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,000 CERTiriED GUARAIMTEED INfORMATION ,000 Starts Out Like the Twentieth Century Limited and Continues That Way. Guaranteed Winners or Money Refunded for Straight or System Players. Horse I Sent Out Saturday WON. Have Sent Nothing Since. I Have Had 12 Winners Out of 14 On Monday, January 10: on Tuesday. January 11. and on Wednesday, January 12. I will have an extraordinary Extra Special each day that will positively win. barring accident. Hero is :■ facsimile ri-p • ! net inn of in f SU.UIIO.OO t-r I i iica c of DcpoaiH «-h ecu t c«l liy tilt i! ■ rrina n National ItanK. one of Nc Yorks lending National Hanks. Is jours if my Inioriiint ion is other tlisin .DM INI. Si 111.10 INFORMATION. " ~ " "~" :,_.;; "1 3 No §~Zooq /oh /Harriman National Bank OF THE CITr OF NEW YORK New York, 191 Ay y- r ■l-tr.-y dkf--y ! , HAOE POSITED IN THIS BANK • V rJr / , s._e? v_ . . 3 /£ - / / P*Y*andl.G°Lt*z±-? CURRENT FUNDSKTH£ ORDER OF cf ,/ ///■ * - -- II ~J • 5ef_2?s« r - ._!T~ :::....:":.r""... . . . 1 , ZTon thINe4urn.of this . . i Certificate properly endorsed _f /d . . y . , i A fi JHAMaaJ The . 000. CO is yours if I refuse to REFUND any subscription — if any one ever loses. See Terms. The S2.0CO.CO iis yours if I ever sent out more than ONE HORSE at a track. The ,000.00 is yours if the TURNER GUARANTEED CERTIFIED SYSTEM, which is a distinct proposition, ever loses out. My CERTIFIED Information consists of aKoluely the very BEST STABLE INFORMATION further certified to by my PROFICIENT WATCH WORKERS and still further certified to by the acknowledged ablest HANDICAPPER in America. The ability, integrity and financial standing: back of the man who sends out Turf information is the BIG FACTOR. TERMS: — 5.00 for eix wires, sent you two or three times a week, wired early in the day. You must be NET WINNER on the six straight flat plays or MONEY REFUNDED. I guarantee YOU MUST WIN. It is worth-many times its cost. Remit by telcgranhic money order. My information is filed with New York Daily Racing Form. Here is a copy of r?ceint I give you: "No. 1246. This certificate is a receipt for 5. paid by John Long, Detroit. Mich., in full receipt for six wires. I guarantee to refund the 5 unless I make Mr. Long a net winner on six wires, to be played flat straight. Countersigned BILL Tl IIM.II." FREE — Send for descriptive literature on CERTIFIED information: names of highly -pleased patrons: why do I rell my information if it is very good? Facsimile reproduction of my Guaranteed ,000.00 Bank Certificate of Deposit, which I forfeit if TURNERS CERTIFIED SYSTEM ever loses out. You CANNOT LOSE. I reneat. YOU CANNOT LOSE. My patrons emphatically ride that my information has nroduced rerults beyond their wildest imaginations. You will be equally as enthusiastic. I am going to give you an open secret — in the last six weeks I have never had a loser: ask any or all of my patrons for verification. Finally. BEST stable information is BEST stable information. There are no IFS or BUTS. If an information bureau cannot say its information is absolutely the BEST stable information, it really doesnt matter what else it rays. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BEST STABLE INFORMATION. Suite 336 BILL TURNER, 17 West 42nd St., New York New Orleans Special IS NOW READY Rush your name and address if you want it NO TIME TO WASTE If you will agree to send me the day after the race the winnings of a 0 bet by wire you can get ! ■ in on this "good thing." This horse MUST WIN AT 5 TO 1 OR BETTER, j In case the price is not thai good YOU OWE ME NOTHING. This horses name is now on file at the Daily Racing Form. No general delivery or care of telegraph office letters recognized. This is a business mans proposition and I do not want any i.riflers to answer this ad. I want only those that can make good after the horse wins. Letters bearing a business card given the prefereiuc. After tin ! horse wins I will then file another one with Daily Racing Form and send it to all clients that have made good. I will send all wires from New Orleans, as I am getting read- to leave fcr there, and if your letter arrives after my departure it will be forwarded to me. Now get busy, write or wire your address at once. J. P. ROSS 2511 North Calvert Street Baltimore. Md. JACK FIELD THE MAN WHO KNOWS I Only Give One Special a Day. SOLD ON ALL NEWS-STANDS— SI DAILY. BIG SPECIAL TOMORROW I have dug up a real live or.e that goes tomorrow in the race and, believe me. folks, this is one of the best things that has started for quite some time. Under no consideration miss it. as you will have no one to blame but yourself. FOR SALE. Cincinnati. 