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RACING DATES FOR 1924 FOX VALLEY BUSINESS MENS RACING ASSOCIATION, Aurora, 111.: September 6 to October 4 25 days. Oral KENTUCKY JOCKEY CLUB, Latonia Ky.: September 13 to October 18 31 days. Mutuels. ONTARIO JOCKEY CLUB, Wwdbine Park, Toronto,. Ont.: September 24 to October 1 7 days. Mutuels. VICTORIA RACING ASSOCIATION, Victoria, B. C, Colwood Park: September 24 to October 1 7 days. Mutuels. HARFORD AGRICULTURAL AND BREEDERS ASSOCIATION, Havre de Grace, Md.- September 24 to October 4 10 days. Mutuels. AKRON RACING ASSOCIATION, Northampton Park, Akron, Ohio: September 24 to October 11 16 days. Mutuels. BROOKLYN JOCKEY CLUB, Brooklyn Driving Park, Cleveland, Ohio: September 24 to October 11 16 days. Mutuels. METROPOLITAN JOCKEY CLUB, Jamaica, L. L N. Y.: October 1 to October 15 13 days. Oral. METROPOLITAN RACING ASSOCIATION, Dufferin Park, Toronto, Ont.: October 2 to October 9 7 days. Mutuels. MARYLAND STATE FAIR, Laurel. Md.: October 7 to November 1 23 days. Mutuels. LONG BRANCH RACING ASSOCIATION, Toronto, Ont.: October 11 to October 18 7 days. - Mutuels. TEXAS STATE FAIR, Dallas Tex.: October 11 to October 26 13 days. Mutuels. SOUTHERN PARK RECREATION ASSOCIATION, Youngstown, Ohio: October 15 to November 1 16 days. Mutuels. EMPIRE CITY RACING ASSOCIATION, Yonkers. N. Y.: October 16 to October 30 13 days Oral. C KELLEY CONFIDENTIAL ADVISOR "If You Want Winners, C. KELLY." 3Iy next Special Horse goes Thursday. Should pay 10-1. NOTE 3IT NEW TERMS: One winner, 0; three winners, 5. My service Is continued until yon . get Tvhat you pay for. I GAVE 15 "WINNERS OUT OP LAST TWENTY HORSES SENT, WHICH AYE RAGED AT -ODDS BETTER THAN 3 TO 1. Sent all snbscribers, and filed in adTance "with this paper. My wires give one " horse only. As stated in previous "ads," I am doing business on a large scale and am in a position to know when long-priced horses should win. Tou get genuine Information only at such times as conditions are indicative of a long-priced winner. All communications must be made by Western Union and give your address. C. KELLY 19 Washington Street JAMAICA, L. I., N. T. TWO HORSES DAILY George Barry TWO HORSES DAILY Win with $ The man who can make you win ? 17 West 27th St., New York City. Terms, 0.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription lets you in on all my 0.00 Specials FREE, which go Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Everybody read this Look. LOOK! LOOK! Everybody read this. 0.00 for sis days includes 2 free 0.00 Specials FREE. YESTERDAYS 0.00 TRANSACTION Postponed Track Conditions Once again my followers are wearing a "BARRY" SMILE. Yesterday Barry gave: Caduceus .80- Won Almadel ...30- Won iPTTODAY TODAY- Boys, here is a horse in the right place, 3?"A Soft Spot TodaylBl And they cant see how these two can miss annexing tha long end of the purse. Subscribe and have no regrets. Monday Barry gave: THE FOREIGNER .00-82 WON MAH JONG .90- 2nd Saturday Barry Gave: , ALTAWOOD .10- WON CEYLON PRINCE .50- WON Friday Barry gave: THE FOREIGNER .00- WON KENTUCKY CARDINAL .00- WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special FREE: FETSUN 15-1 WON Tuesday Barry gave 3IISS MAZIE .50- WON ADA BLACKJACK .00-?2 2nd Monday Barry gave SOPHY 18-5 WON SAYNO 3.30- 2ND Saturday Barry gave ENERGY 3.C0- WON TEASE $ 3.80- WON Friday Barry gave CAMPANULA 3J0- WON BUTTRESS $ 6.90- WON Thursdays free 0.00 Special AL FRESCO 7-2 WON Thursday Barry gave SUPREMUS 00- WON NOR3IAL 9-5 WON Wednesday Barry gave CALEDON S25.55-S2 WON LADY FINNELL $ 9.00- WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special free BEAR GRASS 20-1 WON Tuesday Barry Gave CALEDON 7.70- WON THE BADGER $ 7.90- WON Monday Barry gave GAD ... 5-1 Won SUBTLE ...1.30- Won Saturday Barry gave MOTHER GOOSE S-l Won MENIFEE .CQ- Won Rush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph for two horses a day. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. SATURDAYS SPECIALS: Winner better than 2 .to 1 and second OCT.. 4 NEXT TWO GO Hail ; Free Special, No. 1, Book 1037, best bet page. All newsstands,. 35 cents. THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. QUINCY ST. Estab. 1SC4 CHICAGO, ILL. Master Clocker Weekly Book, 35 Cents at An Newsstands Daily Sheet, at All Newsstands TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia Chicago-Intent-Lagoon-Joil-Lease Havre Dunkirk-Korsey-Mount-Lament-Intent HURRAH! AGAIN WE TRIMMED EM ! ! YESTERDAYS BIG SPECIAL: SCOOP ... 8.80- WON YESTERDAYS LATONIA SPECIAL: MINUS .... .50- WON Perhaps AL GERN didnt KNOW what he was TALKING ABOUT when he said the LIMIT on this bird, EH! MONDAYS BIG ADV. SPECIAL: FIRETOMA . 2.70- WON And AL GERN told you the VERY LIMIT on this trick. No use talking, if you WANT TO WIN, then get in line with the MASTER CLOCKER. TODAY What a Sweet Morsel AT LATONIA -THE LIMIT! I tell you, I HAVE POSITIVELY gone to the MOST EXTREME CARE in getting you this one today and KNOW that not a SINGLE THING has been overlooked. If you WANT to GET IN with the SLICKEST HORSEMAN that we know at LATONIA, then here is your chance. Ask your newsdealer for the Daily Master Clocker , MAILED, 2 WEEKS, ; 1 WEEK, Rush your subscription right away if your newsdealer doesnt handle the MASTER CLOCKER, for you CERTAINLY CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS A SINGLE, SOLITARY DAY. Every Day You Miss getting the MASTE3. CLOCKER, you are MISSING REAL INFORMATION that we PAY HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR, Again, send your subscription to 440 S. DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO, ILL. DETROIT FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OMAHA, NEB. