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»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ! I : i! ; JUST OFF THE PRESS J ► . ■ . aaa i » ► o ► ° The American Racing Manual : ! for 1913 jj I — ii An Excellent and Low-Priced Book of 460 Pages - It holds Information for people Interested !n raring contained !. in no other pulilicatlon. It la e imply a mine of records. _ * *A * *"NF 0I THE NEW FEATURES of this Publication Is a Tabulated " ■ ■ Compilation Showing the Winners. Values, Times and Other Par- ] . r tirnlars of the Great Races of the World, from Their Institution, i . Including the Epsom Derby, Epsom Oaks, St. Leger, Two Thous- i t ► and Guineas, One Thousand Guineas. Grand Prix de Paris, French Teiby. i[ r French Oaks. Melbourne Cup and Other Important Events of the Turf in . Foreign Lands. No Other Publication in the World Carries All This In- , loimation. i I y Among Other Features It Hai: I ► METHOD FOR CALCULATING PARl-MUTUT.T, PRICES O ► With Examples. *• . HacniR Records of Thorough bred 9 in North America for V.M2. . Complete List of .luvenile Winn ers t l»12, Arranged Under TtMk Sire*. Names iiixi Addresses of Oecittariea of Racing Aanaoatteaa. ,, furling Salts of 1812 in United Stales ami Canada; also Aiu- rli-an Year- • ► ling S:ilfs in Knl-ui.l. ► KngU«n Racing Recorda to Date. " ► Three 1 1 :i titli-si ] Syst-nis, with Examples. i ► American Racing Recorda at All Distances. ► » A usi ra I in n Racing Beeorda. it , Lieadiag Winning Two-T«ar-Otda Since 1879. o ► Ltel of Horses Thai Have Sold for Great Prices. , , . Records at All Distances of the Tracks af Hie Fnltcit Stales, Canada 0 and Mexico. . . Remarkable Feats of lockeyahip. .. Leading American Sires since 1N70. tircat Money Winners of the American and Knf-llsh Turf. " ► I wfiily Leading Sires of 1 ! 1 1!. 1j ► Bookmakias Percentage Table. if Horses Which Hied in 1012. O ► A Tattle of the Comparative Speed of North American Tracks at All r ► instances. 4 , , , Table of Hie Mile Speed of All Tracks. . Knvlisli Belting Rules. 4 Fir.-t. Second and Third Horses, Jockeys, Weights, V.ilues and Times of American stakes. Winners of All Slakes of ltI2. i it it.icing si.itisiiMi or 1012. i O Hois.s l isiiialitied in 1M2. it O Scale of Weights of the Jockey Club, Kentucky State Racing Coniiul-sdon, i , , Jockey Club Juarez, Western Jot key Club. Pacific Jot key Club, , , Canadian Racing Aaaociatloaa. Moatbera Jockey club. American . . . Turf Association. Mexican Jockey club anil of England, o T Dead Heals in 1 l_v 4. Hoi-es Rid Dp in IMS. Record or Miles Run in 1:0 or Better, etc., etc. . J | ~ PAPER BOUND 50 CENTS | fit pR| Id pp HO f LEATHER BOUND. ... 75 CENTS Single Copies must be sent as registered mall, with K an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not t rtsnonsll.le for books sent as regular mail. * ► With this eminently handy book in his aarket any admirer of racing O ► can readily answer almost any query that may come up concerning fails of i it racing in the past. Its equal has never been printed anil, considering Hie t. , t..pi. s it raters, it is an extremely low-priced txtok of -ton aaajea. i, ! Daily Racing Form Publishing Co. j| » 141 PLYMOUTH COURT. : : : CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. it | ♦ o i o O o h I. ♦ HARfORP likll ILIiKt amp 7...... j lo . Maryland J BREEDERS ASSOCIATION STAKES I 1 — :: it STAKES TO BE RUN FOR AT THE 4 |o SPRING MEETING OF liM:J jj Friday, April 18, to Thursday, May 1 : : To Close Monday, March 10, 1913 ! O HARFORD HANDICAP. NEWARK SELLING STAKES. it O Mil: THRKK-YF.AR-OLn*4 AM PPWARD. Iol; Til i:i:i: I7A Kill. lis AND FIWAIIH 4|t it Bj -iil.s.