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ACE OF ACES 8-1, WON OMNIPOTENT 5-2 WON antra last i.AlCJRDAY f. S?00 XX SPECIALS. PASTORAL SWAIN.. 8-5 WON :Hi a seret. h aferc Sa:ui.n-- Jaaaauy 7. XX Sue. [all . TODY lfi-1 WOl and ■ urate* am Bataiday, Doccniaor 31. XZxl Spe.. Ea CLEAN GONE 7 -i WON WAR ZONE 2-1 WON vara Batarday, Daeaaaber ?A. XX Bpociali. JUST TK1KK OF IT! FIVE WINNE3.S u.nd 1 second cut of .he .:;c »x taitara, and all thev oast :.s .00. Hov: long- do you have to be shcv.n who makes good i. So.. e your subscription in at once, so you fir nt rr.is next Saturdays. Remember, if one of the TWO DONT WIN you get them until you get a v.inrer. MONDAYS SPECIAL: Juue-Giape-13-21-05-59. BOOM 403 22 W. ftUINCY ST.. CHICAGO. ILL. OMNIPOTENT 5-2 WON was yesterdays BEST BET HIGH GEAR 7-2 WON ama raatardaya long SHOT SPECIAL. Remember, re absolutely or.lv give TWO HORSES EACH DAY DONT FAIL TO CET MONDAYS SHEET. Mo— DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 50c MAILED DIRECT 1 WEEK S3. 2 WEEKS S5. NATIONAL O. K. PUB. CO. 411 Baltinu.r« Bid*. Chicago, 111. J. J. SCH REINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER. 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remit-tai.oe. or remit by c::pres3 order in letter. Propositions Not Considered. Strictly Cash Only. OS MORGAN BOUL. NEW ORLEANS. LA. RELIABLE INFORMATION FREE TO PROVE that our connections are bona fide, we -..ill send to ;. ou by telegraph, at our expense a dry in advance, a horse that, barring accidents, will bo rtturned a wir.ncr soon at New Orleans at a fair profit. After convincing you we will come to some mutual arrangement for the future. EDWARD J. McGRATH 168 E. 74th Street NEW YORK CITY, N. T. J. F. "Lucky" BALDWIN Omnipotent, 5-2, Won WAS SATURDAYS SPECIAL. DQWT HESITATE! If you are interested la real honest, genuine g;u-; edged str.bia information, information on horses ■ 1 that are well meant and on which few mistakes Bra ::.ade. Information on horses that will be on I i business ber.t on any kind of v. track. Horses tl.a.., barriag aciders, should be returned easy winners. , Ky Specials are at Tijuana. Havana and Haw Or- Agnin I repeat. EONT HESITATE. Rush jyaar aacraot addreaa at once. Only absolutely re- i i liable parties need reply to thi. ad. HY TERMS: Send me by wire after you collect j i yours the winnings of a 9IO straight play. If a ! tpecial should lose deduct what you would lose 1 playing for me from successive windings. I CANNOT WIN IF YOU LOSE I 1303 Lexington Avenue, NEW YORK CITY ■ GUY, 6-1, WON i VERITY 5-2 WON MIDNIGHT SUN 11-5 WON: The only GUARANTEED SPECIALS sent out by rr.e so far this meeting on accou.it of track conditions. About three a week on this service. GUAR- . ANTEED to finish first or second or next one FREE, j TERMS— FIVE DOLLARS each, and I look for a banner meeting. GROUND-SWELL 8-1 WON 1 second. 1 third on rr.y EXTRA WIRE. A Great Proposition I I often get an extra wire which I dont use. If , you will agree to send me the winnings of a TWO i DOLLAR bet to win I will send you these and make money for both of us. Should I send you a loser | deduct two dollars out of the next winner and send j me the balance. If this looks good to you send : name and address, including ONE DOLLAR to insure telegrams. Horses sent on this service are or. file with this paper and you all get the same one. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL Initials E. J. 413 Standard Trust and Savings Bank Bldg. Chicago, 111. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO 441 PLYMOUTH COURT t: CHICAGO. ILL 167-169 East 82nd STREET, NEW YORK, N. T. 74 KXOHANandE STKEKT li BUFFALO. V. T- THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL FOR 1922 Will Be On Sale i a f » i — a—-,-! The EsioycSopeciia of Thoroughbrcddom ENGRAVED DIAGRAMS OF THIRTY-TWO LEADING AMERICAN RACE COURSES. WITH THEIR LOCATIONS. CAPACITIES. CHUTES, STANDS, WIDTH OF TRACKS AND LENGTH OF STRETCHES IN DETAIL i " |; THE 1822 MANUALS Handicap Tables have been brought up to date. Instead of divisions of quarter seconds, the three tables ** have all been modernized into fifths. Before the tables and their j ii application charts is an introduction and general directions for J J i handicapping by the late Nin S. Hand, an expert of the first class | ii I »—+++♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «► *■ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦— ♦—* —»a j !TS REGULAR. FEATURES ARE: All Scales of Racing Weights Race Tiack Records of Ail the Americas Leading Sires Tracks of the United States, Can- ada, Cuba and Mexico a • -o „■ at-*iimm Statistics r~- irv,a tne American Racing ior Year 1921 Racing of American Thoroughbreds American Stake Races for the Year m ***1 1921 Racing Organizations and Their Bargain Yearlings and the Reverse Orfieir.Is Bookmaking Percentage Table Racing Records of the American, Comparative Mile Sneed Australasian. Canadian and Eng- hs]l Turf Dead heats of 1921 Kecords of Hiks in 1:38 or Better Disqualifications of 1921 English Betting Rales Record Odds in the Pari-Mutuels Great Money-Winning Horses of Remarkable Jockey Feats the American, Australasian and Sires of Two-Year-Old Winners of English Turf 1921 Handicapping and Racing with Thoroughbreds That Died During Examples 1921 Highest-Priced Thoroughbreds of Track Reccrd g d the American and European Turf r . Amenca» m Sires of Leading Winning Two-Year-Olds £5 Leadin8 Long-Priced Winners of 1921 19?1 Most Important Races of Foreign Winners of Important American Countries Stakes Necrology of the Turf in 1921 Yearling Sales in 1921 in America, Pari-Mutnel Betting Explained Etc., Etc. 4 — 4- ♦ 1 PRICES — By Mail: LEATHERETTE SOUND, ,63 : : : : : PAPER BOUND, .10 fuH Purchase Price Must Accompany Each Order THE 1922 LEATHERETTE COVERED BOOK IS A DEPARTURE FROM THE OLD STYLE. IT IS MOST SERVICEABLY EOUND, GOLD LETTERED AND FLEXIBLE With this eminently handy book any admirer of racing can readly answer almost any query that may come up concerning facts of racing in the past. Its equal has never been printed and, considering the topics it covers, it is an extremely low-priced book of general and correct turf information o j J| THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL a Ik a copyrighted piiltliiiition. Its contents must not he nsetl without , , permission. I he matter in the pasets of The American Kaoins Man- ] O 11.1I is original anil has lieen written and compiled by I.fs editors and O O statisticians. Proof of originality is ready in case protection lias to .. he sonKht against una lit liori/ctl copyiats. DAILY RACING EORM PUBLISHING CO., 441 PLYMOUTH COURT, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 157-159 EAST 32nd STREET, NEW YORK CITY 74 EXCHANGE STREET, BUFFALO, N. Y. I I1 ; , M I , M M | M J l [ ;l I! . I.

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