Turf and Stud in Foreign Lands: Results of the Haggin-Keene Sales at Buenos Ayres English Racing Statistics, Daily Racing Form, 1908-11-29


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TURF AND STUD IN FOREIGN LANDS. Results of the Haggin-Keene Sales at Buenos Ayres English Racing Statistics. W. Allison writes in the Sportsman about the Haggin-Keene sales expedition to South America: "It may bo remembered that a short time ago a Kreat deal was written concerning elaborate arrangements made with regard to the shipment of a large consignment of thoroughbred stock by Mr. J. B. Haggin. of New York, for public sale in Buenos Ayres. The consignment, including a number of animals, the property of Mr. James R. Keene. was said to have numbered 100. Mr. Uagglns own share of the total shipment was about seventy animals, but only fifty-nine lots comprising seven stallions, seventeen broodmares, and a number of three-year-old fillies, two-year-old fillies, and yearlings were ottered. The consignment was divided into three separate portions, and sold on the 3rd. 10th, and 14th of October. The aggregate amount realized for the whole of the fifty-nine animals was 0,100, which gives an average of SCSO each, and makes one inclined to doubt whether the shipment has paid the actual expenses. "The first lot offered on October 3 included three stallions and nine broodmares. Amongst the former was Dieudonue, for which John Mackey, acting on behalf of Mr. Haggin. gave ,000 in England seven years ago. Ampblons sou. which has a number of winners to his credit in the United States, now fetched 11.000 pesos or ,Slo. He goes to the stud. Henry Hawkins, where lie will take the place of the recently defunct Le Mat. a son of The Bard. For McChesney. a winner of twenty-june races. Dr. Cobo gave .2S0. Amongst the mares. Grand March, bv Goldfinch, topped the list, and was acquired by El Dorado Stud for .5.0. "A week later the second portion was disposed of. It was made up of five broodmares and seventeen three-year-old fillies. These animals fared badly, since the five mares altogether only made .o00. an average of 70 each. The seventeen fillies only fetched ,370. an average of 30 each. Amongst them were daughters of Watercress, Goldfinch. Star Rubv. Order. Mimic. Greenan. Toddington. Kinley Mack. WatercoUJr. and Salvator. The poor average Is only another proof of the objection to American blood entertained by South American breeders, for, with one exception, these fillies had real American pedigrees on thedam!s side, and this exception was from an obscurely-bred English, mare, by Lancastrian, from a daughter of .Donnybrook. her dam by De : i i ! i , Ruyter. Only one of them beat her in regard to price obtained, and this to the extent of 0 only. "The third portion of the consignment was offered on October 14. It included four stallions Arkle, Gerolstein, Shapfell and Goldsplnner. a son of Goldfinch: three broodmares one a daughter of Persimmon, eight two-year-old fillies and eleven year- . ling fillies, all of them by sires mentioned in the foregoing. The total amount realized by these twenty-six animals was 4,270, which gives an average of less than 45 each. The yearling and two-year-old fillies made altogether ,190. the average being about 10. A daughter of Greenan fetched top price. ,970, Senor D. J. Atucha bidding that amount for bar. Arkle and Shapfell. which were purchased in England in 1S99 for 2,500 and ,500 respectively, now made and . There Is much financial strength in the detailed report of the South American bred two-year-olds from the Haras Ojo de Agua. being the produce of Kendal. Stiletto and Buenos Ayres. sold by Messrs. Bullrich and Co. in Buenos Ayres. October 12. 