Ann of Week in English Racing: Change in Date of Closing of Great French Stakes St. Frusquin Passes Cyllene in English Sire List, Daily Racing Form, 1910-07-22


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AN OFF WEEK IN ENGLISH RACING. Change in Date of Closing of Great French Stakes — St. Fiusquin Passes Cyllene in English Sire List. londou. Eng., July S. — The past week has been devoted to meetings of interest enough to their own localities, but not of commanding importance. Salisbury provided some good racing, as It always does, and Uaglleld P..rk. Haydock cark. Pontefract and Nottingham were other points of uctlvity. Next week tne venue changes to Newmarket and between the sales and the racing their is always sufficient occurring at Headquarters to bold the attention oi all couiers. The "Kulletiu ilfficiel." or French Racing Calendar, publishes the proposition, made by the stewards of the Societe dKncouragement to the committee at its sitting, tending to retard the period fixed for closing the engagements for the CbgBtlUy Oaks and Derby, and consequently those for the Grand Prize of Paris. Ioiiiicrlv, according to the stipulations of the .lock. i cinli of May 17. ltMil, the period iixed was the lirst id July, as there was a desire to induce owners WhS tor tbe most part were breeders, to make I he entries before they had had time to try their youngsters, while maintaining this principle the committee has thought it advisable to consult the interests of those who have withdrawn their colors and limited their sporting proclivities to breed iug for the market, awaiting better times, and defer the nominations until after the Deauville bloodstock sales. Consequently the entries far the important events enumerated and Iixed for the year 1912. instead of being made, as usual, on July 5, arc not due until Tuesday. September 0. l.llo. The yearlings will therefore be sold at Deauville this year without having incurred any liability for the three important races of their three year-old career, and buyers will have the option of entering them or not until the stipulated date in September. No doubt the idea has arisen through the omission Of many horses such as Gros Papa and others which were left out last year through the early period fixed for their Batatas t ion. Hagopeaa, by Hagioscope, out of Lenity, was foil led ill 1863. Last Sunday this eigh teeny ear-old horse won the Jockey Flat Race, one and a half miles, at Rosenheim in Ceiuiany. beating two three-year-olds, to one of which he gave eight pounds, while to the other, which finished last, the veteran conceded twenty-three patsndS. In comparison with Hagopcan. Dean Swili is a mere youngster. Ilago-pean was bred by Lord Dowue. and it will be remembered that Lenity was by Rend Or, out of Clean-ence, breeding which may, or may not, have been incestuous. The Austrian jockey. G. Janek. has been arrested on suspicion of having caused an automobile accident whi-h resulted in loss of life. Returning from the races at Alag to Budapest he ran his motor car at the rate of sixty miles an hour and came into collision with a market cart. His friend, Adolpli Ilirsch, was one of the occupants of the car, and the axle of the cart was forced by the impact into Hirschs breast, causing his death shortly afterward. Janek himself also sustained serious injuries. He has been very successful in Austria-Hungary, and has frequently ridden in this country. Madame Cheiemetelf was exceedingly generous after the victory of her horse. Nuage, in the Grand Prix, and she sent donations to the Jockeys Hospital at Chaatllly. ta the benefit fund of the Societe dEn-eouragemeiit. to the Sporting Press Renevolent Fund, to the Association of the Pari-.Mutuel clerks and officials, and also sent S.oot francs to be distributed among the poor of Paris. The colt by St. Pi aaaatlll, out of Clare, bought by Mr. Cobb at the Newmarket sales for 0,OOU, has joined OleaseatS string at Chilton. Warren Towers, the Newmarket residence of the late Sir Daniel Cooper, bus been secured by Mr. G A. Prentice, the well-known race horse owner. J. D. Ormond. of Karamu. Hawkes Bay. Now Zealand, has purchased in England the horse Hv-mettus. By Cyllene. out of Sweet Balsam, Hymet-tus is well bred. He is expected to arrive in New Zealand in August and will take up stud duty at his new owners place. J. Reilt. whose engagement with his- German owner was broken by mutual consent, has returned to France and Obtained his license to ride, being engaged as leading Jockey for Frank J. Gould, for whom Percy l.ynliam trains. Reiffs first mount was on Lo Remendinlo. which compelled him before and after the race to take a seat on the bare, cold ground, and. getting away, had to be caught before his jockey remounted, could return to accomplish the formality of weighing in. The three loaders in the list of winning owners have made no additions to their stable earnings in the course of the pant week, but several of those below them have made advances. To date the earnings and relative standing of those with stable earnings of o.tNiO or more are the following: Races Amount Owner. Horses. Won. Won. Mr. PaJrJe 2 9 3.st2 W. Astor 1 2 40. 