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND. O. O. Schrocder, 212 E. Superior St KANSAS CITY Rccksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 432 Water St. CHICAGOANS FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS GARS WEEKLY 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. TODAYS FREE CODES: Havre Wyoming-Man-Light-Lilac. Latonia; Vermont-Pink-Light-Rock. Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners GLOBE SYNDICATE 538 South Dearborn Street Morton Building Phoae Harrison 5522, 0979 CHICAGO, ILL. YESTERDAYS SENSATION: SCOOP, WON, 8.80- OUR MEMBERS ARE CLEANING UP ,20 0 IS WHAT THEY HAVE WON ON AN INVESTMENT OF ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, STRAIGHT PLAY, ON LAST 6 SENSATIONS RELEASED. BETTER INFORMATION is unobtainable anywhere at any price. SENSATION of Sept. 26th RAN THIRD ..65- SENSATION of Sept. 25th WON 3.40- SENSATION of Sept. 24th WON. 5.80- MEMBERS SPECIAL of Sept. 24th WON. 3 to 1 NOTHING released Sept. 23d. SENSATION of Sept. 22nd . LOST SENSATION of Sept. 20th WON 2 to 1 This information was filed hours in advance with this publication. SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY ! The ABOVE SENSATIONS WON EASILY and were not favorites at any stage of the betting. GLOBE SYNDICATE aces no handicapping. Neither do we think 1 horses will -win. We are GOVERNED ABSOLUTELY by our track ASSOCIATES. Our wires and long distance calls are LAST MINUTE INTELLIGENCE. NO SCRATCHED HORSES OR DEAD ONES Our MEMBERS are entitled to a REFUND on any contender that goes up in PRICE and does not WIN. To a limited number of responsible turf speculators, who have the sound judgment and resources that an undertaking of this caliber requires, we extend an invitation to communicate with us by telegraph or phone, and aa interview win be. arranged to explain the QUALITY of OUR SERVICE. All communications will enjoy the strictest CONFIDENCE. City clients call in person. Special service for out of town subscribers. KLEANUP SERVICE WEDNESDAYS CODE HORSE: H X, RACE D, LATONIA Our codes give one horse daily and are published in this paper, thus proving that everyone gets the same horse and that they are all filed in advance. Our code horses for Thursday, Friday-and Saturday will be probable long shots, SINCE LATONIA OPENED A 0 FLAT PLAY ON EACH CODE HORSE WON ,533.00 AFTER DEDUCTING FOR LOSERS THREE DAYS CODES, 0; SIX DAYS CODES, 5. Codes sent by prepaid telegraphic letter on receipt of subscription. OUR LAST ?50 SPECIAL WAS: STAR LORE 15-1 WON Filed in advance with this paper. Today20-1 Expected-Today ANOTHER BIG 0 SPECIAL GOES TODAY Yes, gentlemen, today, Wednesday, our 0 Special should romp home. This horse just loves the mud and on his recent races we should get as good as we did on STAR LORE last Saturday. We will have another ?50 Special later this week, so take advantage of our GRAND SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK ONLY , T Properly introduce our ?50 Specials, we are making this special offer for this weeks servic ira ? 1 r5 at ?c5,,ide vrin you our C0d6S for ias "wire you both our ?50 Specials that are scheduled to go this week. So that new subscribers will not miss our good code horsa given above we will wire name of this horse and todays Special on receipt of subscription and send the codes by prepaid telegraphic letter, so that code can be used for Thursdays code horse, which is expected to be 10 to 1. To protect our Latonia connections, our code is chmged daily. Re-member, this week only, you have a chance to secure both our ?50 Special and our codes for six days for 5. Rush your order, as todays Special is a mud-running fool that appears to have his real form carefully covered up. A complete list of our code horses was published in yestsrdays Daily Racing Form, and remember, every horse was published in code in this paper before the race was run KLEANUP SERVICE 147 "WEST FORTY-FIRST STREET YORK CITY EARLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET XEW YORK CITY The last "SPECIAL HARVEY TRANSACTION," advised at 6 to 1 TO WIN, FINISHED SECOND, paying .40 for place. A SPECIAL "Harvey Transaction" TODAY 00, payable in advance, by telegraph or in person. A victory at good odds is again anticipated. This horse will start TODAY, regardless of track conditions, and we expect to prove again that THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed yon for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on tho scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two -cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. f!a. LATONIA Diirinj next two weeks will have complatD details on three horses that will re tent to the post with expectations to win at long cdis. Would liki to hear from responsible party una will share cost of securing investment of ?0 o each horse for me. In answering give correct address and talepho-e number. K K. C. Post Office Dox 34 Latent, Ky.

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