Aqueduct Stakes for Year 1921: Twenty-One Feature Events Offered by Queens County Jockey Club---Values Increased from 1,500 to 0,000, Daily Racing Form, 1921-02-01


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i ! i i i ! . | ; I I I I I i i i • ■ i | ! AQUEDUCT STAKES FOR YEAR 1921 TWENTY-ONE FEATURE EVENTS OFFERED BY QUEENS COUNTY JOCKEY CLUB— VALUES INCREASED FROM 1,500 TO 0,000 = = NLW YORK. N. V.. January Bl. The Qneeas County Jockey Club pro-peotus of stakes to be run at j its summer meeting over the Aipieduet track the latter part of Jane and the early pari of -lulv is out All are to close for entries March 1. The display contains twenty -one events. One. the Carlton, at one mile for tin e year olds, an old Grave send feature with a glorious history, has been revived, with an added vain, of gt.jQO The twenty -takes of the Ai|iieduct summit- meeting of 1926 had an added Mid guaranteed value of | Mil. ." M. The twenty -one stake- for the same eting this year will have values of ssii.ikmi. The historic Brooklyn Handicap Is raised froni st. •" • » to .6an, the Great Amerteaa and Tnaaant I stakes from So. inn to sid.diKi. and the minor stakes generally have aa Increase ia rah I each. Vslaea in other cases have b en eqoltably averaged. In some case- they are lower. Here i- a li-t i I of the A,|ii,duet Stakes, with their prizes of last and this yar. distances and conditions: Stakes. Age, Hist. ltliii Value. 192] Value. 1 rooklyn Handicap 3-year-olds and over i is ,599 Guaranteed 19.999 Gaaraateed Carter Handicap 3-year obis and over 7 B :,.iim» llnaraateed 1.099 Added Rrookdale Handicap 3-year-oMs and aver 1 1 8 i.r K Added 1.099 Added Queens County Handicap... 3-year olds and aver 1 . 2.308 Added :: mhi Added Speculation 3-year-olds and over 1 1.390 Added I.tMIO Added Myrtle Selling 3-year-alds and over 1 1.399 Added J.tHMI Added Bockaway Relllag 3-year -olds ami over :; I 1.399 Added lmmmi Added Dwyer 3-year-old colts and lillies i |.a a.999 Gaaraateed 3.999 Added Carlton S-year-otda 1 Renewed for 1921 3.399 Added Gaaettc B-yaar-oM fJlies l 1-M 2.999 Added 2.399 Added • Union Sidling 3 year olds 7 s l..".K» Added L.dtlll Added Great Aanricaa 2-year-oids H B.999 Guaranteed 19.999 Gaaraateed I Tremont J year olds 3-1 9.999 Gaaraateed 19.000 Gaaraateed I Hudson 2 year-olds :, s 1.999 Gaaraateed 2.599 Added i lover 2 yen r- old lillies 5 s 1.099 Gaaraateed 2,399 Added Astoria Belling 2-year-old tillies 3-8 .SHi Added 2.399 Added Canarsie 2-year-olds 3-8 1.399 Added 2.999 Added Woodhavea Selling 2-year-olaa 5 8 1.309 Added 2.999 Added .letid.ile Steeplechase 1-year old- and ov H 2 12 2.IMKI Added 3..".KI Added Winhcld Steeplechase 4-ycar olrls and over 2 1.399 Added 2.."ii»i Added P.ayside Steeplechase 1-year olds and over 2 l.oOO Added 2,090 Added - Totals Jl i Stil.olMI Ss;t|..Kl0

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