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HARVEY AMES EAELE BUILDING. BBOADWAY AT 52D ST. NEW YORK, N. Y. ATTENTION was drawn both Friday and Saturday to two investments to start at Tijuana within a few days. Subscription for both, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. The first of the two investments started late yesterday afternoon. The result is unknown at this writing in view of the difference in time, but will be announced in a later edition. . i THandSP0RTING1EADER Jbaericas QrcateitSporPPaper 25CENTS-F0R SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Again "Al Gems" JwjL 0 Special won for OSNjft us. It was ROUND TandW 0 ROBIN, 5-1, and he ijtfsPi sure gave cm the 14939Sk?2tt razz when they whis- fflE f pered around the tK3ZV?J lawn, Monday, that "MET he wasnt ready. eXtetl "AL" KNEW and 3p hence he was his ?10 SPECIAL. I have a code today that has worked exceedingly fast and they think he will win again today. Here it is: FAIR GROUNDS CODE Dunkirk, Mount, Jevel, Niche, Nexus It Won Again YESTERDAYS SPECIAL LONG SHOT: NORMAL, 12-1, WON Al Gems 0 Special Round Robin, 5-1, Won And once again "AL" showed that this is REAL INFO. Today Another Al Gerns 0 Special GIVEN FREE! with the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER. I tell you I got this EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG today, and, remember, this one hasnt shown his form for many a day, but I KNOW that today is the day. For this ?10 SPECIAL get the MASTER CLOCKER 1 AT NEAVSSTANDS, EVERYWHERE A WINNING COMBINATION Barrier Co. ONE WEEK, SIX DAYS, 0.00 IN ADVANCE ONE DAY, .00 IN ADVANCE 114 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK, N. Y. Barrier Co. Put Over Yesterday: LORENA MARCELUA 4-1 WON Monday Barrier Co. Put Over: DOUGHNUT 7-1 Won Saturday Barrier Co. Put Over: EXCHANGE 16-5 WON Friday Barrier Co. Put Over: HUMBOLDT 12-1 Won Thursday Barrier Co. Put Over: CALIGULA 8-1 Won 00 XXX SPECIAL TODAY Ono hundred dollars in advance. Propositions accepted only hy Barrier Co. 0.00 weekly subscribers. Barrier Co. Daily Horse Today Should Get the Money Vo have strong: -word on todays information. TODAY Big Double Header Winning Day Telograph, 0.00 in advance, one week; one day, ?5.0O. In remitting: use Western Union or Postal. Those wanting: 00.00 XXX Special wire 00. 116 Nassau St. Boom 401 New York City UNITED TUBE NEWS Price ; somi-weekly; price . Published "Wednesday and Saturday. For sale all newsstands evorywhere. New issue out today. Wednesdays coats special: 6-16-10-23-iaan. the man who can make you win IKMIM Tl 1MMJ SOLD ALL NEWSSTANDS Mr. PUYER:Trolu You So ! Yesterdays SPECIAL was PRIVILEGE 11-5 WON I And Mr. FIELDS advice was "PLUNGE. WIN ONLY." Our Dally Special was SCRATCHED. MONDAYS SPECIAL "WON ALSO" Day after day our ABMY OF FOLLOWERS are GETTING "RICHER" following our "INFO." Why Lose Your Money When "I Can Make You Win"? Thousands of followers ara "CLEANING UP" every day. Ask any JACK FIELD follower how much WINNER he is. THAT SHOULD CONVINCE YOU. B-CAN YOU USE "TODAY" ,000 Thats what YOU should make "TODAY," as we j have 2 LONG SHOTS. One on the Special and I 1 on Special TODAY, I HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO mr $ clean up$ today; Be SURE you get the Special and the Special "TODAY" and you should BEAT 2 of the biggest wagers YOU ever BEAT before. I RUSH to your newsdealer and pet JACK FIELD I Special and Special QUICKLY before he I SELLS OUT. I ! Notice JACK FIELD sold everywhere RACING FORM sold. Can be mailed to you week; 5 week for BOTH and Specials. FIELD PUB. CO. Room 32, 39 West Adams St. Chicago, 111. 