Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-10-15

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BAIL Y RA CING FORM HANDICAPS 1 ; 3 4 5 7 I 1 2 1 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 r j 1 1 2 2 3 s 4 5 6 6 1 2 3. 3 . 4- 1 3 5 1 LATONIA The horses which seem best in Mondays 5 races are: Tatonla, JCy., October 11, 1922. 1 Hold Me, Pegasus, Buster. 2 Tulane, Megan. Rib Grass. 3 Idle Hour Stock Farm Stable entry, Red Arrow, Spinball. 4 Royal Palm, Sewell Combs, James B Brown. 5 Montfort Jones entry. Chatterton, Golden Sphere. 6 Leslie. Macbeth, Chiva. 7 MERCHANT, Fantoche, La Foudrc. J. L. Denipsoy. Ximi- York TT:i!i4T!ni. 1 BUSTER, Sir Thomas Kean, Michael J. Daly. Hold Me. 2 Rib Grass, Tulane, Ferguson, Mom. 3 Bradleys Toney, Cash, Green Spring, Gordon Shaw. 4 Ruby. Sewell Combs, Archie Alexander, Clintonville. 5 Rockminister, Chatterton, Radio, Cherry Tree. C Proceeds, French Canadian, Macbeth, Leslie. 7 A. N. Akin, Fantoche, La Foudrc, Merchant. Cliicniio nil ItufT.-iIo Il.-i inl I.-.-i p. 1 Hold Me. Coyne, Buster, Pegasus. 2 Megan, Ashland, Tulane, Mom. 3 Green Spring, Bradleys Toney, Cash, Pompous. 4 Ruby, May Bodine, Orlova, Clintonville 5 CHATTERTON, Rockminister, Surf Rider, Golden Sphere. 0 Macbeth. Leslie, Kinsman, Proceeds. 7 A. N. Akin, La Foudre, British Liner, Fantoche. Oli.KTvrps Il.-culicnj. 1 Buster, Hold Me, Coyne, Sir Thomas Kean. 2 Megan, Tulane, Oo La La, Ashland. Bradleys Toney, Cash, Pompous, Gordon Shaw. May Bodine, Orlova, Ruby, Sewell Combs. CHATTERTON, Rockminister, Surf Rider, : Cherry Tree. ; C Macbeth, Leslie, Chiva, Tender Scth. La Foudre, Merchant, A. N. Akin, British Liner. j Consensus of Handicap. I Hold Me, Buster, Coyne, Sir Thomas Kean. Megan, Tulane, Rib Grass, Ashland. IDLE HOUR STOCK FARM STABLE ENTRY, Green Spring, Cash, Pompous. Ruby, Royal Palm, May Bodine, Sewell j 1 Combs. ; Montfort Jones entry, Chatterton, Golden ; 3 Sphere, Cherry Tree. t 4 Macbeth, Leslie, Proceeds, Chiva. ; 5 A. N. Akin, Merchant, La Foudre, Fantoche. G EMPIRE CITY 7 The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : 1 1 Empire City Tonkcrs, IT. T., October 11, I 2 " 3 1922. Rock Salt, Virginius, Prince of Umbria. 4 4 HULLABALOO, St. Allan, Elected II. c 5 Flannel Shirt, Georgie, June Grass. Tryster, Brainstorm, Exodus. c G Canyon, Amanda Hoey, Whisk. Mirabelle, Pow Wow, Sakah. 7 7 F. J. OrtelL Sew Yorlc Ilmxllcno. Ben Wood, Raffles, Rock Salt, Black Friday. I 1 2 HULLABALOO, Violinist, Duncecap, St. Allan. Georgie, Flannel Shirt, Modo, Irish Briga-dier. 3 Exodus, Brainstorm, Sennings Park, Tryster. 4 5 King Albert, Canyon, Vendor, Overtake. Pow Wow, Sakah, Mazeppa, Pay Dear. G Ir Chicago and ItiilTalii Hnuillenn. Black Friday, Lady Inez, Prince of 7 7-Umbria, Ben AVood. 