENCING WITH MONDAYS, as we will surely make you a winner during the week. TERMS: .00 WEEKLY; .00 DAILY. IDA RECK . . . 90-1 Won STANLEY FAY . 6-S Won WABASH QUEEN 151 Won BRDALE NYMPH 5-8 Won were a few long shots which went over last week, reported in last weeks "STANDARD" No. 18. NEW BOOK No. 19 JUST OUT. Not only do you get information like above, but a Daily Form Special advertised in code in this paper, which has shown FOUR WINNERS out of last SIX STARTS, all for 25 Cents a Week; .00 a Month. sale at all news-stands or agents in BFor the United States or Canada. Yesterdays Form Special Was: GALLILEO 31 Won Mondays Form Special: July Plum-40-42-21-34-24-45-36-20-79. The Standard Tori Guide Boom 212, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. I GALLILE0 3-1 WON was yesterdays One Horse Wire. Will have some good ones to cut loose on this service next week. Better get in. Price, .00 for six wires. GRAND SPECIAL goes Saturday, September 2S. This one will be a good-priced winner, so do not fail to send in your subscription in time. Irice, .00. The only three grand specials, sent out by us tills year were: FIRESTONE .- 10-1 2nd SCALLOP 10-1 WON C. J. CELLA 12-1 2nd Yesterdays Fdrm Special: UNCLE, 5-1, 2nd. Mondays Form Special: Dakota, Major, Man- sion, Bluejay. A 0.00 flat bet on all these free form specials since July 31 won 90.00. .00 Per Month. 25 Cents Per Copy. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW, Room 37, 71 Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111. "THOROUGHBRED" Chronicle - Record Semi - Weekly-Contains complete classifications, ratings, work-outs and special advance information on eastern horses, which is Invaluable and positively unobtainable by any turf concern or other publications. Gravesend Best Bets Tomorrow. Telegraphic Information Received Too Late At all live news-stands. 25 cents with code. Semi-weekly. Good for three days information. Newsdealers and clients will be furnished - with onr records by our Chicago authorized igent. MATTHEW GLASER, State Hotel, Stato and Harrison Streets. THOROUGHBRED CHRONICLE-RECORD, .Boom 32, 111 Nassau Street, New York, N. Y. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY BACING FORM. . 3 GALLILEO 3-1 Won I X We are putting them over day after day. Z X Why dont you got next? X 9 Latonia is our stronghold, and if you want real live information on just one horse a day 9 J you had better subscribe with us. We Gave Out: S m Sept. 21 GALLILEO 3-1 WON 1 Sept. 20 GOES FAST 2-1 WON I Sept. 19 HIMALAYA lo-l WON S i Sopt. 18 VINO 7,2 WON Z p Sept. 17 MEAD0WGREEN ... 25-1 Lost Z Z SopS. 16 PLEASE zi "WON Z S Sept. 14 No Selection. S Sept. 13 OLD HONESTY 20-1 3rd S Sept. 12 PLATOON 8-5 WON 9 Sept. 11 RYE 4.1 won g Sept. 10 BUCKMAN 7.5 WON 9 Sept. 9 ROSIMIRO 15-1 2nd 9 9 Sept. 7 MR. MCANN 5-2 WON $ Sept. 6 PRINCE BRUTUS .. 8-1 2nd Sept. 5 PAUL CLIFFORD .. 4-1 WON Sept. 4 TOM SHAW ....... 7-10 WON S ft Sept. 3 RIO GRANDE 7-5 WON S A Sept. 2 PRETENSION ....... Scratched 5 All selections daily filed with Uacing Form. I SUBSCRIBE NOW. I TT OuBlwrORHAIIOHOiMESDiSBTTROHTHETBACK X I Cassidy and Co., j 8 504, 171 Washington Street, Chicago. 5 A Winner for Losers! If you have not been successful in beating the races it is your own fault if you are a LOSEK. There is a SURE WAY of winning, and that Is to follow the NOXALL SYSTEM. This wonderful copyrighted system for getting WINNERS never fails. It plays the RIGHT horses at the RIGHT time. It picks out soft spots, and makes careful and safe plays. It does not play every race, but only in spots, averaging about ten plays a week at any one track. The Noxall System is not a scheme, but a standard publication in book form, now in its sixth year. Testimonials from thousands of pleased customers. TRACK, POOLROOM OR HANDBOOK It can be played on any track, poolroom or handbook. Greatest known method for getting WINNERS. No handicapping, selections or tfps required. Selects its own plays from among the entries in a few minutes. Not complicated, and easy to understand. Small capital obtains big results. No additional expense attached when once you have the book. Contains ?1,000 worth of Information, and points out the game from every angle. Book contains numerous charts, racing statistics, odds that win, etc. Only system sold with a guarantee to refund your purchase money at the end of thirty days trial if a loss is shown. SEND FOR FREE BOOKLET. This gives you full information of what it will do. Those who have not seen this book cannot realize how valuable it is to a player. It tells you things you dont know. It will change some of your ideas. It will make you a WINNER. Write for particulars. Address NOXALL SYSTEM. GRAVESEND. N. Y. STATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA OPEN BETTING RING Oct. 5th to 16th 10 Days" Races For Trogram of Races and all information, address C. P. SITES, Secy, Oklahoma City, Okla. Want to Correspond with parties rtelron of betting on the racea at lintonlw, Ky., beginning the 83rd of September, 1S07- Address, Lock Box 74, Cincinnati, Ohio. Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. TRAINS LEAVE MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, Detroit, , AT ltOO AMD 1:10 P. Iff.

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