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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY The demeanor of the allied armies as a whole in Franco and Belgium indicates a disposition to nwait the outcome of Russias gigantic plan to force the Carpathian barrier Germany is thought to be pouring troops into Hungary even to the extent of weakening her forces in Flanders and an Austrian oflicial communication notes the pros enre and recounts the success of German and Austrian troops in the Laborzca valley An in ¬ creasing appreciation of the task Russia is at ¬ tempting leads to the belief in some quarters that the allied armies in the west may erhaps seek only to hold their ground in the belief that the Russians will succeed in invading Hungary ulti ¬ mately to join hands with the allied forces work northward through Serbia Thus what their jonents regard as the weakest of the Teutonic allies AustriaHungary would lie invaded without the lass of life that un attempt to drive the Ger ¬ mans from France and Belgium would entail entailThe The Bulgarian minister in London gave out the text of a note from his government disclaiming responsi ¬ bility for the recent invasion of Serbia by Bulgarian irregulars The note says that the uprising was in ¬ itiated by Turks among the inhabitants of that part of Macedonia included in Serbia These Turks rose in revolt the note says and fled to Bulgarian terri ¬ tory pursued by Serbiin troops The Bulgarian frontier ginlrds performed their duties conscien ¬ tiously Irving to protect the Serbian posts tlie note continues This makes it clear that tlie whole wholeflfiajf flfiajf V33 o inrylvipj tfe gefWB ftuJUofWe and the inhabitants of tlie affected regions How ¬ ever as the insurrection appears to be assuming considerable dimensions and might bring Serbian troops in proximity to tlie Bulgarian frontier Bul ¬ garia requests Serbia to take all necessary measures to prevent Serbian troops from firing at Bulgarian posts thus provoking as past experience lias shown incidents with serious consequences consequencesThe The following oflicial communication was issued at Petrograd In the Carpathians on April 4 our advance continued with success on the whole front from the northern region in the direction of Bartfeld to as far as that of Uzsok pass In this forward movement we made great headway in the region of the Bostok pass in tlie vicinity of which we captured an iniK rtant sector of the principal chain and our advance guard crossed to the south ¬ ern slope of the chain and occupied the villages of Smolnik and Oroszrusska Attempts by the ustrians to arrest our offensive in certain sectors by counter attacks failed all these movements be ¬ ing repulsed with heavy Austrian losses In the course of tlie day we took as prisoners in tlie Carpathians twenty otlicers and over 1500 men Tlie retreating Anstrians are burning bridges and pro ¬ vision depots depotsThe The Austrian war office gave out the following statement Fighting in the Carpathians is devel ¬ oping Austrian and German troops took strong Russian positions yesterday on the heights cast of the Laborzca valley capturing 5WO prisoners In adjoining districts several strong Russian attacks were repulsed with severe losses to the enemy including 250 prisoners In southeast Galicia on the heights to the northeast of Otfynia Rus ¬ sian night attacks failed Southwest of Uscicczko Hie Russians attempted on Sunday to cross to the left bank of the Dniester river with the result that two battalions of Russian infantry were an ¬ nihilated nihilatedThe The French war office yesterday afternoon gave out a report on the progress of hostilities as fol ¬ lows V German detachment with three ma ¬ chine guns succeeded in crossing to the left bank of the Yser south of Drei Griachten It was at ¬ tacked yesterday and dislodged by Belgian forces An attack made by us in the vicinity of Etain rendered us masters of hills No 210 and No 221 in addition to the limit Bois and the hospital farms In Ivparges we gained ground and main ¬ tained our advances at tlie same time taking sixty prisoners including three officers In the BandeSapt wo mined and blew up a German position A gloomy view of the immediate future of the American textile Industry was presented at tlie White House and the state department by a com ¬ mittee representing 400 mills and headed by former Representative Met of New York Unless some relaxation of tlie recent British blockade order in council is obtained and German dycstuffs reach them within six weeks time Mr Mct7 declared 270 mills will be forced to close and 200000 op era tires Ite thrown out of work No great hope was held out to the textile men by government officials officialsTlie Tlie neutrality resolution of Congress covering the furnishing of supplies to lielligercnt warships has not been put into general effect by presi ¬ dential proclamation was the word District t torney Marshall of New York said he had received from Attorney General Gregorys office There ¬ fore he would take no grand jury or other action on Collector Dudley Field Malones statement that British cruisers were being given provisions by boats from this port lie added that the furnish ¬ ing of a few chickens was not of importance importanceWilliam William Hale Thompson republican was elected mayor of Chicago Tuesday by the greatest plurality ever given to any candidate for a major office in the history of tlie city Mayorelect Thompson defeated Robert M Sweitzcr the Demo ¬ cratic nominee by a plurality of 139624 Thomp ¬ son had a total vote of 300o3 representing 240 