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HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BBOADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITY The Last "Harvey Transaction" Finished Second "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Mr. Ames is personally supervising every detail of todays "Harvey Transaction" and expects same to win at good odds. The record of "Harvey Transactions," which mean strictly one horse, is well known and requires no introduction or recommendation. The best and only the best procurable is considered by this office to safeguard the interests of the followers of "Harvey Transactions." Subscription: 00, by telegraph or in, person. Early subscription is necessary, owing to the fact that the races today begin at 1 oclock. Mr. Ames expects to demonstrate again that "THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS" for certain investments. "Harvey Transaction" means ONE HORSE AND ONLY ONE HORSE A DAY. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 GREAT WESTERN HANDICAPPER "PRICE GO CENTS DAILY AT ALIj PRINCIPAI, NEWSSTANDS Send remittances to GREAT WESTERN, 74 West Madison Street, Chicago, 111. By Mail received in early mail every day two vreeks, .00 REMEMBER "THE GREAT WESTERN" liad so nigh an average of winners at Hawthorne that others dont compare. All onr selections filed in advance with. Daily Racing Form. Onr same docker has hecn at AURORA since Tuesday, and nothing has escaped his tvatchfnl eye. He reports that he has several live ones lined np now. The first will go Saturday in the fourth race. FOR SALE AT: 149 N. Clark Street Newsstand Out of Town Newsstand 74 W. Madison Street 1416 BROADWAY NEW YOEK, N. Y. Wm. K. HODGE 0.00 FOE. SIX DAYS 0E 0.00 DAILY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY AT ANY TRACK THAT I OPERATE AT MY FIRST BIG 00 HORSE THIS TEAR IS A PRIVATE TRANSACTION AND IS LABELED "EXTRA SPECIAL." TERMS ARE S50.00 IN ADVANCE AND TnE BALANCE, 0.00, TO BE WIRED TO ME AFTER THE HORSE "WINS AT SIX TO ONE 6-1 OR BETTER. NO OTHER TERMS OR PROPOSITIONS OF ANY KIND ACCEPTED. HORSE, AS USUAL, IS GUARANTEED TO "WIN OR SIX DATS SERVICE FREE. MY DAILY ONE HORSE AT CANADA TODAY IS "WORTH A PLUNGE PLAY ALL STRAIGHT "WIRE 30.00 FOR SIX DAYS ONE "WEEK. BE SURE TO INCLUDE TOUR STREET ADDRESS, "WHERE "WIRES "WILL REACH YOU. IN-FORMATION RELEASED 11 A. Ml DAILY, NEW YORK DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. GET BUSY START "WINNING. On Saturday, Sept. 6 TODAY this office will make to a limited number of subscribers confidential release in EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY planned for this afternoon, opening day at Aurora. Seasoned horse working three-quarters around 1:12 in private trials. Has been skillfully prepared and all angles possible taken care of. SHOULD WIN EASILY and Expected to Pay 5 to 1 or Better TERMS 0.03 CASH, hy telegraph or in person. Release made today at noon. Subscriptions and full address must he in this office not later than 1:00 p. m. ROBERT LEE 2929 S. Michigan Blvd., Suite No. 1, Chicago, HI. I Pay From Your Profits I THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing B the races will he mailed you for one weeks I trial. No charge unlets it shows an average Q profit of at least 0 a day on the Q scale of play. For particulars mail this I ad and a two-cent stamp to I J. K. "WILLIS I 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, fla. Charles Raymond TRACK ADVISOR .