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New Orleans Several Real Good Things INFORMATION on my first advised play will be wired to all my followers the day of the race WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16. This horse is in the hands of one of the SMARTEST TRAINERS in the country, a good rider -will he In the caddie and I lock for a VERY GOOD PRICE. Wire3 on this horse will he sent out between 11 a. m. aad 1 p. m. the day of the race and to all those meeting their obligations promptly I will have another OUT OF-THE- ORDINARY play on SATURDAY, JAN. 19 I am personally in NE"W ORLEANS and during the balance of the season will have several RELIABLE PLAYS each weak. To those appreciating WINNING information I am making the following offer: Wire me the winnings of a ?10 straight bet the day after the race, in care of Western Unicn, New Orleans, La. I pay all charges, co deduct charge cf wiring money from amount, due me. Wire immediately, giving yoor NAME and CORRECT address, and you will receive service on the two above plays and others to follow. FRED GATES Care Western Union NEW ORLEANS, LA. Harry Collins .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY TIJUANA WIRE 1T0DAYK Sunday a Long Shot at Tijuana WINNERS! WINNERS! YESTERDAYS SATURDAY WIRE: Nellie A 0.40- Won FRIDAYS WIRE: Dickie Dix 3.00- Won THURSDAYS WIRE: Harrigans Heir. ..80- Won WEDNESDAYS WIRE: I Faber 0.40- Won; I TUESDAYS WIRE: Setlvs Alibi . . . . 2.40- Won Every licrse filed in advance with RACING FORM. Ask any old timer about HAEHY COLLINS, the man that has been delivering the 1 "GOODS" for the past decade. ONE GRAND BIG WINNING OVER 50-1 IN ONE WEEK This is not unusual and I exp;ct to keep up the good work during the Tijuana meeting. READ THIS, MR. PLAYER A special "wire" will he sent to mi on Sunday covering a dark horse. I cannot reveal details, but I foal that it "CANT MISS." Sand at once a subscription for I week, 0, and I will rush this j "wire" with a proposition that the horse must win or you GET 2 WEEKS INFORMATION FREE. I Use Western Union cr Postal money order. ONE HORSE A DAY ONLY S53 BLAKE AVE. BROOKLYN, N. Y. LAST CHANCE If yoa wish to take advantage of the special in-troductary price for my recently copyrighted System, you will have ta act at once. The allotment which I set aside to sell for only . CO is almost exhausted, which fact compels me to state that after January 20th, the price will be 0.00. Even at 0.00 it will still sell at far below the price it merits, but .00 saved is .00 earned. A System that can make 00.00 in seven days of playing-, with an original capital of 05.00, and not "miss" more than once in succession must "have the goods." And that is what my System has made in seven days of playing at the Aqueduct track. I repeat, if yon wish to sceure a copy at .00, you should remit today NOW. THEODORE KERRIGAN 76 W. MAPLE STREET COLUMBUS, OHIO AT FIVE DOLLARS Carl Carpenter 59 TRINITY BUFFALO, N. T. 0 "WEEKLY Reliable Winning Information Only one or two transactions daily. LAST TUB EE "WEEKS A FLAT 1LAY OF 0.00 WON 00 60 50 START TODAY "With an Experienced Information letter. Wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal. Propositions not considered. NEW ORLEANS SPECIAL Expecting Something EXTRA GOOD NEXT FRIDAY Jtarriup: accidents tills Iiorse .should trill at a p;ootl price. Costs nothing in advance. .lust remit winnings of SflO alter horse ivins. AYrite tiielc for this KXTKA SPECIAL and Other Good Ones to Follow SUPERIOR SERVICE. Box 133, Dayton. O. TRIUMPH 2-1 WON was yesterdays ONE HOESE DAILY This makes 11 winners out of lat 24, almost 50 per cent winners. Some record when you consider the cood prices. TERMS .00 FOB. 6 BAYS MONDAYS CODE SPECIAL: June-Banana-ll-74-31-9S STANDARD TURF GUIDE 43, 22 W. Quisey St. Chicago, 111. I I 1 J. T. BURNS 23 DUANE ST., RM. 609, NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY ANOTHER SMASHING DOUBLE: Only Two Given BAMRA 13-5 WON RINKEY 13-10 WON Winning right along, flay after day, 1 steadily keep putting them over. Recent i winners: BAMRA 13-5 WON RINKEY ...13-10 WON Silent Pardner .0.80- WON RINKEY 8-5 WON ST. D0NARD 4-1 2ND LAST WEEK WAS A CORKER: FLINT STONE 6-1 WON LITTLE