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1 1 . , i 1 1 * ; I 1 1 ; 1 , I I Daily Racing Form . : may be purchased at the follcwine; Hotels 4 1 0 and News-stands in BALTIMORE, KD.. S:00 j| 41 A. M., Day of Issue: ] C. F. SATNBF.RS NEWS-STAND: o X 2 Light Street. 4l MANFREDS NEWS-STAND: O ! . Hanover Bad Baltimore Streets. O MR. EDWARDS American Dldg. Jtoata- O jj stand. Baltimore and South Streets. ► O TERMINAL NEWS-STAND: ► O 10S N. Liberty Street. O j I MA.TANES* NEWS-STAND: it i 1 Howard and Franklin Streets. J t * HENRY WINTER: T i ► 1412 N. Charles Street J ► S. J. PRUZER: ![ it 514 N. Calvert Street. T HOP NEWS CO.: 0 4 1 Holiday and Baltimore Streets. !| NEW HOWARD HOTEL: 0 y Howard and Baltimore Streets. X WORLD NEWS CO.: I . T Howard and Baltimore Streets. 4 1 O WORLD NEWSSTAND: ► J|[ S. Calvert and Daltimore Streets. • o CHARLES A. LERTZ: ♦ 2k 520 N. Eutaw St. and Druid Hill Ave. i + BALTIMORE SIOAR BOWL: 0 # Howard and Madison Streets. • * O CASWELL HOTEL: O Baltimore and Hanover Streets. ** it BEITLERS NEWS-STAND: T ♦ Sharp and Baltimore Streets. T # J. CrOLDr.EKC and BROS.: i N. E. cor. Eutaw ami Fayette Streets, jf * J. IT. SACKS: ▲ T S. E. cor. Madison Ave. and Riddle St. A HOTEL EELVIDEi:::: O It Charles and Chase Streets. £ ! HOTEL STAFFORD: d 2j Charles Street and Madison Avenue. 4 4 EMERSON HOTEL: ♦ t Calvert Street. O O PLAZA NEWS-STAND: ♦ O St. Paul and Fayette Streets. ► O RENNERT HOTEL: ♦ i Saratoga and Liberty Streets. ♦ C. NOTHNACEL: i t Baltiinr.ro; and Eutaw Streets. T 0 NATHAN B. KOI.MAN: *][ O m N. Calvert Street. * J •111 S. MYERS: o T 2°.$ W. Fayette Street. £ J! S. J. PRIZER: d j 544 Calvert Street. 1 B. J. JEFFRE Munsey Bldg.i: O ij Fayette and Calvert Streets. O O CALVERT HJ1UMMG: * 41 Fayette and St. Paul Streets. ► O EQUITABLE BCILDINC: ► 1 Fayette and Calvert Streets. ► ♦ ♦ "■* :1 ,m,,,m • i DAILY RACING FORM o if 4 0 ♦ O MAY BE PURCHASED EARLY EACH MORNING AT THE FOLLOWING NEWS- * l| STANDS IN GREATER NEW YORK, AT SOME OF THEM AS EARLY AS 7:30 A. M.: jj it GRAND CENTRAL STATION, FORTY-SECOND STREET. , 1 ! 1 1 ; 1 1 J I t 1 I I , s 1 t 1 - I - r 1 e ; r v a a . I y v r t v II of t r e t 4 1 THIRD AVENUE. Corner I 8th Street N. E. ► 9th Street N. E. l 14th Street S. E. i 14th Street S. W. ,i 23rd Street S. W. k 42nd Street S. E. [ 47th Street N. E. V 63rd Street N. E. J 59th Street S. W. t 59th Street S. E. ► 67th Street S. W. ► 76th Street N. E. t 84th Street N. W. • 86th Street S. E. « 89th Street S. W. 41 99th Street N. W. 41 116th Street N. W. 4, 125th Street S. E. ., 133th Street S. E. ;; 149th Street S. W. Tremont Avenue N. W. t 4 » FOURTH AVENUE. 4 14th Street S. W. 1 23rd Street N. W. 4 12th Street N. E. || FIFTH AVENUE. I Fifth Avenue Building, 23rd Street... N. W. I SIXTH AVENUE. S 14th Street S. E. 4k 23rd Street S. E. ! [ 28th Street J[ 33rd Street, "L" Station N. W. X 33rd Street, "L" Station S. E. 36th Street N. W. *t 38th Stieet N. E. It 39th Street N. E. 42nd Street S. W. ► 42nd Street N. W. it 60th Street N. W. y SEVENTH AVENUE. [ 430 Store [ 34th Street N. W. X 506 Store ; Near 52nd Street Store t 42nd Street S. W. J I EIGHTH AVENUE. l 23rd Street N. W. | 34th Street N. E. 43rd Street N. E. 4I 68th Street S. W. 116th Street S. E. ! [ 125th Street S. W. J BJSth Street N. W. j! NINTH AVENUE. o 42nd Street S. W. | 42nd Street S. E. o 48th Street N. E. 4 50th Street N. W. [ 69th Street N. W. Greenwich and Cortland Streets S. E. y Greenwich end V/arrcn Street* S. E. I Cortland and Church Streets S. E. ► Cortland Bad Ckaoek Sneers N. W. O 164 Ful ten Street Stand 4» 20 Biojd Stteet ► o Corner 4 20 New Street 4 140 Nassau Street T Horan. Whitehall and South Streets. . Stand T 33 Park Row Stand y Tribune Building, Nassau Street Stand t Gallos, Brooklyn Bridge Stand i t Casino Theater Building O 7 Chatham Square Stand 4 ► Second Avenue and 4th Street N. W. 41 8 Greenwich Avenue Store 4 BROADWAY. 4 1 42 Broadway Inside Store . . Rector N. W. T 220 Stand ][ Woolworth Building Inside, Stand Hotel McAlpin Inside, Stand Hotel Dnperiai Inside. Stand it 50th Street S. E. it 50th Street S. W. 4 65th Street S. W. o 72nd Street, Subway Outside, Stand il 79th Street, Subway Outside. Stand 0 96th Street. Subway. . .Outside. Stand, S. E. 4[ 128th Street, Suoway Outside. .Stand : 181st Street, Subway... Outside. Stand. S. E. T 14th Street S. E. ♦ COLUMBUS AVENUE. 4 ► 66th Street S. E. ► 66th Street N. W. i 72nd Street N. W. o 81st Street N. W. o 86th Street ...N. W. 0 99th Street Cigar Sto.o 4k 104th Street N. W. T 104th Street N. E. j" 310 West 110th Street Cipar Sto-a JP 317 West 110th Street "L" Station ► LENOX AVENUE. 4 116th Street S. W. ► 125th Street S. W. U 135th Stieet S. W. 4 ► PARK AVENUE. 125th Street North o 125th Street South Chambers Street and W. Broadway N. E. TIMES SQUARE. it 43rd Street Subway Station i 47th Street S. E. i 20th Street between Broadway and Fifth Av. i BOWERr. V I Canal Street S. *X0 Grand Street K. E. 4 1 Houstcn Street S. Z. 4 BROOKLYN. j ► Gottlieb Atlantic Ave. Subway 6tation 4 . Kings L. I. Terminal ; Hudson and Fulton Streets 3. W. y Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street ... S. W. y Gavigan Borottgh Hall i t Weber Mvrtle Avenue and Adams i * Richt. r, 1 ■yrtta aWaaaa Siai.d i yon::i m 3 Palisides Avenue 4i O

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