Spinaway Stakes Eligibles: One Hundred and Thirty Fillies Nominated for Spa Feature, Daily Racing Form, 1921-08-13

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SPiNAWAY STAKES ELIGIBLES a- One Hundred and Thirty Fillies Nominated for Spa Feature. Best of the Two-Year-Old Misses in America Will Be Seen in Contention. 1 This years renewal of the Bpinaway Stakes at Saratoga will witness the bringing together of an aggregation of two-year-old misses that will worthily uphold the beit traditions of the American turf. Originally there were one hundred and sisty-six nominations, thirty-six of which have declared at 3 each, leaving one hundred and thirty still eligible to run in the forty-year-old Saratoga event. Many of the young eligibles have already established eminent reputations and attained fame and fortune. Such are Fair Phantom and Miss Joy, bojh of which have won valuable stakes this season; Fair Phantom winning the Debutante Stakes and Spring Trial Stakes at Churchill Downs and the Clipsettn Stakes at Latonia and Miss Joy the valuable Cincinnati Trophy. In a lesser degree are fillies of great promise; Nancy F., Startle Jeanne Bowdre, Dream of Allah, Veiled Colleen. Bose Brigade and Budana among others, which have performed brilliantly and have won in good company. Here are the eligibles, their pedigrees, sires and dams and sires of dams and nominators: The Spinway of ,.r00, for fillies two years old. By subscription of 115 each: 5 additional if left in after May 1, 1121. Starters to pay 0 additional, luaranleed gross value ,500 Closed November 27, 1120, with ICO entries. Five and a half furlongs. K. U. Bradley Bobbed nair, br, by Helmet Miss Kinglets,. by Handball. K. It. Bradley Be Good, b, by Cunard Follies Bergeres, by llimyar. K. K. Bradley Brass Tacks, br. by Helmet Grail, by Atheling. .13. It. Bradley Bill and Coo, br, by Helmet Padula, by Laveno. E. It. Bradley Iired at Home, ch, by North Star III. Bonanet, by St. Avonicus. Desha Breckenridge Naughty Nisba, ch, by The Manager Daisy Piatt, by Marta Santa. .7. N. Camden Fair Phantom, b, by Light Dri-gade--Bellita, by Ben Brush. George Clioos Eager Ej-es, ch, by Vulcain May Orsini, by. Orsiiii. K. C. Christian Moon Winks, b. or br, by Sweep Experience, by Knight of the Thistle. P. A. Clark Boyal Primrose, br, by Celt Primula II., by St. Denis. P. A. Clark Blue Teal, br, by Wrack Delft, by. Burgomaster. P. A. Clark Gravitate, br, by Itock View Lady Carnot, by Kadiuiu. "P. A. Clark Exterminate, ch, by TJltimus Fair Empress, by Jim Gore. P. A. Clark Chewink, blk, by Celt Bobolink II., by Willonyx. Gifford A. Cochran Orro, ch, by His Majesty Golden Drop, by Hamburg. Gifford A. Cochran Polyantha, b, by Broomstick Early Itosc, by Star Shoot. W. It. Cot Parfleche, ch, by Harmonicon Vale Royal, by Valens. W. It. Col Many Smiles, ch, by Harmonicon Laughaway, by Cicero. W. It. Coe Passamaria, b, by Black Jester Pasquita, by Sundridge. M. J. Banning Collinga, ch, by Light Brigade Hindoo Itose, by Hindoo. 31. J. Danning Tulwar, b. or br, by Light Brigade One Step, by Oddfellow. Frank .7. Farrell Nancy P., br, by Sweep Frances Dillon, by The Commoner. Frank J. Farrell Sun Girl, ch, by Ballot Miss Mooney, by My Boy II. n. C. Fisher Evil, blk, by Itock View Arrow-shaft, by Ogden. Ilohert L. Gerry Citation, br, by Ogden Meritorious, by Miller. Robert L. Gerry Diversity, br, by The Finn Disparity, by Singleton. Robert L. Gerry Pretty Lady, ch, by TJltimus Plain Jane, by Mauvezin. Itobert L. Gerry Bees Wax, b, by Celt Honey Bee, by Hamburg. Glen Riddle Farm