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I MORE MONEY What Would You Do With It ? Suppose you could add 00.00, 00.00 or even 00.00 a week to your present income , could you spend it pleasantly and profitably? Think it over. If you -want more money, get in touch -with me, F. DUFFY FORTUNATE EHANK. as I I have permission from my connections to increase my following-. This is the first time I have advertised since 1921 and my old clients are still with me and permanently satisfied. , Yesterday Z f3ed -with this paper and gave all old clients: COYNE 9.20- WON I Saturday I filed and gave: J BETTY MALONEY 4.20- WON Friday I filed and gave: I SIR GLEN 56.70- WON j A ocmplete list of my -winners would more than fill this paper. Here are a few of my recent horses: S COMIXA .... 1.40- WON ASAPH $ 7.00-82 WON SCOOP S.80- WON ALLIE OCHS 06.10- 2D I 3IOBSON S30.70-S2 WON SPATS 25.80-52 3D 1 SAKAII 1.20-52 WON FBETWELL 6.00- WON I TIMES UP S28J0-S2 2D MARK MASTER 4.00-52 WON j ELECTOR 5 5.70-2 WON TEDS PLUM 1.60- WON As I am not permitted to Telcase the New York horses on which associates operate, my wires 1 give one horse at mutuel tracks only. One horse a day. Ho subscription accepted for less than 1 six days. TERMS: Six days, 5.00. One horse a day. As I do not desire callers and have no time to read or write letters, all business must he done "by "Western Union. Address as follows: F. DUFFY i 21 WASHINGTON ST., JAMAICA, N. Y. V H GLOBE SYNDICATE MORTON BUILDING, 538 SOUTH DEARBORN STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS OUR MEMBERS, AND THOSE WHO FOLLOW OUR ACTIVITIES, ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE SUCCESS OF THIS ORGANIZATION IN FURNISHING LONG PRICED WINNERS. OUR MOST RE- CENT RELEASES WERE: VALADOR- 2.60- Won HUMBOLDT $ 4.20- 3rd! DRUMBEAT $ 5.90- Won ! PAT CASEY 8-1 Won CARLTON Lost SCOOP . .8.80- Won ERICA .3.40- Won TIME EXPOSURE 5.80- Won GERTRUDE D. 3-1 Won AU wcro FILED IN ADVANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATION. As the hie time racing season draws to a close many GOOD THINGS will he UNCOVERED. WE . KNOW OF ONE that has been AWAITING a particular SPOT AND SHOULD COME DOWN IN FRONT. Tho race is PICKED and A COMPETENT RIDER SELECTED. WE ARE MAKING A SPECIAL OFFER TO NEW MEMBERS FOR THIS SENSATIONAL RELEASE: ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN ADVANCE WITH THE STIPULATION THAT IF THE HORSE DOES NOT FINISH 1-2-3 AT SIX TO ONE OR j BETTER, OUR NEXT FOUR RELEASES WILL BE GIVEN WITHOUT CHARGE. WE ARE STAKING OUR REPUTATION ON THE RESULT OF THIS RACE. THIS applies to NEW MEMBERS ONLY. . THOSE WITH WHOM WE HAVE DONE BUSINESS before will receive this INFORMATION as usual. Come up TODAY and let US prove to yon that TOU CANT BEAT THE HORSES BUT YOU CAN BEAT A RACE. Out of town subscribers communicate by telegTaph or phone. . 538 SOUTH DEARBORN STREET PHONES HARRISON 5522, 0979 BOB WARD 131 West 39th Street, Room 201, New York City. ; gpgc Next Winner Goes Wednesday, Oct. 8 , Yesterdays Special: Bridesmaid .60- Won Once again my Special WON. This makes i seven straight. Dont forget, you must get a winner for your money. This is a broad state-! ment to fulfill in the racing game. My twenty years of turf experience and acquaintances makes my winner for your money an -easy task for me to fulfill. ; Friday, October 3rd: ! Outcast .50- Won ! Wednesday, October 1st: Sporty McGee . .6.80- Won , Monday, September 29th: Yankee Princess 8.70- Won i Saturday, September 27th: iHobson ....... 0.70- Won Wednesday, September 24th: ! Fretwell . . . . . .6.00- Won Monday, September 22nd: j Privilege ..... .4.40- Won Saturday, September 20th: l EIsbeth 4.45- 2nd EIGHT WINNERS. 1 SECOND OF NINE MOUNTS RELEASED. Wire 0.00 for my next horse. Give 1 correct name and address to avoid delay. BOB WARD KLEANUP SERVICE Tuesdays Code Horse, D S, Race A, Latonia. Mondays Code Horse: COLUMBIA .00-52, .50- 2D Saturdays Code Horse: FLOATING ON .S0- WON Fridays Code Horse: SUN TESS f5.40- WON Six Days Code, 5; three days code, 0. Codes Wires Prepaid on Receipt of Subscription. Last Saturdays 0 Special was: WELIFINDER 8.70- 3D Previous Saturdays 0 Special was: STAIt LORE 20-1 WON Another big 0 Spcalal is beinr prepared to go next Saturday at a big price. Wire 5 at once and we will wire yen six days codes and our 0 Specials. Our code horses have won over ,500 on a flat 0 play since Latonia opened. Several more big priced code horses coming this week, KLEANUP SERVICE 147 West 41st Street NEW YORK CITY I The Monthly Form Bookj containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during the month of SEPTEMBER. PRICE .00 Single copies by mail will POSITIVELY only be sent as registered matf, with an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. J.T.COLLINS 128 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY 82.80 DALLY OR 0.00 PER "WEEK 