August Belmont Pleasing Announcement Concerning Future of New York Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1910-09-04


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f ; + I AUGUST BELMONTS PLEASING ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING FUTURE OF NEW YORK RACING j. , , j. New York, September — For the first time since he took up racing, more than twenty years ago. August Belmont will this fall sent a strong stable to the Montreal and Toronto meetings. He will not ship all his good horses to Canada. Trap Rock, the Rock Sand colt that won a stake at Oravosend Inst spring, will return to Gravesend in a few days under the charge of Thomas Welsh, and Mr. Welsh will try to get him ready for the colt end of the Matron, which will be run this year at Pitnlico. Trap Rock had to pass up three or four engagements at Saratoga because of lameness, but he is doing right well now. John Whalen will have charge of the Belmont string in Canada and the most prominent of the horses he will take with him are the two-year-olds Whist. Sand Hill. Footprint. Water-vale. Da bM II and the four-year-old Field Mouse. The Belmont horses are well supplied with engagements at Blue Bonnets and Woodbine. The chairman of the Jockey Club put them in everything there that was worth while when the Canadian stakes closed some weeks back, and after his horses are through racing in Canada trainer Whalen will take them to Pimlieo. where they will race through the meeting of the Maryland Jockey Club. From PH11-lico Whalen will take his division of the stable to Garnett, S. C. for the winter. In addition to the two-year-olds and older horses now in his charge trainer Whalen will break twelve yearlings at Mr. Belmonts private track at Saratoga before the opening at Montreal. Whalens yearlings are already up from the Nursery Farm, where most of them were bred and raised. There are nine Bock Sands among them — four colts and live tillies. The colts are Black Bock, out of Black Poplar; Golden Rock, from Fairy Gold: Belainour, from Beldame, and Overman, from Orients. The tillies are Toggery, from Teas Over; Dance Spirit, from Sellna D.; Sun Queen, from Souriante; Mission, from Misgivings, and Obe. from Octoroon. Whalen also has two Hastings geldings. Xickle from Niniiuy, and Tactics, from Merry Token, and three fillies. Peccadillo, from St. I riscilla. Lady Paramount from Lady Languish, and Flaiuara. from Flittcrmouse. Flamara is a sister to Field Mouse and Peccadillo bears similar relationship to Priscillian and Practical. Other Belmont yearlings at Saratoga include Watercress, an Kthclbert and an Ormondale. The Ormoudalc is from Lux Casta, the Donovan mare thai took second money in Yankees Futurity. Lux Casta is now at Henry T. Oxnards Bine Ridge Farm in Fauquier County. Virginia, where this yearling was bred. Mr. Belmont calls his Ormondale yearling Lucky Lass. The Ethelbert is a chestnut filly from Woodvine. and will be known as Wild Weed. The Watercress is a bay colt called Wonder Boy. Donna de Oro. a young tnatroti of the family of Don de Oro. is the dam of Wonder Boy. The yearlings in Whalens care will remain in America, as will also a • bunch of youngsters rhoaaaa Welsh w ill probably handle next season for the chairman of the Jockey Club. Watson, who trained Mr. Belmonts Octagon colt. Norman III., for his victory in the Two Thousand Gttlaeaa a couple of seasons back, and now handling Belfry, Sandwich. Sands of the Orient and a Persimmon colt called Prickly Pear from Ferment 1. will have five Back Sand yearlings to break in England. They are Monotone, a bay colt from Lady Margaret; Tracery, brown colt from Topiary; Sun-stone, a bay or brown eolt from Souveraine; Hour Glass, a black tilly from Hautesse, and Lucky Stone, a bay filly from Lack-a-Daisy. Although Mr. Belmont has a laudable desire to win the blue ribbon event of the British turf with a colt of his own breeding, he has not the slightest intention of forsaking the American turf in its hour of distress. The chairman of the Jockey Club is confident that, racing will weather its present difficulties and come through on a firmer and better basis than it Occupied before the advent of Governor Httghea and liis crusade. Mr. Belmont will remain right here and tight the battle out to a finish. "In spite of the protestations of the persona who succeeded in getting these anti racing laws on the statute books last winter that they were not opposed to racing." Mr. Belmont said a day or two ago. "it is clear that they were attacking racing and racing alone. And I do not believe that the people of the stale are in sympathy with such a crusade. "The Hart-Agnew anil Agnew -Perkins laws strike at the great breeding industry at a time when it requires encouragement the most. All that is excellent in the American horse is attributable to the thoroughbred, and we cannot continue to breed thoroughbreds without the encouragement racing gives to the industry. Of these