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY ONE HORSE A DAY DID WE BEAT EM? ILL SAY WE DID! Yesterdays Horse: Gallant Greek 7.90-, Won "With the opening of DORVAL my wonderful CONNECTIONS .STARTED RIGHT OFF A WINNER. Thursdays Horse: Carry On 8.50, 9.80- 2nd Wednesdays Horse: Seastake 9.00- Won Tuesdays Horse: Sister Josella ..6.50- Won Mondays Horse: Fredericktown .0.40- Won When I hit my winning stride I give winner after winner. My old friends can tell you that. WINNING 00 WEEKLY on a 0 Flat Play is childs play for me. I am away over that mark and another day to go. MAKE A 50-1 PARLAY TODAY It is easy, men all my subscribers are going to get that BIG 0 SPECIAL. And it sure is going to he a peach. Also my Daily Wire to Daily subscribers should come close to paying the limit and, altogether, we expect a BANNER DAY. TERMS DAILY, 0 FOR 6 DAYS SERVICE ONE HORSE A DAY ONLY EXCEPTING ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK WHEN I HAVE A 0 SPECIAL THAT GOES FREE to weekly subscribers. Know what it means to WIN. Wear that winning smile. Get my information every day and then when your friends ask "Did you beat em?" you can answer with a big broad smile, "Certainly, I follow the wise money." ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT. Subscribe NOW. I WILL LIMIT MY LIST WITHIN A DAY OR SO. Dont be shut out. A weeks information will be a convincer and you will be glad to follow me all year. Remember, LATONIA opens Sept. 13, and this is going to be a SUCCESSFUL MEETING. Dont delay. Send a subscription and make today a winning day. CHARLES RAYMOND Room 338, 20C Broadway, New York City. I Subscribe for Daily Racing Form "Clocker" Frank Rowan "HEADQUARTERS FOR WINNING INTO" Both arid Special 6 Days for 5 YESTERDAYS SPECIAL: ROYDEN THIRD YESTERDAYS SPECIAL: MYRTLE CROWN : . . ..80- WON TODAY! TRIPLE HEADER! TODAY! UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT MISS TODAYS INFORMATION. Should win and make a limit parlay. Do not fail to call at my office and get in with the old master, FRANK ROWAN, the man who has produced the most long shot winners in the country. Tuesdays .00 Special: Tuesdays .00 Special: white w,Sri-iiii--a-7M2 woN lost DUNKS GREEN 8-1 WON Saturdays .00 Special: Fridays .00 Special: AV1SPA 3.95- WON BESSIE LEIGHTON 10-1 WON Fridays Special: ....... hnrsdays ?5- Special: , FLYING AL 5-1 WON W0NG MKa W0N LOUISE WAGNER 7-1 WON McAULIFFE 3-2 WON Thursdays Extra Special: Wednesdays Special: N0RMANA 1.60- WON MARJORIE C 6-1 WON A FEW OF MY RECENT WINNERS: amimw-oo.,2-00 B:ECILS: , ,., .00 Specials: ANNIVERSARY 3-1 WON M, RP - q ? wntt THE M,SS BELLE 92 W0N FENIAN .25- WON MY. DREAM 12-5 WON BLUE RIDGE 18-5 WON OLAND 5.65- WON Biirr randkip i k unw DOC GAIETY 5I8.40-S2 WON BIFF BANG ,3"5 W0N SWEET NOTE .95- WON ROCK BASS 3-1 WON S?n,DA VIOLA BURTON m.K .75- i.MS-g WON SSS REDSKIN 3-1 WON TDAwCDe 0 0 wnM TRAVERS 9"2 W0N VANISHING BOY 12-1 WON LOUIS RUBENSTEIN 5-1 WON D0NGES 15-1 WON MARIE DATTNER .05- WON BLACKSTONE 12-1 WON One week of my service -will positively place the most skeptical in my confidence. Rush your subscription of 0.00 for one weeks service on my horse for 6 days. Special offer: Wire 5 and I will let you in on both my and wires for one week 6 days. Address all communications FRANK ROWAN 799 BROADWAY NEW YORK. CITY LONG SHOT BURNS ROOM 303, 23 DUANE STREET NEW YORK CITY .00 DALLY STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY I AM THE KING OF LONG SHOTS 00 INVESTMENT WON ALMOST ,000 r THE BIG DAY IS AT HAND TODAY 9f All week I have brought to your attention just what I expect today. It certainly cannot he overlooked or passed up hy the biggest or smallest player. A 10-1 SHOT AT BELMONT A 6- HORSE AT CANADA ONLY ONE HORSE TERMS 5.00 Nover before attempted a double that will pay the limit and both are ready for brackets. Special horse at Canada. Terms, 5.00 payable in advance. Guaranteed to WIN or a weeks subscription FREE. 70 PERCENT WINNERS IN 10 DAYS 7 WINNERS, 2 SECONDS, 1 LOST Thursdays Only Horse BLUE WARBLER 10-1; 4-1 2ND Wednesdays Only Horse MISS BELLE 7-2; 1-1 2ND Tuesdays Only Horse DAD , ..... .....4-1 WON Mondays Only Horse REPULSE . 