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Boulevard System to Rlverdale 1 1 1 1 a S H H and3ti or. I MASQUITTS I O7 II "ST"7 I. I II u J 3 j " I o h O 35 IS Jj I I L ST. Is " Jils 1 a Jul 3T. W ST. . The above is a diagram of the boulevard system leading to the New Washington Park Breeders Associations proposed race track at Riverdale, III. As shown, the site selected is deal from a transportation standpoint, as, in addition to the Illinois Central Railroad, the park may be reached by motor over boulevards the equal of any large city In the country. TRIPLE EVENT Fsc three years the TRIPLES hare shown up pheooiaenaily. "We will file our throe extraor dinary preprd specials two day i advance with all the raoiac dailies, all the jockey clubs, the post oto iaspeoton and the av laadina; raois; stalls of America. This representative aggregation can he believed. Even this will take place at Hew Means and Havana 8rdy, December 9, at Tijuana San-day, December 10. . , , , , , , Ky chief" of track at Xew Orleans phoned: "Horse worked 6 f. in watch-breaking performance. Handles weight as if he was a jumper. Is tfiutten for work. "Will make a heart -breaking pace. Is prepared for a cop. Good price." . , ... , Havana, track man eabtes: "Horse has boon ready to win since November 17, waiting for proper spot. He is not the handsomest in the world; his conformation is angular, lean and almost loose-coupled, but he will run like a Hindoo against this field. Rain or shine will make no difference." Tijuana track representative wires: "Horse is as good as in. He belongs to a money stable. Horse never shows much in his work, but when he faces barrier you would think the horse says, I wont disappoint yo. " We wired back what time the horse could run it in. He wired back, "I do not know what tine he can ran it in, but I know he can beat any horse in the race and will spreadeagle his field. Tijwana. spools! will be wired you Saturday." Winning a triple event adds another diadem to our crown, and we are as proud to win a triple as to run and win a Kentnoky Derby. On the throe specials we will not make a penny profit at tho price we are giving them to you 0 for one special, 5 for two or 8 for the three. Future prioo will bo 5 eaeh. oar regular price. The price of 8 is simply an ad to make new trade. WHITE and WHITE 208 BAST LEXINGTON STREET - HAI.TIMORE, Mil. THREE LONG SHOTS THIS WEEK AT JEFFERSON PARK PROBABLE 0DD6 6 to 16 to 1 Teems Winnings of a 8.00 trip;Ut play for EACH WDOfEK. Remit 0 as guarantee of tood faith. KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 613 JULIA 8T. XEW ORLEAJfS, LA. Jet new book on sale today far live enes at all lfrtJ4ng- tracks. 36c at all newsstand. Yesterdays form special ran second. Todays form Special: April-Banana -19-48-47-66. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Q,uuc St. CLwagu, HI- NEW ORPHANS RACES. J. J. SCHRE1NER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER. 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY Ml! TO WORK FOR YOU. 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. MY CLOCKER IS AN EXPERT. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 a. m. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. 386 GREENUP STREET, -:- COVINGTON, KY. SUBSCRIBE FOR 0AILY RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 167-159 EAST 32ND 8TREET, NEW YORK, N, Y. j 74 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. 1 1 1 1 a S H H ITHg THE MIRACLE SYSTEM ffyn 4 1 FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED 1 JPl FOUR WONDERFUL YEARS 1 gpl lSSwb I FACT TALK NO. 143 ISand vjand-S 8 Ir- Walfcr SIr- Edward: "Yon know, Ed, the j5pK2 9 frs hundred years are the hardest. Only ninety- ggJ --.JKsandS, igHzapHf 9 six more and ns fop the wheel chair." ffitryat 1 Four years ago, tho 17th day of April, the first copy of the Mira- "People I do System was mailed. It is still in the HAPPY POSSESSION "It Isnt Who Lack 0f Mr. P. C, of Philadelphia, Pa. On that day there were 87 Fair Just Experience 1 turf propositions before the public We have in that time passed to Call Constantly 1 them all, and for several years now have bean FIRST in the field. I It a Dream of 3 The explanation is simplo. Mr. Walter our nresidont honestly I System." H .jj" M wanted to operate and market the PREMIER TURF SYSTEM. Mr. 1 I ram """ft iMf 8 a sinoair our general mnnngcr worked early and late; Mr. Cabell "sHMHMB" our sccrotary and treasurer signed the checks that paid our every obligation tho INSTANT it was due; Mr. Edward our sale3 manager just naturally sold the system honestly, with a policy of TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME; Mr. Arthur our service manager did his part handsomely; Fedder and tho rest of tho boys kept our business moving SQUARE; Mr. Walter kept the team playing- together, and told the world about it. Miraclo System clients did tho rest. Would you liko to know what wc at headquarters consider tho mo3t valuable asset in the Walter organization! It is this HONESTY OF PURPOSE, Its the only way to succeed permanently, because SUCCESS is just another namo for SERVICE. WRITE TODAY for complete PROSPECTUS of THE MIRACLE SYSTEM. Our Crystallized Racing Manual, containing 28 pages of the most enlightening and valuable turf data ever published, vitally important racing jointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, result charts, tho TWENTY-ONE FAMOUS WALTER SUCCESS MAXIMS, and a review of the best-known SYSTEMS published, will be sent you absolutely without charge or obligation. For ONCE you receivo something worth while. Postals aie ignored. All business relations ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL. ucand M. P. W ALTER and CO., ENoD CANADA ScelilnpT New Rnsincss on Onr Record. AUSTRALIA Private Lock Box 40F. S. E. ARTHUR, Public Relations Mr. Towson, Hd, Do You Want Direct Track Information EIGHT FE0M NEW ORLEANS FOR 0.00 