Cherryola in Form Again: Kentucky Favorite is Only Pronounced Choice to Score at Charleston, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-19


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CHERRYOLA IN FORM AGAIN KENTUCKY FAVORITE IS ONLY PRONOUNCED . CHOICE TO SCORE AT CHARLESTON. i ralmettu Park Card Devoted to Selling Pinters Pro- | vide.s Good Contests and Results in Gain for the Layers of Odds. * nle-toii. s. .. February is. -That forudr K -n 1 1 1 . ■ U favorite. Cherry i 1:i. now running in I lit- Inter ■ : Wayne ». Jnfdln, was t lit- only winner ■ Palmetto I " ■ l U this :i 1 1 i-llK "oil tlilt was .1 pi ■••iiiiiili.- I ln-1 ■ hoiec. Tin next nearest thins " :l l:i v.«ril»-lu miTlfd n.i- Progressive in I Ik- opening, which shared with Theresa Sill the nublie favor. The nun —ii. .-i-s- ol liu- slim t-pi ieeil eonlender- r» ii i* i II con Iributiil cxti n-i. h toward* cm -irking the layers. linn win- mi onl-landim: features Hi todays program, .iic emir,- card being :hhi i v«t 1o t Ik- -ell in;: plater-. I li - racing was In 1 ii interesting, though attended with frequent disappointment* due to I In- talents failure to nirk t lit- right v The Kl -HI ii* -1.1:111- .-p ,-iall. suffered In llu- ililoal- llf Ilit-i t-~:i Hill, Kul.i Hvatii- and Winifred l . Tin- hard I •• •• • i " nmtingcui im supremely i oiitidciu "l I ha I trios ability io will then 1 e-p,-,-i ive rat-en and haeked : iit-iii steadfast 1 v. Tlieresa Gill am] Ruhy llyaiUK Suisned -. -. -.111,1. inn w iiiifi-eii 1 . failed in place. .1. II. Mi c.ur, ii- iron horse. Camel. iron i in- rave in wliieli Winifred l . wan anplaced. It was i lit- lir-i winner thai 1 1 uirli ha- -ml to i he post hi ilii- meeting. Camel was ni i in a hard drive lii mil-lav I h,- .".II to 1 -lint, Planch,- Iran,,-. If tec I»i-i,iiiiI:i- Incompetent elT.irl mi Rose Juocn ii the third raee. the -mart net y.t«- chary about i.;i i-U inii BiHj V iiinli-i v.-er an, I most nl them wagered ,mii -i inn Mark, witli i.n.i-e up. They wee- whip :i.- l by iln- shift, for Hilly Vaudci veer w,,n in tun . m. ;i l:i-hi. hi I I.ittle Kp, with Question Mark in third | . I .-1 . -• Today*! attendance, considering that ii was an »0 nay. wa- exceptionally good. The ls»r*hng wan also ul fair aataahc. The track wa* In iJn1 condition from ;ln point pf i ■ w . -v , . r.. t 7i in i ii • i i . owner ..[ Wander, arrived fro-n v ivi-ii i m-ky thi- morninc- Mr. Hamilton re porta that ill.- Imi -e- wintering al He- Letuana track are -n trtHwl health ami that the pm-peit- f..r the meet- lug-* in K -ii t n 1. tin- -prin me regarded a* ex- i • 1 1 , - ■ I y bright. He will remain here for a ,-onp..- .-i week- hefore retnrninic north. .I.. -ki-y Iiekeii way taken ill ihi- in. -rninir afttr ..lining ofl ill.- mad ami aras romneHetl to .-au,-,-l hi-i-iiL.-iiiiii-nt-. s.itini.l It. Meyer x Rood race ol yeaterday i-Milted in hi- ihanuini: li.ttnl-. Several n-ere after this -printer ami 1.. II. A. lair necored aim 1 3 H»I. In.!.wiiiLr w.irk-.nn- look ataee al Palmetto 1aik ihi- monltntc. with the track ill u....,l ,; imi l.ra-i..n Half mile in 31. Culled up lame. Mini. i lh .-ihili- in 1:11. Itreeclttg. 1*11 — 1: li.- eiuhlh- in 1 I4. all mil. Iai linn-lei -Half mile in B8, handily. lias | ■ iiaiiiint: -I..W l w ill a in. I aril. .n Ihth Mil. in 1 : IV I., ir.n a - ! race. Ii.-ieel Tli i.i- ipiai le - in 1:;M. I- tratnins -1-inh. Iiniirihl Ma..|..iialii Half mil,- in TtJ. nreesinj . I»r. Ihiei r Seven-i-iffhthx in 1 SI. lt.-a.h to rtn - I raee at lir-i askin- Itn-t Half mile in SO. lli-.-nlv |.. nm a i;...iil l.n e. K.lna Leaks ""Three-eighth* in "a . l- extra fnoi ami will Hbow Improveniew in racing. I : I in :. Im i- i-i-htli- iii i.n.".. .ml. I hare done ii raatcr. KmUj I...- Ihr..- .piartet- in I :IS. 1- ready and should rail w II liihal Half mile in 55. Training -! Ir-.p Thr," .pnni.i- in l:lp. |» hi um[ -hotil.l la. e well, i. aril.-n of I." •-■ - fire-eight h- in 1 :iiii. Is tdMVM lug iionrly. Carl Tin ■•■ . i-litli- in 4i. hre.-zinu Cordon Half mih- in 51. 1- iloias w.-ll ali.l will he iiaril io beat. i.oI.m lli ee-eigfaths in 10. hreenhng. Island thie, n Ihree . ,-iuii- in :;7 Haa mmI -p,-,-,l. 4, --up Burn Three-quart ers in 1:1s-. |* extra -.... I al pre-eiil. I Wrigbl Mill in 1 |s. Keadj to run a R 1 i ai ■ . l-i-.i -la Three-eighth* in :;7. Ila- rood Kneed. Mi . In i kin- Kive-eighths in 1 nil. all oiil. Ill..- Ieak Half mi!,- iM .-,:;. vv,|| [n hand. Im liner Half mile in .".:;. well in hand. Ii ii. -e r..n-.i Seven-eighths in I :Xt. all out. 1- ..I little ae.oiuu. Rural UeMKagc Three-eighth* in ::s. handil Ila* -!..-e,l. Salian Mil.- in 1 :.MI. drirlag. s .itioii it. Hair mile in r.L. handily. Ha* i ,-eii training -i..u Ij ; x 111 « in. Slia. k I. -toi- .-, -, , -i eighth* in 1 ::i. Read to ran - .nl t hi ■ at lir-i asking sl».lin Hall mile in 5A Ready t run a Rood Siip,Mi-..i Mile |n | |s. |;,.:,,|, p. ,iii, a -j, I ! 1,1. -- ,.-, i Hren Mile In I :SO, drit m 1 • -iiiti Hall mil.- in -,::. u,.|| i„ hand. Ieneta St route Kive-elghth* in lot Will win if -he race* io hi-i n m k.

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