ALFRED ....8-1 WONj ISOLISA 6-1 WON! POOR SPORT ..10-1,4-1 2ND! TAMB0N 4-1 WON PAYMAN 12-1 WON I I dont promise, I produce The winners! above tell the story. Monday starts a new week and I feel that I will again make good. I A LONG SHOT MONDAY j I have the horse now and conditions arc perfect. Looks like a chance to start off a winner. ONE DAY , 6 DAYS 0 Wire fee Western Union or Postal. No codes. No delay. WINNERS are what we had on yesterdays !3 sheet. If winners are what you are looking- for, l H there is nothing to equal the O. K. 1 PLENTY OF LONG SHOTS 1 j No chanco for misrepresentation as this sheet mailed to you the night Before, special de- j Sis livery, in plain sealed envelope. .00 for 6 days. ?1.00 daily, at all newsstandr.. I ! OLYNTHUS 11-5 WON I 2-1 WON I were last Saturdays SPECIALS. Detroit Agent: fl !FOKEWAEN Dunns News Agency Michigan arid Shelby E NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 9 411 Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, 111. I 14939149391493901493914939 $ $ $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS $ The MIRACLE SYSTEM is nationally known $ $ as "easy for player hard for layer." Sold on $ $ installment; payments paid from your profits. $ $ Absolutely FREE 73-page manual and review. $ f Investigate today and make your bookie obey. $ f Public relations manager $ $ S. E. ARTHUR $ $ Eos -10, R. F. Towson, Md. 5 Pay From Your Profits i The Master Key .System of playing the race! will be mailed yon for one weeks trial. It stionld show an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. FOR PARTICULARS mail this ad. with your name and address, to J. K. WILLIS 208 Third St. Miami Beach, Fla. "FAIR GROUNDS7 One or two long shots weekly. Terms: Winnings , of a .00 straight play. Remit 51.00 and correct address. Names of all horses sent by mail. NO TELEGRAMS KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 613 JULIA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA. ; PLAY SAFE Order Your Manual NOW And Be Sure! DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 141 PLYMOUTH, ... COURT :.- CHICAOO. ILL. - M i jr 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, K. Y. 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. 305-307 DECATUR STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA. i . i v . 110 Nassau St., Room lOl XEW YORK CITY UNITED TURF NEWS PRICE .00 SEMI-WEEKLY PRICE 1.00 Itilillsliert every AVcdnesday and Saturday. On sale at out-of-town leading- newsstands. Mailed to New York City and Brooklyn, .00 monthly. FOR SALE AT FOLLOWING NEWSSTANDS: Cleveland Sehrocdcr, 214 East Superior Avenue. Detroit TrlaiiRle, iiri.tivold and Lafayette Blvd.; Dunns, Shelby and .Michigan. St. LoniH Laser, 711 Market. Cincinnati Fountain, li Cnno Street. MONDAYS BIG CODE SPECIAL 9-7-4-30 Following horses written up on sheet, besides code horse : .00 DALLY DALLY OCCASIONAL, 0.00 WEEKLY Saturdays JIIk Occasional: k TONY BEAU 2y2-l, 4-5 SECOND Fridays Occasional: DUKE JOHN 13-5 and 1-1 SECOND Thursdays Occasional: DR. GLENN 7-2 WON Wednesdays Occasional: MARY DEAR 6-1 WON Tuesdays Occasional: GOOD TIME 10-1 WON Saturdays Occasional: WALNUT HALL 15-1 WON Fridays Occasional: FROSTY BOY 30-1 WON UNITED TURF NEWS GOING BIG AGAIN WITH WINNING 0CCASI0NALS ANOTHER BIG LOUISIANA OCCASIONAL MONDAY Mondays Occasional is the best thing of the meeting. We should get 10 to 1 or better on Mondays Occasional. UNITED TURF NEWS HAS THE WORD EVERYTHING IS 0. K. City clients call. Out of tovrn clients wire for one week or $.".00 for one day. Vse Western Union or Postal in ivirinff money. Occasional every day at Xew Orleans all winter. Wire money Sunday if possible. I I j , ; STORTING LEADER 25 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS TODAYS FREE SPECIAL: Davtou-Fohl-Hcdge-Niclie-Lagoon We Expect 10-1 so set THE SPORTING LEADER today and look this one up in code on page 3. IT WON ! MASTER CLOCKER S j j t FREE SPECIAL SATURDAY Rinkey, 7-5, Won FRIDAYS BIG SPECIAL WAS Sea Cove, 18-5, Won Both of these were given STRONG on the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER i j ! Tomorrow Monday I have the O. K. on one that looks like a 12-1 Long Shot Hasnt shown anything1 at the Fair Grounds