0.00 WEEKLY .00 DAILY G.DUNN 110 Nassau St New York City DUNNS HOUSE AVIBED YESTERBAY: Golden Billows, 4-5, Won DUNNS HOUSE "WIltED 3IONDAY: SYMPATHY 5-1 WON DUNNS HOUSE "WIltED SATURDAY: GOLDEN BILLOWS... 3-1 WON Long Distance Telephone Conversation Heavy Commission Planted Away from Track On Todays Fair Grounds Horse Wire 0.00 -weekly, ?5.00 daily; Western Union. DIETZ WEEKLY NEWS Calvert Bldg., Broadway and 41st St., New York City A weekly rating: sheet published and mailed every Saturday evening:. Once a week we send word, without extra charge, on a horse that will he trying: hard next out. Winners on last issue were: DULY FASHION 5-1 1VOS SETHS ALIBI S4.00-S2 WON TOP O TIP MORNING S5.C0-S2 WON LITTLE HOPE 1.20- WON APRIL 7-2 AVON PINCASTLE S-l and ajruln at 10-1 WON A pleasant surprise, that will prove profitable, awaits NEW SUBSCBIBEES. NEWS DEALERS GET IN TOUCH with us. .00 Weekly; 8 Weeks, .00 i ? PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS $ $ The MIUACLK SYSTKM is nntlunnlly known 5 I $ as "easy for player hard for layer." Sold on $ installment; payments paid from your profits. $ $ Absolutely FREE 73-pace manual and review. $ $ Investigate today and maUe your bookie obey. ? $ Public relations manager j $ S. E. ARTHUR $ $ Box 40, R. F. Tows.-n, lid. $ ,149391493914939149391493914939$ ; i ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM I I I Harvey Ames Earle Bldg., Broadway at 52nd St. NEW YORK, N. Y. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Connections that supplied the last "Harvey Transaction," which started Monday, are furnishing todays horse. The same comment that was riven in these columns Monday as to the outlook, can be applied TODAY. Subscribers should make their Investment with the utmost confidence and are assured that the odds will be liberal nnd there should be NO question as to the result. Subscription, 00, should be telegraphed promptly to avoid return of snme when quota of each territory lias been tilled. Tills" office is in way identified with anyone In this line of business, and recognizes no competition. Those who are foolish enough not to deal directly with this office have only themselves to blame when receiving wrong horses from Impostors as "Harvey Transactions," and do not deserve sympathy. TELEPHONES: CHICLE 2591, 2532, 2593 and 5749 I BEATS THEM ALL The Starr Turf News Room 405 to 408, 500 Fifth Ave., New York City Again Yesterday: GOLDEN BILLOWS ..4-5 WON Yesterdays Sheet Korse: LORENA MARCELLIA.4-1 WON TODAYS PLUNGE HORSE comes from the sams smart people that wired us to plunge on: CALCUTTA 20-1 WON GOLDFIELD 15-1 WON CORAL REEF .......8-1 WON TERMS FOR OUR WIRE SERVICE: 0 FOR SIX DAYS OR FOR ONE DAY NEW CODE HORSE: WHITEY-HENRY-JOHN-BEVO Wire for code, then sco code horso in Racing: Form every day. All of our clients are big winners, aro youl SPECIAL COMBINED RATE Wire 0 for 6 days wire service and we will include code horse free. RECENT CODE HORSES: CALIGULA , 7-1 AVON FUTURO 8-1 AVON AENIZELOS .10-1 AVON WIRE HORSES: CARPENTER . 10-1 AVON RUBY 4-1 AVON BUCADO 8-1 AVON Our advice today is to plunge again. MUTUAL INFORMATION BUREAU 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE NEW YORK CITY A combination of the smartest information in Amorica. Our horses on file with Daily " Racing Form. Yesterdays Information: . EL ASTRO 18-5 Won 3 WINNERS LAST WEEK . 