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THE CHIEF CLOCKERS DAILY SPECIALS WE GIVE 2 OR 3 GOOD THINGS A DAY. SOLD ON ALL PRINCIPAL STANDS— 50c DAILY. YESTERDAYS ADVERTISED XXX SPECIAL: ROLO 9-2 WON We advised everyone to go to this one WIN ONLY. NEW ISSUE WEEKLY BOOK OUT TODAY. Go to your newsdealer and ask for THE CHIEF CLOCKERS WEEKLY REPORT for only 25c a copy. Last weeks ONE BEST. DAY LILLY. 8-1. WON. This weeks issue contains LONG SHOTS — Dont miss them. Everything is set for this race and no mistakes will be made with this horse. BIG XXX OCCASIONAL TODAY. Our "Clocker" has been waiting for this lucky day for quite some time. So confident is he of this horse winning that his advice is to GO THE LIMIT. WIN and WIN ONLY. Go to your newsdealer and ask for the CHIEF CLOCKERS OCCASIONAL, which is S2. and read what our "Clocker " has to say about this one. REMEMBER— SHOOT ON. 15-1. WON: SHE DEVIL. 8-1. WON: EDDIE RICKENBACHER. 4-1. WON. wa, our "ClockerV recent account. TODAY ONE BEST. Our "Clocker" was fortunate enough to get in on all of this horses works and he states that con-rections could not have used better judgment in placing this horse. His advice is to have a LIMIT PLAY. "CLOCKERS" SPECIAL, will turn the tables today. Keep your eyes wide open on this one. Go to vour newsdealer and ask him for the CHIEF CLOCKERS DAILY SPECIALS, only 50c. NOTE. — Sheet can be mailed overnight in plain sealed envelope. Received first mail in morning. or.e week. two weeks. Address CHIEF CLOCKER. 501 S. DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. LUCKY BALDWIN is the man who is getting real live information at New Orleans and Tijuana. I have several horses which will surely win at good prices. Every horse is specially prepared and will positively win barring accidents. This is the best part of all. The information will positively come from the same source as all past winners. ATTENTION ! My past two specials lost. But you know mistakes will happen. A real old-time coup is to be brought off. It is being managed by a shrewd and most successful horseman. The money is right here in New York now. And I am in a position to tell real men about it. Confidence faithfully observed and absolutely expected. The names of these horses are filed on the morning of the race with Daily Racing Form. TERMS — Pay ine by wire, after you collect ycurs. the winnings of a 0 straight play. Positively no wires to anyone that does not ser.d correct business or home address. WIRE AT ONCE. Signed J. F. BALDWIN 1303 Lexington Avenue, New York City FULL PRICE Will Be Paid for M/Y and JUNE, 1920, Monthly Form Books IN GOOD CONDITION ADDRESS. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 Plymouth Court, Chicago, 111. LOOK. BOYS. LOOK! The last day of Jefferson Park meeting this i sj-stem picked: INA KAY 5-1 2nd MAVOURNEEN Even Won Waukeag 7-1 2nd St. Isidore 15-1 Won Sentimental 20-1 Won During 32 days of racing it went only one day without cashing: the next day it had 4 winners, 1 second and 1 third. After you buy this system j look it up and if it hasnt done just as I say I • will gladly return your money. Get this system and pick your own winners. Price 0.00. J. K. CEOSMAN 601 Sixth Ave. Dayton. Ky. ROY WILLIAMS Americas Foremost Clocker and Handicapper. I wire one or two horses daily. THE CREAM OF THE LIVE ONES. TEN DOLLARS FOR TEN DAYS SERVICE I do not sit in an office hundreds of miles away from the track and try to guess winners for you. GET WISE. Telegraph or remit your subscription TODAY. MONTGOMERY HOTEL :: NEW ORLEANS. LA. THE WINNING POST 101 West Forty-first Street New York City TODAYS FREE CODE: Lemonade Shake Silver. - - Speed - Spell- NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY 15 cents per orv. per vear THE WINNING POST Yesterdays Free Code: TROOPER 7-5 2nd THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Ouincy St. Estab. 1904 Chicago Illinois SATURDAYS SPECIAL: Pink-Thursday-Won -Pan -Why-Run On Sale Everywhere Racing Form Is — 35c Per Copy. TODAY S FREE SPECIAL: Ship -East-Out -Hit -Buy -End New b"ok on sale at all news-stands. 35c. Go-d for a week. THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED Baltimore Bldg. Estab. 