203 men and 144040 women Swoitzers total was 251309 divided between 102155 men and 80154 women womenThe The Norwegian steamer Stavn which sailed from Xew York March 10 for Gothenburg Sweden and the Swedish steamer Japan from Yokolioma Janu ¬ ary S for Gothenburg were taken into Leith by u naval escort Saturday for examination of their cargoes The Greek steamer Spyros Vallianos from Savannah March 10 for Rotterdam with a cargo of cotton lias been detained at Falmouth FalmouthThe The German admiralty lias given out an official statement in which the loss of tlie submarine U29 is admitted Tin text of the rommunicntion is as follows The submarine U20 has not returned from Its last cruise According to a report of the Britisli admiralty March 2 i this vessel with its crow was sont to thu bottom It therefore must be regarded as lost lostThe The battle that has been raging in the vicinity of Verdun is still going on Sanguinary fighting continues as a result of the French attempt to push ahead to the northeast east and southeast of Verdun and west of PontaMousson The French claim to have made advances while the German report avers that the allies have been repulsed in every onslaught onslaughtAn An order for 45000 tons of steel rounds for shrapnel has lieen placed with the Carnegie Steel company by a Cleveland concern acting for the French government Tlie order is said to lie really a doubling of one placed by the same interests with the Lackawanna Steel company and calling for 00000 tons at a cost of approximately 2300000 2300000Dispatches Dispatches from Petrograd fiuote a statement from tlie Russian war ollieo that more than 00000 Austrian and Germans have Itcen captured in the last week of fighting in the Carpathians bout half of these wens taken in the Baligrodlsok sector and half in the battles for Liipkow pass Many guns also have been captured by the Rus ¬ sians siansTlie Tlie seizure by the Germans of the Swedish steamer England is expected by ship owners to meet with greater activity by the government in defense of Swedish right particularly since the vessel be ¬ longs to NavalMinister Itronstrncm Urgent repre ¬ sentations have been made to Germany as to the desirability of releasing the vessel vesselAn An official statement issued at Constantinople says No serious attack was made Tuesday by the enomr on the Dardanelles The day before two hostile cruisers Itonibardeil our batteries at the entrance to the Straits but without result One of the enemys cruisers and one torpedo boat wore struck by our shells shellsThe The Norwegian government lias addressed a note to Germany asking compensation of 70000 for the torpedoing of the Norwegian steamer Belridge in the English Cliancl on February 10 An official inquiry it was stated proved beyond a doubt that the steamer was the victim of a German sub ¬ marine marineCharles Charles J Vopicka American minister to Rou mania Serbia and Bulgaria has informed Am ¬ bassador Page from Jtukarest that Bulgaria has established a quarantine against Serbia because of the typhus epidemic Incoming travel lias been stopped even at Saloniki SalonikiThe The Swiss federal assembly held an extraordinary session the chief purpose of which was to dis ¬ cuss the advisability of enacting a constitutional decree levying a special income tax to defray the expense of mobilization and other expenditures made necessary by the war warA A London syndicate has offered a purse of 20000 for a fight between Jess Willard who won the heavyweight championship from Jack Johnson at Havana last Monday and Frank Moran of Pitts ¬ burgh Willard will be offered 1000 for his traveling expenses expensesAccording According to Berlin newspapers the wound of tlie Gernuui general Von Kluck is healing and the general is progressing satisfactorily toward re ¬ covery It is added that Emperor Williani has conferred on General Von Kluck the order Pour le Mcrlte McrlteSix Six Turkish ships of war and one big transport have been sunk and two of the finest cruisers in the Sultans navy have been hmlly damaged In Black sea operation according to mi official an ¬ nouncement from the Russian war office officeThe The vote in Wisconsin on the liquor question showed a gain for the dry clement in a number of towns but the larger cities voting on tins issue Madison Superior Ashland and Beloit re ¬ mained in the wet column columnA A bill submitting the question of territorial prohibition to the voters at the general election November 4 1015 passed the lower house of the Alaska legislature by a vote of 14 to 2 It now goes to the senate senateThe The Swedish ship England from Buenos Aires for Gothenburg has been seized by the Germans in the Baltic sea and taken into a German nort according to dispatches appearing in a Stockholm newspaper newspaperTwo Two French battalions have been annihilated in tlie fierce battle nov in progress east and southeast of Verdun according to an official announcement of the German war office last night nightAn An appeal to the American Red Cross from the Montenegrin government for aid in fighting tlie typhus epidemic was received through the state department departmentA A proposed constitutional amendment giving women the right of suffrage was rejected bv the Connecticut house of representatives 124 to TOO TOOThe The promoters of the JolinsonWillard tight an ¬ nounced that the battle drew into tlie box office ll0f0 and that the attendance was 32000 32000Dnvai Dnvai West special representative of President Wilson in Mexico has arrived ut Mexico City from YSF CfWSt

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