190S: Seven colts by Kendal brought these high prices: Viraro. by Kendal Damara. by Gay Hermit: Stud Don Gonzalo $ 8.750 Lafontaine, by Kendal Elaine, by Zanonia; Stud Cora : 7.006 Matador, by Kendal Alba, by Florlatlon: Stud Leon G.3-10 Pinche, by Kendal Maritornes, by Gay Hermit; D. P. Vizcay 4.575 Inquisldor, by Kendal Dlctadura. by Gay Hermit: D. J. Concepclon. . 4,375 Rigoletto, br Kendal Fedra, by Gay Hermit: Ecurie Lagrange t 4.375 Rescoldo. by Kendal Ceniza, by Gay Hermit: Stud Rescoldo 4.140 Total 9.50.-, Average $ 5,052 Six fillies by Kendal sold well: Bohemia, by Kendal Vagrant Maid, by Galo- pin; D. P. Vizcay $ 4.S10 Piazaba. by .Kendal Simper, by Slmonian: Stud Montiel 4.155 Plata, by Kendal Promise, by Gay Hermit: Stud Leon 3,500 Troyana. by Kendal Partlcula. by Stiletto: Stud el Platano 3.500 Emrbollosa. by Kendal Jumble, by Prism: D. A. Calestreme 1.5G0 Lorena. by Kendal Glronde. by Gay Hermit: D. D. Alvear 2.405 Total for 13 colts and fillies 1,620 Average ....$ 4.095 Five colts and fillies by Stiletto sold well: Bluff, colt by Stiletto Tlrania. by Gay Hermit; D. V. Rodriguez .......$ 9.715 Pavon. colt by Stiletto UUna. by Gay Hermit; Stud La Ventura 6,565 Gadltana. filly by Stiletto Cbocarrera. by Gay Hermit: Stud Don Gonzalo. .....i... 5.470 Jubilosa. filly by Stiletto Albricias. by Orbit: Stud Mahoma , i ....... 4,375 Lord Musket, colt by Buenos; Ayres Espolr. by Gay Hermit; Stud Lord Musket 3,935; Total of the sale was 257,800 pesos, or. . .12,790 The average for 12 colts. 12.30S pesos, or. . 5.385 The average for 17 fillies. 6,476 pesos, or. . 2,815 The list of winning owners of 6,000 and over for the season of 1908. which has but little time to run. is as follows: Winning Races Amount Owner. Horses. Won. Won. J. IS. Joel 11 19 31,230 L. Neumann 4 10 CS;0SS Mr. Falrio ; . . 1 7 65.192 ,Win. Clark and L. Robinson 13 29 60.0S5 Chevalier Ginistrelli 1 2 . 57.000 iW. H. Walker 4 12 55.792 Reid Walker 8 13 50.990 Lord Carnarvon 14 25 46.947 L. de Rothschild 11 20 44.107 W. Raphael 7 10 40.222 Sir D. Cooper 4 6 39.4S0 Barclay Walker 2 9 3S.005 Lord Durham 16 33 33.992 A. Belmont 3 5 33.640 ;A. Stedall 11 21 32.405 R. Croker 1 2 31.985 Lord Rosebery 4 11 30.505 Colonel T. Y. L. Kirkwood.. 1 2 25,000 A. P. Basset 5 5 20.777 Lord Derby 3 5 20,240 J. Buchanan 9 13 20.065 Sir R. Griffith 9 14 ia.360 Lord Ellesmere 7 J2 19.220 P. Nelke 8 13 19.142 W. M. G. Singer 5 9 19.0S5 Lord Westbury and R. J. Farquharson 9 17 19.070 W. C. Cooper 4 7 1S.425 Lord Howard de Walden ..8 11 1S.065 i.T. S. Morrison 2 6 16.920 Hon. G. Lambton 4 7 10.205 The horses to win 5,000 and over during the racing season are as follows: Races Amt. Horse and pedigree. Won. Won. Your Majesty, b. c, 3, by Persimmon Yours 4 6,430 Bayardo, b. c, 2, by Bay Ronald Gallcia 7 65,192 Signorinetta, b. or br. f. 3, by Chaleu- reux Signorina 2 57.000 Siberia, br. f. 3, by St. Simon Sirenia. 