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Z n ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, J BEST OF ALL I I 1908 EDITION SOLD OUT t m , 3 turf. All American racing and telegraphic form H 1 1 A M XT "O Tf A 7VT tj charta- with indexed entries. Compact, correct. ! FULL PRICE WILL BE PAID j I l IV I JlL jUL M V5 kH I cleanly edited and printed. Publisher of a Monthly FOR CLEAN, SALABLE COPIES 1 and 1 - -- - A Form Book of the highest value to students of rac- g j I "2 Xia2Lli !pfe 1Tih UUJJO SB IT I i Handicap figures on all entries. No tips; just the i ! mr-r-r-. 1 a A I mathematical calculations of experts. 1 THE 1 h H opinions; just the news of each day by wire Q S PerfecfyPr;ied,wii i-r an 1 Ihc indcx numljors are alway3 correct. "MANUAL I I I 1 and j Absolutely Correct Index Daily Racing Form is a model of correct detail in I I 1 1 I 1 of 1QOQ 1 I a Q Published on tho first day of each month, with in- U 8 tp n ua q , I y JL JL J p v S dexed charts of the preceding day included. mm L. t 1st D , fj I H v 1 lip I Tho rules, the records, the racing dates, the weight . a scales are in it. B g 5 CGIllS per COpy g Wj fog QH SalC I If nnir I I .50 per month I B , I y 7.00 per annum 1 JanM!? 20, S909 1 .00 in paper covers, with linen g As plain enveloped letter; I 1 I f I paper index. 4 I first - class mail S g . 1 50 in leather Covers, with let- H I 1 TURF RECORDS of all time and complete figures I X tered index On linen paper. R Circulates in the United States. Canada, continen- fj 3 of iaos, handicaD tables and statistics of this and H V X p r j fj tal Europe, Great Britain, Mexico, Cuba, the Phil- R D oti.or countries. j X I Yearly Haci ng Form, specially g ipmnes- figures of the racing and horses of loos, with h bound in heavy leather, One Or two a 8 0n sale each "day before nocn in St. Louis. Cincin- time, money stable, jockey and general records of y and 4and H , ... j . i H w nati, Detroit, Pittsburg, Louisville, Cleveland and n B tho vear. R iT T t, volumes, with wear-and-lear index, g points Letween and shortly aftcr noon in Buffal0i g j g H S20. f U Kansas City. Toronto. Ont.. and points betwoen those f 9 j 8 b H cities. PandlfF I X Eooks covciinR any term mado up and bound to Ja g w H H B order. 1 la I H BRUWELL - dit0f 111 . . 50 CCIllS M This publication has supplanted all others for tho papei COVerS , I " Kthfrni. I I C. G. FULE.Y . Associate Editor In leather covers . 75 cents CHICAGO 59 PLYMOUTH COURT iLLmOiS I I THE RELIABLE TURF 1 I Classification Bureaus I ONE HORSE DAILY I .00 SPECIAL i We GUARANTEE it to start and win to prove success or money re- funded at your request. Address RELIABLE TURF I CLASSSnCATIGN BUREAU I Room 709 Temple Court Building X CHICAGO :: :: :: ILLINOIS To Race-Goers and Piayers Any one can select favorites. They can he found In umny of the leading newspapers of various large cities. Favorites frequently lose and when they win the odds laid against them are so short as to scarcely justify the risk involved. After more than a year s ntudy and close implication to the racing problem. I am convinced that a fair number-of winners at long odds can be selected and if played on a reasonable basis, will yield a large percentage npon the amount Invested. If interested for particulars and terms address. S EDAMS SELECTIONS. P. O. Box 74. Cincinnati. O. SYSTEM STUDENTS ! Sly No. 2 reduces racing to a business certainty. A test with selections of Daily ltacing Form from Nov. 1, 1005, to February. 1907, averages 505 per inonth. Stands 48 consecutive losses. Can bo played with 108 at handbook or track. The only system that will stand the test Indorsed by experts. The Classform handicap axeraged per cent, winners and won 2,C0S in 14 months. 