How Fish Fall In Love: Famous Naturalist Claims Ability to Read Picatorial Minds.; Dr. Francis Ward Declares that Fish Are Slow, but Actually Do Reason., Daily Racing Form, 1919-07-16


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HOW FISH FALL IN LOVE Famous Naturalist Claims Ability to Read Picatorial Minds Dr Fraiiclx Ward Declare that thatFilth Filth Are Slow lint Actually ActuallyDo Do Reason Fish fall In love just as surely as do the higher animals and human beings It lias been proved too that they give expression to Uieir emotions and feelings feelingsA A famous authority Dr Francis Ward said this and added that if one only knows how to observe fish one can tell what they arc thinking about what they intend to do and what they are feeling feelingIt It may seem highly ridiculous to talk about emo ¬ tions of fish and of their intentions but they have these feelings and they do express them They love and fight as we do doThat That fish can actually reason although slowly has been proved by M Oxncr the French naturalist He made a series of interesting experiments with captive fish fishHe He baited a hook and two inches above it fastened a tiny piece of white paper With this bait he tempted a recently captured fish But this fish was wily and for seven days refused the bait Then the next day when the weekold memory of its capture had apparently vanished from its mind tlie fish bit and was hooked hookedM M Oxner carefully unhooked the catch and re ¬ placed it in the water Three times more the fish blt with a days interval between each bite But after that it no longer touched the bait for the meaning of the paper signal had become known to it itOn On tlie twelfth day the piece of paper was1 re ¬ moved from the hook and the fish straightway bit the bait The paper was thereupon replaced and for three days Mr Fish refused to tackle the lure contenting himself with watching it from a safe distance On the fourth day however the fish swam right up to the paper signal sniffed it and then descended and cautiously nibbled the bait until it had succeeded in eating it all off the hook without swallowing the latter On the bait being replaced the fish did exactly the same thing and so carefully avoided capture Experiments with other fish always had tlie same result resultHOW HOW A FISH RECOGNIZED AN ENEMY ENEMYt t An expert pisciculturist kept a large trout cap ¬ tive in a pool Whenever anyone approached the hatchery this trout would show itself and appear to be examining its visitors By way of experi ¬ ment the expert would get a trout rod and hold it at the side of the pool Immediately the trout would swim swiftly into hiding its fins bristling its skin pale with fear and its eyes glaring It would remain hidden as long as the trout rod was in evidence evidenceThe The explanation of this trouts fear of tlie rod is that early in its life the expert cast a new barb less hook into the pool with a trout rod in order to test it Tlie trout seized tlie hook which pene ¬ trated its upper jaw By the time it had been re leased tlie fear and pain it had sufferedevidcntly had made a lasting impression upon I ft ftmemory memory An astonishing fact is that when the owner of the trout brought an ordinary stick or cane into view the fish would take no notice whatever whateverFish Fish make love to the partners of their choice practically in the same way that pigeons coo and bow to their mates matesIf If however his i ersuasive methods of love mak ¬ ing are riot favorably received and the desired one cannot be induced to take up her abode with him he gets annoyed and attacks her unmereilesslyj unmereilesslyjThe The bride is simply driven into the nest and forced to make itself at home It often happens that two or more fish claim tlie same mate In that case a fierce fight ensues and the bravest gets the fairest Wheu a fish is enraged it becomes brilliant in color and all dtp fins bristle sharply When fright ¬ ened it Jiterally goes pale witli fear just as a human being does This palor is due to the fact that alarm causes the pigment cells in the fishs skin to contract and tlie white flesh to show through TitKits

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