Green Fruit, b, by The Finn Watermelon, by Watercress. Cary T. Grayson Griselda, br, by Wrack Votes, by Voter. Cary T. Grayson Lucky Girl, b. or br, by His Majesty Pleione. by Sain. Greentree Stable Last Night, br, by TJltimus Star Dreamer, by Star Ruby. Greentree Stable Ravage, b, by Wrack Ellers-lie, by Chsraxus. Greentree Stable Deirdre, ch, by Celt Network, by Eon. Greentree Stable Maracaiho, ch; by Spanish Prince II. Cafo-au-Lait, by Meddler. . Abe Hallow Wishbone, b, by Sweep Chicklets, by His Highness. A. B. Hancock Blue Deep, b, by Wrack Marie Frances, by Sir Dixon. H. II. Hewitt Startle, ch, by Star Hawk Inspiration, by Ayrshire. Islip Stable Happy Chances, b, by McGee Donno Mamona, by Yankee. Islip Stable Mary Agnes S., b, by Assagai Anna Reed, by Star Shoot. Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords Pretty Day, b, by Or-mondale Unterock, by Hamburg. Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords Gay Plumage, ch, by McGee White Plume, by Order. Montfort Jonps Miss Joy, b; by Peter Quince Proud Daisy, by Pride. Kedgwick Stable Ronajds Run, ch, by Dick Fin-nell Federal Girl, by TJltimus. Kedgwick Stable Roulette, br, by Celt Toots, by Top Gallant. Kedgwick Stable Theo, b, by Theo. Cook Niddis, by Hermis. Kedgwick Stable Forest Queen, b, by Theo. Cook Kings Oak, by King James. J. 0. Keene Jeanne Bowdre, ch, by Luke McLuke Black Brocade, by Neil Glow. J. O. Keene Louanna, b, by Luke McLuke Aunt Josie, by Ogden. J. O. Keene Comedie dAmour, br, by Luke Mc-Luke Carmen, by Peter Quince. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Dinahmeur, b, by Allu-meur White Dinah, by The White Knight. A. K. Macomber Story Teller, br, by Dodge Sling Shot, by Sunstar. A. K. Macomber Prudence, br, by Dodge Pleiades, by Sunstar. A. K. Macomber Lizette, b, by Star Hawk Cu-grail, by Cunard. J. E. Madden Native Land. br. or blk, by Friar Rock La Iatrie, by Out of Roach. J. E. Madden Harridan, ch, by Friar Rock Tory Maid, by The Yankee. J. E. Madden Emotion, ch, by Friar Rock Affection, by Isidor. E. B. McLean Dream of Allah, ch, by Colin Garden of Allah, by Star Shoot. E. B. McLean Starella, ch, by Star Shoot-Pamela, by Hamburg. E. B. McLean Black Flag, blk, by Light Brigade Mi -play, by Fair Play. J. . Milam Bernice K., ch, by Golden Maxim Eva K., by The Friar. J. C. Milam Santa Clara, b, by Orniondale Western Lad3 by Ogden. J. C. Milam Bullock, b, by Hessian Dum Dum, by Yankee. Oak Itidge Stable Sherando, ch, by Sea King Elizabeth D. R.. by Star Shoot. Oak Ridge Stable May Hampton, ch, by Sea King Court Holiday, by Queens Birthday. Oak Ridge Stable Belle Boyd, b, by Sea King Dorothy Gray, by Hamburg. Oak Ridge Stable Rose Hill, ch, by Berrilldon Hollo Clem, by Contestor. Oiicok Stable Castanet, b. or br, by Frizzle Kaskaskia, by Yankee. J. V. Parrisli Red Loaf, ch, by Bulsc Early Love, by King Eric. Pelican Stable -Veiled Colleen, ch, by The Finn Scenery, by Sain. Pelican Stable The Vengeance, eh, by The Finn Catharine Carson, by Ben Strome. Quiiicy Stable Minima, ch, by Friar Rock Miss Minnie, by Meddler. Quincy Stable Dispute, blk, by Friar Rock Dismiss, by Ogden. Quincy Stable Nadjy, ch, by Friar Rock Star of Danube, by Star Shoot. Rancocas Stable Nightmare, blk, by Dick Finnell Martha Palmer, by Sempronlus. Rancocas Stable Rose P.rigade, b, by Short Grass Tapiola, by The Commoner. Rancocas Stable Fanfare, b. or br, by Zcnri Frances, by Singleton. Itancoca3 Stable Sidius, ch, by Zeus Ityola, by Mexican. Rancocas Stable Budana, br, by Zeus Buda, . by Sweep. J. K. L. Ross Diadeina, ch, by