Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-05-27

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LATEST TRAINING GALLOPS 932 LOUISVrLLE Ky May 26 Todays training gallops over the local courses in ¬ cluded the following CHURCHIlIi DOWNS Weather clear track slow slowThroeEighths ThroeEighths Kilo 929A1 Stcbler 36 927 Mamie Smith 36 36930Bcg 930Bcg Pardon 36 919Mr Beck 36 36929Casey 929Casey 37 92SNeIlida 33 33914Kthel 914Kthel Clayton SS 929I rince Wells 33 920inor Blossom 39 915Sweet Cookie 37 930Honor Man 37 37Half Half Kile Kile924Bcn 924Bcn Valet 43 92SRep 52 52929Eastcside 929Eastcside IS Reel Foot 50 50930Mormon 930Mormon Elder 49f Senator Combs 48 48917Nguty 917Nguty Nisba 49 926Thibodaux 51 51Four Four and a Half Furlongs Furlongs927Dcarie 927Dcarie 50 50FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile930Bit 930Bit of White 101 930Rold Gold Ul 929Guvnor 103 929Ruby 102 102ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Kile Kile930Brcnnan 930Brcnnan 113 927BIaise 117 117930Eitcrmator 930Eitcrmator 115 72GKandel 117 117930F 930F Phantom 119 920Roulcan 118 118Gesnndhcit Gesnndhcit 121 929Yoshlml 1OS 929 Monsoon 1 17 SevenEighths Kile Kile730Bcn 730Bcn Bolt 131 131Ono Ono HOo HOo928Cnt 928Cnt TTp 145 900PIf Jr l50i l50i929Firetrand 929Firetrand 147 9168 of PlesorelSl 920Minto IL 145 926Wapiti 152 152DOUGLAS DOUGLAS PARK PARKWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Kfl Glencoler 39 92CPadna 41 41857Hambona 857Hambona 39 916Rapid Day 36 36Lncera Lncera 39 39Half Half Hfle 923Balaneo Wheel53 92SIn Memoriam 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths llile llile844Brown 844Brown Hill 103 926MiUersbnrg 105 929Botheratioa 108 92GMariinba 105 105920Jira 920Jira Ownsbey 100 100ThreeQuartors ThreeQuartors Mile Mile928Cobatt 928Cobatt Lass 118 852RicheIiea 125 930Ed Garrison 120 9OtSagacity ltlS ltlSB27Gounnand B27Gounnand 120 930TuIsa 120 120929Qnincy 929Qnincy Ward 121 121SevenEighths SevenEighths HDa 929Cheer Leaderl35 Leaderl35One One Iina t 92SJimmie Daw 147 147NEW NEW YORK N Y May 26 Training gallops over tho local courses included the following Weather clear track fast BELMONT PARK TRAILING TRACK Throe Eighths Mile MileAlladin Alladin 39 917Jigstep 37 37930Brilliant 930Brilliant 37 Flnlot 37 37Hkleberry Hkleberry Finn35 Finn35Half Half Kilo Dark Marie CO 903Oceanic G3 G3Possible 003Dmid Hill 48 Possible J50 J50929lud 919Equinoctial 49 929lud 51 909Finn Friend 49 930Sr Valentina 48 930UIgh Speed 50 928Tcpmast 04 04930Henna 930Henna 51 930Williara A 43 43Hell Hell Gate 50 030WMrlwlnd BO BO910KaiSang 910KaiSang 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile930Better 930Better Time lbo 928Martingal9 lC3i 930Comlc Sonff 103 92SMad Lover 104 104Three Three Quarters Hflfl Hflfl930Ben 930Ben Boyd 118 02TKinsB Fancy liM 930Irish Confettiltl8 Confettiltl8One One HHe HHe92SIrIah 92SIrIah Sea 145 92SLast Straw 143 143920Kencrmaa 920Kencrmaa 144 144William William A has his speed Whirlwind was under restraint St Valentine worked well Irish