00 bets. Price. So. R. E. DAVIS, Box 678 :: Knoxville, Tciin. Just Look at My Last Weeks Record Monday WAP 9-1 3RD Tuesday MADMAN 3-5 WON Wednesday. ...ST. FRANCIS 7-10 WON Thursday WAP 5-1 WON Friday THE ENGLISHMAN. .4-1 3RD Saturday STANLEY FAY 7-20 WON Do you think, my friends, you can beat last weeks record. Wap was as good as r-2 third. All my clients are big winners on the Oakland season. Are youV Next week will be my BANNER WEEK. Ueports from my dockers at Oakland and Los Angeles indicate that during the week we will put over four long priced horses, which will put my dents on velvet for the holidays. My dockers are the best in the business with eyes that never miss a trick: thev watch the track from morning till night to catch sleepers in their work-outs. I am open for a few new private clients, who can earn a weekly income by following my ONE-HORSE WIRE, which means just one horse a day the cream of information. TEN DOLLARS FOR TEN DAYS, which will include specials from time to time. Next week will be your chance to get Xmas money. Subscribe at once. Do it now: dont miss another day. for worry will turn your hair gray. My table how to bet mailed free to subscribers. Registered or special mail, or wire. RICHARD MILLER The Urania :: 238 West 129th St. :: NewYorkCity I STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY. OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE FIRM IN EXISTENCE. SATURDAYS ONE BEST BET WAS: Stanley Fay. . 7-20 Won FRIDAYS ONE BEST BET WAS: Proper 8-1 Lost THURSDAYS ONE BEST BET WAS: Restigouche . . 6-5 Won and we made good right from the jump as we promised. Turtites. our clocking statT at Santa Anita is in a class by itself. Not even the slightest detail gets by them, so take advantage of this opportunity and subscribe for our sterling information. Terms: Daily; Weekly. Wired anywhere. Office Hours: tO A.M. until 2:30 P.M. 208, 48 Van Burcn St., Chicago, 111. 8-1, LOST ERBET . ... Guaranteed Special. W. T. OVERTON 4-1 2nd Daily One-Horse Wire. TUESDAY GUARANTEED SPECIAL LOST. THURSDAY DON ENRIQUE 17-5 WON Guaranteed Special. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. I Jiave word on THREE that will get the money the coining week. TUESDAY, one that goes in the THIRD RACE. THURSDAY, one that goes in the FOURTH RACE. SATURDAY, one that has been propped at the SANTA ANITA TRACK. This horse is verv lit. and I will advise a plunge hot to win. and it goes in the FOURTH RACE next SATURDAY. MY GUARANTEED must WIN at 7-5 or better or vou set the next one FREE until I give vou a WINNER, and I only send you THREE A WEEK. FORM LETTER issued every SATURDAY contains valuable information for those that pla3" more than one race each day. PRICE, 50 Cents. Next issne December f. ,,.,. All Occasionals are Guaranteed to Win, or you get the next one Free until I give you a winner. ONE A DAY NO MORE. S2.00 GUARANTEED TO WIN .00 Daily One-Horse Wire .00. Six Racing Days. EX - JOCKEY MARSHALL, ROOM 610, 56 FIFTH AVENUE. CHICAGO, ILL. Initials E. J. PHONE MAIN 1293. Billy Pullman, 16 - 5, Woo was yesterdays Occasional Wire. Wap 5 -1, Won was Thursdays Occasional Wire. Record past starts: 7 winners, 5 seconds, 1 third and 2 losers. This makes 80 per cent one-two and prices on winners were 8-1, 5-1, 16-5, 13-5. 3-2. 8-5 and 3-5. Dont you think this is worth a trial; Next One Goes Tuesday S2.00 PER WIRE. .00 FOR 3 WIRES. Each guaranteed 12 or next one free. MABEL HOLLANDER . . 3-2 W0J was yesterdays Daily One-Horse Wire. Yesterdays Form Special ran second. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: White Friday 44-31-52-57-38-36. T. C. WOOD and CO. Room 312. 59 Dearborn St. Chicago. HI. " HAVE YOU BEEN STUNG ? " I 3 NOTICE A certain method being offered by "Crooks" claiming it to be my method is Fraudu- i S lent as it is Incomplete and Entirely Worthless, g g These parties will certainly be punished. Get t Guaranteed Method direct from mo unless you want to be "stung." I am on the square g and warn you in time. I have improved my method from time to time until It is absolutely J perfect and it does the trick to a certainty E and is guaranteed by me. My "now" Handbook Plan now gives two "Sure Shot" bets daily and I Imv is a "Big Cinch." I ts Free to all old subscribers 1 sending stamps. 