Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-12

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Mondays races are:. Latonia, Ky., October 11. 1 Jas. T. Clark. B. B. Johnson, Gipsy Queen. 2 J. N. Camden and J. II. Wheelwright entry. Ace of Trumps, Alex Jr. 3 Lady Sweep, Mabel G., Hidden Talent. 4 Merry Princess, Fifi II., Blushing Beauty, r King Gorin. Lion dOr, Jane Peunybiiker. 0 REGALO. Tippo Sahib, Bellsolar. 7 Mistress Polly, Grey Eagle, Lucky R. J. L. Dempsey. Buffalos Latonia. Handicap. 1 Jas. T. Clark, Ettahe, First Pullet. Sam Reh. 2 Alsace, Ace of Trumps.- Prince Pal, Alex Jr. 3 Captain Hershler, Warlike, Mabel G., Golden Dawn. 4 FIFI II., Blushing Beauty, Precious, Merry Princess. 5 Lion dOr, General Haig, King Gorin, Ormes- dale. C Regalo, Bellsolar, Manager Waite, Sands of . Pleasure. 7 Jiffy, Rhymer, Prince Igor, H. C. Basch. Observers Iiatonia Handicap. 1 Star Baby, .Trusty, Archie Alexander, First Pullet. 2 Alsace, Prince Pal, Ace of Trumps, Parol. 3 Golden Dawn, Mabel G., Warlike, Ziziz. 4 FIFI II., Precious, Blushing Beauty, Galll- Ciirci. 5 Lion dOr, King Gorin, Ormesdale, General Haig. 0 Regalo, Sands of Pleasure, Manager Waite, Prospector. 7 Prince Igor, Lucky R., Jiffy, H. C. Basch. Laurel, Md., October 11. 1 Tattle, Rubidium, Nancy Ann. 2 Ballyconnell, Pibroch. Marie Connell. 3 MILKMAID, Ballet Dancer II., Knot. 4 S. C. Hildreth entry, Leochares, Jack Stuart. 5 S. C. Hildreth entry, Koutledge. Rose dOr. 5 Broom Peddler. Celto, Sylvano. 7 Sunnyhill, Water War, Tie Pin. T. K. Lynch. Buffalos Laurel Handicap. 1 Damask,- Wedding Cake. Rubidium, Runnyven. 2 War Smoke, Ballyconnell, Chimera, Pibroch. 3 MILKMAID. Carpet Sweeper, Ballet Dancer II., Stickling. 4 Corn Tassel, Valor, Leochares. Carpet Sweeper, r Lord Brighton, Valor, Routledge, Rose dOr. G The Decision, The Belgian II., King John, Celto; 7 The Belgian II., Dan, Sunny Hill, Buckboard. Observers Laurel Handicap. 1 Le:Glorieux, Damask, Runnyven, Red Domino. 2 Ballyconnell, Chimera, Pibroch, Musket. 3 MILKMAID. Carpet Sweeper, Knot, Ballet Dancer II. 4 S. C. Hildreth entry, Jack Stuart, Leochares, Carpet Sweeper. 5 S. G. Hildreth entry, Routledge, Rose dOr. G Sylvano, The Belgian II., Celto, Knot. 7 The Belgian 11., Harwood II., Water War, Sunny Hill. Empire City Yonkers, N. Y., October 11 1 SEA MINT. Armistice, May Alley. 2 Cleopatra. Lunetta, Head Over Heels. "3 Enfilade, Hollister. Toto. 4 Audacious, Hannibal, Bally. r Crystal Ford, Albert A., Thistledon. C Whimsy, Sinn Felner, Orderly. F. J. Ortell. Buffalos Empire City Handicap. 1-Sea Mint. May Alley, Armistice, Moroni. 2 CLEOPATRA, Edwina, Lunetta, Head Over 3 FlngsHollister, Enfilade, Old Rosebud. 4 Audacious, Spur, Hannibal, Bally. 5 Questionnaire, Crystal Ford, Recount. Thlstle- 0 Whimsy, Gex. Jack Mount, Miss Kruter. Observers Empire City Handicap. 1 May Alley, Armistice, Short Change, On High. H Cleopatra, Head Over Heels, Edwina, Lunetta. 3 HolllBter. Ultima Thule, Toto. Enfilade. 4 AUDACIOUS, Hannibal, Over There, Bally. 0 Questionnaire Albert A., Crystal Ford, Recount. 6r-Bar One, Orderly, Gex, Jack Mount.

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