0. — Fountain News Co.. 5th and Walnut Streets. St. Louib, Mo. — Lasers. 705 Market St. Lobby, and j Fosters, 410 Washington St. | Louisville. Ky. — Eiler and Goodman. 224 4th Ave., and Hudson. Main and Limestone Sts. Mailed — S4 for one week — received first mail in morning in plain s -alcd nvelope. JACK FIELD. Room 701. 501 South Dearborn St., Chicago. 111. TIJUANA j I Only Real, Live Information Terms: Winnings Straight Play I 547 West 34th Street NEW YOFK CITY | FOR LIVE ONES Get the REPORTER. Only 35c w.-eklv. Whore i-vrr KACING FORM is arid. Mordays Spe. ial: Pink-Tuesday-Why-Run-Pan-Why. : THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Quincy St. Estab. 1904 Chicago. 111. I 1 ! ■ j The Chief dockers DAILY SPECIALS We Give 2 or 3 Good Things a Day SOLD ON ALL PRINCIPAL STANDS— 50c DAILY NEW ISSUE WEEKLY BOOK OUT TODAY TOMORROWS FREE CODE: Main-3C-9-17-ll Connections are down strer.g on this bird and have wired big commissions away on this one. Weekly book or.ly costs 25c. Saturdays One Best Won Again FRIDAYS ADVERTISED XXX SPECIAL R0L.0 9-2 WON We advised everyone to go to this one. win only. TOMORROWS ONE BEST ihaald WIN without the least bit of hardship as this one could not be in any better form than at prerent. Our dockers advice is to GO THE LIMIT: here is your chance for e?sy dough. CLOCKEBS SPECIAL has been kept under cover and the mom— t this one is turned loose it will be all war frr the others. Go to your newsdealer and a-!: f« the CHIEF CLOCKERS DAILY SPECIALS, only 50c: mailed one week. S5 two weeks. CHIEF CLOCKER. 501 South Dearborn St.. Chkago. 111. j | j I National 0. K. Racing Letter Yesterdays •BEST BET WAS SCRATCHED." WE 3TILL HAVE 50 PER CENT WINNERS on our -BEST BETS since New Orleans opened. MONDAYS BEST BET GOES IN THE 4th RACE AT NEW ORLEANS AND SHOULD BE 5 TO 1 OR BETTER WE THINK EXCEPTIONALLY WELL OF THIS ONE. DONT MISS IT ! GET MONDAYS SHEET 50c — At Ail News-stands— 50c OR Mailed Direct—! Week— .00 National 0. K. Publishing Co., Room 411, Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, Illinois I | RELIABLE INFORMATION DONT GUESS. Am telcgrnphcr and have handled information concerning a horse which goes WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 12 and looks like a sure thirg. Will you v. ire me wi-iungs of a play? This is best information obtainable. FRZD P. BOHLER. Planters Hotel :: :: New Orleans, La. : I 1 GET A COPY of The Standard, contains code to TODAYS FORM SPECIAL: Maich-Orange-95-14-15-95. .Look; like a i-.ood one. Dont inns it. 35 . at all news-stands. Code good for one atai . fMlB ST A K II A It D Tl It !• Gl IL»K. Room 403, 8 West Quiiicy Street, Chicago, Illinoii. The Reliable, Wonderful, Winning System A powerful, scientific method wherein SUCCESS IS ASSURED. Can be played at or away from the track, on large or small capital. Gives a play in nearly every race and One Best Bet a day. also XXX Occasionals that nearly all win. It is giving some nic"-priced winners, such as: Mary Head. 6 to 1 Won Sea Court... 5 to 1 2nd The Moor ...5 to 1 Won She Devil ...8 to 1 Won I H. C. Basch.7 to 1 Won Murphy 8 to 1 Won Tugs 4 to 1 2nd Fantcche ...41 to 1 Won Waukeag .11 to 1 Won Capital Citv.6 to 1 Won Marmite 10-1 Won The Wit 15-1 Won The price is reasonable. You can get my system en easy terms. Send name and address for free information. WATSON CORNELL ! ST. CHARLES HOTEL NEW ORLEANS. LA. STABLE BOY This information is wired down to us direct from tka Fair Grounds track by a Stable Boy FOR SALE AT ALL NEWS-STANDS— DAILY THURSDAYS ADVERTISED ONE BEST TOM McTAGGART ...6-1 WON We advised everyone to go to him. win only. Were you or.e of the lucky cnes to get in on him. if not you have a chance to do so tomorrow. mi BEST TOMORROW from the same source that our man got Tom McTaggert 6-1 Won. Here is a chance to clean up. so get this one and go to it with confiderce. as our man is very sweet or. this ones winning chances. EXTRA SPECIAL has a world af qpeed aad will find this company to his liking. STABLE TIP is worth a good play. STABLE BOY 501 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois LOOK. BOYS. LOOK! The last day of Jefferson Park meeting this system picked: INA KAY 5-1 2nd MAVOURNEEN Even Won Waukeag 7-1 2nd St. Isidore 15-1 Won Sentimental 20-1 Won During 32 dav., o! r.itin?r it went only one day without cashing; th» next day it had 4 winners. 