Sea had an easy trial trialJAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICAWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Itn Itn930Cresta 930Cresta 35 914Mercnry JJ8 5 5923Daniel 923Daniel 42 930NaatDfcali 35 35929Dimmeadalo 929Dimmeadalo 33 D00nt and Gone 37 37738Draft 738Draft 33 930Simplicity 38 38Half Half Hilo HiloCheapside Cheapside 50 927Tan H 3 3923Joseph 923Joseph Brant 51 51FivoEighths FivoEighths Kile 929Brother Pat 104 928Peter Brocn 105 105931Horologo 931Horologo 1 3 929Solisa l XJ 929 Kir tie 104 930South Cross 1HO 1HO930Park 930Park HiU 103 103ThroeQuartera ThroeQuartera Hile 930 Bon Hommo 126 928Rockct 1 6 6930Broomster 930Broomster J16 Sea Sand JOB JOB930Calam 930Calam Jane 1U9 930Valcatla 1OS 1OS930Eiodu3 930Eiodu3 JaS JaSOne One mie mie927Mambl 927Mambl 148 148Cresta Cresta showed good speed Drmrnesdale seenis fit and good Exodus and Broom ster worked on even terms Valentia worked well Sea Sand haa a good way of gains gainsAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEightha Hila HilaBud Bud Larncx 3S 648Santa CJaoa Z9 030Elcction 3S3S 931Sunnyland 3S 916Kcwpio S 38 903Vengeanco 33 929Paislcy 33 33Half Half Kile Kile029Anniveixaiy 029Anniveixaiy CO 930Laeerta i d i 92tBernardtao 50 930Segovla E15 Ella 0 50 FiveEishths KUe KUe027ElizabTi 027ElizabTi Beanl08 929Minima 103 103Three Three Quarters Kilo Kilo021Atex 021Atex H 116 92SRcbIdium 110 = 6 924Fancier 119 923Teddy R 117 117SevernEighths SevernEighths KUe KUe929Thimble 929Thimble 130 925War Mask 132 132923Mayoumecn 923Mayoumecn 135 135One One Kile Kile928Mystie 928Mystie 143 143Kile Kile and an Eighth Eighth028Relay 028Relay 157 157Thimble Thimble Is improving Teddy R ran fast Relay worked impressivly Rubidium and Alex H were driving at the finish Ma vournecn was only cantering Bud Lamer was only cantering canteringWOODBINE WOODBINE PARK PARKTORONTO TORONTO OnL May 26 Todays train ¬ ing gallops here included tho following Weather clear trade heavy ThrooEighths Kilo 929Golden Sphere 41 92SLady Luxury 40 40930Grejrbonrne 930Grejrbonrne 38 Quanah 33 33Honeys Honeys Jewel 40 029ItoyaI Visitor 40 827Helen 40827Helen Alkin 33 930Temiinal S9 927Harry Ma rim 40 930Tha Was 41 Half Leta 50 929Panaman 55 55FiveEighths FiveEighths Kilo Kilo929Arrah 929Arrah Go On 107 912Perkiomen 113 113OCOMainmaat OCOMainmaat 1 03 03ThreoQuarters ThreoQuarters Kilo Kilo930BriIUant 930BriIUant Rayl23 932Elemental i171S i171SS30Black S30Black Betty 123 024Paddie 119 119Ono Ono Klla Klla930Attonujy 930Attonujy 158 930iTock Oraasc 149 149930Curt 930Curt Events 152 Superba 108 108019Fair 019Fair Mac 153 153Golden Golden Sphere was only cantering Tho Wag appears to bo a good maiden will bo heard from in tho near future Greybourne seems to have a good turn of speed Ter ¬ minal does not seem to be quite up to a race Mainmast worked fast Elemental showed a good even threequarters Paddlo was never extended Brilliant Ray tired In tho heavy going Mock Orange was under restraint

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