Settled down to Business: Calm Follows the High Pressure of Fair Grounds Opening, Daily Racing Form, 1922-01-04


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SETTLED DOWN TO BUSINESS . * Calm Follows the High Pressure • of Fair Grounds Opening. ■ ♦ Frigate Defeats John S. Reardon in the Chief Race — Jockey Lang on Three Winners. — ♦ NLW OBLF.WS. i..-i . January 8. -After yeeter-day- Ug attendance, it was natural thai there should be :i falling off in personage, bat it «m ■at t t ho extent expected .-m-l aa enthusiastic crowd wttataatd seaae spirited racing. The weather was again balmy, aharaat "f the saaaaaer brand, and . the lightning fast taaret contributed iu the making of good spoit. Serenity was agaia tl rder. nothing of :i 8is- turbing aatare transpiring. The police continued inactive aa they a ill thcaagheat t »i»- BSeetiag, whatever hostile raciag moves may caaae from the district attorney- office. District Attorney Marr "as girea ■ list .,f tin-layers vvho aperated yesterday and will prabaMj file an information against tiieui. hat the prneeea ■will he orderly The parties wanted will appear and Rive ■ small bond at.d it will he thea up to Die courts. The final disposition of the vases will ■probably find the neetlag over. At least i; is boned so. District Attorney Marr. however, continues an eatgaaa and so fat has failed to disc lose any of the plans of action. He still maintains. liowcvor. that the memoranda in use consul ites a device. The track ■aaaaajeaaeat. however, feci sanguine of the asjtcaaae and contend the operations are strictly in accord with the supremo courts decisions in the Aus.-in and McBide cases. The mile dash, in which only four started for Hie purse of SI.. ".Mi. constituted p. day", feature race and it resulted in a spiiited and well fought contest, •with Plicate the victor arer John s. Bcardea by ■ close margin. John 8. Beardaa al aae period threat-ened a runaway race of it. but he tired gradu ally in the last eighth and was possibly a b t sin.rt. ltunzaf landed in lliird place. The apart epeaed with the talent Marias when they made the locally owned The Franciscan favorite , and he area with all ease treat the band thai ep , i posed him. Titania was ■awther favorite thai Made rood when ■he lea throagboat the a? mad race. Klying Orb. ■■ II I outsider. laadiag la secead pla r. arith Mark West 1 bird. !1 ONE FOR GEORGE J LONG Orhyra enabled George J. I - I i take 8owa his first air Groaada parse when she tot up in tinse , to heal Smart Oajr ami several other fairly Rood BBcteters. lackey Lang eat lata the lixeeligbt daring the last j half of the ■fteraaon by pilot. u. .. i » ineni is ■ raw. Etc scored ia the fifth aritb Etaladia sad fol- i lowed in ipiick si. . ■• ssi. iii on Eacriuite and -Chair. overtoil. The bitter, showing iaaproTed forni. won in runaway Btyle fter riosiag an iauaease Rap ia the earlv raaaiag Lugen- Leigh, who recent Ij returned Vein rraace, was anioiiR todays rieitora at the Fair Urounds. He Ea la qaeat of a Joekej to take hack aritb aha aiel opened negotiations with Beerett Hajraes, who is eiiRaced to the IVli an Stable. Hayaes is fa-t reaching the stage a here laereasiag weighl will force him to al. ime. n his profesaioa In this coaatry ■ad he ahonld lore m.inv rears of usefulness ahead ..r him in France, where the scale of weights Is higher. The horses owned by Miss m Keller, which were farawrly traiaed bj r. P. Baraataa, who-.- licease I was withdrawn a leffersea Park, are aader the care of P. Tennaut now. loacph P. Murphy of the ■peealatree and raciag | family of Uurpbys. Jiaa loha and Tiaa being the other-, was among todays eewcaaner*. He will stick it out for the remainder of the ■SfCtiag BIG SHIPMEKT TO MEXICO CITY. The followiiiR owners shipped f-jr Mexico City ladBJ : -I. Seed, 4 horses: P. I. Miles. 7: .1. Robertson. «,: .1 McNultv. •_•; P. Martin. 2: It Scully. •J; I. Arthur. 1: YV. Locke, 1: B. Win field. I; J. A. Hrause. 4: P. toffee. 1. 1. Hill, ! : I. P. OLeary. i; K. a Paraha. •: U Hatchett. l. J. Whatley. L.: B. C. Hawkins. 1: WaHin and Hr.vaa. 5: .1 j Wib!" 5; , :;. iiryson. 13: B. II. McGorera, 4: I . l.nidcr. I; I.. Brawa. I; I. Parrell. •": E. I.utz ." • :. Oeehiraa, 3: « . Tons. t : .1. Wakeaaaa. r.; V. Kimmick. 1: ; Wilson. :j; ». Cornwall, 1: Mrs A. Miller. 3: P, Meltxer, 1: C. B. Brawa, 2; A. ;. Dunlap. I; -I. lahasaa. 1; 1. M. Hall. 10; R. J. CorawalL, I; A ivii. I; H. Shea, g; E. L. Travis. S; A. Iinley. 2; M. Murphy. I; M. Devlin. 8; C. KniRht. 1: O. Wendell. .",; II. It. barvey, I; I ; .1. Hoffman. 3: i. CaateUa. -J: •! 0. Byrae, 3: I. V. Tons. I; C. H. smith. -J: I. I. ItaaaeB. 1; D. Stew art. -: I... Maaaaa, -: A. Smith. -J. Jockey I. Wallace sustained an injured leg Ihi-niorninR when a siitrup brake while he was exercJa hsg Sun Myth. The horse ran away a mile or so. but was uninjured. 0. Brace Head, arha is associated with I. B. Uaatar in the oaaeiahtp of the BTaMeek stable. was an arrival from his home in I ouisille. Ky. The Waldeck striiiR is composed of aasaa two year-olds, all of which were sired by Master Robert, Heads stallion. Teaaaaed had the firiag irons aaadied to him. He will tie out of i oainiission until late in the winter. | Bast "f the Pair Grounds stewards reports early cacli morniiiR M as to be on hand to adjust any dispute- I bat may arise ragaisvaag any phase of the racing. They alternate iu caaaiag out, eacli taking every f"urth day. .losejih Murphy, well-known operator on eastern and Maryland tracks, was an arrival this aaarahag and will be here for the remainder of the meetins Better Luck, which ran a fast mile in yesterdays inaugural dash, was bought this morning by Albert Simons for the account of the Orleans Stable. Jockey II. Howe, win* was injured when Grimalkin nnd Donald J. were killed several davs aaja in a spill in front of the grandstand al Jefferson Park, has baaa iiacharged from the hospital, lie wili be out of the saddle lor a lew weeks.

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