5H Lord Koseberv 4 5 35,800 Used Derby 7 s 32.245 Sir W. Bass 2 : 2s 320 D. UcCsraaont 4 5 27. .mi lAird Villiers 5 S 25.060 P. Nelke ; s 24 541 II. P. Whitney 10 12 21.3S2 Sol Joel 4 tl Lo..hio L. de Rolhschild 11 14 19.175 A. E. Wigau 1 :i 18,860 Lord Durham ti 7 ] 7 825 A. P. Cunliffe :i 4 15,585 J. B. Joel I S 15 400 E. F. Sohitr 2 .! 15,255 Keid Walker 1 2 14J75 Messrs. L. Robinson and Wm. Clark 7 S 14 125 R. Mills fi s 13.225 H. J. King 3 0 13,045 Sir R. W. B. Jardine 5 9 11.889 Lord Carnarvon 2 2 11 235 W. W. Bailey 2 2 10,735 II. Lytham 5 7 16,415 Sir R. C. Carton 1 2 16,135 But few changes have I n recorded among the best horses of the year. Ilster King having made the principal advancement. The winnings of those with 0,000 or more to their credit are now: Races Amount H.rse. age and pedigree. Won. Won. Lemberg. b. e, :;, by Cyllene— Calicia . 2 4,900 W ink! | top. b. f, :. by William the Third Conjure 2 40,500 Neil Cow. eh. c. 3. by Marco — 3jelan- drjr 2 34,475 Bayardo. b. c, 4. by Bav Ronald — OaUrJa 3 29.342 Kosedrop, eh. f, 3, by St. Fiusquin — Rosaline 2 20.100 Greenback, b. C, ... by St. Frusquin — Evergreen 4 23.075 Ilster King. b. or br. c. 3, by Persimmon — Tally Lass . 3 1S.950 Bachelors Doable, eh. c. 4. bv Tre dennis — Lady Itinvn ." 2 18,425 F. Iizahetta. b. f. 4. bv Diamond Jubilee— Red Virgin 2 14.775 Seaforth. b. c, 2. by Symington, dam by Timothy — Florence Montgomery.. 2 13.992 Swgaiord, br. e. 3. bv John •Gaunt — Canterbury Pilgrim 1 13,295 Lagos, eh. h. 5. by Santoi, dam bv Wisdom - Sterling Lass 2 13.075 Declare, b. c. 4. by Desmond — Darling Clara 2 10.135 Nothing to threaten the supremacy of Maher over hi.s competing jockeys has taken place. Iliggs has displaced V. Saxby from third in the list and Frank Wootton has made a substantial gain in partition The leaders and their records are now : Jockey. Mts. 1st. Id. 3.1. Cup. P. C. Maher. D 207 51 X! 86 fcfBJ 24.03 Trigg. C 2S0 35 27 36 194 13.33 His. W 328 30 38 38 135 13.27 Saxbv. W 173 2rt 23 19 Kr2 1ti.7 ! liriggs, William 100 25 24 21 120 13.15 Wootton, F 147 23 34 IK 72 15.04 Fox. F 247 20 29 23 175 8.88 Randall. If 159 19 38 11 loi ll. *4 Clark. J 163 IS 19 12 00 16.61 Kingstead. C 159 17 •. 15 121 16.68 Plant. J 138 M 7 7 88 12. 46 Griggs. Walter 177 10 12 26 12H 3.88 Teuipleman. A 117 14 16 S 85 11.86 Martin. J. II 128 14 17 10 7«.t 11.11 Wootton, S 177 14 15 13 135 7.!*t Langham, A 59 13 2 5 :ki 23.63 Wheat ley, E 93 13 13 10 57 13. i7 Pay. C 171 13 12 26 120 » Decided changes have beam brought Bhoai in the sire list. IJoimI wins by Wolfe Land and Pietfe have served the caus of St. Frusquin so well that he has rambled Cytleae from the HNkdershlp and is now almost .*lo.N o in advam f the expatriated sire of Leatberg. The Baadoarn Edlpsc Stakes will give the Derby winner a chaise to restore his sire to the premiership. Help is needed, because William the Third is now close to Cvllene and threatening to pass him. Hie sires with an asgregate of 0. MHt or more won by their progeny are now: Paces Amount Sire and pedigree, Winrs. Won. Won. St. PI asanas, by St. Simon.. 12 2«*,9i 5 Cvllene I Argentine, by Bona Vista 0 9 59.050 William the Third, by SI. Simon 11 14 56.135 Marc... bv BareaMlae 10 11 45. tso Desmond, bv St. Simon 14 1!» 33.970 Persimmon dead, by St. Simon 7 10 33.540 Srmiagtoo, by Ayrshire » iu 31,555 Bar Ranald dead. by Hampton 2 4 29,840 Count Schomberg, by Augu- , ., Races Amount . •, . „ ... / Sire and pedigree. Winrs. Won. .Won. rim 9 11 27.1** Bnndridge, by Ampbioo 0 7 23.175 Cre.v Leg. by Pepper and Salt ■. 0 20,300 Santoi. by Queens Birthday. « s 19.335 Irediiiiiis, by Kendal 2 3 19,105 Meddler I". S. A., by St. Catien 2 3 16.410 Jiiamond Jubilee Argentine, by St. Simon •. . . 2 3 10.100 Wolfs Crag, by Barcaldinc. . 0 « 15.285 John oOannt. by Isinglass... 3 3 14.770 Gslllnafe by isonomy., 8 10 14.2H Collar, bv St. Simon «» 14,075 Hamburg C. S. A., by Hanover 6 8 12.020 Rock Sand U. S. A., by Sainfoin 4 1 11975 Wlldfowler France, bv Gal- linule g 13 11 863 Missel Thrush, by Orme 16 10 11.725 Mauvezin. by Iiuell 5 5 11.688 I reno dead, by Bend Or.. 7 10 16.886 Isinglass, by isouomy 0 0 10.21O Igly dead, by Minting 5 0 10.150

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