Some Probable Future Turf Heroines.: One-Hundred and Fifty Fillies of Choicest Breeding Nominated for American Oaks of 1919., Daily Racing Form, 1917-03-10


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SOME PROBABLE FUTURE TURF HEROINES. One -Hundred and Fifty Fillies of Choicest Breeding Nominated for American Oaks of 1919. r.T the 1919 running of tli Coaching Club American Oaks LM well-brad fillies, now yearlings. harm been lioui in: t • ! . August Ke.inont li:is named twelve, five by Fair Piny, four by Flint Kock. one lV Watervale Mini :ui importiil daughter of Lem-lxrg, for whit h the imm Catspaw has been claimed. All twelve of Mr. Itelmoiits representatives Jiave already had name- regUtertd for them. .1. . Keene is the largest nominator with sixteen, all lint one of which are imported fillies. Such well-known Kntlish stallions as Neil Jew. King William. Kariman. The Wkite Knight and Land League Ml represented in the Keene band. John K. Madden has named fourteen, the • produce of his Hamburg Place Stud in Kentucky. R. T. Wilson is repre-s tit id by six daughters of his splendid young sire Olambala. which sent Campire to the races last year. II. I. Whitney has named among his thirteen nominations a daughter of his redoubtable Whisk Broom II.. ot f the fastest horses that has raced in this country or Kngland in recent years and holder of the American record of L:M for one and one-quarter miles. Among the Wickliffe Stable 3i in in.i t iiiis are two daughters of the unbeaten Colin, one from Cap and Pells, the only Aineiican-lireil filly to win the Kpsom Oaks. A. H. Hancock lias nominated ten. five by Celt, one by Ballot and one each by Spearmint. Sunstar, Myram and Junior. Altogether thirty-five owners have named the choice produce of their breeding farms. Many of these young misses have already been named. They will be highly tried during the summer and fall of this year and will appear as two-year-olds in our racing of litis. The following is a list of these fillies and their pedigrees: A. L. Astes bay or brown filly, by Eyebrow — II. Ion Miller— bay filly, by Eyebrow — Edith Inez: brown filly, by Sweep — Eyelet; brown filly, by Jack Point— Buttonhole. Bolair Studs bay filly, by Lemberg — Springfoin: Keynote, b. f. by lleno — Rhapsodic: Merry Princess, b. f. by Spani-li Prime — Merriment II.; pixie Bird, ch. f, by Vulcain — Mart Frances. August Belmonts Choicely-Bred Band. August Belmonts Virago, b. or br. f. by Fair PI. iv -Violet Ray: Tailor Maid. ch. f. by Fair Play Toggery; Surplice, b. f. by Fair Ilay — Surcingle; Ilie,h Stakes, b. f. by Fair Play— Haute Roche; Duchess Laee, b. f. by Fair Play— Dragnet; I.adv I.usty. oh. f. by Trap Rock — Luxury; Cold-vale, b. or br. f. by Watervalt — Kock of Cold: Catupaw, ch. f. by Leathers — Cattish; Sourire, b. f. I ■;.- Hint Rack — Half Sovereign; Brunette, b. f, by Hint Kock — Boudoir; Bagadine, oh. f. by Flint Rock— Ballot Bred; Topaze. br. f, by Flint Rock-Topiary. ;. 11. Brownes bay filly, by John oGaunt — Quick. Frederic A. Bryans bay filly, by Firestoix — Dak? l .; bay or brown filly, by Conimoigne — Wenna. .1. imes Pullers bay filly, by Out of Beach — Cata-lina: bay filly, by Out ef Beach— little Queen; bay lilly. by Out of Reach— Mind the Iaint: bay filly, by Out of Keach— Schoolmarni ; bay filly, by Oat ot Reach -Skip. i.iitord A. Cochrans chestnut filly, by Celt — Adrian*; bay filly, by Sweep — Henpcck. W. R. Coos chestnut filly, by barbs OMalley — Naughty .1:11: Chestnat filly, by Tracery — Mandola; bay filly, by Winstanhy earner. J. T. Qwattaaeya Lady Slipper, b. f, by Hessian —little Flower. A. B. Hancocks chestnut filly, by Sunstar — As-ei us, ur: gray Oily, by RpearaUnt — Haurdina: bay filly, by Myram — Pietra: bay filly, by Junior — Bachelor Jill; bay filly, by Ballot— Gold: chestnut filly, by Celt — Network: chestnut filly, by Celt — Diamon-tlaa; bay filly, by Celt — Albertola; bay filly, by elt — Belle Fleur; chestnut filly, by Colt — Sumptuous. Hal Price Headleys chestnut filly by Incle — I.ydia II. : bay filly, by Ciule — Crazy Quilt: chestnut filly, by Inch — Phinutcss; chestnut filly by Star Shoot — Decay; bay filly by Star Shoot- Fair Louise; chestnut filiy. by Star Shoot — Janeta: bay filly, by Star Shoot — Lady Schorr: bay filly, by Star Shoot — Little Buttercup; chestnut filly, by Star Shoot — Pastorella. V. S. Heathers bay filly, by IIoliotrop — Iluttons System: bay filly, by Heliotrope — Black Bess; bay lilly. by Heliotrope — Cross Dacheaa; bay filly, by Heliotrope — Dead Heat; bay or brown filly, by He-liothrope — Minden. H. H. Hewitts bay filly, by Coy Lad— Inspiration. Frederick Johnsons chestnut filly, by Uncle — Ballymona: bay filly, by Cock o the Walk — Kerr. J. 0. Keenes Fifteen Imported Fillies. J. O. Keenes brown filly, by Cornstalk — Foreshore; brown filly, by Fariman — Violet Schomlierg; chestnut filly, by Senseless — Sabretache; chestnut filly by lister King —Cygnet Song; chestnut filly, by King William -Wild Wings; chestnut filly, by Neil Cow — Turkish Princess; bay filly, by Senseless —Ghent Azalen: bay filly, by The White Knight — Illia: bay filly, by Land League — La Netta : bay filly, by Lonawand — Miss Puff: bay filly, by Sunflower II.— Beautiful Sight; bay filly, by Light Brigaih — IVrdou;: : bay filly, by Charles OMall.-y Sanhedrion: bay filly, by Sir Archibald — Golden Slumbers: bay filly, by Day Come: — The Cat; bay filly, by MeGet — Iterate. Willis Sharpe Kilmers Romagi. eh. f. by White Magie — Komagne: via. b. f. by Carisbrooke — Castle; Pathia. b. f. by Duke of Ormonde — Car-pathia; Sea Tale. b. f. by Sea King — Anecdote. James MacMauus chestnut filly, by Onnoiidale — Be— hut, John E. Maddcns brown filly, by Ogden- White Owl: bay or brown filly, by Og-lon — Olga Nether-sole: chestnut filly, by Ogden — Grace ;.; brown or black filly, by Ogden— Disparity; bay filly, by Ogden — Courtmaid: cheat— t lilly. by Ballot— Blush Base; bay filly, by Ormondah — Ivory Bells; chest -inn filly, by Onnoiidale — Parisian: bay filly, by — Pass. in; bay filly. by Ormondah — Western Lady; bay filly, by Sir John Johassa -Qaaek; bay filly, by Onnoiidale — Love Note; bay filly, by Ormondah — Molly Mathemy; bay filly, by Onnoiidale — Pamela. Andrew Millers bay filly, by Textile— Aprils Lady. William B. Millers bay filly, by Inch — Winifred A.: bay filly, by Star Shoot— Our Lassie. John 11. Morris bay filly, by Fair Play — Golden Fancies. Oneek Staldes black filly, by Disguise — Sprite. .1. I. Poes bay filly, by Hessian — Irish Song. laigene Backers bay filly, by Toddington — Lady Ilsley. John Sanfords Zulietta. ch. f. by Trap Bock— Consiielo II.: Scrub Lady. b. f. by Broomstick — S guorile. b. f. by St. Victrix — Signorinolla; Juvenescent o. b| f. by Juuiiir — Seammony. L. S. Thompsons bay filly, by Broomstick — Leay sara. T. P. Thomes J Arrive, b. f, by Magellan — Jean Gordon: Fortitude. ch. f. by Magellan -flares. Edward M. Wilds Highland Light, ch. f. by Sea-berae II. -Hello. K. P. "Whitneys Select List. H. P. Whitneys hestnut fiily. by Whisk Broom i: Firs! Flight- brown filly, by Broomstick-Sylvan: bay filly, by BraaatstJek— Slinpers; bay fiily. by i.reenoacl; Iauasiie-: brown filly, by Hamburg — Dovelet; bay filly, by Peter Pan Yankee Gill: black filly, by Willonyx Sandria: lay filly, by BreOBMtlrk BtarUnc; bay filly, by Hamburg Che rsfcee Bose II.: Mark filly, by Peter Pan— Paint- brasli; bay tilly. by leter Pan — Pshttrsl; chestnut filly, by All .old — Bonnie Star; bay filly, by Peter paa - ontrary. Wi klino stables hay filly, by Javelin— Plain Jane: bay filly, bv Colin Searchlight: brown filly, by Colin— Can and Bells; chestnut filly, by Iltimus I; indmaid : bay lilly. by D. lln — G ingham : chestnut fill;, by Hippodrome Banorelln; bay filly, by The White Knight I idy Fehline; chestnut filly, by Pita Graft— Cellar of Rases. Oeorge D. Whteacr** chestaat filly, by Garry III 1 1 an nil — Dwecote; bay filly, by Garry Herrataaa — Ambrosia: bay filly, by st. Amain UessaUna. J. V.. Wideners IhiUipi. b. f. by i.-ei o- Love-blink: La Beliaeaae, b. f, by Pvlyatelss— Orbit; l.dy of the Barge, h. f. by John oCniint — Oriana; Damnrist: b. f. by Bpearmiat The fylde; Freckles, b. f. by Marajax — Base Royal. . N. Williams Happy Days, ch. f, by Peep oDay — Lady Fern. " R. T. Wilsons bay filly, by oh mbala— San Aii lies; hestnut fill... by Olambala — Dancing Wave; chestnut filly, by Olan.bal.i Amelia: bay filly, by Olambala Koninn Gold: bay filly, by Olambala — Fantasque; chestnut filly, by Olambala — Mauvutc.

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