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FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! 3 Bi.i Special Good Things October 17-19-21 I Iiave something real prood comincr off next ivceli; -which I advise everybody to p:et in on it. I expect Rood odds against tlie above live ones. After I prove that I can prodncc Rood-priced winners my terms ivlll be the vinai:i.v;.s of a Sj3LO bet. Send and I Trill send yon tliree paid vrires next iveec on my jood ones. P. McCUTCHEON NEW RAND HOTEL, CINCINNATI, OHIO. V.S. Cincinnati, Covinprton and Xcvrwort turf followers ean call in person at II a. m. ; also have a Daily Racing: Message for the benefit of the raelng pnblic that attend the Latonia races. TERMS, Daily. I "jzszs The Miracle System pHE" Largest Bnl FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED Different I Largest A ever B B c WE DONT PAY THEM !!! I FACT TAIiK NO. 17 Suspicious as it may seem, we dont pay a cent to those friends of yours and ours who buttonhole Joh on the slightest provocation and show you WINNING TICKETS on Miracle System Selections. Relievo us, theirs is purely voluntary enthusiasm. Sort of a natural outpouring of grateful apprpciation for having hecn "SHOWN THE LIGHT." When you have been initiated into the fraternity you will know the feeling. Theres NO ARGUEENT to that. If you are still hovering on the outskirts of our prosperous, satisfied and enthushi.-istic clientele, we wish we could properly describe our proposition for you. Hut its like trying to paint a word picture of the magnificence of an Alpine sunset to a man who never saw one. WRITE TODAY for complete Prospectus of the Miracle System. Our Crystallized Racing Manual, containing 2S pages of the most enlightening and valuable turf data ever published, vitally important racing pointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, resnlt charts, the 21 FAMOUS WALTER SUCCESS MAXIMS, and a review of the best known SYSTEMS published will be sent you absolutely without charge or obligation. For ONCE you receive something worth while. Postals are ignored. ucSi- M. P. WALTER and CO., ESo CANADA All Published Results Subject to Your Verification. AUSTRALIA Private Lock Box -lOF. E. K. ARTHUR, Public Relations Mgr. Tovrson, Md. GARS CtllEf OBSERVER 35 CENTS, MAILED 10 WEEKS ?3. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY FOR SALE TODAY SUNDAY. BIG FEEE SPECIAL LATONIA Virginia - Boy - Brown - B ox. This one should win as easily as LAST SUNDAYS SPECIAL. LOOK! LOOK! Yesterdays 0 Free Special Bobbie Shea ...9.90- Won Yes, sir, that was the BIG ADVERTISED SPECIAL, and HOW WE CLEANED UP! Also 3 BIG LONG SHOTS went over in the NEW ISSUE. Go riht now and GET IT at your newsdealer, only 35 cents. MONDAY LATONIA LONG SHOT should win every bit as easily as BOBBIE SHEA. We sot him EXTRA STRONG. For this one ASK your newsdealer for GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER 50 CENTS WATTm OR WIRED 2 WEEKS 5 GAR PUBLISHING CO. 332 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL, CINCINNATI FOR SALE: PIERCES newsstand Fifth and Vine Streets. STOREYS newsstand Fonrth and Central Avenue. BISHOWS nowsstand Fifth and Walnut Streets. COVINGTON FOR SALE: GORDONS pharmacy Fourth and Scott Streets. OR WHERE RACING FORM IS SOLD WONDERFUL WINNING SYSTEM A cool, conservative method wherein snccess is assured. Can bo played at or away from the track, with large or small capital. It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each week that nearly all win. Won big n.cney on a straight flat bet. This marvelous method stands out like a MAX 0" WAR. IT IS FAR SUPERIOR. My system gives long-priced winners: Transient 15-1 Kinsman 1.50- Hildur ?12-10-?2 Mollie Barnes .?30.40-?2 Hoss Fox II 5-1 Auatie May . . .6.00- Bowsprit place ...8-1 Normindie G-l Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients showing proof of what my system is doing, sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING RIGHT AWAY. I guarantee my System. Those with honest intention j can get my system or. easv terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. AVrite today for FREE PARTICULARS. WATSON CORNELL S41 WEST 45TH STREET :: NEW YORK CITY J. F. LUCKY BALDWIN SATURDAYS BIG ADV. SPECIAL WON AT . TUESDAYS BIG ADV. SPECIAL WON AT 4-1. Three moro bifj specials one goe3 Tuesday. Oct. 17; another Thursday, 0:t. 19, and another Saturday, Oct. 21. You cant afford to miss these three golden opportunities. If you are absolutely reliable and honest and yon want to stop wasting your good time and money on fly-by-night tipping institutions and so-called racing oracles, take my advice. Dont hesitate rush rush rush your correct name and address at once, as I believe, and feel sure, that tho above-mentioned specials are the safest propositions ever handled