Bulse Bred on Lines of Descent Suggestive of a Stayer, Daily Racing Form, 1915-08-13


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j ■ j 1 | 1 : • I • • r P II " 1 • ,. • " d k BULSE BRED ON LINES OF DESCENT SUGGESTIVE OF A STAYER By De. M. M. LEACH 4, . +, Bulse. winner of Saratogas Sanford Meniornil Stakes is but another oxa aiple of the Rood result?! which attend the Eclipse to Herod plan of matin-,- and an examination of Bulse I pedigree also shows that the best blood — that of dalopiu — in the dam of the sire is returned by the ptntm through St. Serf and St. Simon. Disguise, sire of Bulse. when carrying the silks of the late James K. Keene. raced with good success on the major race courses of England and earned much distinction by de-feati jg the- Triple Crown winner. Diamond Jubilee, for the one- and three-quarters miles Jockey Club Stake-s *f Newmarket. Sam Darling, of Galtee More and Aril Patrick fame-, however, once told me that Dharufcm was none too reliable and this perhaps mav account for his comparative non siiece — a- a stallion. Tlje Offspring of Disguise are. as a rule, inclined to be flashy. Speed, as exemplified by Iron Mask and lUirinoiiicon. rather than stamina is their forte. In Bulse. however. Disguise has at last given us a real solid sort. Nothing flashy about I-ulse. which if Ihe fates be Kind. I feel convinced, will develop into a more than ordinary geeoel three-year eld. and it may be that in Bulse Disguise iia- at last sired one of quite first class. Bulse won hht maiden effort here at the Lexington spring meeting and at the time v.as nothing like- clean wound up, in fact. I have not seen a horse go to the i»ost so high in condition — In this country, at bast — -since Endurance by Right won her tir-l race at Saratoga in 1001. Trainer W. J. You; ig. however, was wise in his genera- Dan and left plenty to work on through the dog days of July, beinrj; well aware that the colt was something out of the ordinary. The Lexington meeting over. I came to the conclusion that we had seen twee. good e-olts run in Bulse and Marse Henry and here they are finishing first and second in one of fthe biggest two-year-old events at tin- Spa. Disguise is, of course, all Bcllnoe In tail male, and Nethersole, Bulse- elam. is a daughter of that good bone Tournament, son of the New Zealander. Sir Modred. which is a direct descendant in tail male of Herod. Bonnie- Gal, dam of Disguise, was a daughter of ialopin and the blood is finely returned by Fairy Slipper, daughter of St. Serf, grandson of -t.alopin. The stir of Sir Modred, by the way. is this season much in the ascendent. His name figures twice-, close up. in the- pedigree of the Kentucky Oaks winner. Waterblo-som. and her brother. Ames Tunnys Watorbas-,. Some years ago I had occasion to call attention to tin- value of the Sir Modred strain and results. 1 think, will bear me out in mv contention that there is nev better broodmare blood t«e be found than that »f tin.- N -w Sealand champion. Tournaments dim Plaything was by Alarm, returning this cross to the Alarm in Domino and it is really extraordinary how manv of OUT best horses of the- past few xcars show ;,l least one cross of the Hying blood of Alarm, i Fairy Slipper. Bulses grandam. an exceptionally well-bred daughter of the Duke of Portlands St. Si if. was a broodmare of unusual merit and foaled Flying Il iin-e-. a good winner in England and was again rotunn-d a winner after his exportation to South Africa. Sweeper — winner of the Payne Stakes — which must not be confounded with Mr. Durycas Sweeper II.. winm-r of the Two Thousand Guineas in 1912, was anothri of Fairy Suppers offspring, as arena the good campaigners, Pun ton It, Btaeher, Footpad, Imported Cinderella, which follows, i- famous as the dam of Peter Ban. Von Trump and a man icr of lesser lights. Cinderella traces through Mazurka and Mahilk to Rlgolboche, Cremomes dam. and I take it that this is one- of the lust branches of the No. 2— Burton Barb family— and to this Immediate line trace such modern day fivers as The- Tetrarch, Maiden Brlegh, and that really good French marc Clyde which almost rivalled the deeds of the- famon- La Camargo. Anyone who is so fortunate as to possess »t mare which traces to Rlgeiboche may count liimsell lucky indeed, tor there is no better in anv stud book In writing of Tournament. I should have said that be- lioasts no Brine- Lowe number, but is a member of the Minerva Anderson family, from which line came that good race noise Duke of Magenta and other equine celebrities of by gone days. In his fir-t thirty-two Quartering*, Bulse strains sixteen limes to Edtpae, no less than fourteen times to Herod and twice to Matchem. something quite out ol the common this wealth of Herod blood and I will venture to state that one may tabulate- one hundred pedigrees and not find another so well fortified with the blood f the Rverlv Turk. Bulse-. strangely enough, is a chestnut and where does he •-.-t his «e hiring- From Cinderella, daughter of Hermit, to be stare. It rs really remarkable the- manner in which Hermit controls the color of his descendants to the third and fourth generations after him and this ability to control color would make- out Hermit a nnne potent factor in the makeup of our modern dav race he,r-e than In- is popularly suppose,! to be. GalUaule. that most excellent Irishman, got his coloring from Il-rmit. a- does the Hamburg Place stallion. Star shoeit. In Bulses case the Hermit chest-,, out ha- cropped out in spite of the- rait that all of his other immediate ancestors were either bavs or I r.-wns Possibly the excellence of Hermit is due to the- faet that he- I- bre-d in almost perfect balance— i -. -n of an Eclipse horse- whose dam was a Matchem and Hermits first and second dams were both of Il.roei descent In the male line. It is all very well to say there a nothing in breeding." Follow the hap-k 1,-zanl st vie of mating if you choose. -Vou are- only courting disaster, but racers of the class of Recrett WaterMossom and Bulse will be few ami far between. Alarm 15 i IMipse- . . i i.- Himyar 2 J Maud k Bay I in,., ■"■ f ■ Domino ....» IhSSS*" •»» f r Brown 18*1 H"1 U Enquirer J Leamington ...14 l: . Maunie Gray Lida . ir II Blaek 1S71 J , . . , ,,- I Liezie , j War Dame •_•:; II | l . of I.ocoinpte. ..II . ,- - .. | Vedette 1 | j Volti;;eur 21 3 f Ba: * Ridgway ...K -1 i Bonnie" Hal... I living Dm lies- . J Wj. Dutchman.. i H - Brown 18B1 " Merope | °* ~ - - I Rapid Rhone ...,sj V- Melbourne. .2.", M « L Bonuie Dk ii 1 Phvsalis .. M w ■— . Bay i S ." U n Mary t V,"";";!"-. ~~ U g .- D. ot P te-ntiary. ,B n - Tradunr o„ j Th- Libel 14 n f s„ M-di.-d it i Arethusa ,, , -V 1 n fTe.ii.nam.u. .1 Idalia J DuSbSS.* " " " " * S Dulcibella g lT 7 Bay ] i I Alarm 15 J gF11?* 1 ■ S I i Maud , v .. , , Plaything i-: 1 B;,v",rlbrowni ,gj.v Bay The Pet J i Magnetta 5"« « || n s.-if s, t St. Simon n jalopin :; R Brown £and"*] I £ Ange-la B 1 Feronla 1 1 horuianby ....HI St WoodMue i; Cinderella Hermit 5 j N.-wniiu-ter ,...8 1 Chestnut 1888 S-elu-i.-n H I Maaurka S Sea Saw t; h Mabilb- B B— Eclipse. H— He-rod. M— Matchem. .

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