5 WINNERS WEEK BEFORE 4 WINNERS WEEK BEFORE 13 WINNERS IN LAST 20 DAYS TODAY 10-1 TODAY Wo are advised that todays horse is the best bet of the year. Ten dollars straight bet for last three weeks OVER ,600 WINNER j I AFTER OTHERS FAIL, TRY US ; BATES Daily; 0 for Six Days i Out-of-town subscribers wire remittance j by Western Union. City clients call. Actual Results Are What Count THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM WON, ON A 0.03 PLAY, for seven weeks ending February 23, as follows: NEW ORLEANS. WON. ,406.00 TIJUANA, WON, ,567.00 For full details address THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM 601 CATHEDRAL BALTIMORE, MD. i I I I j Subscribe for Daily Racing Form I DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. i441 PLYMOUTH COURT - CHICAGO. ILL. 157-159 EAST 32nd ST.. NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. 305-307 DECATUR STREET. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. JACK WARREN ONE DAY, .00 SIX DAYS, 0.00 FRANCES VICTORIA.. 0.S0-; -?2 2nd JACK WARREN, the famous -western horseman, pave every one a real BIG surprise yesterday -when sending out the above two-year-old maiden and saying WIN and DOUBLE PLACE. Yes, you must bo -well connected to bo able to d:.g up these kind, after running off 7 STRAIGHT WINNERS. Just goes to show what results can bo expected when you follow an OLD TIME HORSEMAN. WINNERS 8 IN A ROW AT TIJUANA Tuesday, February 2C: FRANCES AICTOKIA... 0.80-$:; -?2 2nd Sunday, February 24: ELIAS O 1.00-?:?. AVON Saturdays ONLY HORSE: CONVENT .20-?2 AVON Fridays ONLY HORSE: SUNBOAV S7.20-?2 AVON Thursdays ONLY HORSE: SILENT PAHDNER .40-52 AVON Wednesdays ONLY HORSE: ORMESBROOK .20- AVON I Tuesdays "ONLY. HORSE: BLARNEY STONE .00- AVON Sundays ONLY HORSE: MALAERN 9.S0- AVON From coast to coast, the news is spreading and, if you want immediate attention before my offico is- flooded with subscriptions, you had better arrange at once to get your name on my list for a long subscription. 1 week or 6 days, only 0.00, Ill Beat All TODAY and will not leave a doubt in anyones mind as I to my EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY AS A HORSEMAN. This maverick today should come homo alone at odds of 0 for at least. ONE HORSE ADVISED DAILY l MONEY SENT VIA WESTERN UNION money transfer will be immediately acknowledged by a mossage from this office, covering HORSE FOR TODAY. .T. AVAR KEN I Suit 17, 207-203 Van Sicklen Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. i j Jerry Maloney EXPERT CLOCKER 4 Court Square Brooklyn, N. Y. TERMS DAILY, 0 WEEKLY Yesterdays One Horse: TELESCOPE 7-1 WON Mondays One Hore: DOUGHNUT ... .7-1 WON Saturdays One Horse: EXCHANGE 16-5 WON My caliber of information has made layers turn to players. TODAY 10 TO 1 TODAY From the report I received from my man at the track this horse is as "GOOD" as "IN," so make it your business to get yours. Positively ONE HORSE A DAY. But the best information obtainable. NOTICE A well-known manufacturer making a play for one of the most successful stables at New Orleans desires to share this information with responsible party. My identity will be fully established. References required. P. 0. BOX NO. 5. STATION . B. CINCINNATI, OHIO ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT - CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32nd ST., KEW YORK CITY, N. Y. 005-307 DECATUR STREET. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT.

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