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"Lucky" Johnny Lyons AMERICAS PREMIER TURF WIZARD 5 Columbus Circle, Room 217 -:- New York City For the present my information is on Latonia races and only one horse advised on any day that I have information to release. Thursday: T. S. JORDAN 7.60- WON Wednesday: BLOWING BUBBLES 8.30- WON Tuesday: NOTHING RELEASED Monday: BALLOT BRUSH $ 9.70- WON Everything set for Saturdays horse, which will be next information released, and I know this will be another SENSATIONAL one for my followers. TERMS: 0, in advance, for SATURDAYS INFORMATION. Wire subscription immediately, or, if in town, call personally. I 3 i Master Ratings 35 CENTS DAILY— AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Published Daily by the Sporting Leader. DETROIT— FOE SALE AT Triangle Newsstand. Griswold and Lafayette. Family Thaater Newsstand, Cadillac So.. CHICAGOANS! For sale -where Racing Form is Sold. HURRAH ! ! AGAIN WE "CLEANED UP" YESTERDAYS "ONE BEST": Spot Cash, .65-, Won We sure are grabbing the coin — hand over fist. WEDNESDAYS "ONE BEST": Peggy S.,6.75-, Won No use talking, the Country Is in Frenzy ! talking about the MASTER RATINGS Sold Out is a common word at the newsdealers. They Cant Supply the Demand ! Rash right now to yo«r newsdealer and tell him to be sure and save you a Daily Master Ratings If your newsdealer hasnt got it. it will be MAILED 2 WEEKS FOR . Remit to MASTER OLOCKER 440 S. Dearborn St. CHICAGO, ILL. FOR TODAYS "ONE BEST" is another "LIVE BABY" we have "DUG UP" for you. SUN SPOT .90- WON Was Yesterdays Best OCEAN CURRENT .80- WON Was Yesterdays Long Shot KUBLAI EHAN .00- WON Was Wednesdays Best BAFFLING 4.50-?2 WON Was Wednesdays Long Shot THIS MARES 8 WINNERS OUT OF LAST 9 The most wonderful part is that it only costs 50c — DALLY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS — EOc Mailed the night before. 1 week, .00, 2 weeks. .00 CITY CLIENTS CALL 411, 22 W. ftuincy St. CHICAGO, ILL MONDAY On* of the bett propositions I have ever handled. SEAL SPORTSMEN ONLY WIRE NAME AT ONCE joe Mccarty SARATOGA SPRINGS MEW YORK Old Dan Lee Suite 306, 145 West 41st Street Corner Broadway New York. N. Y. 0.00 DAILY— 0.90 WEEKLY Hours, 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. = I wish to announce to my old friends that after several years absence in England, where I operated with success, I have returned to my native land after making connections with my associations of former years and am now prepared to handle the same high -class information as I did of old. The kind that made the name of DAN LEE famous throughout the world. Those of the older genertion will recall the days when DAN LEES one horse wire was the talk of the country. Remember the good old days. BOYS. I shall be glad to inter via w ail old timers personally. Come up and renew acquaintances, boys. Those of the younger generation, ask Dad. he knows. I opened my New York office Monday and will release strictly one horse a day. except when I have an extra One Hundred Dollar FREE SPECIAL. CITY SUBSCRIBERS CALL AT OFFICE. Out of town clients wire money by Western Union, or Postal Telegraph. 20 to 1 is the price that is expected on a horse that is eligible to start at Latonia Monday, June 16th, or Tuesday, June 17th. and the people that are handling this deal expect the horse to gallop home. : while the majority of the crowd will be wondering what it is all about. There will possibly be three or four spots of this kind during the entire La-, tonia meeting and those that accept this proposition . and remit after the horse has won will be considered in the future when something of this character arises. This horse is expected to be an cut-I cider in the betting, and we feel certain th.it the I horse will justify our confidence by winning his ! race. The terms for th:s horse will be the winnings of 0. to be remitted the day after horse wins, hy telegraph. Wire, write or telephone your acceptance to J. P. PRICE 140 Pike St. COVINGTON, KY. Phone: Covington 2395. DIRECT FROM LATONIA AND WORTH YOUR ATTENTION We have got the dope and the next two weeks are going to prove this statement. Honsst information. No bunk. We advertise no winners. RESULTS DO THE TALKING A DOCTOR 8 SPECIAL GOING EOON We want a few mare honet nun who will promise to mako a .00 STRAIGHT PLAY for us. .00 in advance, which is to be deducted from the winnings of the first winner. REMEMBER— THE HORSE MUST PAY 2-1 or better BEFORE WE CLAIM OUR ALLOWANCE. Wire or send a .00 money order and receive our code at once. H. AND H. SERVICE 217 Fcrest Hill Bldg. 13623 Euclid Ave. CLEVELAND, OHIO SPORTING LEADER TODAYS FREE CODES: LATONIA: Dayton-Latent-Parch- Jewel-Fancy. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITY Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" Fredericktown, 7-1, Finished Second Fredericktown, in his previous race, won at 5 to 1, and was disqualified, and the strongest possible information forced us to make it yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" in spite of the fact that Ladkin, Finn Lag, Klondyke, etc., were entered against him, and were all strong factors over him. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Getaway Day at Belmont Park Todays "Harvey Transaction" is derived again through the channels which provided Lady Belle, when she won at 5 to 1 and is considered by them an equally certain winner. Positively no service today to any one unless subscription, 00, is received at this office before one-thirty, this in view of the heavy expense involved. TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 FRED DAVIS THE TURF WONDER 4 Court Square, Suite 9 Brooklyn, N. Y. TERMS: 0.00 for one weeks service, consists of one horse a day. Again My Followers Won Yesterday: T.S. Jordan.... 7.60- Won And once again the grabbers took their usual knockout when this horse came romping home in front, and as you all know that it takes little Fred Davis to make you a WINNER. Do business with one who knows and it will prove to you that all investments are safe investments that I advise. I am j known wherever racing exists and with my i reputation and following I can let you in on winning information; in other words, horses that are on edge and ready to earn brackets when I release the final O. K. to my clients. I am associated with those that are in the "know" and if you are a winner or a loser you simply cannot afford to miss a single day following my bona fide information. The day you miss is the day you lose, as naturally you will hear or see in my ad another winner. Wednesday: Mcintosh 7.60- Won Tuesday: Flower Shop . . .2.70- Won Monday: Ballot Brush . . . ..70- Won Give my information a weeks trial and be convinced that you are getting 80 information for less than a day. If you were to pay 00 a day, you couldnt get any better than I give my clients for ten dollars a week. I advise you to wire your subscription with your correct name and address to avoid delay and that you could be able to appreciate the full value of bona fide information. R. Retey ONE BEST— EACH DAT— SENT BY PREPAID TELEGRAM. TEEMS: 6 DATS. 0. PT GET RICH WITH RETEY -«@ My one bests this week gave — Thursday: MASTEB BILLY . . . .$ 5.00- WOX Wednesday : HEPHAISTOS 0.00- WON Tuesday : MACBETH $ 9.20- AVON Monday : QUESADA $ 7.70- WOK Saturday : MR, METT 0.60- 2ND Friday : MAKEUP 0.10- WON Thursday : QlEER $ 7.30-52 AVON Today and tomorrow I will drag a couple from under the loj at Latonia that should knock your friends around the corner for a cocked hat when the odds are flashed. Boys, if you want to know" how it feels to knock over a couple of long- shots, rush your subscription at once and remember BETET PREPAYS TELEGRAMS. SIX DAYS— ONE BESTS— TEN DOLLARS. R. Retey 16 161st St., Jamaica, N. T. s Our weekly Parlay Page is worth while. Bay copy from your dealer or tend for 4 weeks. GALLOPS, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. j i My business is clocking horses, and you all know I the scene of operations will be transferred to the I Aqueduct track, and I will be en hand to watch every move of the shrewd ones. I am ever on their trail. I have a line on a few that will cut loose at Aqueduct, as they prefer the long stretch. YESTERDAY— No wire sent out. Track conditions and other uncertainties that I am not in a position to make public caused me to refrain from telegraphing any information. This, of course, you should prefer, as I am not going to j send out a horse to.be played by my followers that I am not sure will give a good account of himself by winning. In other words. I must have infor- l mation on a horse or nothing goes out. This is the way I do business. My record to date : Wednesday I wired: EXALTED RULER 4-1 Won Tuesday I wired: SIMOON 5-1 Won Monday I wired : iNEGOCIATEUR 5-1 Won Saturday I wired: BELPHRIZONIA 6-1 Won Friday I wired: NEGOCIATEUR 7-1 Won Thursday I wired : HIDALGO 7-2 Won GETAWAY DAY EXTRA GOOD THING This one has been waiting a ion~ time to get a price and if they start it is a safe wager that he will be in front when ths judges place the numbers, as no man ever had a fitter horse. So I would advise you to telegraph your subscription in time to get in on this one. My Terms Are Still the Same .00 Daily EDWARD C. WALKER Opposite Belmont Park Race Track Sandstrom 11, Elmont, Long Island, N. T. DISTINCTIVE SERVICE Kentucky Turf Bureau 1350 BROADWAT NEW TORK CUT 0 FOR SIX WIRES OR FOR ONE DAT JUST LIKE~STRIKING OIL Testerdays Latonia Wire: T. S. Jordan 7.60- Won Wednesdays Latonia Wire: McINTOSH 7.60-52 WON" Tuesdays Latonia Wire: FLOWER SHOP 2.70- WON Mondays Latonia Wire: THE RUNT $ 7.60-!»2 WON Last weeks winners at Latonia: SAN" VICENTE $ S.M- WON MAKE UP .10- WON BISTY M4HY 3.«0- WON DUSTY MARY S17.36- WON CLARENCE 2.99- WON No racing at Latonia Monday. June 2. TO DATE A 5 STRAIGHT PLAT HAS lVO!f OVER ,600. Wire 0 at once for SIX WIRES and be in on our big horse at Latonia today. Should pay at least 6 to 1. • "IF IN NEED OF INFORMATION, WRITE OR WIRE WHEELER" Am on the ground, well connected. Termi: Winnings of 0, to be 7 to 5 or better. Writ? for code, General Delivery, Latonia, Ky., or wire Latonia Race Track. W. M. WHEELER Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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