as yet, but "WATCH HIM TODAY. Here is one of the BEST THINGS I have seen for many a day. For this one just ask your newsdealer for DAILY MASTER CLOCKER AT ALL NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE DETROIT FOR SALE: Triangle Newsstand . .Griswold and Lafayette Boul. Family Theater Newsstands Cadillac Sq. MAILED 2 WEEKS. . Address Master Clocker 333 S. DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. TRACK INFORMATION FROM NEW ORLEANS I have valuable information on a good thing that will positively go Thursday, January 17th, regardless of weather conditions. Those desiring service on this horse and my specials during the winter racing can obtain same by answering this ad immediately. I am at the track early mornings and will wire specials, morning of race. My proposition is: Send me the winnings of a 0.00 straight bet after you collect. Write name plain, and only reliable parties need answer. CHARLES FORBES 110 DAUPHINE STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. NEW ORLEANS RACES Col. J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker YOTJ CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 a. m. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. HOTEL DE SOTO NEW ORLEANS, LA. ! ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM j j t i j ! annual1 HI SBSSHSl SfJ THE WIZARD OF W ALL ISiSi SOLD ON ALL NEWSSTANDS ?2 WAGAIN WE WON- YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL WON AGAIN FRIDAYS "OCCASIONAL" RAFFLES ,.2-1 WON DAY AFTER DAY "CHIEF CLOCKER" followers are "CLEANING UP." The "CHIEF" is now bacfc on his "WINNING STRIDE." SST0r LOSING AND FOLLOW "CHIEF CLOCKER"! YOU" will he "BIG WINNER," just cs HUNDREDS of others are by following "CHIEF CLOCKER" every day. YOUVE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE "REST"! IF YOU KNEW where this "INFO" comes from daily YOU would he willing to pay 00 a day for it BUT ONLY COSTS YOU J2. Ask a follower of "CHIEF CLOCKER." the "LONG SHOT" WINNERS we gave NOV.; 0 flat play WON over ,1E0 Nov. S310NDAY PROBABLE 10-1-g is what "CHIEF CLOCKER" expects to win with. This one has been "PREPPED" for some time and MONDAY is the DAY stable expects to win with THIS "GOOD THING." 33-$. "SPECIAL" "FREE" 3IONDVY""! This is given FREE with our 52 OCCASIONAL Monday as "CHIEF CLOCKER" wants everyone to WIN "BIG BET" on this one as "CHIEF" expects to get a "SMASHING BIG PRICE." RUSH to your newsdealer before he SELLS out and get "CHIEF CLOCKER" OCCASIONAL copy special FREE with OCCASIONAL copy. YOU ARE GETTING ?50O WORTH "INFO" for ONLY Monday, so dont let STOP YOU frcm. "CLEANING UP." NOTICE "CHIEF CLOCKER." sold everywhere RACING FORM scld. Mailed to you, BOTH "Specials," 0 weekly. Chief Clocker 4918 WAVELAND AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. YOCKS TRULY, John L. Sullivan "A PROMISE MADE IS A DEBT UNPAID." Bench Manager 8-1 Won The following ad appeared in last Sundays RACING FORM read it again! JOHN L SULLIVAN SUPERMAIDEN SPECIAL WON The odds were indeed juicy. Filed with this paper, and sent to hundreds of followers. The next Supermaiden Special goes in. the first race at New Orleans, January 10. Reliable Feople cannot afford to miss this play. My advice is: I never had a better or safer proposition. This is the third maidei sent out this year and all three won. Turn to tha official charts and see the results. No horse sent out since Saturday. Did I make good? Ill say so! Next Super Special goes Tuesday, January 15th. This Super Special positively will not be sent to any one in arrears. Terms: Winnings of 0.00 YOURS TRULY, JOHN L SULLIVAN 44 WEST C0TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. GIBRALTAR SYSTEM STRONGEST OF THEM ALL 54 Per Cent Winners in December Does it work in winter? We leave it to yon. A large per cent of our selections ran first or second. Why pay to 00 daily for wire service. Save that. money! Place a- finger on a live one every day for the rest of your life at the small cost of buying the SAFEST "ONE BEST" SYSTEM EVER DEVISED. Write for particulars and proof. System is on file with Daily Racing Form. Gibraltar News Service P. O. BOX 563 CLEVELAND, OHIO

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