Marathon Samura, by Santoi. J. K. L. Ross Lynmouth, ch, by Marathon Lingar, by Dublin. Samuel Ross Racquetta, b, by Wrack Lady Isabel, by Holstcin. John II. Itbsscter Mission Bells, b, by Friar Rock Sanctuary, by Broomstick. John II. Rosseter Simpatica, ch, by Friar Rock Lady Bedford, by Ogden. John II. Rosseter Flying Jib, blk, by Friar Rock Shelby Bell, by Knight Errant. John H. Rosseter Glory of the Seas, b, by Disguise Mauretania, by OunarJ. John II. Rosseter -Dolores, b, by Disguise Bert-ills Choice, by Berrill. John H. Rosseter Black, by Disguise Santa Malta, by Sanctuary. John II. Rosseter Crock o Gold, ch, by Friar Rock Collar of Roses, by Collar. Walter J. Salmon Impetuous, ch, by Peter Quince Wilful Maid II. ; by Sundridge. Walter J. Salmon Adrienne, ch, by His Majesty Adriatia, by Hamburg. Walter J. Salmon May Blossom, ch, by TJltimus May Hempstead, by Patron. Walter J. Salmon Fair Lady, ch, by Uncle Fair Catherine, bj Yankee. John Sanford Queen Mab II., ch, by Sunstar St. Agnes, by St. Blaise. John Sanford Odessa, ch, by Sunder Snow Marten, by Martagon. William A. Shea Miriam Cooper, b, by Sweep-Lady Eastmnn, by Masetto. Short Grass Stable Mana Grass, ch, by Short Grass Ida Claire, by Golden Maxim. Short Grass Stable Swift Grass, ch, by Short Grass Safe Home, by Hilarious. A. B, Spreckels Avispa, ch, by Runnymede Napa Girl, by Solitaire II. A. B. Spreckels May S., ch, by Runnymede Ponrquol, by Star Shoot. A. B, Spreckels Selota, ch, by Runnymede Lady Atheling, by Atheling. A. 11. Spreckels Cazadora, b, by Runnymede Abbas, by Big Chief. Charlps A. Stoneham Notime, br, by Vulcain or Ilourless Delusion, by Meddler. L. S. Thompson Nednn, b, ,by Whisk Broom II. Leayonara, by Woolsthorpe. L. Watorbury Chestnut, by King James Dolly Bultman, by Alloway. L. Waterbury Kings Fancy, b, by King James Ildiko, by Golden Maxim. .L. Waterbury Drifting, ch, by Ballot Spindrift, by Requital. Edward M. Weld Blue Ribbon, ch, by TJltimus Grand Prize, by Kingston. AVestmont Stable Princess Palatine, b, by Prince Palatine Frizette, by Hamburg. II. P. Whitney Meadow Mist, b, by Whisk Broom II. Rainy Daisy, by Hamburg. II. P. Whitney Chestnut, by Broomstick Courage, by Hamburg. II. P. Whitney Constellation, b, by Broomstick Starling, by Hamburg. II. P. Whitney Yankee Maid, blk, by Peter Pan Yankee Girl, by Sir Dixon. II. P. Whitney Prudish, blk, by Peter Pan Polly Flinders, by Burgomaster. II. P. Whitney Calamity Jane, ch, by Pennant Mrs. Trnbbel, by Hamburg. II. P. AVhitney Penitent, ch, by Pennant Regret, by Broomstick. II. P. Whitney Trysting, blk, by All Gold-Tryst, by St. Amant. George D. Widener Galeta, ch, by Garry Herrmann Lady Galette, by Lord Edward II. George D. Widener Bountiful, b, by Wrack Sumptuous, by Fatherless. George D. Widener Pancake, b, by Tetcr Pan Phenecia, by Troutbcck. George D. Widener Modesty, ch, by Maintenant Feminist, by Voter. Samuel Willets Betty Blue, ch, by Celt Logls-tilla, by Locohatchee. Xalapa Farm Gladbrook, b, by Fair Play Golden Sand, by Itock Sand. Xalapa Farm Waterloo, b, by Great Britain Ethel Mason, by Sempronlus. Xalapa Farm Royal Tracings, ch, by Tracery Royal Coinage, by Minting. Xalapa Farm Prelude, ch, by Fair Play St. Priseilla, by Rayon dOr. Xalapa Farm Bellevue, ch, by Fair Play Beldame, by Octagon. Xalapa Farm Fusee, ch, by Fair Play Ferment, by Octagon. Xalapa Farm Finery, b, by Fair Play Felicity, by Itock Sand. Xalapa Farm Phantom Blue, ch, by TJltimus Algie M., by Hanover. Thirty-six declared at 5 each.

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