Star Shoot and Voter: Two Dead and Gone American Sires of Dams of Winners, Daily Racing Form, 1921-01-08


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I r ! t I t 1 i , ! • 1 t ■ I STAR SHOOT AND VOTER • , Two Dead and Gone American Sires of Dams of Winners. • 1 Their Children Won 69,977 and 18,538, Respectively, in the Racing of 1920. ♦ 4 I.v BXILE. Coatiaalag the compilation of the winnim.-s of tin- dams „f American thorouthhre-ds under siie croup-, the 1930 ,,..„„,,.. ,r Sl.,,. s||„„t M Vo„.r laird and fourth in rank, are given herewith. »f Star Sh.ofs sixty -seven daughters thirty-three of them in 1830 weie prodacUve of wtaaers Voter make- straag headway as ■ inood mate sir.-, as befits a h f the Hermit horse Friars Balsam, whose dam. Ifaveareeea. is a daughter of Barcaldine and one who traces in the female line i" Siinfl-we-r. by Bay Mhldl.toii. Permit me ■"•■■ more to insi-t that there is nomehtiag in iiiiecltiiu-. otherwise bow cosaea it that -ires eea iiMii,- to succeed heal in that particulnr line ■««■ gestcd by then- pedigreea? Voter ■ a yoaag horse " :s " I mare sires go -iiiel is practically eer- •"" " «ke i-M-n higher rank yet as a broad man-sire, fur last -i-a-on he had but sixteen prodaciag daughters lo reptearat him. and as the seasons pass this number must be greatly increased and from my point of view a young and well-bred daughter of Voter is aa deairabie a piece of horseflesh as raa be bad. The figures here presented only include first money: Star Shoot dead, chestnut 1898. by Isinglass-Astrology, by Hermit. Mar, . Produce-. Itaces Amount. Blazing Star. Blazes g .XL! ,-,js Barl] Kose. Kanksia 2 1**i2N Expreaaing, Bacore : i!:! h» Bxpreaaiag. Geaeral .1. -M. limn ... 4 5.871 Kustis. Translate i l 121 Flying star. Fadiag Star 2 1 r,T » Plying Flying Frag :i nun Frances Uaiaes, Chiska 1 1.-,,, Ualaxy, Midia : - Harden of Allah. I.ouj.hland 2 1,711 Heliosis, Helium 4 :.4."u Inferno Jiteeii. Hot Staff 1 s;i:; I. ady Vaadcrgrift, Doahie Vaa ." 2 "1T11 - ™ Pearl, Jewelrr 1 i".00i Livonia. Lively 5 :i-u Mallard, taptaia Aleecek r, 8,880 Marie Odile, St. Michael : ;.:i,,l Mary Bodiae, Goldiae 4 t s?s Maud It. I... Hailbird * |..|Mi Melissa. Iheeloden 12 ti.lld Mice. 1. Kiinmie- j 1.558 Mindful. Caieful iL. 3:.! s. Mindful. Duke of Devonshire 11 7,.:,t Miss Georgia, Perhaps 1 .-,.-,0 Oreaa Blue-. I.liu- Wrack 2 11.350 lourc|uoi. Baaqaoi 4! Ponniuoi. Legotal 2 l!"»00 s-.i Dpi ay, Se-a Bach 1 1.389 Sum].- Shut. Bullseye ; l.riKj staic-adia. Bed Legs :; 2900 Star Cat. American Eagle .". 4 3S- Star Lady. Star Baby 1 .i;,,", Starry Night, star Voter ;: 9.71 1 Starry Night, Cant, Bees | ;| Hon Htellata. Little Pointer 1 i.-p Summer Night, Onmmer Sigh lit 8,888 Hummer Night, Midnight Sun s 8.922 Waldeiia. Wynne-wood .", :i.:ill T",;l1 99:877 Number of mares g| Producing daughters ;v.; Winner- ;v, lt;l"s """ ............. It:! Voter dead, chestnut. 1894. by Friars Balsam Mavourr.een, by Barcaldine. Booby, simpleton 4 12.133 Climlier. Top Rang i; »] pm Climber, rrimson Bamble-r I 1,088 foroiiis. tanvashack 1 701 Dream Girl, Dream of the Valley... -j 2.312 Dream Girt. Wild Thoaghts ........ J 2,189 Dream Girl, ision : 1,200 Fairy Sprite. Cnonn- :; .".M,11 Fairy S| rite-. Kilkenny 1 L.ali Fairy Btory, McGoodwia i 2200 Fair Btory, Waad 1 :oit laaagaral, trocaa :i s.9K» Inaugnral, Flags .", 7.."..".ti laaagaral, Panoply 5.682 loannina. Joa |ains 1; "c.iil Li-I: I.cota. All Amis- 1 |mi Little Jaeen. It e treat 5 2.K30 Love not. Believe Idle Hour 1 lt;.7n: Nightfall. Thunderstorm, 11 1", 7:mi Nightfall Whipi will 2 !i mi Pankhnrst. Ipset 5 17.9tMt Iankhuist . Dartmoor 1 1.288 Huffragette IV Th. Belglaa II. ... .". 8.784 Suffrage-lie IV., Befugee II 1 i.ihki Tranhl, Boamnce 2 -txsi 1raiii.l Sk. Man 4 1,808 Vote-. Ireland J X.;V Total Siis..,;;s Number of mare- ,14 Producing daughters in Winner* f| Baces sroa st A.

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