525.00 DAILY OR 00.00 PER "WEEK This includes all information that comes In the office the entire week. MY SERVICE IS SUPREME AND NEVER COMPARABLE. THIS IS NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING, BUT GENUINE INFORMATION. I am associated with the wise operators, and my connections will prove after a weeks trial that it is worth ten times as much as what 1 ask. Positively No Favorites Released Yesterdays Special: TETON 5-1 WON Yesterdays 5.00 Special: . COYNE 9.20-42 WON Saturdays Special: BETTY MALONEY , 4.20- WON Saturdays 5 Special: DREAM MAKER 4.70- WON Fridays .00 Special: . RETIRE 4.20- WON Fridays 5.00 Special: FOREST FLOWER 6-1 WON The aboTe Is a record worth looking at and following for the past week. Is this service not worth a trial! Remit 00.00 at once toy wire and giro this a weeks trial and toe conTlnced that I can make yon a winner. ! M. E. KUHNER I "PARLAYS PAY PLENTY" I TERMS: ONE PARLAY, 0; FIYE PARLAYS, 5 I My Connections Are Now Operating in Maryland and Kentucky AGAIN I WON Mondays Parlay. Was: . CAPTIVA 1.00- WON SNOW MAIDEN 0.80- WON Ffled in advance with this paper. I never guess. I merely give you "what ray connections tend me. Saturdays Tarlay "Was: RAMKIN 7.40- "WON" YICE-CHAIRMAN 0.10- WON Tridayn Barlay "Was: PETER MALONEY 8.10-82 1TON RETIRE 40-52 "N .,,nv OJ. Thursdays Parlay "Was: TURBULENT S25.50-S2 "WON COLORED BOY .00- A WM ON Wednesdays Parlay Was: KRISHNA 4.30-52 WON PEP TO PEEP 6.20- 2D Tuesdays Pariay Was: LITHUANIA .20- WON SCOOP 8.80- WN Mondays Parlay Was: Jl jraMKIN 3.70- WON MAXIMANEn .20- 2ND UJ It is impossible for me to put over a -winning parlay every day. That is why ram offering and at loses, he is off me for life, hut five parlays for 5. as, if I get a client for one parlay I wittparlaV; he se what I really can do and will stick with me. 1 am accepting just I enough clients to cover my obligations to my connections, as my expenses are very heavy for I this information. Bush your subscription of 5 at once, as I am expecting big-pneed parlays will be raised to 0 fox six parlays. I during the next few days, after which my price I Wire 5, by Western Union or Postal, with your address. I M. E. KUHNER I SUITE 416, 1454 BROADWAY ETY YORK CITY I TWO HOHSES DAILY George Barry TWO HOHSES DAILY Win with $ Tho man who can make you win $ 17 West 27th St., Hew York City. Terms, 0.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription lets you in on all myj 0.00 Specials FREE, which go Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Everybody read this Look. LOOK! LOOK! Everybody read this. Yesterday Barry gave: Bridesmaid .60- Won; Columbia ..00, .50- 2nd! WTT0DAY! TODAY! 0.00 SPECIAL"! Same will he given to all weekly subscribers free. This triple I am releasing today are specially "propped" for a grand winning. BECENT 0.00 SPECIALS EELEASED: Feysun 15-1 Won BearGrass 20-1 Won SOME OF MY WINNERS, AS FOLLOWS: CADUCEUS .80- WON ALMADEL ...38- WON THE FOREIGNER .00- WON ALTAWOOD .10- WON KENTUCKY CARDINAL .00- WON MISS MAZIE .50- WON ADA BLACKJACK .00- 2nd SOPHY 18-5 WON CAMPANULA 3.30- WON BUTTRESS 5 6.90- AVON SUrREMUS- S10.S9- WON CALEDON 5.55- WON LADY FINNELL $ 0.00-52 WON THE BADGER .90- WON GAD 5-1 WON SUBTLE . 1.30- WON MOTHER GOOSE 8-1 WON MENIFEE .69- WON Bush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal for this information. Sand your correct name, and address to avoid delay. Bo not remit by mail. FRANK GREEN 504 Gaiety Theatre Bid p. 1547 Broadway NEW YORK CITY NOTICE ! New connections have been made. These people with whom I will now do business have perhaps the finest reputation at the race track. I have contracted with them to receive two horses daily, with the stipulation that they must produce 75 PER CENT WINNERS At odds averaging better than 2V4 to 1. When, for any full week they fail to do so, then my contract is at an end. As I have often stated in my advertisements it has always been my policy to give my clients the best that I can possibly obtain. Although these peopla have such a wonderful reputation, and my confidence in them is unbounded, I will make absolutely sure of them before releasing anything to clients. TO THAT END they have agreed to send me horses for five days, beginning today, just to convince me of the quality of the information I can expect from them. These horses, as I receive them, will be filed with this publication and" the results of them will be published regardless of whether they win or lose. WATCH FOR THESE RESULTS Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks "trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. Eor particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, fla. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form DAILY RACING FOBM PUBLISHING CO. 441 Plymouth Court - - - - - Chicago, Illinois.

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