120-1 WON Saturdays Only Horse MASTER CHARLIE 30-1 WON Fridays Only Horse SYLVAN SPRING 9.2 WON Thursdays Only Horse BIFF BANG i8-5 WON Wednesdays Only Horse SLOUDLAND 20-1 WON Tuesdays Only Horse HAYWARD 7.1 WON Precaution has been taken; exceptional care and a largo expenditure of money should make both these transactions successful today. Daily One Horse, .00 or 0.00 Weekly. Extra Canadian Long Shot, 5.00. Wire fee or call at office. E. SHAW ONE HORSE DALLY .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY SAME OLD STORY Plough Boy 12-1 Won Yes, sir, this was positively the only horse ad- vised by me yesterday and I told you we expected plenty of price. Well, we certainly got it, and my 1 followers are all wearing their usual smile. He 4 just galloped all tho way in front of a 4-5 and 7-5 shot. This makes my fifth straight winner in as many days and I am only just getting started, and not any of them less than 4 to 1. Thursday I gave Grace Troxler 20-1 Won Wednesdays One Horse: Priscilla Ruley 5-1 Won Tuesdays One Horse: Irene Sweeney 15-1 Won Mondays One Horse: Donnelly .4-1 Won 15 to 1 TODAY. For today I have one that has been in pickle for a long time. I havo personally watched this one workout in the early morning and believe me they wont know which way ha went this afternoon and the price should be at least 15-1. I ONLY GIVE ONE HORSE A DAY. BUT A WINNER. AND ALL THIS SERVICE COSTS IS ?20.00 WEEKLY. I can still take care of a few new clients, so : rush your subscription and get in on my big free special, which is now boing made ready for a cleanup. Wire money Western Union or Postal Telegraph. 156 Fulton St., Room 430 New York City OH, BOYS, LOOK! This system is still picking the long shots. Here are a fow: Col. Labold, 1.20-; Polynesia, 0.55-; Fredericktown, 0.40-; Lucky Dollar, 8.20-; Best Pal, 3.00-; Finland, 6-1; Wong Bok, 6-1; Marjorio C, 8-1; Nose Dive, 12-1; Irene Sweeney, 15-1; Reply, 15-1; Serbian, 8.20-; and a large number of others. SPECIAL NOTICE Noxt week these systems in full will bo only .00 instead of 0.00. Gentlemen, the best bets aro worth 0.00. SYSTEM NO. 2 This wonderful system only had 12 losers at La-tonia, Lexington and Kenilworth combined. The best bets only had 3 losers out of 48 bets. At Aqueduct and Jamaica combined same system only had 4 losers. Best bet only had 2 losers. In one week at the different tracks this system only had 11 losers out of 86 bets. The best bets only had 1 loser. Get these systems and pick your own winners. Can be played at or away from tho track. These systems are always good on any track. J. H. CROSMAN BOX 26 . PALMYRA, IND. JACK ROWE 106 W. Washington St., Federation Bldg., Room 705 CHICAGO, ILL. TODAYS BIG SPECIAL Received wcrd from my connections they expect to have a long-priced winner Saturday, and you ill know Jack Rowe has had many good things at Sawthorne. So dont miss a single day during the Aurora meeting, as I am in a position to give you reliable information. TERMS: 5.00 WEEKLY JACK ROWE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM GILROY SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 My selections for Maple Heights races will be on sale at 850 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. My selections will consist of the same Reliable In. formation as in tho past and I wish to say that MY ONE BEST BET Saturday will have a real good rider in the saddle, with instructions to make every post a winner. Followers outside of Cleveland can obtain MY ONE BEST BET daily for ONE WEEK for 5.00, or the entire meeting for 125.00. Rush your subscription at once. J. GILROY WESTERN UNION CLEVELAND, OHIO GARS WEEKLY NEW ISSUE OUT TODAYS FREE CODE: Dorval Park Michigan-Rain-Box-Water The Master dockers Weekly NEW ISSUE OUT TODAYS FREE CODE: Dorval Park Buff alo-Launch-Fancy-Niche -Lease VOLUME I. OF Annual Racing Form for 1924 NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, "EAST, TORONTO, ONT. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM

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