A WEEK? STOP GUESSING! Q.UIT BETTING CHEAP IIOUSES THAT CANT WIN A RACE IN A YEAR. GET WISE TO YOURSELF For Ten Dollars a week you can get information on live horses that are in winning form. Save time and money. We wire yon one horse direct from track every day. Dont gamble, Play safe and sure. If yonve been unfortunate in the past there may have been reasons. Perhaps your judgment was faulty. Give us a chance to show you how to be a winner at the end of the week. We guarantee that you will be a winner following our information at the end of the week, or you get our service free the next week. THIS IS A SPECIAL OFFER FOR ONLY OUR OPENING WEEK TO CONVINCE YOU OF OUR INFORMATION Dont let 0.00 stop you from getting the best in turf information. Wire 0.00 at once to the INDEPENDENT DIRECT TRACK SERVICE 431 ROYAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. CHICAGO HANDICAPPER GO CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS SATURDAYS ADVISED SPECIAL: Wynnewood 6-5 Won FRIDAYS CLEANUP: Magician 4-1 Won Exhorter 4-1 Won FRIDAYS ADVISED SPECIALS: Comic Song 13-10 Won Fantoche 11-10 Won WEDNESDAYS CLEANUP: Romping Home.7.30- Won King Charming .6.00- Won Every day is a WINNING- day for the CHICAGO HANDICAPPER S FOLLOWERS. Dont wait; start following our sheet from today. TOMORROW MONDAY 12-1 Shot at New Orleans Here Is one that we get the 0. K. DIRECT on from the track. They tell us that this fellow is as good as in. Worked half in 47V4 for this race. For this ono go to your newsdealer and get tho CHICAGO HANDICAPPER 50 CENTS. MAILED TWO WEEKS, .00. REMIT TO CHICAGO PUBLISHING CO. 333 SOUTH DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS ALL CITIES WONDERFUL A cool, conservative method wherein success is as-rored. Can be played at or away from the track, with large or small capital. It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each week that nearly all win. Won big monoy on a straight flat bet. This marvelous method stands out like a MAN 0 WAR. IT IS FAR SUPERIOR. My system gives long-priced winners: War Mask 10-1 Mary Agnes S G-l Reparation ...0.40-?2 Ogarito 10-1 Paddle .90- Sea Princo ...5 20- Cum Sah 6.40-?2 Raz 3.40-52 Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients showing proof of what my system is doing, sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING RIGHT AWAY. I guarantee my Systom. Those with 1-oncst intentions can get my systom on easy terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. Sond your name and address. I will send you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE a review of tho best known Racing System published and facts regarding Racing Systems that will open your eyes. Write at once. WATSON CORNELL 341 WEST 45TH STREET. NEW YORK CITY. J. F. "LUCKY" BALDWIN On Wednesday, December C, one of tho best and safest propositions I havo over handlod. This horse has been specially prepared and is ready to run for a Kingdom. You cannot afford to miss thi3 and several other sood thinrs coming off in tho futuro. If you are absolutely reliable rush your name and address at once. TERMS Winnings of 0. My specials are at Tijuana, Havana and New Orleans. Be prepared to plav all tracks. 1303 LEXINGTON AVE , NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Phono Lenox 6110. FIFTY -FIFTY, 2-1, 2nd, was yesterdays Long Shot; Sway, 2-5, 2nd, was yesterdays Beat Bet. Get sheet today for two live ones at New Orleans. 50c AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 50o NATIONAL 0. K. PUB. CO, 411 Baltimore Bldf. Chicago, 111. NEW ORLEANS RACES JACK F0ERG TURF BROKER ROOM 429 AUDUBON BUILDING NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA NOTICE All connections who received Runquol, C to 1; Kinsman, 32 to 1; Kcwpio ONcll, 10 to 1; from me at Latonla.; terms same as usual, to others 0 cash for any 10 days of the Jefferson meeting. I wire one or two live horses daily, also track conditions. My 0 special poln? Tuesday, Dec. 5, will bo Included free, Dut positively with this sub scriptlon only. My Information Is Dona fide, direct from the stables. 3Iy friends will vouch for my success at Latonia. "Why guess when yon can employ me as your trackman! Rush your subscription by telegraph. Dont fall to give your address. MY REFERENCE: ASK ANY HORSEMAN AT ANY TRACK AROUT 31 E. JEFFERSON PARK SPECIALS Ex-Jockey Wilson. I am on the ground and will give first-hand advice. My wires will be on horses that are veil meant and, barring accidents, should win. I expect to have two at a good price within the next week. I have a lice on a number of northern horses hero that I think I can turn to your profit. UaHy litve two or three good ones each week. You will find I have x conscience. I have always been very successful here and feel sure I will send out many good-priced w liners this winter. I want to hear from honest people only who will pay. TERMS: Winnings of a 0.00 straight flay after you collect. Answer quickly. I.. "WILSON 1300-0 Greenwood Bldg., CINCINNATI. OHIO JOHN TEMPLE 70 Cortland Street, NEW YORK t ITT. I have been located at the above addross for tho past seven years and have been distributing excellent Information, which shows SO per cent winners. I have made "very valuable connections at Havana and am using this method of advertising in order to lncrcaso my clientele. I operate four or five times per month and I can assure you It will be to your interest to get In touch with mo at once. Our horses have been at Havana since last winter and aro thoroughly lit and acclimated and ready to go over at ilrst asking. Answer by wire only. My terms are tho winnings of a 0.00 straight play. In answering please Incorporate phono number as well as street address. WATCH FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT No information sent out last week. Send name for particulars. joe Mccarty SARATOGA SPRINGS NEW YORK

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