highly important facts Hie people of the state and country will BQOaCI or later become aware. "Horsemen no doubt consider that the closing of the Jockey Clubs tracks September 1 will bear hardly upon them. I will not undertake to dispute that point. Put the gentlemen of the Jockey Club and the proprietors of the great race courses feel that the true interests id" racing and breeding will be best served by the course we have adopted. "It is improbable, even if racing was conducted as formerly, that district attorneys of the counties in which the tracks are situated could secure convictions even under the so-called directors liability law. It has been the history of prosecutions under the first anti-racing laws that none has been pushed to a finish satisfactory to the prosecuting officers or the enemies of racing. And in the opinion of eminent lawyers the legislation adopted at Albany last winter has added nothing to nor taken anything from the laws of IMS. "But they do give prosecuting officers, the police and self-advertising persons of other calling a means of harassing racing and the gentlemen engaged in 0. Most of the men in racing in the east are in it for s| ort alone, and quite naturally they do not care to submit to such annoyance. We want to find out just a here we stand, and we believe that our position and our rights will be den 1 clearly and satisfactorily when one or two of the cases now pending come up for final adjudication. If the arresl and haling to court of some racing official under the directors" liability law would serve a BSefal purpose 1 am quite sure that none of us would shirk an obvious duty. Put we do not think so. "I am confident that we will have a good season in mi. lhc various race courses which acknowledge the control of tie Jockey Club will apply for dates next winter and get that, an 1 established fixtures will be renewed under the rub s of racing. A great many horses of various ages have been shipped out of the countrv in the course of the last two Ot three years, but enough will remain to till programs anl provide entertaining sport. " Aagaal Belmant is now the owner of Rtheraert, sire of nta Herbert and Da IBM I ian. and lie is exploiting the great Eothen Stall ion at Chateau Villers, liis stud near Dieppe, in Normandy. Of the twenty-six foals ai Chateau Villers Ibis year twenty-two are Ethelbert s. four are Octagons and one is a Henry of Navarre. The Octagons are brothers and sisters to Dullcare. Rogon and LochleL and the Henry of Navarre Is out of Mount Vernon. It is a brother to Grave and Gay. a Henry of Navarre lillv Harri Pnvae Wbllnet developed and sold to Sir Tat ton Syk. s for tlS.OtlO. lb.- PthraWrti are out of Bivouac, Bridlepath, Crossways. Dame Beauty la isler In Beldame, Donna Henrietta 1.1 half-sister to Beldame, Ferment, Fidena. Pond Hopes idam of Horizon, Lady Viula lUaw of Via Octavia, Maze, Sis oClock a half-sister to Ort Wells and Dick WeBes, Lady Of the Vale. Ballot Bred a daughter of Meddler and Beldame and BcUaaaeS first foal. Aiuicitia. Oriza and Boudoir. Mr. Belmont will bring Crossways and Ferment with their Ethelbert foals to the Nursery Farm and mate them with Hock Sand. The other mares will be mated with Ethelbert again next spring, along with Dnlcibella, Lady of the Valley, Lady Boat mary and Mount Vernon. Drama. Kings Favorite. Anodyne and Misgivings will go to France this tall, carrying Bock Sand foals. Drama Bad Kings Favorite are Hanover mares and Hanover mares are becoming more and more valuable day by day. Drama. Kings Favorite. Anodyne and Misgivings will drop their foals at Chateau Villers and the youngsters will be eligible to run in French races. The mares will be mated with Ethelbert next spring unless the chairman of the Jockey Club alters plans already formed for them. The Duke of Oraniniont bred Bratina and Bailer ine to Ethelbert last spring and Count Vigor mated G! Stigne with him. Octagon served the Bake of Grammonts mares. Ravmoade and Seville. Jean Jaulierts Suzeline. Count Vigiers Surville and Mr. Chapaada Ida. forward Peu-Plcard will mate two marcs with. Ethelbert. and three with Octagon next year. Herman It. Duryea will mate three to Rthelbert and the French war department will breed two each to Rthelbert and Octagon. Mr. Belmont charges a fee of 1.000 francs X200 to individuals for services by Octagon sad Ethelbert, but the gov-erament "i ts service free. The Bthelberi colts foaled at Chateau Villers this year were Mille Pardons, from Maze; Carousel, from Crossways, and Havard. from Bfooaae. The Octagon colt foala were Amiral. from Amicitia: Vail-laat, from Lady of the Valley, and Orphee, from Oriza. There was one Bock Sand, Vulcain. from Lady of the Vale. Ethelbert filly foals were Furiouse. from Fernient: Vote I.. i.tre. from I.adv Viola: Deutille. from Dame Beauty: File Partout. from Fend Hopes: Six Henres, from Six oclock, and Brigand, from Bridlepath.

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