5 : ; j I j 1 ; ; 3 t 4 ; 5 G 7 1 1 I 2 " 3 4 4 c 5 c G 7 7 2 I 1 3 4 5 G Ir 7 I 2 Hullabaloo, St. Allan, Violinist, Elected n. 3 Flannel Shirt, Georgie, Modo, June Grass. 4 TRYSTER, Exodus, Sennings Park, Brainstorm. 5 Whisk, Scottish Chief, King Albert, Overtake. C Mirabelle, Pow Wow, Virginus, Pay Dear. Olist-rvirs IIji ml . " 1 Lndy Inez, Black Friday, Ben Wood, Raffles. 2 HULLABALOO, Duncecap, St. Allan, Vio-1 linist. 3 Georgie, Flannel Shirt, Wynnewood. Modo. 4 Sennings Park. Exodus, Tryster, Emotion. 5 Whisk, Canyon, King Albert, Scottish Chief. C Pow Wow, Mirabelle, Pay Dear, Sakah. Consensu of Ifnmllcmin. 1 Rock Salt, Ben Wood, Black Friday, Lady Inez. 2 HULLABALOO, St. Allan, Violinist, Duncecap. 3 Flannel Shirt, Georgie, Modo, June Grass. 4 Tryster, Exodus, Sennings Park, Brainstorm. C Whisk, Canyon, King Albert, Scottish Chief. G Mirabelle, Pow Wow, Sakah, Pay Dear. LAUREL PARK The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : Laurel Park I.anrcl, 3Id., October 14, 1922. 1 Crugie, J. K. L. Ross entry. Ray L. 2 Greentree Stable entry, A. C. Bostwick entry, Lollipop. 3 Elemental, Wellfinder, Mercury. 4 Little Hope, Hoy, Noon Glide. 5 OCEANIC, Fair Gain, Bunga Buck. C Current Events, Debadou, Ettahe. 7 Copper Demon, Goaler, Ten Buttons. T. K. Lynch. Sew York Handicap. 1 Insulate, Crugie, Segovia, Little Beauty. 2 Jacky, Pagebrook, Reparation, Vicaire. 3 Elemental, Dexterous, Royal Charlie. Fifty-Fifty. 4 Little Hope, Water Girl, Hoy, True Flier. 5 OCEANIC, Bunga Buck, Fair Gain, Yankee Star. G Rouen. Ettahe. Current Events, Moody. 7 Copper Demon, Ten Buttons, Dresden, Goaler. Cliioaxo nntl ItiifTulo Ilnntlica p. Insulate, Segovia, Crugie, Rosa Yeta. 2 Damask, Jacky, Irish Sea, Vox Populi II. Elemental, Mercury, Wraith, Apex. Little Hope, Water Girl, True Flier, Hov. OCEANIC, Fair Gain, Bunga Buck, Ray Jay. Royal Duck, Moody, Current Events, Debadou. Copper Demon, Goaler, Dresden, The Lamb. Observers IlamlUap. Crugie, Insulate, Segovia, Little Beauty. Jacky, Damask, Reparation, Vox Populi II. Elemental, Wellfinder, Mercury, Good Times. Noon Glide, True Flier, Little Hope, Hov. OCEANIC, Bunga Buck, Fair Gain, Ray Jay. Moody, Royal Duck, Rouen, Current Events. Copper Demon, Dresden, Clansman, Goaler. Consensus of Ilniiillc.-ins. Crugie, Insulate, Segovia, Little Beauty. Greentree Stable entry, Jacky, Vox Populi II., Pagebrook. Elemental, Wellfinder, Mercury, Dexterous. Little Hope, Noon Glide, Water Girl, True Flier. OCEANIC, Fair Gain, Bunga Buck, Rav iay. Current Events, Rouen, Royal Duck, Moody. Copper Demon, Goaler, Dresden, Ten Buttons.

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