1907 Chicago. Illinois CHIEF OBSERVER 25 WEST 42nd St., Room 615. NEW YORK CITY TODAYS FREE CODES: , NEW ORLEANS— Georgia-13-8-15. HAVANA— Georgia -4 -3-1 GET A COPY OF THE STANDARD For sale at all news stands at 35e PER COPY. Code is poo.l lor one week. rivet I.ii:e on aanea that are ready to win at all tiacks. Todays Form Special : March-Orange-40-14-15-95. Standard Turf Guide. 22 W. Quincy St., Chicago, 111. STABLE BOY This information comes direct from the track by a Stable Boy FOR SALE AT ALL NEWS-STANDS— 50c DAILY Thursdays Advertised One Best TOM MTAGGART ... 6-1 Won One Best Today Our mans a.lvi.e ..n tl,i ,„,,• K la fa the limit — aria oaly. Hat aot oTerlookea ear BMrea that this hii-d has made :nid your moie v .an l.e f igured as food as u.ni. Extra Special A -lirewd trainer kai Ids one preppe.l to the minute. riii,. right Im.v win be la the aaMle. Stable Tip I.oys. it looks all over Iml the Tfttmttaff Bead what our aiaa has to say aboal i his oae STABLE BOY 501 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois JACK FIELD THE MAN WHO KNOWS I Only Give One Special a Day. SOLD ON ALL NEWS-STANDS— DAILY. BIG XXX~SPEC]AL TODAY [U-if la roar eaaaee, L Iks. t.. win ■ big rail • ■I greeabaeka, as [ have the eiereath hour . k. on a rait that can be eeaaMered aa alrea.lv won I know- that be baa aatarorkea every borne la this ■"■ ■" I hare peraoaalir a-atebed all of their arorka «; • t" this 01 ii the aeee aria only. For cale: Cincinnati. O.. Fountain News Co. Fifth and Walnut Sts. : St. Louis. Mo.. William Lasers. 705 Market St. Lobby., and Fosters. 410 Washington St.: Louisville. Ky.. Eiler and Goodman. 224 Fourth Ave., and Hudsons. Main and Limestone Sts. MAILED .00 FOR ONE WEEK. Received first mail. JACK FIELD. Room 701. 501 South Dearborn St.. Chicago. 111. National 0. K._Racing Letter YESTERDAY S "Best Bet and Long Shot Special" WERE BOTH SCRATCHED 50 PER CENT WINNERS ON OUR "BEST BETS Since New Oi leans opened. We Gave such nice ones as the following: DANCING SPRAY 8-1 WON SHOOT ON 3.: W0N TALISMAN 7.x W0N HARVEST KING 6-1 WON I2ZS* witchet : : : : : 5.2 won ANGON 6_2 WON THIS SERVICE HAS SURE GOT IT ON THEM ALL Why not get the best when yen can get it for the small sume of 50c DAILY 50c AT ALL NEWS-STANDS AND OFFICE MAILED DIRECT. 1 WEEK. .00 National 0. K. Publishing Co., Room 411. Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, Illinois New Orleans Special IS NOW READY Rush your name and address if you want it NO TIME TO WASTE If you will ajree to send me the day after the race the winnings of a 0 bet by wire you can get in en this "good thing." This horse MUST WIN AT 5 TO 1 OR BETTER. In case the price is not that good YOU OWE ME NOTHING. This horses name is now on file at the Daily Racing Form. No general delivery or care of telegTaph office letters recognized. This is a business mans proposition and I do not want any triflers to answer this ad. I want only those that can make good after the horse wins. Letters bearing a business card given the preference. After this horse wins I will then file another one with Daily Racing Form and send it to all clients that have made good. I will send all wires from New Orleans, as I am getting ready to leave for there, and if your letter arrives after my departure it will be forwarded to me. Now get busy, write or wire your address at once. J. P. ROSS 2511 North Calvert Street Baltimore. Md. THE American Racing Manual for 1921 is now in course of preparation and wiil be ready for distribution about January 15, 1921. Orders for it may be filed now, to be filled when issued. THE 1921 MANUALS Handicap Tables have been brought up to date. Instead of divisions of quarter seconds the three tables have all been modernized into fifths. Before the tables and their application charts is an introduction and general directions for handicapping by the late Nim S. Hand, an expert of the first class, who recently died in California. THE 1921 MANUAL contains engraved diagrams of thirty-two leading American race courses, with their locations, capacities, chutes, stands, widths of tracks and lengths of stretches in detail. PRICES By MAIL: LEATHER BOUND 60 PAPER BOUND 1.10 PRICES AT OFFICE: LEATHER BOUND .50 PAPER BOUND 1.00 DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO ILL 157-159 EAST 32nd STREET. NEW YORK. N. Y. 74 EXCHANGE STREET :: BVFEALQ. N. Y,

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