4 48,410 Llangwm, b. e. 3, by Missel Thrush Llangarren Lass 8 38.005 Rhodora, br. f, 3, by St. Prusquin Rhoda B. 2 31.9S5 Norman III., b. c, 3, by Octagon Nineveh 3 31,875 The White Knight, b. h, 5, by Desmond . Pella 2 25,000 Queens Advocate, ch. c. 4, by Diamond Jiubilee Red Virgin 1 24,220 White Eagle, ch. c, 3, by Gallinule Merry Gal 5 21.SC0 St. Wolf, br. c, 3, by St. Prusquin Wolfs Cry 2 21,120 Duke Michael, br. c, 2, by Dinna Forget Beltenebrosa . 3 18.870 Radium, b. to. 5. by Bend Or Taia ... S 18.500 Polar Star, ch. c. 4. by Pioneer Go On 2 17.400 Vivid, br. f. 2. by St. Frusquin Glare. 2 17.2S0 Lesbia. to. f. 3, by St. Prusquin -Glare 2 16.S25 Electra. br. f, 2, by Eager Sirenia 4 16,557 Perola. ch. f, 2, by Persimmon Edmee 4 16.265 Dean Swift, ch. g. 7. by Cbildwick Pasquil 4 15.960 Dibs. br. c. 3, by Blairfinde Greek Girl 4 15.500 Princesse de Galles, b. f. 2. by Gallinule Ecila 4 15.300 Liu a ere. b. c, 4, by Wolfs Crag Lis- uiaine ,. 3 15.070 The list of winning sires of performers to Win 2,000 and over during the season is as follows: Sire and Pedigree. Winrs.Races. Amount. Persimmon 1S93. dead, by St. Simon Perdita II., by Hampton .. 13 27 41,923 St. Frusquin 1S93. by St. Si- mou Isabel, by Plebeian 23 30 11S.345 Bay Ronald 1893. dead, by Hampton Black Duchess, by Galliard 14 25 S9.602 Gallinule 1884, by Isonomy Moorhen, by Hermit 21 37i 73.200 St. Simon 1SS1. dead, bv Galo- pin St. Angela, by King Tom 5 11 0S.490 Chaleureux 1894, by Goodf el-low LEte. by John Davis... 5 10 04,201 Desmond 1896. by St. Simon LAbbesse de Jourre, by Trappist IS 301 57,973 Eager 1894, by Enthusiast Oreeba. by Melton 17 32 47.037 Missel Thrush 1S97, by Ornie Throstle, by Petrarch 11 20 46.965 Raeburn 1S90. by St. Simon Mowerina. by Scottish Chief 13 2S 45.7S7 Count Schomberg 1S92. by Aughrlm Clonavarn, by Ballol 12 29 40.0S7 Laveno 1892. by Bend Or Napoli. by Macaroni 19 2S 39.268 Carbine 1SS5. by Musket The Mersey, by Knowsley 13 21 39.910 Cyllene 1S95, by Bonavista Arcadia, by Isonomy 17 30 3S.055 Diamond Jubilee 1S97. by St. Simon Perdita II., by Hampton S 14 37.250 Marco 1S92. bv Barcaldine Novitiate, by Hermit 13 10 36.957 St. Serf 1SSS, by St. Simon Feronia. by Thormanbv 12 27 36.695 Santoi 1S97. by Queens Birthday Merry Wife, by Merry Hampton 14 26 36.260 Hackler 1887. by Petrarch Hackness. by Albert Victor.. 11 21 33,747 Octagon 1804, by Rayou dOr Ortegal, by Bend Or .. . . 3 5 33.615 Matchmaker 1S92. by Donovan Matchgirl. by Plebeian 13 22 32,695 The betting question just now is engrossing the attention of the Belgian Minister of Justice. He shares the wholesome conviction of most sportsmen that it Is immoral to attract the smaller public to racing. He is quite aware that racing will always claim the attention of every class, but that the bookmaker is a far better guardian of public ethics than the lottery disguised under the cloak of a mutual operation and appealing, under such a speeious denomination to those who would not otherwise have been attracted to a race course. Consequently he has denounced the system embodied, by the "totalizator," and appears to favor the lists where ready money is taken. Books are folioed and signed by a delegate of the Belgian Jockey Club. Certain moral and pecuniary guarantees are required fr"om those to whom they are issued, with a guarantee that the. books provided for them contain a full record of their several transactions and they are liable to be recalled for examination at any moment by the officials of the club.

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