Record Futurity Entries: Incomplete Nominations for 1924 Race Surpass Highest Figures, Daily Racing Form, 1922-01-15


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| . , J 1 • 1 1 • 1 • • ■ • ■ ■ - 1 J i RECORD FUTURITY ENTRIES t a Incomplete Nominations for 1924 Race Surpass Highest Figures. ♦ —Eg H. P. Whitney Heads List with Ninety-Seven — Mares Bred to Man o War Named. a NEW YOttK. X. v.. laaaary 14.— With mails ai.t b . and Cnba pet dae the final eatrj for ill- Fntnrity Brakes of ISCM surpasses the- high ea:.i mark of I.4M scared iasi year. Dp to noon on lii.-s.i.i last 1.117 iioinin 1 1 ion- were- registered for mi- greatest or tws-yeai old races. As eat riea for ihis event are not made until a period when mare- are safely with foal the retail i-a silicic lo the siaiiis of the thoroughbred breeding industry. Followers of ihe thoroughbred will find •cm fori in ihe- figure- naMie by the West, be* tc i man ige-me-nt. a- they indicate a condition of ragged health in Ihe M I sto.k of the satire rasa rrj The number of -null breeders represented is great -er tbaa ever before. This feature i- particularly pleasing, a- president Belmont has always regarded sin a individuals .-. ihe salvation of the blood -lock Industry in the United State-. Tiie |a!..i..ige- ac .or, lecl the- Futurity by the man or irtail with one or two mans is tar beysad the figures of .my pre- . ion- . a: . The quality of ;,,,• sires with ah h the aurea n lined for the luiiiriy of liim arere asated is an in-ilieatios of the prugrssa mail- in blood stock ha proveMcnt recentlj la Ike Called St. .to-. The best foreign strains of blood arc repre seated, while ia Co- home- bred dlvisloa are main ysaag harass of great racing prowess, whose progeaj have v to snow their qaality. Man c w.-n. Parckase, ncige-; aad Bir Barton are aasoag these latter. Ha rj Payae Whiine-y i- ii largest neaaiaatsr witli :i Iclal of nine : -eon mire- male-cl with Br i-tiok. Whiskluoom 11.. Jshrea, Peter Ian. Pennant. Thunderer aad Chicle- The great man-Recret and Artfal arere bred to Jokrea and Thna derer, respectively. John B. Madden ha- aeveaty se-vc-n in.niinai ion- bred to sir Mariin. Otmom Btar Ma-ier. Ogdea and st Rock a. B. Hs acock i- !i.-i arlth rifty-seven bred to Wrack, haar Kbay- :i in . Ambassador II. aad -inn laffaey. The Sars e stud is fourth on tin- h- «iHi forty-set ■ bred lo Fair Play ami HOSJ 1.--. though Helen. ia. by K-«i Heicele. le-.eatly brought fiiiu England, was tired 10 Idiyni.-liis. Hahabnh was bred law- MM hi safe with feal i.i Fair Play and the offspring will be i brother or siste-r to Man o War. Beldame araa bred to Hooiless. .1. . Caasdeaa forty-oan mainly bred to Light Brigade-, while Henry T, » naidii forty arere Mated with Vnlcaia, Baperaraa and King l.iun-. DIVERSITY OF BLOOD REPRESENTED. Xalapa Farms qasta of thirty-eight an- with foal by Ne.gofol. Prince Palatine and TbCO. Cook. W. R, Coes thirty fi% •- arere matc-ci with Polyaseliaa, Over There, Bweep On and Baa Briar, the brat named having been selected for Cleopatra. W. s. Kilmer i- nexl with tkirty-oae bred to sun Briar, Assagai and Graad Parade- Belair Studs thirty are with foal by Banaatiaa, dinar Khayyam. Am basssdar II. Wrack ami Ifaa Baffaey. Mm saiifoni- thirty, Joseph B. Wideaeri tweatj one- and George D. Wideneis e ..lit ribut ion of twenli are r.