Won the First Suburban: How the Despised General Monroe Improved and Scored., Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-23


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WON 1HE FliST SUBURBS ! Hew the Despised General Monroe Improved and Scored. — ♦ Gkry of the Histaric Americas . Tarf Event Inaugurated Thirtj- Eig-ht Years Ago. BY SAL.VATOR. I • ir .:•■• • - aa • ■ ■ ■ I at ■ ■; ihat ! j bcv.t going m de- j i as in the days »« Bay, i oa . alas . t ... i | ■: . Aad it v,-a:3 : on* of. 0 i oey 1- ■ : . atcd at that ! • : • - ..s m I :■ :. have • i for ■ ■■ h • :v ."y. ; BCSM . * and have ; riot i ■ . annaalrjr, ::1-; !• :: s they are run at Belmont lV.rk. ] - . of course, to tie • ■ i The former, : W«3 i -. : - ■ : • . • In isst. iii.iiK- • - pi ■a ii Las occupied, though various cosa-! j .;... froao tin:e to tii e been launched. The latter wo font ■ inaugui ation, b ing b : .. 1883, and Uki its pn k -e . :-. :; ala i at ■ d ame uad Las re- . I v, - hai I rana Btill active who confess to having witnessed every renewal of the1 I - nl "•!-.. the beginning In 1SC7. n . w] j . prior 1 th Sub- i- bans a] ... upon the racing V then are probably no1 many men now ii ested in r: • have followed the i ■ -■ ..:. thirty-six coneecntrve renewals I - who have have :-...« .: i.-rie before them a • a n ti i ■■:■■£ ill*1 best of Americas •.. c horses, of which some . wi giorion sgso* . .. e b • a glo j riously defeated. ;. ; some have eaaerged i ■ tl ■ ■• i . ■at «i:;! dm iping glory. i:i ;•:-. rij : . i . Subu baa was mod-; sled :i the K • ta City and Suburban/ t;..-.-.rh run :■ Like six weeks later.: ; Tl ii. . -" rrbai : as for ];a:f a csta- tu ; been the principal handicap ol the British sp;-;:;;- season. Our Suburban has always bats aa early • smar event, in ti ■ days ■ ." its beginnings tl • metropolitan i ;• ■•■ season ;. wayi opened ai Je. *ome Park,] tliea shifted t- ;:: . Bay." Several unpor-j tn.nl handicapfl were gives at Jerome Park,] but none of the status which the Suburban acquired from the outset. ! GE3CERAL MONROES i iflST SIHTUIJAX. i!:e firs: S orbs sraa « pened Is th-1 wia-ter -f 1SK3-1SS4, closer rith seventy-four i na ■••-•. and • • ditioas called for t1 i be ■ ■. uaoaaced February h- : assigned by J. G. K. Law-; n thl • .::• of the GoSK* Island .■ key Club, and thi Dwyer Brothers. Three four-year-olds, George Kinney, Barnes and alias Woodford, headed the list with 122, 131 aad .■■ • pounds re ; ctively, while Iroquois. Pierre Lorillards Bpsom Derby win-m f 18S1, by then .. six-year-old, also was ned :.•■. Then came i -rake Carter, 4.! l_7: Monitor, 6, 125; r-tsarro, 4, U4; J. oie, 11, I2e: Araasa, 6, 119; Checkmate, 9, and i -• !•:: ; . oroe, 6, 1 1 .". It v : . Darned 1 tat was ch stined to be ] • rncd the inei and th* t y tu win for himself j ■ poail as ne cf our i ■: ■ I on a i-■■■•-:- •■ hi ■••■ tse be also i - as a • . ...; . Ben is his brief : ."•" : i • al Uoj r. • . • [oak u in 187S and . by S. J. Sal] i rs, la K ktt ky. E. .J. I Khnee! of Tonkers, X. Y.. sicked him u; for a song as a . ag .. ■. during h;s re turf i-ai- :- ;■ bia nssar. being trained, du best years, by Walter Roiiins. ilia ;■ ances illustrated to perfection bow a genuinely grand race bane i . :. gradually develop from material apparently the most unpromising. For he ran t tina s-year-old without whuxing either a singli rao sr a eent of sasstey, v :•: three he ran twenty-three times and v- : but and less than I50t in money.; 1 I Tl in his Bn -three essays, duringj Uk i v. o seasons when a thoroughbred is sup-! l • ■ ; to have the grc-aus: opportunities of his life, General Monroe demonstrated himself I apparently a rs : failure, ret there must; hi I- n sometbini in him, all thi3 while,; ti • : isspired ! : to keep trjing wtthj ! him. An a four-yeai aeral rlonroe hrst t need the p a of good class and t!.