1 never forget my friends and S am not a grafter. AVhile my Fee is only ?5 for 3 "Everything complete," vet I send you a Practi- S cal method that is an "absolute certainty." 1 Address WM. H. SUTTON. Chemist, 1021 West 25th St. Los Angeles, Cal. j COMMON SENSE! WINNERS FIRST PAY AFTERWARDS. ONE A DAY ONLY ! One-quarter of the amount that my information would win on an entire week if played with a uniform Hat hot is all the pay I ask. The high-clas3 information which I will get enables mo to make this grandest of offers. I have an absolutely fair and liberal proposition. Week starts any day. Think this over carefully: enclose stamp for particulars. GEO. RICHARDS, Room 21, 1368 Broadway. Now York City. YESTERDAYS SPECIAL : STRIKE OUT, 3-1, LOST Thanksgiving Special scratched. Tuesdays Special lost. Will have specials Tuesday. Dec. 1, Thursday, Dec 3, and Saturday, Dec. 5. They have been doing well in their work-outs "my man iyritcs and expects a good price on them. ONE WIRE. .00. THREE WIRES, .00. Only winners count. P. GUILLERMO, 468 West Van Buren Street. Chicago, Illinois, NATIONAL RACING REVIEW, Room 37, 71 Dearhorn Street, Chicago, 111. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: Arizona, Mountain, Major, Canary, .00 per Month. 25 Cents per Copy. was yesterdays Onc-Horsc Wire. TERMS: .00 FOR SIX WIRES. Dont fail to get in on this wire, as we expect to have several good ones on this wire this week. MABEL HOLLANDER . . 3-2 WON was Yesterdays Occasional Wire. Yesterdays Form Special was third. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: Dec. Orange 26-24-15-23-30. SPECIAL Gees BETWEEN DECEMBER 5 and DECEMBER 9 at Oakland. All subscriptions must he in our otliee not later than Saturday. December 5. as ex;.ct date will not be advertised. This one is guaranteed to WIN AND WIN ONLY or will give a .00 subscription to our Daily Onc-Ilorse Wire. The Standard Turf Guide, Room 212 :: 59 Dearborn St. :: Chicago f RACING AT SAN ANTONIol 1 19 DAYS 19 DAYS I December 12 to January 2 0,000 in Purses ! I The San Antonio Fair Association wishes Jj 1 mo to announce that it will wind up the fall H S circuit with 19 days of racing, commencing g S Saturday. December 12, and ending Saturday, R j January 2. 6 Arthur McKnight will do the starting; O. 8 i W. Boardman will act as clerk of tho course: I I Hart Dornham as entry clerk and paddock 1 K judge. I K I will lcavo for San Antonio Sunday and I fe personally supervise tho conditioning of the I 9 track. J 1 The management further wishes mo to offer 9 1 to horsemen the privilege of wintering thoro 9 B at a chargo sufficient only to pay for water I B and help. 3 I JOSEPH A. MURPHY. 1 i Presiding Judge and Alanagcr i LOSERS, READ THIS. Send for a new and logical scheme, which, for simplicity, sense and profit, beats any method on earth. Uses small capital. Can lie played a track, room or in handbook. Only a limited number will be sold, as I do not want too many playing this system. Will include list of horses sent me from track due to win next start. Heres your chance. Price for both. .00. R. H. MOUNT, Norwalk, Conn. READ THIS! THEN THINK IT OVER. Are you playing the races and losing all the time? Do you bet carelessly on a sort of haphazard system? If you do, no wonder you lose. Lot me place you on the right track. On this system you can make from 510 to 0 per day. I have done it for years and you can do the same at race track, poolroom or in a handbook. It makes no difference this is no experiment, hut a genuine reality. I made ,0G0 last year and you can do the same. Send 5 P. O. order for system and instruction. F. K. MARTIN CO., P. O. Box 212 :: Cincinnati, Ohio.

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