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WIN AT SARATOGA is what my clients will do. "Wire or mail mo 0.00. I will send yon four advised plays. If you are not winner I will scad yon my nest four specials absolutely free of charge, telegrams paid. Saratoga is where ycu cct a prico and the fit horse wins. AL WESTON SUITE 909 87 MADISOH AVE. NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. DUST FLOWER 15-1 WON TUESDAYS HORSE ITSEE, 520.05-52, MONDAYS SYSTEM HOUSE; SATURDAY, MARTIN A. HOOHAN, 0-1, WON. System continues to show same encouraging: results. System on file with Bacia? Form. No odds under 2-1 accepted. Playable all year at any track. Lest weeks winners: Sundial II., ?35.0D-?2, -won; CoUndo, 2.EO-?2, won; TronMer, ?49.00-?2, wan; Uppity Witchet, 6.40-52, won; Fluzey, ?30.0d-, won. You need my method, whether you play daily or occasionally. Sent comjileta upon receipt of 5; balance 25 from profits. Remit by money order, certified check or registered letter. A. C. REID P. O. BOX CS3 LARCHMONT, N. Y. P. S. Money refunded unless above winners selected through my method. I have no time for correspondence. Price of eystcm advances August 10 to 00; first payment 0. Sale limited to each locality. NOBTHSEA 7 75-52 WON asd a third wore lost Saturdays XX Specials. Dont fail to got next Saturdays Getaway Specials at Hamilton. All they cost is . EXEMEKTAI. .60- WON BEXJOY 53.75-?2 WON Were Tuesdays Dailies. IVrrm for this service .00 for S days. TODAYS FORM SPECIAL: Aptil-PoacJi-lQ-ll -31-26 STANDARD XTTRi" GUIDE 408, tS W. Quiacy SW Chicago, I1L I GARS CfllCr OBSERVfR 35c. HAILED 10 WSEEB, ?3. ! NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE CODES: Saratoga: Virginia-Hcuse-Ocean-Duch. Hamilton: Vormont-Ooean-Sea-Housc. By all means dont fail to get the now issae and get down strong on those Free Codes. Parlay them. : TOD A Y IS TEE DA Y! ! i BIG 00 fMl SPECIAL GOES AT SARATOGA j Yos, sir. hero is one the Chief has sent pir- sonally and says THIS IS THE SPOT FOR THE ; LIMIT. I cannot tell you at.t. t KNOW about i thi3 cherry ripe tricli. but TODAY IS TEE DAY for us ail to GET DOWN. This one has cost me a "PRETTY SUIT taha that for granted and nothing has been overlooked to make "i a Grand Long Shot Coup j REMEMBER Tippity Witchet. $ 8 6.40- Won j Canmore 6.50-2 Won j Those are the kind that the Chief i3 digging up. Be with him today. For the above Special just ask your newsdealer for GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER Only 50 Cants. At Leading- Newsstands. The American Racing Manuel for 1922 IS NOW ON SALE. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. Ml PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. ! 167-159 EAST 32ND STREET, irEW YORK, N. Y. I 71 EXCHANGE STREET :: BUFFALO, N. X. I THE issued on the first day of each month, with complete I charts of the previous months racing in North America, now carries an index showing each and every start of all horses in 1 training, with firsts, seconds, thirds and track conditions designated. By means of this arrangement it is possible for the user of the Monthly Form Book to instantly determine a horses ability to run on any sort of track concerning which information is desired, as shown in the following examples: LAST SPARK, ch. z, 5. by Kartlmas Flicker H. A. Cotton X I 130971 310SSh 3312r2m J31453M1 r31497s "I31523s "31G15 J31G32 1317291- J31S24 31813 sy r31D33h I 319Gdh 319S9s i320S0 "320SC3 321473 r 32231 H P32303 "32377 "32399 "32419 32815 r32S3 M 328S3 "32941 133220 J3327G 333j2 "33433 I "3332011 33G33h 333S27 "33902 "31032 "34139s I ! 31337 31304 34374 34G19 "34743 "31S44 I ch. S, C, by Rock Sand Half Sovsrcign. H. Lang x I SHAPEirrnr, S3130G5 1375 "31432 r31470s 3153S 315r.rt j -SlSSSJm 31740h E31S143 rSlSSS1 J319341 t3197Hl I J 31993 32072h e32034s J32123Jh 321G3 f32175 1 "32213 132243 132811 332S79 33029 S313Gsy fc 332373 33309 r334GlJ SSGSs l33G7G r337781 33S22 T33923 33963 31103:in -34241 34290 l34302h 341223 SlGllh 131031 J34717 131731 ZODIAC, ch. r, 6, by Star Shoot Lady Vincent M. J. Daly x "31079 3U79 "31228 "31309 "313305 131410 "31437 F31540 "31609 131G8S J31743U 131913 131932 132026 "32002 li h3212Sh 132209 K12230 32231 "3215S 32183h P32511sy "32343 132357 33033U 1332G3 33309 33338 T334C01 r33C07 P33G12 r33r,77 P33745 33972 340S0sy "341393 343C3 r3442Sgy 34341 34371 "346SS "3 1749" S T34817S The letter "h" indicates heavy; "m," muddy; "sy," sloppy; "s," slow. Races not otherwise designated were over fast or good tracks. The alphabetical sign before each race number shows the distance at which the race has been run according to the key below: 1-4 and 3-3 Mile A 1 31 lie JV 3 1-2 Furlongs II From 1 Mile 20 Yarrta to 1-2 Mile D 1 Mile 3 00 Ynrds O 4 1-2 FurlouBS F 1 1-1C Miles P 5-S Mile G 1 1-S Miles Q, C 1-2 Fnrlongrs H 1 3-1G, 1 1-4 and 1 5-1C Miles. II 3-4 Mile J 1 1-2 and 1 3-8 Miles S G 1-2 Farloncs . . . Iv 1 5-8 and 1 3-4 Milei T 7-8 Mile Ii 2 to 3 Mllcn V 7 1-2 Furlongs M 3 to 4 Miles V In addition to the complete charts of ail races ran on North American tracks during the month, comprehensively and correctly indexed, the June book contains the following NEW FEATURES: Complete Index to Stakes Bon Since January 1, 1822 Thirty Leading Owners Since January 1, 1922 I Thirty Leading Horses Since January 1, 1922 , Stake Bates tor Month ot August, Slpiianeticaiiy Arranged Track Records for All Distances I Calendar Tabls of August Racing Dates i Monthly Form Book FOB JULY The Price Remains Unchanged, .00 Single copies by mail must be sent as registered mail, with I an extra charge of TEN CENTS for registration. Not responsible for books sent by mail without registration. I DAILY RACING fOM PUBLISHING CO. Plymouth Court - - Chicago, 111. 1441 157-159 East Thirty-second Street - New York, N. Y. 74 Exchange Street - - Buffalo, N. Y.

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