- reafter he b ame, ..• a nve and six-year-! old, one of the best horses in America. Here. j- the condensed n .. itulation of his career: tllADlAi. O i-. Ol A 6KKA.T aOKSE. Tear. Af. s.s . 1st. 2 l. M. Inp. Ami. |£M 3 10 0 0 3 7 5 ISM ?. S. 1 g ■ S 47n: 1 S L- 4 29 5 12 6 ti I I m i 18 : I 23 7 7 7 2 12,782 18S4 *; 23 9 7 I 2 2MM 188.7 7 10 1 3 I 4 l,rS»| 1891 8 li 1 1 I 7 4!t »i I Ibtau f7 125 24 3C 33 3*i 4.:;:j It took so long for the public, accustomed a it was to si... General ."cr.roe in his first campaigns beatca to nowhere in a monotonous succession of races, to believe ml j him that it never realty awoke to what he eventually became. When the Aveights for ] that first Suburban came out the shrewd judges at anee tabbed Han as having a great • ■hance. Yet his Victory paid 1.25 for ; invested on his chances in the mutuels. And I he won. de«*p:te the fact that two previous vh tories. first in the Great Metropolitan and Bam in the West-hester Handicap, at Jerome Jark, liad brouglit him a Steven-pound pen-a!: . So he carried 124 pounds in the race, a weight which, or its excess, has been successfully carried, in all the subsequent years, L but a handful of v.inners, to wit : Sal-Ufttor, 127 pounds. 1800; Henry of Navarre, 12 pounds. 1S06: Kinley Hack. 125 pounds, landiK; Gold Heels. Ill pounds, 1902; Hermis, 127 pounds. 1S ; ; Ballot. 127 pounds. 190S, and Whisk Bloom II., 139 pounds, 1913. SUMMARY OF 1IKST IIA DICAP. Here is a summary of the first Suburban, showing the field and how it finished : Sheepahead Bay, Coney Island. June 1», 1SS4. — | The Suborban. a. handicap sweepstakes of 100 each, b. f.. 5 if deciared February 20. .56*1 1 auUcU, scixU to rcct-iNC $"0-? of the added nioandcy ! . ! j j ; : j I j ; ! i I 1 ■a -i 24 pet cm of tlio stakes; third to receive j 10 per eent of the stakes. Net va!:ie to winner i tl 8sl, to saeoat, ,?70; to third, 3"». One , i :!. :ind a iuarter. F.. J. MrKlniei l*s General Slonroo, h. h, B, by Tom Rowllag — Minnie T. Morgan, by Enquirer; 1 24 W. Dcncline 1 Davis «vc V. V* War Kisle. b. e, 4. by leader — Bed Byes, by Boa Eye; 102 fGanrisse 2 Appleby .t faaosoafs lack sf Beurt, b. Ii, «, by Tie m-rsed— Nellie laSMS, by Dollar; 114 Ilayward 3 Piil.ih. 1. !0 pnniids; GeCtgS BlBIMJ. 4, 132 P».ii*ius: Heel-aad-TDe, J. 104 sonado; Kinsliite, 4. ill pounds; Biea, ." . 112 posads; Baraes, 4, 1S1 . ! pounds; Hilarity, ." , l-o poaoaS; Ii ssaio, 4, 12-1 panada; Btaa ;r.!F.s Brfr. 4. 104 psaais; Ktkei i; ■• . 4, S7 pound ; Mitrsball, 4, 81 paaada; 5rare-well, .". 95 pounds; liuieh, 4, 10X1 WBlls; Pariaarl. 4, 0:t poaaas; shadmai, 3, K poaada; Wallftower. , 4, lot poaoaa, and Baaek BoBer, a, tx pasaasa, fa- [ is: e i aa aaaaed. Wen by a i;e -k; a head between | aecaad aad third. Time, 2:1! 74. The field of twenty was one of the largest that ever started for the Suburban. General Monroe was off badly and had to go the "overland route.