-i ipiion of each. Starters t i pay r- Kiiltserintion ..i sin eack. Rtartem t.. naj it • it 82Ti additional, witli ,380 added. |l."i additioii.il. linaranteed cash value o 4 Five and One-Half Furlongs. 81.880. One Milt- and Seventy Yard*. X i[ PHILADELPHIA HANDICAP. WILMINGTON STAKES. 4 ► ]J Ill: TBRKK-YRAR-OIJR4 AND PPWARD. im: i ii i:i:i: i: i; i h us. By subscription if i it By siii.s.ii |.i ii.ii of 0 each. Starters to pay ■» ." .-a.-h. Starter* hi naj .1 ad.lii i.mal t Ml additional, willt ..*i«fl sthled. with si.ikmi add.,1. a if Six Furinngg. Five and One-Half Furlongs. it ,** BELAIR HANDICAP. ABERDEEN STAKES. ♦ ![ FOR 1 HKi:i: VFAK nl.lis AND DPWARD. mi: TW» -YKAR-H.DS. By snhaerlntbai .r V Bj suiisci i|,iion of 8 each. Starters to nay *n each: Starters In pay H l." ad.lii ioii.ii it * si., additional, with ,4160 added. with sumo added. 4 if Six Fuilnngs. Four and One-Hnlf Fuilonsr-;. ► X SUSaUEHANNA HANDICAP. LASSIE STAKES. I X lull THRKK YF.AK ill. US AND DPWABD. loi: iil.i.ii;s TWO YEARS OLD By -ul V 4 B -ui. -eri|. lion of 8 each. Starters lo paj seriniiea ..: $]n each. Starters to pal 3 ![ !? .1 ii.tii ional. with sUmiii added. :ol.iii ion.il . with sl.iNin added. it I One Mile and Seventy Yards. Four Furlongs. if j III PENN SELLING STAKES. PERUYVILLE SELLING STAKES. i[ IX FOB TH REE- Y BAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. FOR I Wo , i: i; inns. Bi sabserintlna -t /k ;X 1:v -ul.-.-t ii.iii.a ..f 0 .-a.-li. start, i- to |iay 0 each. Starters lo pa/ ;, additional [. , -:■ additional. Jiiarani .ceil rash ..lu. linaranteed rash vain.- ,8*0. it V si. Mm. Five and One-Half Fuilong-. Four and One-Half Furlongs. it ■ j? CHESTER SELLING STAKES. GERMANTOWN SELLING STAKES. il 0 l«iU llli:i:i:i i:Uol.HS AND UPWARD. FOR TWO YKAR-tH.DS. Bj -ul.-.-i lot i..n nf J! .. Bj -mi. -ii |. lion ..rsio t-a.-h. siarier- to naj 8 each. Starters lo paV .1 additional * 3 additional. Guaranteed rash ralne iaaranl 1 rash value suiuu i | 1 SI on,.. Six Furlongs. Four FnrhMMnV [ FOR ENTRIES BLANKS ADDRESS | ! ! j! r. REHBtRGER. Secretary, 399 Fulton Street. Brooklyn, New York jj *********+****************************++*+*+++++„++++ j Racing Expert Magazine NFk ISSUE OUT TODAY. PRICE 25 CENTS. CLOCKF.RS FREE CODE SPECIAL TODAY Charleston . Bav. 27 and 23. ROOM 721. 121 NASSAU ST.. NEW YORK. N. Y. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW. TODAYS SPECIAL. Alabama. Matiiu-e. Maroon. Swallow. Yesterday* Wire and s c.ial both inn-lied I Room IT, 143 Nonh Dearborn Stteet, In. uK0 111. | The Turf Reporter, Chicago 1 ■ -i-i.i.iv- i .. .,, Special loot. WEDNESDAY S FORM PECIAL: Iti Manna j In Wat a fan YMIR. £ -2. WON. araa v—t.-idat - name n* ..«- s.-ivice. He,-., -i..„al ncralched. I i Bpe« ial lout. WEDNESDAY S FORM SPECIAL March-Banana 51-55-25-27-31-25-55. 00 X SPECIAL GOES SATURDAY. STANDARD TURT OUIDE, CHICAGO.

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