1 :c"ond and 1 third. After you buy this system look it up and if it haimt done just a:; I say I will gladly return your money. Get this system aad pick your own winners. Price 0.00. J. H. CROSMAN 601 Sixth Ave. Dayton, Ky. HANDICAP THEM YOURSELF GET A THOROUGHBRED On Sale at All N,-ws-stnnds — 35c. Mond.ivs Best No. 251 THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED Baltimore Bldg. Established 1907 Chicago. 111. Chief Observer 35 CENTS PER COPY For Sale at All News-stands Everywhere MAILED TEN WEEKS S3 CHIEF OBSERVER PUBLISHING CO. 25 WEST 42nd STREET NEW YORK CITY TODAYS SPECIAL CODE: NEW ORLEANS— Georgia -4-1-23. Right off the reel the CHIEF is slammi:ig ovei the winners in sensational style in the New Issue. LOOK. HERE ARE WEDNESDAYS WINNERS: WAUKEAG 7-10 WON AZTEC 6-5 WON VALERIE WEST ...7-10 LOST PICT0R 9-10 WON HUNTRESS 8-5 WON AND THE ONE BEST: SCARPIA II. 7-1 WON This is what we c?;i ganif some in one dav and we fail to see how you can afford to be without the Chief Observer for a single issue. Go to your newsd-aler right now and ask for the CHIEF OBSEP.VER: also the Chief iin* sent i" an urgent message imploring every one to get down strong on TOMORROW BIG 0 Free Special which has come to him red hot. Ur.d t no circumstances fail to read all the Chief has to say on this track. For this special be sure and get the Chief Observers Daily Track letter Only 50 cents, and is for sale at all news-stands everywhere. LUCKY BALDWIN | is the man who is getting real live information at New Orleans and Tijuana. I have several horses , which will surely win at good prices. Every horse 1 is specially prepared and will positively win barring accidents. This is the best part of all. The information will positively come from the same source as all past winners. ATTENTION ! My past two specials lost. But you know mistakes will happen. A real old-time coup is to be brought off. It is being managed by a shrewd and most successful horseman. The money is right here in New York now. And I am in a position to tell real men about it. Confidence faithfully observed and absolutely expected. The names of i these horses are filed on the morning of the race with Daily Racing Form. MY BIG SPECIAL YESTERDAY WAS: LUCKY B 8-5 WON TERMS— Pay me by wire, after you collect yours, the winnings of a 0 straight play. Positively no wires to anyone that does not send correct business or home address. WIRE AT ONCE. Signed J. F. BALDWIN 1303 Lexington Avenue, New York City THE WINNING POST YESTERDAY S FREE CODE: JERRY, 10-1, WON "Where did you find this one!" i Is the question the Winning Post staff had to answer many times yesterday. Why. he hasnt raced in three or four years, they would say. Just send it in was our answer. WE KNOW SOMETHING Now ve v.-oulu like to ask you a question. Mr. Reader: Do ynu know of any other publication that otild find you one like that and advise you to ■appart it with confidence? Some advice for 15 cents, eh ; More to come shortly. THE WINNING POST ; 101 West Forty-first -Street New York City Fifteen cents per copy. per year by mail, all stands, all cities. It is woi.h a hundred times that amount. It is with pleasure we tell our readers everything we know. NEW ORLEANS RACES J.J.SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER. 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Cocker YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS My man at New Orleans is sending mo many winners. Rush your order. My clients will vouch for my marvelous success in the past years that I have worked tor them. I will prove, show and convince you that I am the peer of anybody in my line. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. 1814 WEST JEFFERSON ST.. LOUISVILLE. KY. SLBSIUIBB for DAILY RACING rOHM

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