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JAMES J. HARVEY 1416 Broadway, Suite 201 NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY 5.00 WEEKLY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY EXCEPT WHEN OCCASIONS WARRANT Connections compel all names to bo withheld in advertising: for reasons we cannot make public. Yesterdays .00 Special result unknown at press time. TODAY TODAY BIG DOUBLE HEADER NOTICE NOTICE My 00.03 SPECIAL GOES TODAY AND WILL BE GIVEN FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. This info will show everyone just what! know and should make every post a winning one. The price should be as good as Saturday. I am on the ground personally. Deal with one who knows and seldom misses. Todays has been given a special preparation. Get it without fail. SATURDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 6-1. SATURDAYS EXTRA SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 10-1. FRIDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 10-1. THURSDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 7-1. WEDNESDAYS 00.00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 9-1. WEDNESDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 7-1. TUESDAYS EXTRA SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 8-1. TUESDAYS SPECIAL withdrawn at last minute. My large clientele will vouch for the winning weeks, too numerous to mention. NOTE, NOTE, NOTE Not a losing day last week. My clients are surely winning on the information I release. Become one of my cliont3 today and be a big winner at the end of each week. A 0.00 flat play week of Aug. 4 won. City clients call; out of town clients wire to avoid delay. Address all communications to JAMES J. HARVEY SUITE 201, 1416 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two -cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. NOTICE TO S. 0. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS! All Subscriptions expired with Saturdays S10 Special, which was TANGERINE 5-1 WON" Last week we had three 0 One-Horse Specials. The other two were SAIiACIA, 16 to 5, "WOK, and a horse that ran second. a "We had nothing going yesterday or today. "We do not have them every day, but IMPORTANT wait for right spots. All oar specials are filed in advance with Daily Racing form. 4 Our 10 Specials consist of one horse only. o OUR 2TEXT 10 OKE-HOItSE SPECIAL GOES "WEDNESDAY. o This horse must win or our next two 10 Specials EREE. O 10-1 EXPECTED TOMORROW 10-1 o Tomorrow another of our famous One-IIorse Specials will go. Rush your sub- 1 scription at once and we will see that our wire reaches you in ample time, and 4 remember, if this horse does not win, you will get our next two 10 One-Horse 4 Specials absolutely FREE. "We deal in long-priced horses. A few of our recent 10 Onc-llorse Specials were: 0 Runolathe 30-1 Won Sweep Park ...9.50- Won Exodus 1.00- Won Cream Puff . . .0.40- Won o Lass o Mine . .0.30- Won Who Knows Me 1.00- Won Dutch Girl . . . .1.00- Won X And many others at better than 5 to 1. All filed in advance with this paper. o 1 Tomorrow Even a Small Play Should Show a Big Profit " S. O. SERVICE X JAMAICA, 2TEW YORK y 3TOTE: "Tell "Western Union to send your address; it prevents delay. o O Wire 10 at once by "Western Union no Postal here. o 30 1410 BROADWAY JfEW YORK, H". Y. JOHN J.JOYCE 30.00 FOR SIX DAYS, ONE "WEEK, OR 510.00 DAILY FOR STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY AT HAWTHORNE AND CANADA Yesterdays One Horse Hawthorne Saturdays Ono Horse Hawthorne Climax.... 7-1 Won Boot Black 8-1 Won Yesterdays One Horse Canada Saturdays One Horse Canada Cordon Rouge ... 15-2 Won Thistlewood 8.80- Won TODAYS CANADA ONE HORSE is one of the best I have had this year. The commissions are planted away from the track and the horse should be a big price. TODAYS ONE HORSE AT HA"WTHORNE comes from the same source as Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays horse wires, all ol which won at good prices. See above horses. "Wire 30.00 for six days, or 10.00 for one day. Include your street address. YOU CAN BEAT A RACE, BUT YOU CANNOT BEAT THE RACES READ THIS CAREFULLY THE PAST RECORD SPEAKS FOIt ITSELF Monday SALACIA; Tuesday MIRACLE MAN; Wednesday, BOTHER; Friday Nothing sent out; Saturday FLAG OF TRUCE; Monday Nothing sent out. Today, Tuesday, August 12, get in touch with me before 12 oclock by wire. Have something at Fort Erie. Also on "Wednesday, August 19, at Saratoga. t Terms: Telegraph me "Western Union 5 to pay for four prepaid telegrams. After the horse wins wire me immediately 5 for my fes and you are eligible for "Wednesdays Horse. FRANK ZEME Room 316 Calvert Bldg 1452 Broadway Cor. 41st St. New York City HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52D STREET KEW YORK CITY. Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction," beaten ten and a half lengths in previous start, WON easily. The morning line showed eight to one against this horse and our followers are urged in their own interest not to make their play too early. We wish to avoid repetition of events when we have the right to expect eight or ten to one and are forced to take half. Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction," and the only horse advised, followed Saturdays WINNER, which in previous race had been beaten twelve lengths, and also Fridays winning transaction and, of course, the only horse advised which in previous race had shown nothing and had not won a race in nine starts. Above is the reason so many confine their operations to "Harvey Transactions," and why they are in such demand. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TOMORROW One of the best prepared good things of the season is scheduled to start tomorrow, Wednesday. Past performances show nothing, but it is to be remembered that tomorrow is the DAY. Nothing further need be added 5 Subscription, 00, must be telegraphed promptly, as all subr scriptions are limited to territory. No attention will be paid to subscriptions unless correct name and street address is knovn to this office. WARNING! Wrong horses are continually being peddled by unscrupulous persons as "Harvey Transactions." The only way to avoid unnecessary, regrets is to deal directly, as we have no other address or agents or representatives anywhere. , TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 Joe McCabe THE WONDER OF THE TURF .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY ONE HOESE DAILY CHALK UP ANOTHER WINNER! Positively the only torso advised yesterday: PRUDY 4.95- Won Who else gave this one a look in? Yes, boys, I started the week off right again yesterday with this long shot, hut that is only the beginning of what should ho one of the most prosperous weeks you have ever enjoyed, as I nave some of the best laid plans of the year in my possession, WATCH THIS ONE TODAY The horse I am advising for today has, not won a race in sone time, but today will likely be a different story and you will probably get plonty of price, and on Wednesday I have another that should make the books sit up and take notice. So do not delay, but send your subscription of 0.00 and get a week of winning information. Saturday the only horse advised was: VIOLA BURTON..9.75- Won Last week 5 WINNERS OUT OF 6 HORSES SENT OUT AND NOT ONE LESS THAN 4-1. All horses this week at Fort Erie. Send all money via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. 172 Milford Street BROOKLYN, N. Y. GARS WEEKLY 85 CENTS AT ALT, NEWSSTANDS NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE CODES: Saratoga : Florida-Black-Rose -Black -Purple. Devonshire: Vermont-Rain-Black-Black-Brown. And by all means dont fail to get the NEW ISSUE today and GO to the DEVONSHIRE CODE SPECIAL, which was shipped hero especially for this race. Only S5 cents, at all newsstands. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM HARRY DALTON DAILY RACING WIRE 853 Blake Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 A DAY ONLY 0 WEEKLY ANOTHER GRAND WEEK I STARTED WITH ANOTHER WINNER Yesterdays Special: PEDAGOGUE ., 2-1 Won Only one given and the fact that this one was entered in a field of 24 horses, of which 12 were scratched, and I HAD GIVEN YOU PEDAGOGUE TO WIN before scratches were available, shows how remarkable this information is. SANDHURST 15-1 Won was Saturdays Special. TRAVERS 5-1 Won was Fridays Special. D0NGES 15-1 Won was Thursdays Special. BOTHER 4-1 Won was Wednesdays Special. McAULIFFE .... 8-1 Won was Tuesdays Special. 9 WINNING WEEKS OUT OF 11 I try not to handle favorites. People dont have to spend their good money for standouts. Pedagogue looked like an 8-1 shot, but scratches reduced the card and we had to bo satisfied with 2-1. WATCH HE TODAY I am going to hang- out an "0" after that 2 today and get you a 20-1 shot. I mean it, so dont be ono of those that say "I told you so," with your head sticking out of the window. Get right in. ONLY 0 FOR A WHOLE WEEK AND YOU GET ONE A DAY ONLY No: four or five horses; just one. Wire immediately Western Union or Postal money order. Telegrams will reach you beforo 12 noon. Yesterdays winner given to over 750 clients. By following my information for a week you will be convinced that there .13 at least one man that knows how to got winners. I AM AT THE TRACK DAILY and send out only that which I am positive should win. ONE HORSE A DAY ONLY Send proper street address, also fuU nam. Tho Archer, 34-1, won, was yesterdiys best. i winners out of last 6 starters on onr Daily-One Best. Long Shot ran third. You had tetter wake Tip and deal with people who know tho game. More good ones coming. Absolutely only TWO A DAY and all it costs is 50c daily at all newsstands, 50c. Mailed the night before, 1 week, .00; 2 woeks. .00. National Q. K Racins Letter, 411, 22 W. Quincy St., Chi-cago, 111. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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