by me. My obligations come high, therefore I depend upon your honest co-operation. TERMS The winnings of a 0.00 straight play. I CANNOT WIN IF YOU LOSE. 1303 LEXINGTON AVE. NEW YORK CITY. PHONE LENOX 6110 PROFITS EVERY DAY Moderate but positive. Onr FEEE DESCRIPTIVE HOOK sent upon request. Yon can buy this system upon small payment down, pay balance after you win. We play anil win daily. Address: THE GUARANTY SYSTEM 117 V. rrankliu Street, BALTIMOltE, MD. THE BEACON Copyrighted 1S22, by Beacon News Service MAILED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING. CONTAINS NEWS OF INTEREST TO HORSE-HEN AND TRAINERS, We have no special to sell you. When wo receive late word on anything good we wire or mail same to subscribers free of charge. OUR RECENT WINNERS: Oct. 0 KING GEORGE 9.70- WON Oct. 10 MOLLIE BARNES ..?30.40- WON Oct. 11 AUNTIE MAY 6.00- WON Oct. 12 OUR FREE WERE LOST Oct. 13 COMIC SONG ?10.40- WON Oct. 14 CASH S5.00-?2 WON THE BEACON is filed with Racing: Form. Order next weeks BEACON now and we will send you thi3 weeks free. Many zaoi ones yet to go. Subscription rate;: One week, ; four weeks . BEACON NEWS SERVICE 1452 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY i ALL BUSINESS BY HAIL. ! LATONIA SPECiALS Ex-Jockey Wilson For the remainder of the meeting I will be oa the greirnd and give you first-hand advice. Within the next week I am expecting two that should win barring accidents. Usually have two or three good ones each week. Also have good advico on the Maryland track. I gi7o honest, conscientious service. I want to hear from honest people who will pay. Terms: Winnings of a 0.00 straight play, after ycu collect. Answer quick, L WILSON 300-C GREENWOOD BLDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO INFORMATION that is worth while to you; information that will win for you. Stop losing and get in line with I one who knows. My many clients can vouch for the winners I have sent them. One or two every week. I owe my remarkable snccess to one of the shrewdest horsemen in this country and in order to introduce this real information I am going to for a short time enly reduce my terms. To the ones that answer this ad in the next 10 days my terms will ho the winnings of a bet, to be sent to me the following day. All horses sent out by mo will be filed with this newspaper by 11 a. m. day of race. Wclchers need not answer this. I want only men that will deal fair and square witu me, as my expenses are very heavy, as this infor-mation comes high. J. M. RINLEY 1010 WEST MARKET LOUISVILLE, KY. Braedalbane ?5.00- Won was yesterdays Saturday Special. ! Wo have had FOUR WINNERS out of last EIGHT on our OCCASIONALS. We will give you THREE OCCASIONALS and a Saturday Special for .00. Our selections arc mailed if you are within mailing distance; if not, wo will wire them the night before. This does away with cost of telegram. WE SURE ARE MAKING GOOD. . How can you afford to ba without them when you , get them for the ridiculously small sum of .00! j 411 Baltimore Buildbij, CHICAGO, ILL. T " FIVE TO ONE OR BETTER Hero is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for the player to get down two grind coups to go Monday and Tuesday. You cannot afford to miss this chance. If you are reliable and can wire me the winnings of a .00 STRAIGHT PLAY, then rush your namo and address to JOHN BEATTIE SM0 Flournoy Street, :: CHICAGO, ILL. LONG SHOTS Latonia one-horse daily PROBABLE ODDS 3 to 10 to 1 I Terms: Remit by special delivery letter win- ninjs of a .00 straight play for EACH WINNER. Remit .00 as a guarantee of good faith. KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 16 Britany Building Cincinnati, Ohio If you want a LINE oa HORSES at all LEADING TRACKS get a copy of the STANDARD. 35c at all newsstands. Mondays Form Special: No. 800 in Book No. 805. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Guincy St. Chicago, 111. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORNt" ! I Joe Brandl 1 301 WEST 58TH ST. NEW YORK CITY I am now operating at Latonia only. S SATURDAYS HORSE: 1 Bobbie Shea . 9.20- Won I FRIDAYS HORSE: j Sewell Combs 2.90- Won I THURSDAYS HORSE: g Hysteria . . . . 0.40- Won! I WEDNESDAYS HORSE: I Megan 4.10- Von j TUESDAYS HORSE: Kinsman 1.50- Won! MONDAYS HORSE: British Maid . ..20- 2nd Mondays horse will be another HUMMER. g WILL PAY 15 TO 1 1 Another Banner Week Starts I Monday. 1 I TERMS 0 DAILY; 0 WEEKLY. DO IT NOW. I Out-of-town clients wire your subscription. D Be sure to send your correct street address, I LATONIA RACES J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CL0CKER 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 a. m. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. 325 GREENUP STREET li COVINGTON, KY.

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