* He want through rr • lumen of kerses after another. did at show near the front until the stretch ached and then made a superb fin- j ; h, winning by a neck m a desperate three-horse I duel. Dasaohae rede him beautifully. I It was estimated by the exports, from where | he .-"as off, that General Monroe, with 130 , pounds, could have won with the advantage of a good start- BBXAT SEASON roil THE GZlTBaUaX. That was General lfoaroea great year. As noted, he had. previous to the Suburban, won the Great .Metropolitan and Westchester Handicaps at Jerasne Park, the first at a miss arid a half, the second at a mile and three-eighths. He followed the Suburban by wfssttag the Cbaey Island «up at She?ps-head at two miles and a tiuarter ; the Washington Park Cup at Ckieago, and the Sara-j toga Cup, both at two miles and a quarter; 1 i] e Brand 1rize of Saratoga, at a mile and Uuee-ouartera, under 120 pounds, and the | Morrissey Stakes at Saratoga, at two miles, under 130 pounds, conceding twenty-eight pounds actual weight to the second horse. In the Autumn Cup at Pheepahe.isl he ran second to Drake Carter, car tying 123 pounds to Carters US, when the lr.tter set a two-mOe record of 5:21 that Steed for many a year. After his Suburban victory the bandicappers never neglected him and his imposts were always heavy. He may be Judged by his record of but twice unplaced in twenty-three starts, most of them ever long route.--,, well ballasted, in the best company. General Monroe was one of OUT great distance runners, and this despite ihe fact that he had a short, choppy stroke, the reverse of that which we usually expect a cup horse to display. He was always an unpretentious horse, always a vary hard-tsskfd one. On numerous occasions he raced twice in two days, and once twice the same afternoon. TUAGIC END AT BRIGHTON BEACH. After his "great" year he was never the .■ame horse again. He went into retirement before the season was finished In loS5 and in USC, in August, came a tragic close to bia career. Racing in an overnight handicap at Brighton Beach, August 1 i. be sras collided with on the backstretcfa by another horse and went down. 1-e was iea. off the : course with much difficulty; examination j showed that his shoulder was broken, and : a bullet closed forever his sufferings and ! his career. "1-M" MdUlluei. his owner, died | in January, 1920. lie had made many efforts to pick up another General Monroe, but — it j is not strange — had never found one. Here is the tabulated pedigree of the first Suburban winner. It is one that looks old- I fashioned today, but his sire, Tom Bowling, was, as a race horse, one of Lexingtons ; I greatest sons, perhaps the greatest. His | dam, Minnie 1. Morgan, produced Dtst two? foals. The other, Fosters!, by Foster, a year younger than Monroe, was gelded, was eon-temporary with Ids half-brother, raced many times against him, and was a handicap horse of class. .Tmoleon Sb 3 f, flio-ton I Sis. to Tut kahoe S %[ ton5" "■•••• 1 I Alice rg"—- ■•weaa S r~l cameal... Bi Baia r.r A ctaeaa 8 lllsa, fAmm [**£" H S lwler.1«bwadrter« fjf v,,:,t :;,n . , I- *. Paealet 5 Iviathn. |M. by 8 |S Baaab-a-BaUash ■ m fLeamiiiSton. ,- . I Daa.of Psatalasa H S j Enquirer. 1 ., I«»iB«aWi * J IJMt T I i.i7.e 8 .lJeaaaa West Australian f Vus,r;i-i:an f B a Manras us,lr-*,an-■• Emilia M 3 I y Kevenne • a Morjtan. ... I Sally Morgan

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