-nia rkatile far ihe clivci-ii.v ..f sire blood n ployed. Kmnlating the example Sf Lord Faliiicn 1 It, these American breeders iiae gone far afield in search sf nicks for their matron-. Mi. Sanford-choice include- the foreign -i.iilien- Btedfsst, Bareeper, Cicero. John oGaaat, Baasstsr, Leaaherg, Archaic, Nasaoviaa, Diaduaseswa, Bapaharg and sand Mole, with a few lo the home-bie-.l GeSlge Smilh. J E Wiclcners list is headed by hi- recent pur chase, Rakse dea Peehea, by Roi Berode, wkich araa bred 10 Cay ru-ader. The other sires include- Fair Play, Hourless. Black Toiicy. Pc i.-r Pan. Sweep. IfcGee, Leaaberg, OkuaaaJa, Mom d*0r and North sta 11. Otaige D. Widener aatraadaed ieter Pan. Ambasaadac II. . Tiaaaas la Mori. Ballot, Baresai, McGee and Olainbala. The Ilimyar Studs twenty-six m.ltrons were mate-d with Hourless. Fair Flay Sweep, Flitlergold and Torclibearer. Captain P. M. Walkers t we-nty-four are with foal to Trap Rack and Ambassador, while the twenty-three named by Isaacs Butler are wild foal to Pebble-. Spur and High Noon. E. R. Bradley and -I. K. L. Boss have each named twenty-two, the former using North Star IL. Fair Play. Brown Prance, Black Toney and McKinley. while the Canadian breeeler is depending on Cudgel. Sir Barton. Marathon and Fitzwilliam. W. B. Millers twenty one. are arlth foal to Fliiniiis. Brown Prince. Huon IL and Iucle. Montfort Jones has an aaasti aanaj her mate-d wilU Iriar Rock. Ormondale. Sir Martin and Star Master. Richard T. Wilson. Jr.. has twenty eligibles with foal to Olambala, Campfire and Snani-h Prince, while the Itancocas Stables nineteen are by Pun base. Lucullite, Ormondale. Fair Play. Marathon and Rabelais. Walter M. Jefford- and the Glen Riddle Stable has eaih noniina.e-d a number breel to Man o War. though both have also patronized Golden Broom. Edward B. McLean names nineteen bred to Cudgel. Colin and Ixmgh Foyle. The Short Gra-s Stud has seventeen mated with Short Grass, Pennant. Chide and Light Brigade. The bakers dozen named by the Foreign Stable were bred to Omar Kliay yam. Greentree Stables ciuota of fourteen are with foal by Broomstick. Peter Pan. Johren. Whisk Broom IE. Chicle and Thunderer. J. S. Cosden patronized Sea King and Crimper, while W. J. Salmon sent his marcs to Omar Khayyam. Hourless. Pennant. Sweep and Cicero. Miss Elizabeth Daingerfie-lds nominations are bred to ITtimus, Ambassador. Lust Coin and Hannonicoii. Gifford A. Cochrans four- teen elams were mated with His Majesty, Sweep. Whisk Broom II. and Peter Pan. Rudolph Sprecke-ls of California nominates fourteen bred to War Cry and Palo Alto. Mr. Spreckols is a brother to Adolpli Sprie kel-. breeder of Morvich. Like Montfort Jones he is a welcome addition to the ranks of the breed - era, as is also F. WaUls Armstrong of Philadelphia. « Coatlaasd on eighth psgs. I RECORD FUTURITY ENTRIES I Coatianed from first page. v . , int il to ilex 1 Texaa I* rei»reaented by the Honorable Joneph W. Bailey, :. !.. Blackford iind other bre»-ders Senator l.ail.y i:. :;:. tea wit.: foal lo Ligbl Brigade, Sweep. Tea Cadd.1 and Short Graaa, whili Mr IJIick t.-il gix were bred lo Rickety, hob ol Broomiilick Aud -• .1 runs dowr to the Individual a Ingli mat . u !. we holies beat high as chooe ot tlte man a itb .■ - coi •■ w m ■luality which akea the tuturitj iniqu in :, .; : the e -. ■ -: ■ ■■ ui i tind

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